Tesla Model 3 Fan Puts Car In His Driveway Before Deliveries Even Begin

5 months ago by Eric Loveday 6

It’s only a virtual Tesla Model 3, but this may well be the first time this highly anticipated electric car has been placed in one’s own private driveway.

Jelmer Verhoog (Model 3 reservation holder) of Norway is the creator of this augmented reality Model 3. Verhoog used Apple’s new ARKit to created the vehicle that actually moves, activates its headlights and, believe it or not, responded to bumps in the road while moving around.

Virtual Tesla Model 3

This augmented reality Model 3 is similar to the upcoming real deal in that the only customisable option is color (Tesla says initial Model 3 choices will be limited to color and wheel selection).

Verhoog wants to launch this augmented Model 3 on iOS11, but only if Tesla and CEO Elon Musk approve.

We should see the completion of Tesla Model 3 #1 this Friday, followed by a delivery of 30 Model 3s on July 28.

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6 responses to "Tesla Model 3 Fan Puts Car In His Driveway Before Deliveries Even Begin"

  1. CDAVIS says:

    Very innovative…this idea has long legs.

    Tesla needs to hire this guy and make that AR app tightly integrated to Tesla’s online car build configuration page…

    1. JIMJFOX says:

      WTF is the point?

  2. Jacked Beanstalk says:

    Take it even further…create a fully interactive AR experience so the “rider” can wear VR goggles and pretend to drive while the Tesla drives itself in AV mode.

  3. Chris O says:

    LOL Tesla Pocomon, everybody chase the virtual Model 3’s, winner gets Model 3 for free.

  4. Jim stack says:

    Norway is way ahead in electrics. So is Jelmer. Charge on.

    1. JIMJFOX says:

      Just got a shock re Norway!–https://makewealthhistory.org/2012/07/09/countries-with-100-renewable-energy/
      This is 5 yrs old so data may be outdated. If Norway only uses 24% of it’s renewables domestically, is it because it produces far more than it can use, or that the market for North Sea Oil is solely domestic? Quite puzzling.

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