UPDATE # 2- Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor And Performance Versions Revealed


After hours years of teasing, Tesla finally reveals Model 3 Dual Motor AWD specs and price, as well as the same for the Performance variant.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk started Tweeting about the upcoming Model 3 variant yesterday. Initially, he didn’t give away complete information, but he sure did his usual job of getting people excited. Musk explained that he and his team were working on and testing the cars and configuration would probably open late that night.

***UPDATE # 2While CEO Musk seemed to make it clear that the Tesla Model 3 Performance would arrive ahead of the standard AWD, it has now been confirmed via Twitter. This makes sense since he’s been reiterating on a regular basis that higher price versions will come ahead of lower cost cars to assure that reasonable margins are met. Then, once production efficiency hits an acceptable level, the less expensive models will arrive without fear that Tesla will lose more money.

***UPDATEWe now get our first look at the white interior in the Performance version of the Model 3:

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As the evening wore on and the replies/questions streamed in, the CEO added some very interesting information. The Dual Motor version will feature a new AC induction motor up front (like the motors Tesla has used in the past for the Model S and X) and a partial permanent magnet motor powering the back wheels. This motor powering the rears is likely unchanged from the current Long Range rear-wheel drive Model 3.

He also divulged that the Performance versions would be outfitted with the best drive units and “get double the burn-in.”

Later, more details and pricing were revealed. Upgrading to a dual-motor drivetrain adds $5,000, though it’s only currently available to do so on the Model 3 Long Range with the mandatory Premium Upgrades package. Hopefully, down the road, you’ll be able to add the dual-motor option to other variants.

The Performance version starts at a whopping $78,000. It will pull off a 3.5-second zero-to-60-mph sprint and be fully loaded, aside from offering Autopilot as a $5,000 upgrade.Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 Performance will also have black and white interior (the same white interior people have been waiting for since it was teased long ago). For now, this will only be used in the new Performance version. However, it will be available in other Model 3 trims in the form of a package at some point. The Performance variant also gets 20-inch wheels and a carbon fiber spoiler as standard.

According to Musk, production should begin on the Performance Model 3 this July. He also said that deliveries of the Dual Motor Model 3 should begin in the same month.

Model 3 Dual Motor AWD (Long Range)

  • $54,000 (without Autopilot)
  • 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds
  • 140 mph top speed
  • Range: 310 miles

Model 3 Performance

  • $78,000 (without Autopilot)
  • 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
  • 155 mph top speed
  • Range: 310 miles

Franz von Holzhausen’s custom Model 3 Tesla

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Hopefully that helps with becoming profitable.

Just want to thank the early adopters who may now be putting Model 3’s on the used car market to get this new Performance AWD option. You guys are HERO’s for the team.

This is what a lot of people don’t get about pricey cars: they’re not just toys for the rich.

They rapidly depreciate, and then are useful for middle class and later even for the poor, especially EVs due to their low running cost.

No mention of a “Performance package”, Steven.
Musk only tweeted that the white interior will become available later, as an option, on non- performance versions, due to current limited availability of parts for it.
(Currently enough for 1,000 cars per week)
Not related to a change in performance.

Other stories have called it a Performance package, meaning the white interior will be available on non-performance trims later as a package option. I adjusted the wording.

Elon’s been pretty straightforward in the naming conventions, so this will be labeled the Performance AWD version.

Likely very true

Maybe it will come with a special badge as well.

Badges? We don’t need know stinkin Badges.
I actually like badges, I just wanted to say that.

I thought the range would have incresed a bit for the dual non performance?

AC induction motor has lower efficiency. It probably reduces range but is not used on the EPA test cycle.

Alternatively, it does reduce range on the cycle but Tesla made a smaller adjustment to test results. What are the odds all three variants get exactly 310? Especially when one doesn’t have ugliwheels.

It may be the EPA test doesn’t trigger the efficient motor switch, but, in the real world…

The main problem is, that a PM synchronous machine can’t be turned off like an induction motor. And since a motor is more efficient at higher torque, the induction motor will probably only help out with acceleration and traction.

Remember the EPA test result was 334 miles range for the rear wheel drive Model 3, but Tesla reduced it to 310. Perhaps someone will post the dual motor EPA test results so we can see the actual results rather than the advertised range.

Correct. It’s quite possible that the LR Dual Motor M3 will be Tesla’s longest range EV to date. They don’t want to Osborne the S and X vehicles with what appears to a vehicle that gets as good as range as the 100kWh S and X variants at half the price.

I don’t think it’s possible to torque sleep PM type motors. Having two PM motors might have reduced efficiency. Induction motor only used when needed. Semi is different because of high load most of the time.

Mskz06, exactly. With a PM machine, at high speed, you have to do field weakening. So current flows even if the torque command is zero. Having the secondary machine be induction makes sense, as there is no penalty to just spin it.

The front motor was probably chosen as a squirrel cage because of the problems in running a reluctance on both axles. The reluctance motors want to run in sync with the inverter HZ. The slip frequency of the squirrel cage motor can drift around as needed without more complicated torque sharing system. Cogging would be more of a problem with two reluctance motors and you don’t want to slip poles. One squirrel cage and one reluctance motor just work better together.

Does the inverter HZ sync problems happen even when both motors have their own inverters?

If I am not mistaken on the S(s) they did a range version that was a little less on the performance. A 100D without the L. My guess is they will rely on battery updates to push the range of the 3 as they have a line up positioning issue against the S on range. But the updated S may not be far off. In a way the Roadster is an updated S in the sense that it is the top of the model line up.

Great post. I learn something new every day

Thank you!

I’ve always thought the “induction motors are less efficient” meme was a vast oversimplification, and it’s nice to see someone explain clearly why that is.

Dual Motor (AWD) is a $5,000 option.
So $54,000 includes Long Range and Premium Interior.
Probably this will be the only option for now (we have to see the configurator).
Later on cheaper DM versions will become available.

Or they will continue to only offer the premium package on all versions until the tax incentive runs out. Then they will just make the premium package standard in all Model 3s but drop the price by $5k.

So a base SR M3 would start $35k after the tax incentive is gone but you would get the glass roof, sound system and heated seats, etc.

They might not do this but it would save them a lot if headache not having to add complexity to the line. And because the minimal interior even though nice I think still gets some criticism that it isn’t luxurious enough for the price. So removing the glass roof and all the other premium elements along with the minimal design might bring too much criticism.

So if Tesla keeps the premium interior but gives it a price of $35k then they get to claim they kept their promise of delivering a 35k Model 3 even if it isn’t the $27.5k people were hoping for with the tax incentive.

Yeah, if you were banking on the $7500 Federal tax incentive for the $35k version, that sure seems unlikely at this point.

Elon has teased the idea of a more economical vehicle in the future (likely after the pickup truck and Model Y). My theory is that it will show up after the automation on Model Y manufacturing appears.

Link re more economical vehicle from Tesla? He’s on record in 2016 as saying it’s highly unlikely Tesla would ever make a lower-cost vehicle than the Model 3, and while he could have changed his mind, I haven’t seen any reference to it.

Agreed. Until Tesla is solidly profitable, and covers the higher price demand items to the point of opening multiple new markets to balance high end demand, AND uptake on Full Self Driving shows up as a lower demand item than Elon figures, maybe THEN he wil consider the benefits of a $20,000 – $25,000 Tesla, for “Accelerating the Move to Electric Vehicles!” Right now, competitors always seem to shoot only at Tesla Products as what Tesla has, or has revealed, or announced as planned! For Example: Bolt EV vs Model 3; iPace vs Model X; Electric Trucks vs Tesla Semi! So, it also seems the $35,000 Model 3, with Announced planned range of 220 Miles (also the Highway Range of a Bolt EV, it appears!), is targeted by the next variant of the LEAF, announcing it will have 225 Miles Range, Better Thermally Cooled Battery, and sell for ~$37,000! So, after Model 3 gets under control and is in a stable, but peak production rate above 5,000 units per week, and Tesla Inc., becomes profitable, and they announce the Midel Y, and get the Gigafactory Completed, and have a new Factory for the Model Y, and are Making it to… Read more »

“[Elon Musk is] on record in 2016 as saying it’s highly unlikely Tesla would ever make a lower-cost vehicle than the Model 3…”

Correct. Perhaps Vexar has confused Elon’s talk about plans to lower the cost of making the TM3 with plans to make a less expensive model. Elon has made it very clear he does not plan for Tesla to make a vehicle priced lower than the Model 3.

Perhaps Tesla will make a lower priced model after Elon leaves the CEO position, but likely not before.

In another “5yrs.” if things Go Good & prices come down.

I was hoping for more performance for the money. Even AWD is a more expensive upgrade than competitors and the performance model is barely quicker than an Audi RS3 at over $23,000 less.

Audi RS3 drinks gasoline.

Bless it’s little heart ❤️

And don’t forget you get the noise of Audi high speed drill sounding engines, unless you get the turbo, which cuts the noise down a bit.

Yeah, I really love the sound of drills- makes me feel like I’m working while driving, instead of relaxing..

Diesels can accelerate really hard without making excessive noise.

Even better than that- electrics!

That I-5 engine is more like “ripping denim through AC/DC’s concert amps”, but yeah a lot of people don’t dig it. It’s certainly unique.

RS3 is smaller

Which is a good thing

Unless you want something that’s actually practical.

TM3 and S4 are of similar size. This Audi costs $52k and makes 0-60mph in 4.3sec

The Audi S4 is a much more complete vehicle. You don’t have to sit in a pothole in the backseat (Model 3 compromise for greater headroom). Thanks Audi

Actually, TM3 is classified as a “Midsize Sedan” by the EPA. The S4 is rated by the EPA as a “Compact Car”, with 11 ft3 less room in it. The S3 is even one more class smaller, rated by the EPA as a “Subcompact Car”.

The TM3 is actually in the same class as the S6, with both having the exact same EPA ft3 combined passenger/luggage space.

The Audi S6 starts at $72K, but actual cars on the lot are typically closer to $80K with options based on cars.com data.

Do the cheaper AWD upgrades also improve acceleration times? (Real question, I’ve never looked).

Yes, the LR AWD Model 3 is rated at 4.5 Seconds, vs 5.6 seconds (0-60 times) for the LR single motor Model 3. Going up from the $54,000 (+ other options, like Paint, wheels) to the $78,000, (both still have the EAP & FSD as options!) nets you 1 second quocker 0-60 @ 3.5, and 15 Mph faster Top Speed, at 155 Mph vs just 140 Mph, for the Non-Performance Dual Motor Model 3!

How on earth did Audi get the weight up to 3,541 pounds (per MT), in such a half-pint size? I’d hate to wrestle that on a track. Model 3 basically adds the weight of an extra passenger, but without all that front-loaded understeer.

Audis tend to be overweight pigs for some reason. Mechanical 4WD is always heavy.

RS4. It’s not an RS3 competitor.

Paying $24K more just to go 0 to 60 in 1 second less is an idiotic buy anyway. This is an upgrade only for those with more income than they know what to do with, and who want to try to flaunt it. It’s a bad buy for anyone with an ounce of common sense.

My wife really wants the white seats. Looks like I will tell her we have to get the Performance now, no option. 🙂

A reasonable conclusion! Clearly, this is the only option forward! 🙂

Poor guy, LOL. Well, if you have to take one for the team, so be it!

Your sacrifice in getting the performance option, for the white seats, is really telling, in your ongoing devotion to your wife.

With this latest Tesla Model 3 performance white seat accommodation, this will certainly now become a tough act, for the rest of us, to follow!😎

Your missus sounds like a keeper.

My guess was 3.6-3.7 sec to 60mph

Interesting how the Model S AWD cars allegedly re-gen more than rear drive only, resulting in longer range from the same battery. Yet the Model 3 AWD is same range as the rear drive Model 3.

Also, starting at $78k for a performance model is pretty ridiculous. Adding $5k more for Autopilot, you’re looking at $83k, with likely no more tax credit. You can buy SO much used Model S for $83k!!

Range increase was mostly from torque sleep. Better regen extends range in spirited driving but not on EPA test.

$78k has a bunch of stuff you don’t get in 52k Audi. It also includes better brakes, unless Musk is lying about track performance.

That makes sense, thanks for the sincere, respectful response.

“Interesting how the Model S AWD cars allegedly re-gen more than rear drive only, resulting in longer range from the same battery. Yet the Model 3 AWD is same range as the rear drive Model 3.”

Tesla voluntarily lowered the EPA range rating for the Long Range Model 3. Therefore, Tesla could deliver a version of the TM3 with slightly lower real-world range, without having to change the EPA number. I wouldn’t find it surprising if Tesla chose to use the same figure for the EPA range rating for other versions of the LR TM3, perhaps to avoid having apparently contradictory numbers reported by the media.

Adding regen to the front wheels should increase the range, but other changes (adding a second reduction gearbox for the second motor; switching from permanent-magnet to induction motors) might lower the range a bit.

People: Give us an affordable electric car like you promised!

Elon: here’s an $80,000 attempt to compete with the most high performance cars on the road, just like you wanted! The future sure is bright!

solving humanity’s energy and transportation issues is not going to happen by making sports cars. Elon when will you build ANY kind of transit option that is available to the poor? Or even the middle?

In fairness, he needs to get his Average Selling Price up, so it’s rational to pile on the upgrades, but at $78,000 plus options he’s well into Model S territory. And I’d still rather have a Mod S than the minimalist Mod3 interior.

Fairness? Tesla’s practices are in direct violation of its mission statement to get as many people into EVs as possible as quickly as possible. The same kwh production capacity will make more 55kWh cars than 70kWh cars, and the short-range cars already have suffcient range for many uses including long trips.
Forcing people to take the premium upgrade is greedy. Now it’s clear why they’re doing it — they’re in serious debt — but noone forced them to announce a 500K unit (all models) production goal for this year instead of a much more reasonable 250K .

If Tesla can’t make a unit profit selling its cars, then it will go out of business. How is that going to help “the poor” or anyone else?

“The same kwh production capacity will make more 55kWh cars than 70kWh cars, and the short-range cars already have suffcient range for many uses including long trips.”

Smaller battery packs means the packs wear out faster, have less power, take longer to charge… how does it benefit anyone to make BEVs less competitive against gasmobiles, or to force buyers of used EVs to buy new battery packs for them?

To make BEVs mainstream, and to eventually make gasmobiles obsolete, BEVs need to be perceived by the general public as better than gasmobiles. What you’re arguing for, keeping BEVs short-ranged, slow to charge, and under-powered, would guarantee that they’ll never expand out of the niche market they currently occupy.

To the poor, probably never. At least not a new one. Tesla is not Kia. To the middle? Well now, depending on how you define middle income. And in a year plus when the $35k Base TM3 is available even more people lower in the middle income brackets will be able to afford one.

The key piece of information you are ignoring is that Tesla is a BUSINESS not a charity. They are currently bleeding cash and must turn that around to survive. These highly optioned models are much higher margin and right now that is the key to Tesla’s survival. Only after they become cash flow positive can they start to produce truly mass market cars that are affordable to the masses.

Well said! Tesla can’t satisfy any mission statement if it can’t make a unit profit on selling cars, and goes out of business.

At 84K with AP, and colored paint, this is expensive… But if it can indeed beat an M3 around the Nurburgring, that would be impressive. We will see in a couple months if that claim holds true.

Another Euro point of view

“But if it can indeed beat an M3 around the Nurburgring, that would be impressive. We will see in a couple months if that claim holds true” . Indeed but it better indeed beat it as this is basically what Elon seems to suggest in his tweet. If it does, it will be a major feat in favor of EVs, if it doesn’t, it won’t improve Elon’s credibility issue.

Nowhere did Elon say M3 would post a better ‘Ring time, than BMW’s version. It doesn’t have to, to handle better, anyway. A Miata handles better than both.

Maybe it posts a better number for a single lap. But for 10 continuous laps? I doubt it. It’s not a sportscar.

If the goal is reduce carbon emissions, by converting expensive gas hog drivers to EV’s does better job than providing an EV alternative to a 40 mpg compact.

So think of Tesla as taking the top off of automotive carbon emissions.

And it would be even better by offering $35K cars like they promised instead of $50K cars. It’s a much larger market, and they supposedly have the battery production capacity.

Please do tell us how Tesla could survive selling its cars below cost. That would be a lesson that literally every business in the world would love to learn! 🙄

As Elon has explained, when Tesla has ramped up TM3 production to 5000 per week, then they can afford to start selling the lower-priced Standard Range version.

Sorry if you can’t understand that, but it’s pretty clear to most of us.

Elon in 2016: Here is your $35k car, the best car ever for that price! Come ppl, give me your deposits to get in line 🙂
Elon 2 years later: Umm,, aam. Well, you don’t get the instrument panel. Umm, if you want $35k car, go to the back of the line. Miss the federal credit. And..and… really I will save the planet and polar bears with my $80k performance model 3 that beats everyone at the traffic lights.
Or how about a Model S that gets you the tax credit that’s expiring this quarter?

No? Umm, how about a $1 ride under LA? Give me your tax dollars now so I can start digging.
Flame thrower anyone? A hat? No? How about just a candy?

The issue with Tesla has never been the products. They claimed to make high-powered electric cars that people want to buy, and they do. The issue has been the promises regarding timelines. There will be a $35,000 Model 3 available eventually. But it’s going to take much longer than many people want.

That’s the thing. Elon lied. It’s fine to sell a $80k car, but it’s fraud to take money from hundreds of thousands of people stating you’re going to make a $35k car then two years later let money determine place in line, not time. What a great way to flip off hundreds of thousands of people.

How can you call this fraud when it was the plan all along? Before the reservation started, Tesla said S/X owners first, and California buyers first, with first deliveries at the end of 2017 (and at the launch Musk make it clear that could slip).

Expensive versions first is common sense, and how the S and X launched with signature editions. Furthermore, how would total customer wait time change if they delivered cheap versions now? Doing so would still delay the deliver of a higher end model to someone with a reservation.

His mind is made up, don’t confuse him with the facts. 🙄

Except he did not lie, he (TESLA, INC.) absolutely HAS TO STOP BLEEDING CASH, Even while he ramps up vehicle production speed, expands Supercharger Network (For all these New Tesla Owners to have access to), and delivering on the requested and Promised Ludicrous Mode for TM3!

There was an original Productin date planned of 500,000 Tesla’s per year by 2020, and he/Tesla is working crazy hard to bring that forward to 2019!

You should see the challenges we have at work in making a $70 Million Business Jet, and making even that profitable! It was said that we would have to sell over 100 of our $40 Million Jet, over 18 years ago, just to get to profitability! (We have over 800 of those out there now, though, so I guess we did it! Even though I was Laid Off for 3 of those years!)

There are leaders who have a vision and create a company to make things of real value.

There are followers who work for the leader and help get things done.

And then there are do-nothings who sit around and whine about how much better they would do things, if they were not so lazy.

Even worse, there are short-sellers who spread mendacious FUD in the hope that a company making things of real value will fail, because they have bet on such a failure.

Which category(-ies) do you belong to, “TeslaInvestors”? Hmmm?

The $35000 + $35000 Plus … affordable electric car for the masses….rotf lmao….I can’t wait for the Nissan LEAF CUV Long Range.!

It’s NOT an “affordable electric car for the masses”. It’s Tesla’s attempt at a “more affordable”(than Model S) mass market car. Amazing how ‘interpretation’ becomes nine tenths of the law

Wow talk about moving the goalposts….

It’s always about what’s coming next, and we now know from experience that Tesla will not deliver anything exactly as promised, ever, when it comes to cost and timeframe. This announcement continues that legacy by pushing back (yet again) buyers who are interested in less expensive vehicles. (And who were specifically promised to be delivered the first of these mythical less expensive vehicles well before this moment in time.)

I’m sorry that you are so spoiled that you can’t stand the fact that sometimes things take longer than planned.

I’m also sorry you’re so clueless that you think an announced company goal is a “promise”. If you really are that clueless, then you’d better never invest in anything.

Dunno about that. Musk was pretty clear this was going to be “the best car you can buy for $35,000” and that was his own positioning. he sure doesn’t spin it as a more affordable Model S


Cool your jets pal, relax. Once the highest margin Model 3’s are released, the standard range, no frills Model 3 will be released at $35k. This is all part of the plan and right now Tesla really needs cash.

It’s part of Elon’s plan. But I think many planned on a $27.5K ($35k – $7.5k) car that would be the price of a Chevy Malibu, but be a Tesla.

So, you are saying Elon Lied because some of us Reservation Holders had a desire for ourselves, that Elon Did Not Satisfy ($27,500 price!)?

Elon isn’t responsible for wishful thinking, either on the part of reporters or would-be Tesla car buyers.

Those of us paying attention noticed that Tesla never, ever cited the price of the Tesla Model 3 with tax rebates included.

If you didn’t notice, that’s on you — not Elon.

I cannot wait for you to peace out

A Leaf with a decent (liquid cooled) 60 kWh battery iwould be looking pretty good right.about now.

Right now, sure, but in a year with a $40k Model 3 available?

I love my 2018 Leaf, but IMO it stands out best in the $30-35k segment. I’d have taken an Autopilot Model 3 for $10k more, but that wasn’t an option.

I’d bet anything that the 40kWh will globally outsell the 60kWh version. It’s the ultimate commuter car right now, and 50% more range doesn’t really help it be more than that.

And its 60 kWh model might even arrive before the $35,000 base Model 3, and even sell in good numbers, but shortly after that, when 1,000’s of Base TM3’s start getting delivered, even the Base 3 may outsell it, nevermind the up scale variants!

$40K with no tax credit really isn’t a very affordable car. The Leaf prices are all before credit and other discounts making a Leaf more like a $25K car.

Looking forward to seeing a Model 3 AWD vs Jaguar I-Pace back to back…… should be interesting.

Guess they won’t deliver any cheap $54,000 versions this year anymore. Elon Musk will find enough social media junkies on twitter to sell that $78,000 version. Q3 net profits on the way

He’ll find enough “junkies” , social media or not. Q3 profits though, won’t quell the bashing of naysayers(as is his hope). They’ll just move the goalposts to the ‘$35,000’ field.

My configuration says $55K. Large battery, AWD, luxury package, and paint upgrade. Target delivery in 12 to 16 weeks.

I expect gutted TM3P75D to do 1/4 mile in 11.9sec

Are all the battery pack sizes the same as existing Mod3?

Currently, all Long Range Batteries, only.

Once gas prices hit $3 a gallon, we might see increased demand for performance model 3. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

It’s already $3.50 here in Ohio

Regular is 3.50?

Regular 3.65 in L.A.
And no, that will not matter much to the crowd that buys a $80k car.

Yelp memeroiral day

On a Toronto, ON Road Trip to Panama City Beach, May 11th to 14th, and back on 18th to 22nd, Lowest Regular Gas Price I saw was $2.55 (on Highway 53, N. E. Of Huntsville, Alabama), and highest I saw was $3.05 (East of Erie, PA.).

So, where is this $3.50 price in Ohio?

Typical range on my trip was $2.70 to $2.95.

$3 per gallon? That is basically free.

$7.63 a gallon here…….

BMW has to like the thought of the 83,000 dollar model 3 !

Good for Canadian winter conditions. But, how will the battery cope with mileage issues with drop in battery rating at -10C. and additional load of defogger heater ad cabin heating?

Tesla uses active temp control on battery to keep operating temp in a small(er) range than ambient. That’s why you precondition the cabin (and battery) while you’re still plugged in before you go drive. Heated seats mitigate keeping the entire cabin at comfortable temps. Defogger can be run for a minute to clear the windshield and then shut off. I learned all this driving my 75 mile range Leaf, which was usually about 60 mile range in near freezing temps.

“Good for Canadian winter conditions. But, how will the battery cope with mileage issues with drop in battery rating at -10C…”

The same way gasmobiles cope with Canadian winters: By plugging the car into an electrical outlet all night. For gasmobiles it’s to power the block heater; for Tesla cars it’s to power the battery heater.

I would have thought that was obvious?

“…and additional load of defogger heater ad cabin heating?”

Gasmobiles lose maybe 15% of their MPG in very cold weather; BEVs similarly lose maybe 20% of range, or more if they are not plugged in overnight.

Did you expect Tesla cars or other BEVs would be able to ignore the laws of physics, and magically not need more energy when more is demanded of them?

Way too expensive for mass market adoption but should be profitable for them.

These tricked-out performance versions are never meant for mass market adoption. How much mass market is there for BMW M-series? You gotta keep the public drooling to sell your cars. Tesla has changed a lot, but not that.

For Tesla to become a major car company, they need much more affordable vehicles in their lineup that they actually build and deliver in quantity. In the short run they can survive on high priced, higher margin “aura” cars, but if all they ever sell are aura cars, then they’ll be a niche player once they get through their initial order surge from early adopters.

Also, as someone pointed out above, very soon we’ll have a 60kWh Leaf with TMS, which I suspect will be very popular in the US. Add in some additional competition as other companies (slowly) get around to fulfilling their promises, and Tesla will be fenced in.

As I keep saying here: I have no preference regarding which companies succeed with EVs, other than wanting all of them to sell a lot of EVs to individuals, businesses, fleet operators, etc. I find it harder and harder to see in Tesla the company I want them to be: one offering a wide range of vehicles at price points from “luxury” down to “affordable”, however.

The “60kWh Leaf with TMS” may even beat the $35,000 Model 3 to delivery, and that’s OK, but by 3 months later, when TM3 Base starts delivering in the Multiple 1,000’s per week, will see it rapidly surpass the Better Leaf sales. Both of these elements will put pressure on the remaining Old Auto OEMs to up their game, and from them, 1 or 2 may shoot for the cheaper EV to “Beat Tesla at their Own Game”, not realizing that may well be the real goals of Elon, via Tesla!

“Also, as someone pointed out above, very soon we’ll have a 60kWh Leaf with TMS, which I suspect will be very popular in the US. Add in some additional competition as other companies (slowly) get around to fulfilling their promises, and Tesla will be fenced in.”

Hmmm… Within the next two years, other EV makers may finally get to where Tesla was in 2012, with the Model S… except they won’t have Tesla’s market appeal, its reputation, nor the ergonomic gestalt, the way everything works so well together, which has made Tesla’s cars so beloved by their owners.

Other auto makers keep aiming at where Tesla was several years ago, not where it’s going! Kinda hard to catch up that way.

Go Tesla!

M3 Owned- Spark Leased - Niro EV TBD

Here’s a business question: If you have can build a limited 5000 cars to sell each week and 400,000 reservations awaiting — what car would you sell build and sell first? A: $35,000 B: $54,000 C: $75,000? Who gets first priority to take delivery? I would venture to say most folk would say C. If you don’t — better be ready to give a very convincing answer to your boss.

When Tesla can chew through 1/2 of their awaiting 400 k Model 3 reservation holders orders, in the next four consecutive business quarters (Q3 2018- Q2 2019), I think that the “boss” may be a little more forgiving, if some (>20%) of those cars fall somewhere into your A and/or B category.

No convincing of Teslas upper management should be necessary, if they keep the vast majority (80%+), of Model 3 sales, over $56k!

It’s actually a bit more complex than the example given above, but even so I think you know the right answer. Tesla is cash flow negative and desperately needs to change that in the very near term. Higher priced, higher margin versions of the Model 3 help them do so. No matter how much you WANT them to sell the $35k version now, it doesn’t change the business reality of the situation.


That means for people like me who is waiting for SR with Dual motors will have to wait longer and it would cost $40K.

For $84k it better come with Full Coil-overs suspension.

Seems like a strategic shift from mass market affordable to high cost luxo sport. OK with me but I get dizzy above $50K so keeping my business depends on how much I get at that price point. Should be interesting as more and more competition steps up in the next 3-4 years.

“Seems like a strategic shift from mass market affordable to high cost luxo sport. “

Absolute poppycock. This is all exactly as expected and planned way back before M3 was on the drawing board. That $35 k version will come beginning of next year. Also exactly as planned/announced by Tesla.

At no point when Tesla announced the Model 3 at $35k did they say it wouldn’t be available until 2019. I guarantee they would have lost at least half their reservations. Many thought they were going to get a car with tax rebates in the mid $20’s.

And so they might, from Nissan, via the New Leaf with 60 kWh TMS pack! However, I know that many, if not most, Tesla buyers, often have spent more on their Tesla, than ever before, on a car or other vehicle!! I don’t see a lot of change in that aspect, with regards to the model 3, with the base buyers seeking their best EV Ever, they will wait for their Model 3, and stretch their budget to fit it, and others will drop out and get some other less costly & maybe useful enough EV!

“Seems like a strategic shift from mass market affordable to high cost luxo sport.”

Did Tesla ever use the term “affordable”? Automotive journalists kept stupidly using that term, and so did all too many EV fans practicing wishful thinking. But did Tesla?

I got so tired of pointing out, in 2016-17, that a MSRP $35k car was only “semi-affordable” that I got sick of it.

Amazingly enough, a car that was designed to compete with the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series did not turn out to be so “affordable” after all.

Reality is finally sinking in for many people.

Does AWD version come with standard 18″ Aero wheels or 19″ sport wheels?

I suspect those are orthogonal options.

Comes with standard Aero wheels. The 19″ wheels are a paid upgrade.

$83K . . . about the same as 7 Nissan Versa..

The “EV for the (well off) masses”.

And remember during the Press Conference – No boring questions allowed! Much more fun to talk about the $86,000 car.

Hi all
Think your missing point
No one is forcing you to buy performace version
Telsa can sell every car they make in m3
In order to survive there massive expansion
Need to be extra profitble till some costs covered
Other wise you go out of bussnest

“Production costs are always high when line first gets going”

So, confirmation that these will be on a second line?

Let’s hope AWD is just weeks and not months after P AWD. Was quoted Sept delivery for AWD.