Trio Of Tesla Model 3 EVs Spotted – Interior In Plain View – High-Res Images


These latest Tesla Model 3 images show the interior in plain view.

In total there are 29 new high-resolution images (click the next arrow to see all images), with a few rather detailed looks inside.

The black, white and blue Model 3s captured on camera all appear to be release candidates.

We’ve recently learned that Tesla will only offer one interior color (black) at the initial launch of the Model 3. In addition, a report says that Tesla will deliver thousands of Model 3 by the end of July.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July.

Source: Reddit, Imgur

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Maybe it’s my ipad acting up, but I don’t see any images.

NEVERMIND. Click on reddit link, duh.

Slight embed linking issue there for a sec…all fixed up now, (=

“plain” view indeed!

Oh, you kid! Haha.

Indeed, no switches, knobs, and other outdated baubles.

Blackberry –> iPhone.

When it works, it is great. But eliminating simple gauges and buttons carries a degree of risk in that the older stuff works 99.999% of the time. Newer driver info screens seem to work 99% of the time. It may sound like a minor difference, but when you can’t get your speed or see how much fuel you have left until you reboot your screen or after you have an over the air update, you won’t be touting the new system quite as avidly.
I still curse the haptic buttons on my Gen I Volt from time to time.

Yeah, the Volt Gen 1 user interface for infotainment and controls is the worst I’ve ever used in a car. Such a mess.

The Volume knob was elegant. Want to turn it down? Reach right, spin counter-clockwise.

Sure beats spinning a steering wheel control 5, or 10, times. But wait, Model 3 appears to have buttons on there. The lucky nerds might find it in a sub-menu. Awesome! More time for viewing the “landscape”. The kids will Love It!

Lack of physical controls (e.g. knobs and switches) is fine when you can spend time looking at the panel. But physical controls afford being able to spend very little time turning visual attention away from the road, which improves rapidly with familiarity. There’s a reason people are falling down open holes and running into other people when they’re looking at their smart phones, and it hasn’t gotten any better in the past 10 years since the iPhone was introduced. The potential consequences in a moving car are even greater. I don’t claim this will have a cataclysmic impact, but navigating menus on a touch screen goes the wrong direction in the goal of improved safety.

I could touch-type on my Blackberry. Try that with a button-free phone.

The lack of buttons genuinely concerns me. I have a heluva time using car touch screens while the vehicle is in motion on anything other than the smoothest roads, and then only when my thumb is hanging on to the knobs next to the to the touch surface. Can anybody safely use a touch screen on a typical bumpy road???

…I like the exterior

Photos apparently taken at the Lick Observatory…nice roads.

Rather ride my bicycle there than a car. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bryan, I agree. Each time I’ve been there has been by bicycle, I haven’t been there much, but I think a trip there in an “pre-release” model 3 would be worth my time.

Looks better each and every day! Oh so close, and yet so far! It’s like I’m teething all over again!

Good analogy except for the fact that you can’t remember that, since no permanent memories are formed that early.

The hood seems very long for an EV

Need to allow room for the frunk that everyone seems to love. It makes the car look more “normal”, unlike the Bolt where the form is following the function.

Also provides extra area for crash absorption. A very useful function, indeed!

Frunk ….I thought you couldn’t lock it.

Surely if they wanted to make it look normal they would just have to put a grill on it.

What are you smoking? The Bolt motor is in front.

He’s not smoking anything; why are you blowing smoke?

If the motor is in the front, that’s still much smaller than an ICEngine and all the Rube Goldberg kludges it needs not to overheat or tear itself apart; space-hogging kludges which the EV motor doesn’t need nor have.

The snub nose of the Bolt EV is form following function, indeed! Sure, from a perspective of style or “sexiness”, the Model 3 has it all over the Bolt EV. But form following function has its own elegance, altho one may need the heart of an engineer to really appreciate it. (I plead guilty to that!) From that perspective, the Bolt EV styling wins hands down.

Bolt is also a hatchback, so everything is jammed forward to make the rear storage reasonable. Also, since Tesla seems to focus more on performance and handling compared to GM’s BEV, Tesla likely designed a more neutral weight bias, which required the chassis arrangement you see.

For aerodynamics?

So in a month and a half Tesla is supposed to have sold “several thousand” vehicles that nobody has even had a decent look at yet?

Model 3s? I don’t believe they’re for sale yet.

The July buyers are Tesla employees, and there have been a lot of videos of Model 3’s being driven around with 4 Tesla employees inside.

One wild speculation that to my knowledge has not been officially confirmed, is that Tesla employees are doing test drives.

Don’t worry, you can’t actually be among the people buying one in a month or so. So your limited exposure doesn’t actually matter.

Will it have a HUD? Or will you have to look to the right to see how fast you are going? It will be an adjustment to go from regular controls to all controls on a tablet like screen. And the interior – is that leather or cloth. It looked like cloth from one angle but leather from another.

Agree, they couldn’t put a simple digital speedometer somewhere in front of you? This just seems dumb if true.

The screen is in front of the driver.

It won’t take long to get used to.

Unless you are looking at a different photo than I am, the screen is in the center of the car, not in front of the driver.

It’s forward of the driver. I wouldn’t consider it in front of.

The cart is in front, of the horse. Definitely, in front.

A simple HUD option would be outstanding. Just a speedometer, maybe and odometer and trip odometer on demand by pressing a button on the tip of turn signal.

You can get aftermarket ones :

Amazon and other online retailers also have lots of the simplest kind, for well under $50. Unless you want navigation, your needs should be covered ..

There are a ton of aftermarket HUD’s available now, or soon to be on the market. If you find you need a HUD, it seems easy enough to install whatever HUD you want:

Some of these HUD are looking pretty good…still i think Tesla should have put one in M3 but if you really want one good news is you can have it. Good to know.

OMG STOP with the HUD already.

No, definitely don’t stop. If Tesla remains obstinate in refusing to offer any option for those who want some sort of instrument display in the Model 3, then the more people who know about aftermarket HUDs, the better.

In fact, I hope to see an entire series of articles here at InsideEVs on the subject of aftermarket installation of HUDs and smartphones and tablets to replace the M3’s missing instrument panel.

Some of those sales which Tesla will inevitably lose from its stubborn refusal to offer a real instrument panel, may be saved if the subject of aftermarket displays is widely discussed on InsideEVs and other EV-friendly websites.

I had a Scion xA with center-mounted gauges, and it was deeply weird for literally about a week. After that, I never noticed, even when switching between that and my wife’s which had typical gauge placement.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

“Weโ€™ve recently learned that Tesla will only offer one interior color (black) at the initial launch of the Model 3”

Well, good thing my purchase won’t be till 2020…
I want the lighter color and need dual motors for AWD.

I’m pretty sure the Fed rebate will have either disappeared or feathered down by then but as long as I get the CA carpool sticker it’s all good!

The white looks a lot better than the Black. Looks fassssster too!!

Hate to throw rain on your parade, but currently the ZEV (white) sticker program is set to expire on Jan. 1, 2019. The could extend it though.

“Per AB 266, the expiration date for the white stickers has been extended to January 1, 2019.”

Agree – I like the white and the blue — the car looks smaller in black for some reason.

Are they ever going to fix the panel gaps? Asking for a friend.

You can tell your friend that panel gaps in pre-production Model S’s and X’s were also a subject of much discussion, but didn’t turn out to be a common problem in actual production vehicles. Of course you can find photos of a few exceptions posted online, but hopefully it’s obvious the worst examples get the most attention, so that merely amounts to anecdotal evidence. Of course the serial Tesla bashers, grasping at straws, have latched onto the issue and milk it for all it’s worth.

I wonder about the wood panel ledge and if the Tesla app will have a tab for a large digital speedometer. That seems like an easy solution to appease all the people whining about the lack of a center display.

the small screen on the left side of steering wheel?(pic 22) second screen or a smart phone holder?

ID . my bad

Are those roller/track balls on the steering wheel?

If the dash vents are just 1 giant vent, how do I turn the passenger one on/off while not affecting the driver’s vent?

Also, I’m not even seeing where you can aim the vents?

1. Aim the air from the vent: place hand like a karate chop, to aim to one side or another.

2. Stop air from a vent or part of the vent: Place hand over vent.

High tech.

Kdawg asked:

“If the dash vents are just 1 giant vent, how do I turn the passenger one on/off while not affecting the driverโ€™s vent?”


“Also, Iโ€™m not even seeing where you can aim the vents?”

I’m surprised that these questions were not asked earlier, or at least this is the first time I’ve seen such questions raised.

Your questions were my first thoughts, after reading that the Model 3 was going to use the entire width of that slot for the air vent.

I suppose it’s possible that there will be hidden louvers controlled by display menus. If so, then that’s yet another replacement of something simple with something unnecessarily complex, and more things to go wrong. ๐Ÿ™

Don’t worry. You will be able to get one sooner than you think. Once a few dozen have been delivered, you will start seeing them on Ebay with a $10K markup ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow, did you really delete my other comment for criticizing the timeliness of your reporting? Must’ve hit a nerve! But seriously, this site posts stories that are several days or even weeks old — well after other outlets have done so. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate what you do as I, like many, are thirsty for this type of news. But to delete a comment for pointing this out seems a little ridiculous.

Ditto. Reposting week old+ pictures as something new and then having comments about it stating as such should be expected when they do it.

Chad, Because you have returned/asked, I am happy to explain what happened (usually people just ‘get why’ rather than making a second attempt). We did delete it. Not because you pointed out the pictures were a few days old, but because you use terms like “duped” (and later) “click-baity” – with these being your very first comments at IEV. So yes, in this case we didn’t see these pictures when they came out – it happens. There is a lot happening out there, and although we have a decent sized team…its not that big, so its impossible to catch it all, as much as we would like to. Our choices when a situation like this arises are to a) pretend they weren’t out there, or b) pass it along. We passed it along – specifically because people are interested in the Model 3 and the vast majority of them don’t search to every corner of the Internet each day. I can assure you it wasn’t an intentional, James Bond evil villain coup to personally lure you in, (= There really isn’t much that can get you moderated around here, but slandering the site with implied malicious intent, and using words… Read more »

Whoa — you’re saying this site ISN’T a James Bond evil villain plot???

This forces me to re-evaluate everything, including how I spend my online time…

Thank you for the explanation. I’m a long-time lurker, and I commented out of frustration because I felt like I was seeing a pattern develop of delayed reporting that I genuinely thought was intentional. My apologies.

Again, I do appreciate your efforts in keeping the masses informed. Keep fighting the good fight.

No worries at all Chad. It’s the Internet we don’t take anything said too seriously, (=

I will say the volume of EV news/stories is nothing like it was 5-6 years ago when we had to fight for 5-6 pieces of new content everyday, now it is more like trying to find enough hours in the day to intake it all and pass it along.

Happy to see you out in the discussion, the more the merrier!

Yeah, I’m one of the newbies who has only been following EV development for the past few years, and the news has definitely “ramped up” as of late with Model 3.

My “Tesla” feedly feed used to be pretty quiet, but now when Elon sneezes I can’t help but grip my phone a little tighter to compensate for the incoming rounds of articles that get shot out as a result. So I guess I’m one of those people who searches the internet every day (but in reality I mostly let feedly do it for me).

FWIW, I’m a day 1 in-store reservation holder, and like many others I’m super excited to get my first EV/Tesla.

Hopefully you are in CA and can pick up an early one then, (=

Nope, I’m in the Midwest and am planning to hold out for a dual motor model. I really want the white interior, so hopefully that’ll be an option by then, too. Wouldn’t mind if they work out the initial production kinks as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

The recent insider information wasn’t that they will deliver thousands in july. It was that they have thousands ready for delivery in july. Small difference in wording, but it might make a big difference in july sales scorecard.

Without speaking to the ultimate validity (time will tell we suppose), this was the quote from the insider:

“July is going to surprise a lot of people and especially Wall Street, as the production line is just about ready and will start production ASAP so that several THOUSAND Model 3s are produced and stockpiled for deliveries at the end of July.โ€”

Well, now that I look at it the sentence used is actually quite vague in meaning. It doesn’t really say wether the cars will be delivered or in the stockpile at the end of july.

My guess at the moment is, that we will see 3 digit actual deliveries in July, and shooting up in August. The delivery process always takes some time, even though it’s not that long time for internal customers.

Ya, no thanks. I will say though that they at least got the arm rest in the center right. The one in the Bolt is WAY too darn narrow, whereas this one looks like a decent width.

Damn, that car is a winner. If they can really build and sell the base model for $35K without losing money, that will be GREAT.