Tesla Model 3 Gets New Seats, Plus Everything Else We Know


Did Tesla quietly change the seats in the Tesla Model 3?

This isn’t the first we’ve heard talk about different seats in the Model 3. Changes like this – despite the fact that Tesla isn’t always so transparent about such things – don’t go unnoticed. Remember the whole Alcantara headliner situation?

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Like Tesla verified the seat change, due to a very interesting situation.

The couple was planning to get the stock seats changed out for new Tsportline white seats. They pre-ordered the seats and had them in their possession ahead of taking delivery of their new Tesla Model 3.

Right after they took delivery, they drove the Model 3 to the installer and were told that the seats they picked out would not fit. It turns out that Model 3 seats made beginning in May 2018 (which they refer to as Gen 2) are wider and have a different pattern among other obvious alterations.

The above video explains everything they’ve learned about the Model 3 seat situation, along with before and after pictures outlining the changes to the seats, as well as information related to Model 3 VINs and when they believe the change occurred.

Below is Like Tesla’s Model 3 delivery video that initially exposed the revamped seats.

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Hm. I think I have gen 1 and would rather have gen 2.

Oh well. Planning on getting a second Tesla sometime after paying off the first one (so we’ll be a two Tesla household), so someday we’ll have those seats.

Those are not different seats. They are well within the production tolerances used by Tesla. A slight variation is simply to be expected.

It’s interesting to note the obvious changes. We didn’t say they weren’t within the tolerances or that it was a bad thing or a problem. But, they are very clearly different. They are different enough to be noted and the pictures show that very clearly. If aftermarket equipment doesn’t fit, measurements are different, and the pattern is different, then yes, they are surely different. Not wrong or an issue, just redesigned.

That was a joke regarding the production tolerances in Tesla cars. Nothing to be taken serious.


This is how I would expect a GM Bolt seat update to happen. That they would simply show up with better front seats one day with no fan fair or announcement. Hopefully GM will be next.

GM won’t change a part until there is a lawsuit and 38 deaths from it.

Model 3 has already had more production updates than the Bolt! (2019 Bolt has next to no changes)


Apparently the gen2 seats bottom seat cushion is also about 2 inches taller.

What other differences besides the seats are there between gen 1 and gen 2? I found a website that says the natural wood grain dash trim on gen 1 is lighter color vs gen 2 which has darker color. Is this true?

distance between street on model 3 driver seat?

No idea how or why but so very happy Tesla did! ⭐️

BIG fan of the white seats! 😉