Tesla Model 3 Hits The Company’s Fremont Test Track – Videos

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Besides Tesla’s VIP factory tour and private Model 3 viewing for the last round of content winners yesterday (details), we also got to see one of the best looks at the upcoming Model 3 out testing on the company’s Fremont test track yesterday via YouTuber Andree Batiuk.

Tesla Model 3 spends some time on the company’s Fremont test ring (via YT/Andrew Batiuk)

We aren’t exactly sure what is happening with the Model 3 at the start of the video, as the frunk is open and some work on the car is underway.

Update: Another video (below) of the Model 3 on the Fremont track has surface

The video suggests there may be a breakdown of some type happening, but as far as we know there isn’t much drive hardware upfront; ¬†however there does¬†seems to be some ‘on the scene tweaking’ of the car on the track – perhaps some suspension work?

Eventually the Model 3 gets going and does some laps for us to enjoy before heading out on the local roads.

Video description:

“We spotted a blue Model 3 on the Tesla test track, only to notice its frunk was open, and the employee was standing around waiting. A model S quickly speed to the scene and unloaded some tools. They had the car going again shortly thereafter. We watched as the 3 did a couple of laps.

As we were leaving, it ended up in front of us, so we followed it, first as it dropped off some people to their car in a parking lot, and then to a “secret” base of operations away from the factory, where it was tucked inside. This “base” was an unmarked building, where 20 unfinished Superchargers sat in the parking lot.”

Video (below): Another Model 3 track video from yesterday (apparently shot during a California earthquake) has popped up online via Electrek:

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Frunk seems slightly bigger than at reveal. Could just be the angle. If all the stuff on the road when they had the frunk open was in the frunk, it is definitely bigger than the briefcase in the frunk photo at the reveal.

Though given lack of security with the frunk, I’m not sure what I would even put up there. Before I knee frunk wasn’t secure I had my stuff in an X’s frunk. I definitely wouldn’t put $550 charging equipment up there. Maybe some windshield washing fluid, paper towels, first aid, diapers, and backup snacks for the kids.

Hmmm, these videos give me a better feel for the Model 3’s proportions. It is a bit “bulbous” – sort of a cross between the S and X. I also see some of the gen 2 “Volt” shape in here. As a matter-of-fact, the gen 2 Volt might actually pull it off a bit better (the accommodation for the front engine might actually “help” the Volt’s aesthetic here).

Truth be told, the more we see, the more I wonder if some prospective Model 3 buyers won’t be disappointed enough in the 3 to step up to the S (if they can stretch to get a base S)…or even consider a Bolt (especially since I expect we will see significant discounts on the Bolt and the need for options on the 3 which will push the price disparity wider). What am I saying? “Tesla” is the new “Apple” or “Starbucks” – people will buy it just for that (can’t put a price on “cool”).

Nice shot of the frunk space in that first video

As a Volt owner and 3 reservation holder, I can’t share your enthusiasm for the body being like a Volt or people preferring the Honda Fit-sized Bolt.

The E is an S body with shorter overhangs (blunter tail and nose) and slightly higher cabin roofline, more akin to an A4/3 Series than anything else, but for less money and no premium gasoline! Hard combo to beat, but I’ll see what a premium-equipped price tag will look like in all three before I crow too much about just how great the 3 actually is.

If a decent spec 3 is 3/4 of what was promised for less than 150% of the base sticker, then it will be gold, especially for those fortunate enough to enjoy the $7,500 federal tax credit, which is a 20% discount on the $35,000 base and will allow buyers to add $7,500 of add-ons for free!

It needs to be more than 100% of what’s promised at 100% of the base price not to disappoint. Musk ensured as much when he emphasized how well equipped and great the base version would be, at the reveal. And all that’s promised was explicitly said to be minimum specifications that they hoped to exceed. On range, Musk has established the expectation that it will beat the Bolt.

It may be a great product even if it doesn’t meet the expectations, but expectation is what determines whether or not it disappoints. That’s just human psychology.

And I think it will be. But I’m not sure for how long. If Tesla doesn’t see many cancellations, and perhaps a deluge of new orders, it may quickly decide to raise the price. But not immediately; it will be important to be able to say they kept their word. At a minimum, that should mean everyone who reserved before a price change is announced gets the opportunity to buy the base version for $35k.

Wow, they must be hitting at least 60.

Just start producing it already…. The rEVolution is so near you can smell it now.

At 55 seconds info the second video, you can hear how terrible the exhaust note is. They need to do some serious tuning on that.

Exhaust of what, exactly?

I guess he’s trying to make a joke. Obviously no Tesla car has an exhaust.

Anybody got opinions on the new wheels?

That’s the first time those have been spotted.

They look like the smaller size, kind of like
ten spokes we’ve seen elsewhere on some test Model 3s. I don’t like either – I prefer the 19″ wheels we have seen since the first unveil.

Anybody got opinions on the new wheels? That’s the first time those have been spotted. They look like the smaller 17-18″ size, kind of like ten spokes we’ve seen elsewhere on some test Model 3s. I don’t like either – I prefer the 19″ wheels we have seen since the first unveil. These wheels might be the 3’s version of the aero wheel. WIth their wide, five spoke blades. They don’t appear direction-specific. Just like the 1st gen Volt’s blade aluminum wheels that GM engineers made a point to convey were designed to exit turbulent air out from under the car. Only thing was – they had a blunt side forward on one side and a blade side forward on the other. This seems the norm for car companies that can’t afford to make different wheels for each side of the car. This doesn’t keep them from making them aero blades turning one way, and scooping air on the other side of the car. (?) I’d like to see a very slick aluminum or alloy disk. Show cars have ’em occasionally but they never make it to production. Aero freaks like Moon Eyes wheel covers for that salt flat speedster… Read more »

I can’t wait for my model 3. I feel like a child waiting for Santa LOL