UPDATE: Say What? Tesla Model 3 To Get Geolocated Folding Mirrors


Tesla CEO Elon Musk should get some rest, but first, he must ponder a new Model 3 feature request.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the fact that Elon Musk doesn’t get enough sleep and may be working too hard. This is not new information. The busy CEO has let on in the past that he’s working long hours, sleeping in the factory, and sometimes, not sleeping much at all. But, a recent NYT interview brought this back to light.

***UPDATE: Turns out the idea originated from a different source. Our apologies. Here’s the source Tweet:

With all of this being said, it’s not uncommon for Musk to be tweeting in the wee hours. This morning was no exception, but rather than commenting about Tesla, the CEO was sharing a poem about love.

As we’ve learned, if you want a reply from Elon, sometimes you have to catch him at a time like this, when he’s not inundated with followers’ replies and requests. Well, Model 3 Owners Club did just that. In a late-night tweet, Musk was told to go get some sleep. However, not until he gave some thought to adding geolocated folding mirrors to the Tesla Model 3.

Musk never clarified if his “ok” response was referring to the sleeping, the mirrors, or both. Perhaps today he will elaborate. While it would be nice if the Model 3 mirrors would fold when you returned home, there are probably a plethora of other features that many owners would choose ahead of this feature.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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I think we need mirrors that fold into the body and have little cameras that display the rear views on OLEDs in the cabin.

Yup, If they can do Falcon Wing Doors, they should be able to do mirrors that fold in, either on command, or at above a specific speed, only to extend again when you go below a slightly higher speed! IE – Fold in and revert to Mirror/Camera and Monitor Mode, at 45 Mph as you accelerate, and when slowing down, at 50 Mph – re-extend to Normal Mirror Mode!

(Cop Sees you with No Mirrors, starts to give chase, you slow down, mirrors appear, you stop, – Cop Approaches, sees mirrors out! Gets Confused!)

Cops read this forum too. Maybe I’m gonna tell them?😂😁😀

In the interview with MKBHD last week, Musk said that manufacturers have to provide side mirror’s but customers can remove them. Having camera’s with cabin displays along with easily removed mirrors seems like a great way to go until the laws are changed.

Musk is wrong. Illegal to drive without mirrors in many places.

I sincerely hope he meant “both” 😉

But when is he gonna deliver the 35k version he promised

This is from the Model 3 order page:
Standard Battery available in 5-8 months

How long has it said that? (Honestly meant as a real question, not a rethorical one!)

It has said that for 5-8 months.

Actually, it said 6-9 last month. I expect it to be 4-7 next month. They aren’t getting enough $49k+ orders to sustain production.

We’d all like to know when it’s going to happen. But it seems likely that even Tesla doesn’t know exactly when, and of course Tesla (or at least Elon) has established a record of much too optimistic timelines.

So perhaps it’s best that Tesla is being vague about the date.

Im waiting. My Volt is crappying out. just paid 472 for wheel bearings and they want another 300 for throotle body and spark plugs

How many miles do you have? It can not be that old year wise

When the world slows down on buying the long range, dual motor and performance models. Then the 35k will appear. I bet it would have been sooner but with all the scrutiny Tesla takes they need to show a better finical statement. Wall Street does not care about the environment until it smacks them in the wallet. Of course by then it’s too late.

Has only recently put a date on the web page.

In fairness that date seems to be a moving target. Picture yourself on a dock watching a cruise ship leaving. Now imagine that cruise ship is the availability date of the $35k Model 3 version.

SR is Not the same as the $35k version though. Probably will first see SR + Premium Upgrade Package.

I almost guarantee it. That’s why they stopped talking about $35k. Even Musk now calls it the “affordable version”.

He needed the production numbers up before the $35k version.

Not before the new, better, lighter battery pack is available in mass production.
So it might not be a purely „political“ choice.

Gheez dude… let it go. They will come when profitability allows it. If you look at Elon’s mission, you will understand that it will happen.

How about a blind spot monitoring alert light on the side mirrors. Regardless of whether they fold or not.

Blind spot light would be nice, something more than the sonar lines on the touchscreen.

My brother has the P100X,I have a Toyota Avalon,and I have the superior Blind Spot monitoring,on the other hand ,Tesla has taken the lawyer out, and I have to push accept , both makers should adopt to the better systems.

Have those on our Pacifica Hybrid and really like them.

How about just folding when you turn the car off.

They do that now. Its a great solution if you turn off the car before pulling into the garage.

There is an interview with Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, and she only gets 4 hours of sleep a night, going to bed around midnight, and getting up at 4:00am (http://freakonomics.com/podcast/indra-nooyi/).

Would it have been better (or worse) if Elon tweeted at 4:00am?

No. Just go to bed at 12am and be up at 6am

Borderline TMZ on Musk tweeter coverage. I will say sleep

I’m trying to parse “geolocated folding mirrors”. I’m guessing this means that if the car detects you’ve driven it home and are about to pull into the garage, it will automatically fold the mirrors, no driver input required.

Either that, or it’s some sort of near-magic technology involving fractals and shape-shifting metals. 😉

(Just kidding, altho maybe someday…)



is the garage option. My wife folds hers religiously coming into the garage. Dont really understand it but I dont really care either 🙂

How about a top down view of the vehicle on the screen, while trying to park it in a spot?
#More UsefulThanFoldingMirrors

I wonder if that is a copyright because it is soooooo useful but few cars do it.

Right, have drone on the roof that takes off whenever you’re going to park so it can guide you.

Not needed. Bolt and Leaf has this option. It builds a composite image from cameras around the car.

bolt does it or GM top trims

Would be very nice.

Start with basics. I would like to use Bluetooth to get into my M3! Rarely works.

Define rarely? You might need a new phone. Bluetooth changes a lot.

Perfect for those overpriced and crowded/tight parking garages of SF. LOL.


Not every Elon Musk tweet deserves its own dedicated article.

Ok, but don’t be surprised if your charging amperage settings begin geolocating, as well.

It’s all black and red, ‘n Goth. Yeah.

I don’t personally care if it takes 10 seconds to go 0-60mph, I would rather get more miles per charge. If more efficiency can be gained by using a lower hp motor and/or different gearing or a variable ratio transmission then I would REALLY be interested. I just don’t need/want a sport car. Just to give you an idea of my driving habots…I own a 2013 Ford C-Max Energi plug in hybrid. It’s rated at 18-21 miles on full electric mode..after 46,000+ miles I still get 26-28miles per full charge. My overall mpg is over 90mpg….I do drive a lot of 25 miles, or less, round trip drives and plug in every time I arrive home (110volt charging) and , therefore, is soon ready for another 25 mile trip. As you can see, I do pretty well but once I actually achieved 2221 miles using only 12 gallons of regular fuel and cannot truly say I saw any increase in my electric bill (though I know it uses elec.). I would love to have a full electric car but can’t imagine having to find a place to charge it every time I want to travel beyond it’s range.

And get rid of the expensive cameras, sensors, and computers, and drop the price by a few grand.

skip the mirrors.
Instead, a small after market set of camera to replace the mirrors is the way to go.
This is the best way to get past DoT.

In WA state, you will get pulled over and ticketed for not having mirrors.

My Followup Tweet: Hey Elon, can you get some sleep after you deliver me a free Model X?… “OK”.

Seems like a useless and pointless feature.

My garage is narrow. I wondered if I can fold the mirrors before driving in (which I do in my Leaf). This would be a nice feature and nothing really difficult for Tesla to implement (or any company, really). They already have full control over the mirrors and they have GPS. Could even use machine learning, ie: I folded my mirrors 5 times at the same location so it asks if I want it to do that in future for me. Simple ideas, really cool outcomes.