Tesla Model 3 To Become A Green Food Delivery Machine

Tesla Model 3


Minneapolis-based online restaurant delivery service is all about being green, and the Tesla Model 3 will help accelerate those efforts.

Bite Squad was founded in 2012 and is the Twin Cities’ premier online food delivery service. Basically, you join the squad and then you can have food delivered from local restaurants at menu pricing. Over the years, Bite Squad has expanded throughout the U.S. to 30 metropolitan areas.

Tesla Model 3

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The company’s logo is green for a reason. Currently, it relies on its own fleet of Toyota Prius vehicles, in order to be conscious of the environment. Many drivers use their own vehicles, but Bite Squad’s supplementary fleet means that overall emissions are reduced. Now, the company is about to change gears in a much bigger way. Bite Squad co-founder and CEO Kian Salehi shared:

“On an average day, we have delivery drivers navigating thousands of food deliveries through the streets of 30 metropolitan markets across the country. Our existing hybrid cars significantly cut emissions, but an all-electric fleet would be completely emissions-free. This is where we want to be.”

Bite Squad recently test drove the Tesla Model 3 in their home market of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The reason for getting acquainted with Tesla’s new, popular, all-electric compact sedan is because the delivery company intends to transition its fleet from hybrid Prius vehicles to Model 3s. This way, Bite Squad can move closer to its efforts of being emissions-free.

Tesla Model 3

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“We’re always looking for ways to implement advancing technologies in our company. When we launched in 2012, the goal was to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet by using as many hybrid vehicles as we could. The goal is the same today, but the technology has changed. We now have an opportunity to further reduce our impact with an affordable battery-powered car.”

Bite Squad is currently waiting for its Model 3 order, just like everyone else, according to Craig Key, the company’s VP of marketing. He talked about the new plan in a recent press release. Key explained:

“Everyone is wondering when are the drones going to take the Pad Thai to their doorstep. We’re not there yet. That’s not in the short term future for us.”

The transition to a fleet of Model 3s is surely a step in the right direction, however. Key concluded:

“We think it could be a big game changer for us both in terms of cost and liability and safety.”

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For urban delivery? Why not assemble an order of Bolts today?

Exactly what I was gonna post. You want utility/practicality? The Bolt trumps the Model 3. Especially for food delivery.

It’s true because it goes to all the Bolt’s strengths and is unaffected by the weaknesses.

The fleet of Model 3’s that they want might take some time. Apparently they want to be green, but why rush things?

Or nissan leafs. I would be questioning these tactics if i was an investor

I wouldn’t. This will mean lower costs of driving, fewer accidents as they said and when they get the Teslas, people will want to work for them above any other comparable delivery service.

There are three smart things beyond the basic economics of the car that an investor would be looking at. And they can depreciate the cost of the fleet immediately under the new tax plan.

It’s really smart.

Wouldn’t most companies contract a good lease deal and write it all off? To be fair though, lease deals have sucked so far on these cars. Maybe later.
This one sounds like an advertisement.

Perhaps this is all a PR stunt by the company. Which seems to be working, as this article was published. A food delivery company using Leafs/Bolts doesn’t make nearly as sexy headlines.

Using Bolt EV’s:
“Call us up for your Food Delivery! We will Bolt right out the door with your order!”

Using the new Leaf:
“You won’t beLEAF how Fast we can get your order to you!”

Get some BEEF delivered to your door with the new LEAF.

Don’t go into advertising, would be my advice.

They really want to be green? Use e-bicycles or e-scooters whenever the weather allows. No cars are truly green.