Tesla Model 3 High-Speed Test Run – Video


Tesla Model 3 on the test track… full speed launch. Looks fast!

Posted by Pablo Galvez on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Captured on video is a Tesla Model 3 conducting what appears to be a high-speed test run, perhaps in preparation for what it’ll do at tomorrow night’s big reveal.

We’ve seen some Model 3s in the wild moving at an increased rate of speed and we’ve seen a few accelerating with vigor from a stop, but this particular Model 3 appears to be going close to all out, or at least that’s what the video uploader claims.

The video, shot at the Fremont test track (via Facebook – Pablo Galvez via  Tesla Motors Club Alberta), captures a Model 3 at or near full tilt. It’s the first time we’ve seen such a run conducted in a Model 3 and if we had to guess, we’d say Tesla is prepping for the action we’ll see live tomorrow night at the 3’s big reveal.

We’ll be one the scene for the event tomorrow night (details) beginning when the doors open at 7 PM (PT), and livestreaming the Model 3 first deliveries from about 8:45 (PT), so check in with us as the action unfolds in real time.

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 High-Speed Test Run – Video"

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Doesn’t seem that fast to me, it must be in Ludicrous mode.

I know you were trying to be funny.
It worked!

The “Laid Back” mode…lol..

That was Musk heading home for dinner ‼️

Looks like they were doing just 65-75 mph tops. Looks good, though.

Was there someone in it, maybe it had been “summoned” to pick up the driver

You call that high speed test? Give it to Tesla Bjoern, he will take it to Germany and test it.

LOL! Yep!

I’m sure top speed will be better than the Bolt but I agree with the other posters…this is not “high speed”.

That’s one complaint I have about that car (the Bolt). Volt is limited to ~101 mph and I have hit that accidentally a few times while simply driving enthusiastically, but not intentionally trying to “max” it out.

I would expect that hitting the 91 mph limit on the Bolt would be a weekly occurance, here on the X-ways of Detroit Metro area.

Is “enthusiastic” the new euphemism for reckless?

Wow, we are really slow here. Speed limit is 100-110kmh (60-70mph), no one really speeds too much. When over taking on a dual carriage way I might get to 140kmh, but 160 (100mph) would be pretty rare.