Tesla Model 3 Event Details Seem To Suggest Test Rides/Drives Will Occur Tonight


Tesla Model 3 Event Set Up Underway

Attendees told to wear closed-toe footwear

Today is a very special day. Yes, yes, it’s Friday, and every Friday is sort of special. But this Friday is the one in which the automotive landscape will officially change.  At least, if things stick to the Tesla script, and the hundreds of thousands of Model 3 reservations turn the trickle of electric vehicles spotted in the streets to a well-fed stream, if not a flood.

Tesla Model 3

The very first production Tesla Model 3

It all starts tonight at 7:00 PM Pacific (10:00 EST), when the doors will open, with the official handover of the first 30 or so cars said to start at 8:45 local time, and remarks from CEO Elon Musk scheduled for 9:00. Besides getting to look at all that Model 3 deliciousness, we expect we’ll do some tasting also. We’ll have a man on the ground — Steven Loveday, father of Bria, who was the impetus for Project Loveday — with camera in hand who, we expect, will be one of the first to ride in the production version of this long-awaited “mass-market” $35,000 sedan.

How can we be sure there’ll be rides? Well, every other Tesla event of its type has had them, so it’s pretty much expected at this point. Still, life comes at you fast and things can suddenly change. So, to sooth any fears of just gawking at the Model 3 from the outside, we’re leaning on this tidbit gleaned from a list of instructions/suggestions for attendees: Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Flat-heeled shoes recommended.

Yes, it’s little to hang expectations on, but with history on our side, we’re still confident  there will be rides. For those of us who don’t make it to the event, we’re sure we’ll have plenty of video of others riding to share with you tomorrow.

In case you’re interested, here are all the notes for attendees, provided by our friends over at Teslarati.


The unique barcode below is valid for you and three guests only
Invitations are non-transferable
IDs will be checked upon arrival
Guests must arrive at the same time as the primary ticket holder
Doors open at 7PM
Food and drinks will be served beginning at 7PM
Remarks will begin at 9PM
Light outerwear is recommended in case of cool weather, as the event will be held outdoors
Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Flat-heeled shoes recommended


Valet parking will be available at the Tesla South Lot and all guests will be required to provide their parking pass to security

If you take a ridesharing service, you will be required to present your parking pass to security upon arrival. Please enter via the Tesla South Lot and enter “Tesla South Lot” for your destination and pick up location

Due to very high traffic at the Fremont Supercharger location, please plan for limited charging onsite

Source: Teslarati

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Is it really happening?

Can’t wait!

The car that will define the start of the EV revolution!

It is independence day LOL

For the human race! 🙂

I will be playing some loud music at the start of the event, and dancing!

The Corrs Breathless might be appropriate.

Closed toe shoes means you’re going in the plant. It doesn’t have anything to do with driving a car.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are rides though. I know a person who got a ride at the previous intro. And they have a lot more cars on hand now.

Yes. Plant tour. Can anybody imagine reading an owners manual that specifies sensible shoes? Lol.

“Closed toe shoes means you’re going in the plant. It doesn’t have anything to do with driving a car.”


Maybe Elon doesn’t like looking at other people’s toes 🙂

Toe Cleavage. It’s offensive. *laugh*

I’m still wondering mainly how much of options and pricing and current number of reservations and expected rollout and other incredibly relevant facts will be revealed. Although even that is maybe silly given that it will all probably change several times before it gets to Norway..!

Terra watt
I don’t think we will get very much info on hard specs and ordering. I’m thinking he will just give us a hard date on when we can configure.

Recording tips for anybody who might be there :

a mono-pod with a floating 360 degree head can really help with image stability. It doesn’t lock the camera in one position, it just supports the camera while you pivot.

Keep in mind that when you turn or move or zoom the camera that it always appears to be moving twice as fast in the video feed than it looks when recording.

And please, for heaven’s sake, NO VERTICAL VIDEO’S!!!


Recording tips for anybody who might be there:

There will be many excellent videos produced by Tesla and the press. No need to employ anything but your eyes for this event. You can see it all with them and rewatch it on youtube later from a better camera than you own.

Bit rude to act as if you know what cameras people own. Decent camcorders these days are plenty good enough. High end ones are incredibly high quality.

Unlucky — It was mostly just a lead-in for the funny video about Vertical Video Syndrome…

> “And please, for heaven’s sake, NO VERTICAL VIDEO’S!!!”

LOL! You won’t believe how many times I have to tell my wife, that is not a good perspective to be recording videos, and have to explain to her why repeatedly over time.

Hear, hear!

I’m stunned at how often we see on the news a cellphone video taken by someone who didn’t bother to turn the phone sideways.

lo who watches tv in 21 century, just rotate your old set and enjoy vertical videos on interwebz!

Useful info. Tks.

This will sound odd but you remind me of Owen Meany. You would have to have read the book: “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving to understand…….and I didn’t mean it as an insult.


At the risk of reinforcing any semblance, I have to reluctantly admit I have actually read the book, and thus naturally take no offense.

Although around here I tend to feel more like Yossarian the Assyrian than anything else.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Use a GoPro Cam.
Those stay fairly stable.

Shaky videos make me barf and that’s a waste of good food.

GoPros aren’t particularly stable. They just have such a wide field of view that the shaking appears smaller. This presents the problem that you end up with a really wide shot. If you try then to zoom on on what you really want to see then you have the same shake as anyone else.

I’m going to risk posting some hyperbole here:

This could well be the most important day (or night) in the entire EV revolution!

Thunderbirds are Go!


Test drives were offered at the Model 3 unveil last March, so test drives being offered tonight is not anything particularly newsworthy.

I hope (for the sake of all those reservation holders out there), that Tesla spills ALL the beans on the Model 3 tonight.

“I hope… that Tesla spills ALL the beans on the Model 3 tonight.”

But… but… but… how can Tesla maximize the value of all its free mass media and social media attention if it doesn’t dole out info a bit at a time, in dribs and drabs?


Seriously, I’ve been seeing reports on the Model 3 even on mainstream TV news shows like the CBS Evening News and the PBS News Hour.

Thunderbirds are Go!

Yeah, I thought the same thing about the test drives. These are production vehicles, but that should not make much difference.

Great!! Thanks Elon! Enjoy it.

It’s been said that Tesla has cache’ and that it appeals to younger buyers. So here is a video that exemplifies that idea.
(Crass is spots)


I’m guessing the author has never worked in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.

The shoes requirements are a giveaway that the guests will be entering the plant, not that there will be test drives. They just don’t want any little piggies crying wee wee wee all the way home.

I want to see if the empty dash (just a center mount tablet) made it to production.

“Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Flat-heeled shoes recommended.”

Cool. Tesla is teaching heel-toe, tonight.

I am surprised that even today the specs of Model 3 is not posted in http://www.fueleconomy.gov. But they have posted the info of VW eGolf 2017 nearly 6 months ago even though that car never went on sale till today. Is there a bias against a small automaker like Tesla.

Hope tonight, all the details will be available.

The days leading to the Model 3 launch has brought news from many large automakers.
VW: Plans to sell an EV which is $8,000 cheaper.
GM: Plans to advance the sale of Bolt in all 50 states 1 month earlier in August.
Toyota: Plans to many EVs by 2022.

This is what is called the ripple effect.

June is a quarter end month which gets high sales, but not big enough to match year end month like December.
Still the 2017-June plugin vehicle sales crossed 105 000 which is more than the 2016-Dec record high of 103 000.
And the Worldwide sales probably exceeded 450 000 and this puts 2017 easily on track to cross 1 000 000.
Cause to celebrate.