Tesla Model 3 Display Units Show Up In D.C., Arizona & More

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore!

Tesla continues to aggressively expand public access to the Tesla Model 3 throughout the U.S.

A week ago we reported that Tesla added a Model 3 to a few showrooms on the east coast. This was following the initial debut of the car in various California Tesla stores. As of last week, we were aware of California display vehicles in Palo Alto – Stanford Shopping Center, Los Angeles – Century City, Walnut Creek – Broadway Plaza, and San Jose – Santana Row.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

East coast locations popped up shortly thereafter, including Manhattan’s Meatpacking district (NYC), Boston’s Boylston Street showroom, and Miami, Florida.

Now, five more showrooms join the growing list starting Friday, January 26, 2018. Added locations in California include San Diego and Newport Beach. Outside of the Golden State, we see Model 3s arriving in Washington D.C.; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Southlake, Texas (near Dallas). Interestingly, Texas is one of a handful of states that doesn’t allow Tesla to sell its vehicles within state lines.

Keep in mind that during busy times, which seems to be all the time at this point, Tesla may have to limit each individual’s time checking out the car. While you can sit in it, these vehicles are not yet available for test drives.

The fact that until now, many people have never seen the car in person, has surely not stopped reservations. At some point, the automaker had about 500,000 paid pre-orders for the car. Now that the public will get an up-close glimpse of it, reservations may climb. In fact, several reports are already saying that people are putting their deposit down on the car during these public debuts.

Source: Teslarati, AZ Central

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Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA, is a great place to get more Model 3 preorders added to the 400k plus back log of existing orders. Tesla will hopefully get up to a 5k a week production rate, in the next 6 months; to start satisfying this demand.

Hopefully the Model 3 will be coming soon to the Grove, which is just as good as Tesla Century City which is right across from Tiffany.

Well, I suppose that there is still enough takers, or buyers ‘Pulling the trigger’ at present, to absorb their production, but as they see a large number waiting, they really should offer a set of ‘Check Boxes’ on the form, requesting an answer as to why a reservation is waiting?

For example:
[ ] Waiting for Standard Battery.
[ ] Waiting for Dual Motor.
[ ] Waiting for Performance Model.
[ ] Waiting for Towing Rating.
[ ] Waiting for Test Drive.
[ ] Waiting for Other Colors.

Or some such points, so they can drive production with specific versions, options, and profit margin targets!

Also – it is just about 10 days away for the Q4 full report on financials, so we may hear an update on Total Reservations, order growth rates or reservation growth rates, as well.

They do.

Expect to see at least 2,000 M3’s sold in January 2018.

I’m expecting 4000+

Expect to be disappointed, then.

I’m waiting for the next delay letter to come out. I figure by mid feb they will realize that they previous delays won’t be enough.

‘Texas is one of a handful of states that doesn’t allow Tesla to sell its vehicles within state lines.‘

Yes, but the process to get one here is super simple. Teslas are very popular in North Dallas! The only major downside is that Teslas probably will not qualify for the state EV rebate this year.

Just to be clear though, the gallery with the Model 3 is in Southlake (a suburb near Dallas). The actual Dallas Gallery doesn’t have a model 3 yet.

We are heading over to southlake this week to check it out! 😀

So whats the loophole in getting a tesla in texas then

Driving to Oklahoma.

The Model 3 will be our first Tesla. But from people I know who have bought one it’s not difficult and most of it is done over the web.

If we want, we can go to the gallery, test drive the car once a model arrives for test driving, and they have computers there to walk you through the ordering process at the gallery.

The staff members seem very knowledgeable and gave us a broad overview of the process. You just need to secure funding for the loan from your bank or credit union and pay sales tax. So that’s the most complicated part of the process. My wife works for a credit union so this part is even more simple for us! 🙂 lol Pretty much everything else is done online.

Thank for the info, sir!

Need to get one here in Cleveland Ohio. Theres this abandon ford plant that been close since 2005 that tesla should get here

How about Richmond, Virginia? I might drive into Richmond to see one.

There’s even one listed in Washington, DC, on Turo.com despite deliveries only having started in California thus far.

So what was the point of building a flagship store in San Francisco if it isn’t one of the first places to showcase the Model 3? The place is two stories and practically empty!

Anybody know which store in the DC area?

Source Teslarati states:

“the company’s 3,000-square-foot Washington DC showroom on the East Coast”

I assume that’s the CityCenterDC store.

Baffling why Tesla didn’t send a display unit to the DC Auto Show.

DC auto show is a “dealer show” and Tesla “not a dealer” is not invited. Some other electric cars on hand but limited spotlight.

When will orlando or Tampa Florida get model 3 at stores?

The good news: Tesla Model 3’s are finally appearing on Tesla store showroom floors.

The bad news: They are trickling out at such a slow rate that five new display models qualifies as news.