Tesla Model 3 First Impression & 360-Degree Track Videos

Red Tesla Model 3 front


Consumer Reports took delivery of their Tesla Model 3, and now the time has come for the publication to share some video reviews.

Tesla Model 3

Inside the Tesla Model 3, LA Auto Show (Image Credit: Tom M/InsideEVs)

The first of CR’s videos is a “deep dive” into the Model 3. Be prepared to set aside about 20 minutes to hear what they have to say about Tesla’s “new” small sedan.

They point out that many other publications received the vehicle ahead of them, but there’s a whole lot of hype out there. This review is an attempt to treat the Model 3 like any other car and share with consumers what it’s really like overall.

Regardless of CR’s “love/hate” relationship with Tesla (and we believe both opinions are warranted due to the company’s mix of successes and shortfalls), they tend to be pretty thorough and have obviously pored over a whole slew of other cars throughout the years and in the very recent present.

So, it’s safe to say that they know what they’re looking for and what people expect in a car. It’s also nice to watch and read a plethora of reviews to get a more objective idea of the facts and fabrications.

Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

Our Tesla Model 3 is finally here at the track, and we go in-depth on our initial impressions, including build quality, how it drives, and what we think of that big center screen.

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Below, we’ve also shared CR’s 360-Degree track tour video. They take you along for a ride in the new car to provide additional insight, complete with 360-degree views to make it seem as if you’re actually in the vehicle getting a chance to take a look around. This one is a bit more fun than the above, and it’s short and sweet. Hopefully, both videos work to further educate you about the Tesla Model 3.

Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

We just bought our own Tesla Model 3, and invite you to ride along with us as we drive the car at our 327-acre test facility. Experience in full 360-degree views the Model 3’s interior space, Tesla’s Autopilot driving feature, and what it feels like to take a lap around our handling course.

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I’m sure Jake is just sipping apple juice.

The Tesla fanboys can accept no criticism or alternate opinion about the T3! Fine. The numbers make a difference and the numbers rule over all. Door handles are a minor issue compared to that.

Tesla is digging a hole due to lack of numbers meaning an opinion about door handles is meaningless. It appears Tesla can’t make money on the T3 at 50,000 and therefore the base model will never be available @ $35,000. Even with door handles. Production numbers for Q1 will be terrible! S and X numbers are falling for reasons that aren’t being explained. Deny it all you please – if you can’t buy the numbers there’s no reason to buy anything. Why argue meaningless details as if they are important? Time to figure it out.

The only thing worse than a fanboy is someone who makes a fuss about fanboys. Two opposites of the same coin reality. One pro, the other against. At the end of the day both types of people are biased.

I don’t understand these complaints about the door handles. It shouldn’t take more than two or three times to get used to getting inside the car. Geez.

It is absurd for Mike to complain that the Model 3 is too silent. Really? He LIKES the sound of the exhaust on a powerful car, and he misses the noise. I’m 61, and I’m definitely younger than this old fogie.

Get with it, old man. Silence is the real sound of performance.

As a 3 owner, I can tell you that the door handles are terrible. You can’t open the door by touch only; you have to insert your thumb in just the right spot, then shift your weight. Horrible. I am already sick of threading that needle.

Not trying to argue but when I test drove one I knew from reading how to use the handles and I had no issues with them.

I did try to use them with the “wrong hand” and that was a pain. But when used hte way they were intended I had no issues at all.

Steve Jobs spearheaded the “design thinking” approach to human-machine interfaces where there is a focus on empathy for user needs.

What you are suggesting “it is only complicated if you don’t know how to use it” is the exact opposite of that Apple approach.

Uh huh, sure… 🙂

“Hours after its iPhone 4 went on sale to excited crowds Thursday, Apple found itself responding to complaints that holding the phone by its metal edge causes mobile reception to suffer.

The company’s response, in a nutshell? You’re holding it wrong.

“Just avoid holding it in that way,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrote in an e-mail that was making the rounds on the Web on Friday morning.”


Correct, Apple are not perfect, nor was Jobs.

But his approach to GUI design was second to none. Since his death the decline in Apple’s UX/UI has been painful to watch and experience.

You are far overstating how difficult it is to use. They aren’t hard to use. You certainly aren’t threading a needle. After being shown how to use it only once, I didn’t think about it again.

However, if you’ve got a young child or grocery bags or something else in your arms it would be inconvenient. It would be easier to pull a standard door handle with a finger or two. Whereas these take at least one free hand to operate.

But they aren’t horrible or terrible.

In fact: Its basically the same hand motion I already use to press the ‘unlock’ button on my Bolt’s door handle. Then immediately pull on the handle to open before I have even moved my thumb.

I can open the doors just fine. That’s not the issue. The problem is that it will never be a natural unconscious movement, because it requires concentration and active looking to find a particular spot on the door. Further, you have to push, then pull, which requires you to switch your weight, which is slow.

This site is full of people that wish they owned Teslas, but their fantasies do not match the daily reality. Either buy one, or don’t comment on that which you have not experienced daily.

By the way, if you link you phone to you Bolt, as I have, the car will unlock as you approach, and lock when you leave. I don’t think I’ve pressed the Bolt’s handle button more than a few times, but I frequently grab the handle by touch, while my focus is elsewhere.

“the car will unlock as you approach, and lock when you leave”

On the Bolt!? I am connected. It locks when I leave. But never unlocks when I approach.

When I approach all it will do is turn the lights on. Not very useful. Unless this is a software update that is new, I have to press the button or go into the app and give the command to unlock.

Do you have a link explaining exactly how to do this on approach?

He’s Four Electrics, a notorious troll here. He talks stuff he made up all the time. Just ignore him.

And if you don’t believe me look at all the other replies he gets. Almost everyone knows he’s full of nonsense. He invents more fables than Jay from the UK inbetweeners.

Oh please. I had no trouble opening the first try. I even switched hands with no problem. It seemed natural to just jab with thumb. Either hand you do the same either palm facing up or down depending on hand.

Once you jab with thumb the door basically opens even before you get around to pulling on the projected handle.

That surprised me. You don’t have to pull the door handle to unlock the door. Just push the handle and the door pops open. Then grab the door jamb and simply pull it open.

As a Pretend 3 owner, I can tell you that 7 Pretend Electrics whiney, repetitive FUD and serial anti-Tesla trolling is just terrible and doesn’t even meet the minimum standards of being a persuasive FUDster troll.

Really, “…shift your weight.” LMFAO at that fake description!

Troll harder Pretend 7 Electrics because you are not making the cut.

I believe you are self-trolling. And yes, you must shift your weight: push in and then pull. The handle is quite slow, so the whole motion is a bit drawn out.

seven send some pics for people can stop calling you a troll

The only troll here is you.

I have opened several different Model 3 doors (from owners in my EV club) and after the first time it was easy and certainly didn’t require shifting my weight!

Sell your car if it’s so upsetting.

Seven you are in your delusional state of thinking you own a model 3 again. Please take your meds immediately and remove yourself from the keyboard before the nurse comes and takes away your fruit punch.

Love Tesla… but I too (and many, many, many more people) love the sound of a dual exhaust, especially while shifting through the gears. I will miss that aspect when driving my new Model 3.

For the best Model 3 review you will ever see, check out JRs.


“I don’t like it cause it doesn’t make engine noises”.

What a M-O-R-O-N.

Its a valid concern for some buyers. And the fact is, its easy to solve. The i-Pace has a dynamic noise option, and it doesn’t annoy people on the street. And you can switch it off if you don’t like it. Its a win win and an easy fix.

Any car can play engine sounds through the stereo.

A “valid” concern? An effortless torrent of torque is the coolest thing about an EV, but when driven properly it’s accompanied by the rising pitch of the power inverter.

My neighbor got one a few weeks ago. Flat out one of the ugliest cars of all times. Combined the worst exterior traits of the model 3 (Taurus) and model x (Aztec) to come up with one fugly car. That doesn’t even take into account the design disaster that is the giant screen stuck into the middle of what passes as a dashboard. The emperor has no clothes and yet people still keep fawning over him.

LOL, I thought at first you were talking about the Bolt. The Model 3 is a beatifully minimalist design. Maybe you’re having trouble getting over the lack of a faux grill?

BTW, I plan to buy a Bolt once my Volt lease is up, but it looks like it was styled by a freshman art student.

Lets see, should we listen to the new troll Jim, or should we believe the hundreds of thousands of people who have put in deposits based on the sexiness of the Model 3?

Troll harder next time Jim.

Hundreds of thousands of people that have never seen a 3 in person.

The car looks like a Mazda crossed with a frog, but it’s grown on me more in person. The Bolt isn’t exactly a stunner, either. Of all EVs I prefer the looks of the i3, but I’m probably in the minority.

Here’s mine:


From this angle you can’t see the slight hood misalignment.

Nice. Is that what Tesla calls midnight silver? If I end up converting my res to an order later this year that is probably the color I’ll choose.

Nice! Let me know if you decide you don’t like it…

Actually I have a Froggy Car disposal unit at my place. I’ll let you use it free of charge.

Your not only in the minority your not even in your right mind. To believe you own a Tesla is called delusional. You need to get back on the meds as I am a trained psychologist (about as much as you own a tesla) and the fact that you are delusional and schizophrenic to the point you believe you are bro, six and seven.

Get help before you become another statistic of trying to kill a tesla with an ax.

Guess what troll, there is such a thing as PICTURES!!!

He did put up a picture

Which proves what exactly? It could be anyone’s picture.

Would have been nice for Tesla to design a different front end fascia for states that require front license plates. Something that was recessed so the plate would mount flush and look designed in.

Or I wonder if they could have mounted a front OLED screen so you could digitally display your license plate.

LOL. That would hold up well on the front of a car near the road!

Headlights seem to do pretty ok. Don’t think I have ever had a cracked headlight. Just needs tough glass.

To further drive up costs, and another thing insurers won’t like which would Jack up repair bills? Do you people even think “is this a sensible idea” before making them these days?