Tesla Model 3 – Hidden Details Video


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Video description:

“Careful scrutiny of the Tesla Model 3 prototypes reveals some interesting features and details that are not shown on the March 31st reveal.”

Trevor Page is the man behind this in-depth, informative Tesla Model 3 video. Page does an exceptional job by focusing on all the small details of the 3.

If there’s only one Model 3 video you get the opportunity to watch, then this should be the one!

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18 responses to "Tesla Model 3 – Hidden Details Video"
  1. sven says:

    I think the frunk on the finished version will be bigger than the one on the prototype. IIRC, the frunk on the prototype Model S was smaller as well. Tesla then optimized the equipment and its packaging below the frunk on the final version of the Model S making the frunk bigger than the one on the prototype.

  2. Nate says:

    Good video. Glad they show trunk and frunk.

  3. georges says:

    Interesting. I am very curious what they do with this New HVAC system. AFAIK Model S does not have a heat pump. Should be interesting to see if Model 3 gets a heat pump or perhaps an advanced tech heat pump that is capable of operating more efficiently at low ambients. Toyota has introduced just such a advanced heat pump design in the new Prime.

    The other question is the batteries. What are they? 22700? Or heaven forbid a prismatic cell like the new Bolt EV. I’m pretty sure that Panasonic does make prismatic cells so it’s not out of the question.

  4. Texas FFE says:


  5. Mister G says:

    I live in central Florida the sun becomes very intense during summer, I don’t think an all glass roof is ideal…sunburned necks are uncomfortable LOL

    1. ffbj says:

      You can get a steel roof.

    2. Shaun says:

      I live in Arizona and know many model S owners here. They tell me the glass roof not a heat concern.

  6. Someone out there says:

    A vent? No, it’s an 8-track player!

    1. deborah crazy train flower power says:

      LOL !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Kdawg says:

    Not sure if I like those door handles. Why can’t it just be something simple for once?

    1. Aaron says:

      Simple is the un-aerodynamic fixed handles on almost every car today. Yes, they make a difference.

      1. Boris says:

        How big of a difference? 100 yards on those 215 miles?

      2. SJC says:

        Side view mirrors drag much more than handles.

      3. Kdawg says:

        So you’re telling me Tesla can’t design a simple aerodynamic door handle. That’s what I’m hearing.

        1. Anon says:

          Which is weird, ’cause your eyes are seeing one…

          1. Kdawg says:

            No, it’s more complicated than it needs to be. I have to do multiple motions to open a door. And as soon as the first snowstorm hits, I won’t be able to open my door.

  8. techie says:

    Kdawg watch the video of a model S driver opening the door just fine in a snow storm. Me thinks your a troll.

    1. Kdawg says:

      We are not talking about the Model S, but the handles on the Model 3 prototype. Me thinks you are uninformed and quick to judge.