Tesla Model 3 Detailed Video Review Finally Surfaces

Tesla Model 3


Who better than a Fremont-based Tesla-centric obsessive and compulsive detailing company to post the very first detailed Tesla Model 3 video review?

Yes, OCDetailing (gotta love the name) has seen and worked on literally thousands of Tesla vehicles. Now that the floodgates are open, and Tesla will be beginning to deliver to customers very soon, we will start to see a multitude of these videos.

Tesla Model 3

Inside the Tesla Model 3

OCDetaling is just down the road from the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. It’s particularly known for a special, protective wrap that it applies to luxury cars to keep them in pristine condition. Shop owner, Joe Torbati is the reviewer in the video and he provides a crystal clear video with good lighting and attention to detail (of course).

Joe walks us around the car and gives us information about the most important aspects, all in a pretty short timeframe. He compares the vehicle to the Model S and X in terms of size, shows off the removable aero wheels, references the key card, shows interior doors, door handles, rear-seat headroom, cupholders, storage, and the touchscreen.

Overall, Joe seems impressed, although he’s not a fan of some the shinier surfaces near the center console, which always look dirty.

Video Description via OCDetailing on YouTube:

2018 Tesla Model 3

Detailed impressions of the new Model 3!

— OCDetailing Address: 37451 Jansen Ter Fremont, CA 94536

OCDetail is what the name would suggest! Obsessive and compulsive about details. We strive for the best result and push to always exceed expectations on any service. We always do our best to make sure we are on top of the best practices and most current tech to meet our customers needs.

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Nice Job ELon & Tesla 🙂
Now I wait for Model Y since M3 is too low for me

Much impressed. OTOH, I really would like a lighter interior, perhaps even “saddle” rather than beige. I am going to get mine (AWD + Ludicrous, and pretty much fully loaded) wrapped in a nice emerald green or something close to that.

” I am going to get mine (AWD + Ludicrous,”

-George P

I’m waiting for the specs on the AWD. The RWD is 340 miles range. The AWD should bump it another 10-15 miles!! Plus it should drop 0-60 into the 4’s.

It’s that or a used 90D. The “plain jane” 90D’s do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds….pus they get 300 miles on the HWY. I saw a CPO for 67K.

AWD should be 64,500 on the 3.

You may not get the expected range “Bump” from an M3 AWD configuration if they’re still using Permanent Magnets in their rear motor unit…

Emerald green pearl metallic like this?

First couple of non employee owners are posting over on model3ownersclub.com and the “first model 3 delivery austin tx” video is up too… good stuff like no FM radio, heated rear seats or intermittent wipers…at least not “yet”.

Cool, thanks.
I think this is the video:

Wait what, no FM radio?? Is that right?

No FM (and assuming no AM), no streaming music through your phone’s bluetooth connection, so obviously no Android Auto/Apple Carplay either. Wow.

No wonder they didn’t let the 3 go for NACOTY. Lol

“so obviously no Android Auto/Apple Carplay ”

Hey Bro,
do we know that for sure??

The S and X don’t have AA/CP, so why would the 3?

I personally don’t care about radio, as many people who hates ads, same songs being played in loop during weeks, etc.
I don’t think people will change their mind for another EV or worse, an ICE, just because of the lack of a feature from the previous century.
Nowadays, most people do have a smartphone, so the question is “Can the model stream audio from bluetooth or at least have a jack plug ?”

Sorry but do hear fm radio on way to and from work like majority of Americans

Seems like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel harder and harder to come up with some kind of insults of the model three. Not easy having a living the way you do? My sympathies.

Well, at least this one gave up on the conspiracy theory that no Model 3s would ever be delivered to outside customers because that’s when the master scam would be revealed.

Don’t worry, he’ll soon find another short-seller Tesla hater conspiracy on Desperately Seeking Liars, or (even worse) Yahoo Finance, to copy and paste here.

Do you have a link to that theory of his? Would be hilarious to read…

I didn’t mean that bro1999 had made that claim, but that the community of trolls was pushing that one up until now.

It might not be working yet too, he made it sound like the phone bluetooth starting wasn’t working yet either. There is a reason they are releasing to employees first as the car is not done.

All Black. Jay is beside himself with glee.

I have no idea why he loves black. A black car looks terrible when it’s dirty. ..and I would think that in Ontario, Canada it would be dirty almost all the time in the winter…..and it’s winter 9 months a year.

Past the proven science that all black EVs are both faster and have greater ranges than the other hues, only mental patients and Texans prefer colors on their plug-ins…or that might be ketchup on hotdogs – not sure.

There’s another video showing a customer taking delivery in Austin TX

Beautiful car. Love how solid the doors sound when closing. I was really surprised by a couple things in this video.
1) Only 2 speeds for the windshield wipers and no auto-sensing.
2) No AM/FM in the stereo.

“no wiper auto sensing”

Good. I have it on my MS and it doesn’t work all that well

At least on your Model S, you have the wipers on a stalk with intermittent wiper controls. No intermittent wiper controls on a $50K car is jaw dropping. I assume this is software controlled and can be fixed in an OTA update.

perhaps the 1st speed is adjustable down to slow intermittent

God I hope so. I use intermittent settings all the time. Come on Tesla, it’s the little things that matter.

Pretty decent video. I was under the assumption the roof was a solid piece of glass….but guess not. There’s a pillar that obstructs the view in the back seat. Oh well I should have known.

That is because that car has a opening sun-roof and not just solid glass roof.

Just watched the video again and I don’t think this car has a sunroof.

…yes, there’s a pillar, right where the whole rear hatch should have hinged up 😛

Gonna be fun fumbling for the touch screen wiper button if some splotch of mud or snow or something or something splashes all over the windshield. Is there really no physical wiper stalk?

it is still physically present on the stalk. maybe someone should watch the video again.

Mark, you should watch the video again. It’s clearly not on the stalk and is touchscreen controlled. Start at 0:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLsuUbqv4eg

You have to touch the Car icon on the screen in the bottom left. This brings up the wiper interface on the screen. You have to touch the “On” graphical button. There is an additional screen control for Slow or Fast. Even the windshield Spray is controlled through the screen.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

In other words, distracted driving by design!

Cleantechnica showed the wiper stalk in one of their recent articles.

“Is there really no physical wiper stalk?”
I’m hoping Tesla is going to allow users to assign functions to the scroll wheels on the steering wheel. This could be used to add a physical control for the wipers.

All the previous photos of that stalk didn’t have the windshield indicators. Thank you for sharing this!!!

That’s what I call a winning argument. 🙂

Do the icons mean, one push for the wiper, and push-hold for fluid?

That’s how I interpret it. Hopefully, a scroll wheel on the steering wheel will be used to adjust the wiper speed.

The Most Obvious Miss:
You can’t buy one for $35,000 !


and when / if it becomes available how long before they discontinue it for the sake of “streamlining”?

I imagine that will happen after concern trolls quit asking the question… around the time hell freezes over.

Cool trunk. Nice roof. No FM? call me a dinosaur. Still listen to FM.

“No FM? call me a dinosaur. Still listen to FM.”

I guess we’re both dinosaurs because I listen to FM 99% of the time.

It seriously doesn’t have a basic AM/FM radio? W T F …

At this point, I’m not sure if no AM/FM is true or not. Based off this video showing the wiper controls on screen, I would have sworn there was no stalk controls for it. At least up until Mark provided a photo 20 min. ago.
We need the Model 3 owners manual.

Can’t one app be made to stream all the radion you want live over the internet? I’m saying the real deal, just a mirror of the AM/FM you are all after.

Streamed music is very low quality. It isn’t music. Drives me nuts.

And FM is?

You can stream music in different qualities. And if that is not good enough then download to you mobile in FLAC and use that.

Tom, what are you talking about? You can stream your favorite fm station…if that’s not music than why you want to listen to it?

Double dinosaur!! I still listen to AM radio! Actually, most of the time!

“Like any good Tesla, it came out of the factory with some defects that need to be addressed”

Not helping w/my confidence.. :/
I’m not going to hire a 3rd party company to fix defects from the mfg. Sorry.

by that he means defects in the paint and the shiny fingerprint magnet that is that center console

If he’s just talking about paint, then that’s not as big of deal (to me).

That’s exactly what i was thinking about. Wonder what the defects were. Finish?

Why just why. Did they think it is a good idea to put electronic door handles and not just put a good old fashion door handle. Hopefully they will turn on FM radio with a update otherwise it should not have gone on sale. Plus, no wiper stalk or auto wipers. Hmmm……

The guy showed you the front doors have them both electric and mechanical. The FM crap is an imaginary problem…internet radio is here to stay and to take over. I know i will never go back.

Some places don’t get 4G connections though.

Such as a few miles of my drive to work. Also streamed radio/satellite radio is so awful on sound quality it is a crime to play it in a nice car.

Lack of FM is NOT a trivial matter for me, who spends much of my driving time listening to NPR broadcasts.

Sports are usually blacked out on internet radio.I listen to FM or AM or XM for MLB or NFL games. Internet radio is inferior, just like using a phone or card for unlocking the car is a poor substitute for a fob. Plus it costs money for that data. And for a car intended to be road trip ready, not every part of the US has great 4G internet access.

I will wait to hear if this is temporary and just requires an update or is a completely fabricated report though. I am skeptical that this is true.

But if it is true and there is no broadcast radio at all…? That might be a deal killer for my family when added on top of the other minor issues I have with the car. Like no key fob, no carplay, and expensive options for heated leather seating and ACC. We may go with a gen 2 Volt afterall.

“I am skeptical that this is true.

“But if it is true and there is no broadcast radio at all…?”

I’m rather skeptical of that, too.

On the Tesla Motors Forum, one person says he can see an FM radio antenna embedded in the rear window. But apparently he’s interpreting what he sees in a video, so I’m also skeptical about that.


Another Euro point of view

This is exactly what I thought as well. I thought that the Model 3 would be designed according to the KISS principle. Knowing Tesla I was skeptical. I hope OEMs will not follow Tesla with that sort of gadgety nonsense otherwise we will soon need to find a way to keep our old cars running for 30 years.

Why is it that my instincts are that this FM thing is going to be harped on endlessly?

Right up to the point where it turns out in reality that it does have FM?

Trolls are like fire ants in a flood clinging to straws to stay alive…the flood is coming!

The last car I remember that didn’t have AM/FM radio was a POS Nissan Sentra for fleet orders that shipped without a radio.
That a $49k car doesn’t have FM radio that was officially delivered 2 months ago? Ridiculous. I guess there will be an OTA update for that. Wonder if there is also an OTA update that picks up 3 customer’s jaws off the floor once they realize there is no radio yet. Lol

Update will also include telegraph interface and 8 track tape deck. 😀

Right on cue, the harp has announced its presence on the stage.

Lol….you just can’t make this stuff up! You just have to say their name.

“Why is it that my instincts are…”

That’s not instinct; that’s the voice of experience talking to you.

I note a distinct lack of any of the Tesla haters apologizing for repeatedly asserting their conspiracy theories that no window stickers have been issued for the Model 3, or that the Model 3 isn’t really being sold.

And my instincts were 100% right:

“Tesla confirmed to Jalopnik that the current crop of Model 3s do not have FM radio enabled. However, the company also confirmed that feature, and Bluetooth audio streaming, will be made available soon via an over-the-air software update.”

Another Euro point of view

Heard word “cool” often so should be good.

Hmmmm.. I thought Tesla has been trying to keep any of these cars from getting reviewed. I bet a customer dropped it off at this detailer and this review “snuck out.” It was bound to happen eventually. I wonder how many Model 3s will be produced this month?

My thoughts exactly.

Q: How many Model 3s were produced this month?

A: More than the haters say, and less than the fanbois proclaim.

With any other car mfr, we’d know for real.

Or was intentional so the owner would not have any liability.

The detail shop didn’t sign an NDA.

But maybe Tesla has ended the embargo. It hasn’t been more than a 2-3 days since InsideEVs showed a walkaround YouTube video for the Model 3. No voiceover, but the article’s writer got all excited by a brief glimpse of the window sticker, because some of the Tesla haters have been claiming (against all common sense, since it would be illegal) that the cars were being delivered without them.

But then, Tesla haters don’t give a flying fig about either believability or common sense.

I don’t know who you are talking about but I claimed that the cars weren’t even being sold at all. This is legal without a window sticker.

The video of the TX 3 delivery got pulled from YouTube. Whoops. Hopefully no one got fired like the $30k discount fiasco.

So, if the car gets in an accident and loses all power only the driver has a mechanical door handle that will let him/her escape? I hope that’s not true. I also can’t imagine why they did did electronic door releases at all on a car that’s aiming to be affordable.

If the radio and wiper reports are true, then it’s obvious why they didn’t submit it for NACOTY. Hopefully they’ll get some of it fixed OTA before bad reports hurt them too much.

I am really concerned about that too. That could lead to all persons stuck in the car, when the driver is not conscious anymore or the front door damaged too badly. I think this should not be road legal, i really hope there is a solution to this problem.
Especially for EVs fire is always possible at a high speed crash faster than design limits (i.e. tests needed for homologation), what is another reason, why you want to be able to escape quick.

Exactly. If you’re going to design a mechanical backup, just let that be the primary door release; they’ve worked well for a century.

I’m losing confidence in this vehicle. Just imagine how hard it will be to loan it to someone else, or even ask them to move it in the driveway. You’d have to give them a lesson on how to operate it, instead of just handing them the keys.

I’ll also throw my hat into the ring for just keeping standard doors. Every time you add an electric solenoid for a function, you add another point of failure. Mechanical doors work well. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

^^^ This


I would guess all the doors have an emergency mechanical opening lever, but the last thing you want to be doing in an emergency situation, where you want to exit the car quickly, is fumbling around trying to find a semi-hidden lever that you’re not familiar with using.

Tesla is getting very far away from the KISS principle. Much as I hope Tesla continues to push forward the EV revolution, I think they’ve gone too far in making things more complex than they need to. This is just one more example of that.

I remember reading a series of posts on the Tesla Owners Club forum, from someone who had a laundry list of OCD complaints about his new Model X; the most important of those was a tiny, sand-grain-sized bump in the paint on the hood.

Interesting that there’s an aftermarket specialty shop that caters to such buyers!

Wow, lighted vanity mirrors! Now female Tesla M3 owners can put on their makeup while driving just like the women in Corolas and Camrys.

This car is faaaantaaaastic

Foreign entities SolarWorld and Suniva’s petition are they trying to bring down the entire US Solar industry with tarriff hikes.

We hear those dense Proterra Li-Ion batteries based on current battery technology won’t last long.

Door handles look much more sensible than the S/X. He says the bluetooth unlock, etc. is coming soon? The Bolt already has it. And you don’t have your knees up at nipple height in the back seat of the Bolt.

I do like how the car doesn’t waste center console space for a shifter. There’s really no need for a console shifter in an EV. On the other hand I really don’t want to look to the center stack to see my instruments.

The black one looks better.