Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendered


Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendering Via Top Speed

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendering Via Top Speed

Make us a hatchback Model 3 please Tesla!

The demand for a hatchback version of the Tesla Model 3 certainly seems to be high, but as of yet, Tesla has not committed to doing a five-door version of its upcoming electric car.

That hasn’t stopped the renderers from taking a stab at what a hatchback Model 3 might look like.

This latest hatchback Model 3 renders comes to us via Top Speed and we’ll be the first to admit that it’s stunning.

As Top Speed states:

“Additional body styles will be critical to Tesla’s ongoing success, and might include a more practical hatchback variant some time in the future.”

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendering Via Top Speed

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Rendering Via Top Speed

We think it’s a given that the Model 3 (or some other electric car based on the 3’s platform) will be offered by Tesla in hatchback form at some point in the future, but for now Tesla is only committing to the sedan format.

Top Speed put together a speculative review of the Tesla Model 3 hatchback. You can read it in its entirety at the source link below.

Source: Top Speed

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Elon, if you are listening, can you please make a hatchback version of the Model 3.

Yes. exactly. +1000.
Some of us go camping.

And this design assures more rear seat headroom.

Chevy: This is what you should have done.
Lost a sale.

Chevy did make a hatchback. And there’s ton’s of head/leg room in the Bolt EV.

I am considering one as to my situation it works well. A Bolt that is.
1. Front WD. For my region a must. I would pay the 5k for the AWD of the Model III if I chose it.
2. No plans to travel, so while the sc network is great I don’t need it.
(I drove for a living for 20 years and really do not like driving, or even being in a vehicle for any length of time).
3. Easy to charge at home L2 installed.
4. It’s a hatchback.

Did you consider buying a Leaf ?

No. No actively managed cooling system, plus the range is too low.

Your ideal car then is not the $37,500+ Bolt, but the $8,500 Nissan LEAF 2013.

There is tons of headroom for sure and more useful cargo area.

Then has or likely will have a deficit everywhere else.

If you are willing to pay a premium for a Chevy.

“Then has or likely will have a deficit everywhere else.”

The deficit would be the impact on streamlining, and thus lower range. And I suppose a hatch would cost a bit more, altho perhaps not much since it also has a smaller rear window, and the big rear window on the standard Model ≡ has to be pricey.

I don’t mean to denigrate the render shown here; as the article says, it’s simply stunning! So a combination of excellent computer graphic skills and some talent for auto design on display. So kudos to the person or team who made that for TopSpeed.

But there’s a world of difference between being able to make even the most gorgeous digital painting of a car, and making that car a practical reality by designing, testing, and building it.

Hatchback or not, the model 3 will be in my garage. BUT, my preference would most definitely be a hatchback version. For me, I am giving up a lot of capability going from an SUV to a model 3, and a hatchback would take some of the sting out of that. If anybody is keeping a tally sheet, add me to the list for a hatchback model 3.

In addition; if they are willing, Tesla can email every person holding a reservation for the Model 3 and ask if they prefer a sedan or a hatchback. It would be interesting.

They should also ask if they are willing to take a ~15-20 mile range hit for the less aerodynamic hatchback.

The Model 3 will be bigger and go farther on a smaller battery pack than the Bolt.

I want this. Now. I’m hoping part 2 of the Model 3 reveal will be a hatchback like this.

Need hatchback, sedans are useless to me and my activities.

Model 3 as of the reveal is simply a non-starter for me. I transport kids’ bicycles, large grocery loads, large objects etc. frequently enough that I need not only the space, but a large, wide caego opening as well.
Also, I live in a hot climate with 320+ sunny days a year. That rear windows is a horrible heat magnet.


Not part 2.. Bolt has 2+ years by itself. Unless an affordable mini-x coming, the M3 should be offered in two styles.

2years to work out the internal mechnics is plenty of time to offer a different style if they really want to knock off Bolt and i3/i5

Chevy should offer a “Bolt Lightning” edition with hardcore acceleration at the time Tesla M3s are finally delivered. And the Bolt 2.0 needs a stretched wheelbase so the battery can be entirely flat to permit the rear seats to fold flat.

This is a pretty mild design. It’s pretty much exactly the same shape but with a new roof seam for the hatch.

I’d like to see Tesla square up the back end more so that it can actually hold more stuff, rather than just provide easier access to the same space.

An even more squared-off back end would mean an even bigger hit to range. That doesn’t seem likely to come from Tesla Motors.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have to wait for the CUV version of the Model ≡, supposedly labeled the “Model Y”, to see a version of the M≡ with a hatchback. Obviously that will be a few years down the road.

+1 Model Y is where its at. Has everyone else commenting forgotten already?

Surely you are leaning more toward a wagon rather than a hatchback version?

Looks stupid. They can easily make it a hatch by removing the entire class roof and simply doing it like the Model S

Why make the look bad for a hatch? Bad render

I agree! There aren’t a lot of family friendly EV options on the horizon there. A car with 25 cubic feet of trunk space and a big hatch would be a lot more practical. Build a Model 3 variant with a hatch!

Tesla should not waste their time with a hatchback. No one in the US buys hatchbacks. We buy pickups, sedans and SUV’s. They should build the sedan and then an SUV version. Europe is a large wagon market, but they do buy sedans.

Looking at the top 20 vehicle sales for March shows the top 3 vehicles are trucks, followed by the next 6 being sedans. They need to go after the mainstream market. There is no hatchback in the top 20.


Their are millions of “hatch” buyers. They’re buying SUV’s and CUV’s. My wife’s OutBack which is a really nifty wagon is classified as an SUV.

Indeed. And minivans have rear hatches, too. Seems pretty clear that most car buyers these days prefer a rear hatch to a trunk. *I* certainly do!

Regular sedans are passe. Note the Model S isn’t a traditional sedan; it’s a “hatchback sedan” or “liftback”.

I think Tesla took a giant step backward by not using a hatch on the back of the Model ≡, a decision made even worse with that restricted trunk opening that has no access from the top. Tesla definitely sacrificed at lot of utility for superior streamlining in that area.

Correct, they are buying SUV’s, not hatchbacks cars. The number one selling car in the US is the Toyota Camry (a sedan with a trunk) and even the car the model III is quoted as competing against, the BMW 3 series is a sedan. In Europe for 2015, the top 8 cars were all economy cars with hatches, but those would compete against the Tesla Model IV. The 10th top selling car was the Passat which is a sedan.

US-Centric much?
Pickup trucks are not used as purely personal transportation anywhere outside the bizarro USA.
Anyone with any concerns about global warming or emissions shouldn’t be driving a pickup or any SUV except for actual commercial and/or offroad use.

Part 2 is Model Y.

Model Y will be a Hatch or crossover that has higher ground clearance.

It’s a hearse.

Then I hope to God, they take me to the graveyard in it. 😉


Would be a huge success all over Europe, as most cars are hatchbacks (some sort of Golf-class or wagons) or SUVs.

I think it looks better than than sedan version..

But it probably will have more drag and lower range…

And remove the silly HUD and huge iPad from the middle and you might get my thousand bucks ….:-)

This will probably never happen, though, sadly …..

Here is your $5 back, no soup for you !

I have no idea what you mean, so let’s say I agree with your great comment. Happy?

I prefer the looks of the current design over this design. Then just make the rear glass hinge like the Model S.

Get creative on the mechanics so it doesn’t require as much headspace from the back passenger to make the hinge work.

No hatch = no sale. Or make that rather: no estate/ wagon = no sale (This is a European) speaking. A vertical hatch is a must, under all circumstances.

I’m sick of sacrificing utility for a greener car – almost all hybrids cut boot / trunk space to fit the batteries, thus reducing utility. Tesla MX is also lacking in utility as a stuff hauler (7 seats, but middle row won’t fold – seriously!?); the Leaf – have you looked at the boot/trunk? Oh my!
Only the Tesla’s MS comes close to a relatively decent boot/trunk utility, still a vertical hatch is trump.

Maybe the Bolt will be OK in that regard. I remain to be impressed. But it won’t supercharge, so again, no deal.

As someone in the US, I couldn’t agree more. After driving hatches and wagons for two decades, I’m not ever going back to a trunk. The kinds of people in the US who buy EVs don’t buy sedans.

Add my name to the list that would love the hatchback version

Not going to happen, don’t get your hopes up.

Yes the Hatches and the 5 door vehicles like Crossovers are in big demand today and already the CUVs have captured 30% of the US market and is rising fast in China too.

They are lot more functional and we can stuff bigger things by opening the hatch door and this cannot be done in 4 door sedan.

Still there is 20 months of time for the launch and I am hoping that they will do something to make it a 5 door. Panoramic roof is not as important as the 5th door.

Hello Tesla Employees

Here is the list of CUVs/SUVs in USA and see they they are selling in very high #.

What is common between CUV, SUV, Vans, Hatches/Wagon is that they all have 5 doors and people are preferring more of this type of vehicle.

In fact the upcoming Bolt, Ioniz, current models like Leaf, Prius are all 5 door vehicles. Please consider making Model ≡ as a 5 door hatch.


Thank god they didn’t do that. Looks like an ugly fiat or Opel or Renault… If people insist on hatchbacks, why not inspire themselves from the A5 Sportback instead?

The Rendering looks good. I want a hatchback, a wagoon would be better though.

And i would even take the range hit willingly since mounting a roof box for long travels will decrease range more than a hatchback or a station waggon version!

Yes, hatchback and/or wagon (dare I say, a la VW?) please.

The USA will probably be the largest market for the model 3 and as far as a hatchback the numbers just don’t work the best selling vehicles in the USA are sedans such as Toyota Camry Honda Accord Honda Civic Toyota Corolla and so on. If you want utility buy a truck or an SUV or CUV but don’t complain to Tesla is not going to make a hatchback out of the model 3 the historic sales numbers for small hatchbacks apparently don’t work. You can’t seriously believe that Tesla has not examined the market segments that it is trying to enter with the model 3

I think keeping the general sedan profile would be fine if they just hinged the hatch from the centre of the car. Put a tailgate on it so it’s not necessary to lift too high & voila totally stylin M3 that is super practical. Tailgate would also allow transport of super long things like lumber. No need to close it, no emissions!

Yes please.

I too would have preferred a hatchback, the sedan trunk is what prevents me the most to pre-order one.
But I also understand the reason why Tesla chose it and it’s not a hatch vs notch market reason. Tesla Model S was perfectly fine with a hatch in a market dominated by sedans (luxury sporty sedan).

Model 3 must be Tesla’s key moment because of all the investments made, and we all know all and well that in order to convince people, it all revolves around the ability to do long distance travel : it’s all about the range.

Tesla need to make the range as high as possible while sticking strictly to the 35k envelope Elon Musk promised, thus the enormous stress on aerodynamics and the choice of the lowest roof-line possible.

The first gen 3 car will be the most aerodynamic, period.
I can wait 2 more years for battery technology to improve just one notch for model Y, with an extra inch higher roof-line and the hatch with equivalent range.

For model S owners it is likely not the only car in their garage. Model 3 will be the only car in my garage and many others, so practicality is more important. I don’t think that is lost on Elon Musk, he is a very smart guy in tune/touch with things. I think reveal #2 will minimally show a hatchback and/or wagon/shooting brake. After all to get volume in this class segment that is what the germans do (sedan, hatchback/wagon, 2 door coupe, convertible, CUV/SUV, performance models, etc). Obviously, Tesla is not at the point yet where they need to fill every single niche, but it is coming, the only question is when.

I put a deposit down, mostly hoping that reveal #2 is a more useful hatchback/wagon design otherwise when the time comes I really don’t know if can actually make the step down to a sedan. A deal breaker for me is a wheelchair absolutely needs to fit in the trunk, it still might fit with a sedan design, but it depends on trunk volume and trunk opening size.

That is the Model 3 for me!

I have to be able to put a lawn mower or a folding ladder, or a portable table saw, in any car that I own.

This would absolutely push me towards putting a deposit down on a M3. I have a “classic” model S, but would trade it in on this in a heartbeat.

Not bad…. 🙂