Tesla Model 3 First Ride Round-Up Videos, Bonus: Bjorn Meets Marques

JUL 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Model 3 Interior – Here It Is!

Bjorn and Marques have a meet-up with the Model 3!

The Tesla Model 3 has finally been delivered (full details/watch) and now comes the video proof from test riders after the event.

We gathered bunch of those – including a check in with Bjorn Nyland as he meets other YouTube/Tesla celebrities, hoping that soon we will see also full Model 3 test drive reviews.

The Model 3 is kind of a new species, given its pretty specific approach to interior design. From a credit card alike keyless system, through a central touchscreen and buttons on the steering wheel. All those things will need further research over longer term, upcoming reviews to really judge if they have merit.

Bjorn Nyland takes a Tesla Model 3 production car test ride, meets MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) who won Tesla’s fan-made commercial competition

– for anyone who wants to check out we MKBHD’s winning submission below, we have attached that video at bottom of article

Motor Trend’s Extended Tesla Model 3 Test Drive

Trying the Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Delivery Event VIP Test Ride

Model 3 First Ride Look at UI for Adjusting Mirrors, Steering Position, Rear Camera and More!

The winning “Project Loveday”, fan-made Tesla commercial entry:

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 First Ride Round-Up Videos, Bonus: Bjorn Meets Marques"

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Still waiting for the close-up shots of the trunk.

* Sorry this is the link to the MotorTrend first drive. It contains pics of the trunk and frunk. The direct link to the pics did not work….

The MotorTrend preview was the best, in the light, looking at front and rear and the trunk which was and is a big issue.

The cars delivered seemed more beta models vs. production models. As far as anyone can tell, all glass roof, all 300 mile battery, all Autopilot/Autonomous and Premium package.

It looks like Tesla built them with every option so they get tested with every option. Also so Tesla could say it delivered T3’s in July as promised. No mention of more cars being delivered in any quantity now.

Navdy is going to get rich off this car as the flat dash is perfect for adding their heads up display. It even works esthetically, breaking up the flat spaces.

Tesla Stated plan: following the 1st 30 July 28 deliveries, is to deliver triple that amount – 150 – in August, also to Employees!

Then to deliver 1,500 in September, likely still for Employees!

As I understand things, General Public (Read: Current Tesla Owners at time of Reservations, Living in California) will begin getting their cars in October, but likely there will still be a number of Employees cars getting delivered still in October, even! October will likely have a goal of 5,000 Model 3’s Delivered!

November will probably be pushing for a rate of 10,000 cars that month, with some of them to Stores for offering Test Drives to curren Reservation Holders! and December, up to 20,000 cars per month rate by the end! Here’s hoping they meet that target!

Can’t wait for Fully Charged model 3 episode.

Robert will have to travel to California for this. You will have to wait at least a year otherwise 😀

Maybe Elon could fly him out……

Great Work! Insideevs Staff for covering the event.

Why can’t people edit video properly these days? The audio on that Motor Trend video is horrible! The music is so loud it will blow your ear drums out and then when you adjust the volume to acceptable levels you can barely hear what people are saying! Idiots!

That’s what you get when a print media company dips its toes into multimedia.