Get Ready Germany, The Tesla Model 3 Is About To Arrive

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It’s hard to argue that Germany isn’t the heartbeat of automotive excellence. That said, an invader is coming (soon) to its home turf. According to Automotive News Europe, “Tesla will start the European rollout of its Model 3 in February, putting pressure on German premium brands that have seen the Model S outsell flagship sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz S class.”

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Above: Tesla’s Model 3 (Image: InsideEVs)

Nick Gibbs reports, “The Model 3 will cost 63,000 euros ($72,000) in Germany for the long-range battery pack version, a German Tesla dealer said. The Performance version, which adds a second electric motor, will also be sold in Europe. The German dealer wouldn’t comment on the price of the Performance version but a UK dealer estimated it would cost around 72,000 pounds ($92,000). The prices don’t include local purchase incentives for electric cars.”

Looking ahead, “First deliveries of the Model 3 in German-speaking markets will go to Switzerland, the German dealer said. Norway will also see cars in February, according to a tweet from a Norwegian on the reservation list.” Gibbs notes, “Customers without reservations will get a car quicker if they choose the more expensive Performance version, the German dealer said. Customers ordering the less expensive version would receive their car in the summer, the dealer said.”

Above: Watch as Tesla decides to surprise Model 3 reservation holders in Germany (Youtube: Tesla)

Gibbs writes, “Among full-electric cars, the Model 3 will go up against the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi e-tron, which are both being rolled out in Europe. It’s also likely to cannibalize sales from Tesla’s own range, especially the Model S, among customers who want the latest electric car and are less concerned about the category it sits in.”

How are Tesla’s sales in the region with its larger sedan, the Model S? According to Gibbs, “The Model S now outsells the range-topping sedans from Mercedes, BMW and Audi in their European home markets. In the first 10 months the Model S has sales of 13,209 in Europe, according to JATO Dynamics market researchers. The No. 2 seller was the [Mercedes] S class with a volume of 12,688, followed by the BMW 7 series with sales of 8,221 and the Audi A8, which sold 4,854 units.”

Above: Elon Musk, seen here with Tesla’s larger luxury sedan, the Model S, in Germany (Image: Front News)

However, the company’s Model X SUV hasn’t been quite as successful as its Model S. Gibbs reports, “Tesla also sold 8,801 units of its Model X SUV in Europe through October, according to JATO data.” However, “A smaller SUV badged Model Y will be unveiled next year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said.”


Source: Automotive News EuropeTesla

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Get ready folks, a new Evannex article is about to arrive.
Well actually it contains wrong prices (Model 3 is cheaper in Germany). Oh, and Performance does not add a second motor, as the European entry Dual Motor version already has two.
But who cares, it‘s brought to you by Evannex!

In the article picture, most probably Elon Musk was not in Germany but in the Netherlands, according to the license plate of the car behind him

Impressive how they managed to be that wrong. I think the normal AWD Model 3 starts at around 58000€ and the performance version at around 68000€.

Couldn’t find any piece of information yet concerning:
– How much CCS charging power is possible?
– Tow-bar officially availabe?
– Will there be a Schuko plug with 2-3.6kW (e.g. for electric tools) or the possibility to “emergency charge” other EVs via Typ2/CCS?


Each of those will be announced in a separate article when available. That is the way with Internet News, every Tweet or other tidbit gets its own article.

I wonder how many deposits Germans have made on the TM3.

Tesla will have difficulties in Germany. It is not Made in Germany. And as even kids in school are taught that only Made in Germany is good, it will take a while. Then there are still many that claim that electric cars are not cleaner than diesel cars, Which comes close as you count the amount of lignite that is still used in the country. It’s about the same as Chinas’. So id I were Tesla, I would go and sell as many cars as possible in other European countries.

Don’t worry they will, sell as many of their cars as they can make.
Personally I have a much kinder view of the intelligence of the German people than you do, as they can recognize excellence, and will flock to the Model 3 in droves.
I suppose those Germans. French, Italians, etc.. that bought a clean diesel from the likes of VW don’t have nearly the high evaluation you seem to think they have of German cars.
Not cleaner than diesel, yeah, that’s a good one, except you will able to drive the Tesla in all German cities, diesels, not so much.

Germans buy far more Renault Zoé than Woswagen eGolf. So I think you speak without having ever meet anybody from Germany…

That stuff is not “taught in school”. As there are strict laws and standards for some things it makes sense (food processing for example). But many Germans are well aware of Tesla and love it as well. I know some people who have had their reservation since they opened their reservation books. I guess if people I know were in a stronger financial situation I would know even more with a reservation. Some German brands are starting to introduce their own EVs and everyone knows that Elon started this revolution here. It’s a good thing that others are joining the quest for electrification but personally I dream to own a Tesla one day.

Source: Living in Germany

The EU has reduced the amount of fossil fuels considerably there’s a few lagers Poland one of the worst but Germany and UK are really leaders in renewable energy leaders. Some EU countries like Norway and Switzerland already had a lot of hydro.

Actually, one of Germany’s dirty little secrets is the large amount of coal they burn, and of the dirtiest type.

Well I’ve been watching and I can tell you that Germany has a lot of wind power. Yesterday Europe generated 22.9% of there electricity from wind that’s almost 2,000 GWH’s of electricity.

They have the reservations numbers so they know where to start with the deliveries

More significantly for a mid-size car in Europe, esp. when many households have only one vehicle, it’s not a hatch. Hatches are far more popular than sedans, except in the top luxury brands (and even then, a large percentage of cars are station wagons).

There are a lot of environmental friendly Europeans, especially in Germany… At the moment, the two best and easiest things you can do for the environment are to eat less meat and to invest in batteries (i.e. buy an electric car)… Lots of people will buy the Model 3 in Germany, especially when the lower trims arrive

I’m not so sure. The Zoe is one of the best-selling EVs in Germany. i3, E-Golf/-Up and Smart ED IMHO also don’t sell badly (compared with the Zoe). Kona and Niro as EVs are nearly available. EQC and e-tron are about to be sold. And in most other european countries that situation probably isn’t extremely different. And the Model 3 isn’t a SUV (which are quite popular in Germany) while the last 4 EV models are…


All those cars you mention will also sell a lot, together with the Model 3… The difference I see is that they are even more production constrained than the Model 3

Just consider that the price of gas in Europe is 4-5 times that of filling the car with electricity (we have higher taxes than in the US)… For exampñe, in The Netherlands, where I live, gascosts about 1,6€/liter whereas electricity costs about 0,24€/kWh… Plus you pay lower taxes when buying the car and no yearly taxes (that’s 500€ per year for gas and 1000€ for diesel), so the operating costs are even more in favour of the electric cars in Europe than in the US… On top of that, the size of the Model 3 is more interesting in the smaller parkings and streets of Europe… The Model 3 will be very successful here.

Nope, there isn’t a market for sedans. Only SUVs, hatchbacks/station wagons, coupes, convertible, roadster and compact cars.

still tesla have front trunk so i think it can fight a hatchback with total trunk capacity 😉

Actually, it can’t. Its space efficiency is quite bad for a mid-size car, and really bad for a from-scratch BEV design.
It’s 50cm longer than my previous MPV and 25cm wider, but has only 70% of the cargo space (and similar passenger accommodations — except much worse headroom in the rear seat).
The frunk can’t be simply considered part of the cargo space — it doesn’t help carrying large items like furniture or even Ikea flat-packs.

That’s something to think about. In Nice, France, it is also about 1.6 Euro/liter. Using about a 1.13 Euro exchange rate and 3.8 liters per US Gallon, that equates to about ***$6.80***!!! Add to this some of the bad blood with Americans getting compensated for dieselgate fraud, where most of the other 10+ million 2.0 diesels in Europe and elsewhere got nothing, and my bet is Model 3 does quite well.

Power is also cheaper, in much of the US, but going up quickly on the coasts. Paying almost 20 cents/KWh is becoming more common, in, say, the Northeast or California.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but in California, electricity is $.19/kWh – unless you use a little for things such as car charging and it quickly jumps to $.29/kWh. It is cheaper to fuel an equivalent gas car. Then the same company (a convicted felon) tells us they don’t have enough money to maintain their stuff and starts fires.

Tesla TMS is in no way the equivalent of a S class or series 7 from BMW
Come on. Maybe closer to class E or BMW series 5. Often these 2 are more in the luxury side.
TS is a wonder in terms of technology but lacks refinement from the German cars.

If the model 3 outsells (or even comes within 50% of) the BMW 3 series on its home turf that would be pretty humiliating for BMW and would certainly get them moving more aggressively to EVs.

we can only hope for this or even better results… EV’s had to be in germany at least 20 years ago… but greedy petrol companies are fighting back until someone with zero experience in car manufacturing comes and show them it can be done… IT CAN BE DONE!