In-Depth Walk Through Tesla Model 3 Design Studio – Video

Tesla Model 3 Design Studio


Even if you haven’t received your invite to configure your Tesla Model 3, you can walk through the complete online configurator right now.

We saw some early glances of the Model 3 Design Studio, but those were only online for Tesla employees. The configurator is still not wide open to anyone, however, those that receive the invite can access it. Now you have access, too … sorta.

Tesla Model 3 Design Studio

Tesla Model 3 Design Studio

The above video is definitely the next best option if you can’t have a look at the Design Studio yourself. People have been absolutely crazy over the Model 3 and there have been so many questions regarding the ordering process, so here it is in real time.

Can you lease a Model 3? What happens if you choose “Hold My Place”? What’s the deal with Supercharging?

Well, now all of your questions are answered. Tesla owner and YouTuber, Tri, takes you through all of the menus and options in explicit detail.

Video Description via Tri’s Garage on YouTube:

Today, I received an email invite to configure the Model 3. Join me as I walkthrough the menus and configuration options for the Tesla Model 3. To reserve the Tesla Model 3, I camped at the Fremont Tesla campus before Day 1, and I later purchased a Model S.

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So $50,000 base price right now ($35,000 + $9,000 battery + $5,000 interior + $1,000 destination).

Any color other than black adds $1,000. So $51,000.

Adaptive cruise control and lane centering adds $5,000. So $56,000.

Going with the 19” wheels adds $1,500, so $57,500 in total.

After tax and tax credit, this ends up being $55K. Definitely not a mainstream car yet.

Yes not yet but eventually the prices will come down as Tesla manufactures in China and India. Most Americans don’t care where the stuff is made as long as the price is low.

Those cars will not be coming to the U.S.
The price is the price. Few cars, if any, will be configured at 35k. Average will be around 44k. Which is what the up trim version of the Bolt is.

Once the EV tax credit expires TESLA will lower prices by manufacturing in China, India, Mexico…how do you think we can buy a smartphone for under $500? Americans don’t care who makes their stuff as long as it is lower prices.

Not sure it’s fair to select all options, look at the price, and claim the car is not mainstream. So to compare with other current offerings like the Bolt, LEAF, and e-Golf — you can wait for the base Model 3 and just go for the interior upgrade. That’s $41,000 with the upgraded interior. So for around $5000 over MSRP of the competitors, you’re getting better range, better tech, better driving experience (if you want a stiff suspension and a “drivers” car) or better acceleration — all three save for the Bolt. The alternatives will of course offer discounting. They will have to with the Model 3 out, though they probably would anyway. Or drop down to the base Base, for $36,000. Maybe the interior would not be as nice at some of the competitors (e-Golf has a very nice interior for a car in its class), but you’d still beat the competition on everything else, especially if you are a driving enthusiast. And $36K is more than competitive vs. alternatives. Shave off $10K if you live in CA and qualify for the full rebate, and you’re getting an amazing deal for $26K even relative to most gas cars —… Read more »

I’m currently in a base model Volt with two options: Comfort Package (heated steering wheel), and Bose sound. Those options added $1020 to the cost of the car- an OK value for me.

Nissan packages these into a Premium package which also includes Around View for $1570. Not as much value for me, but still not terrible.

With a Model 3, what package will I have to buy to get those options, and will it be competitive with Nissan and GM? It’s looking like $5000 is what I would have to pay.


Yes, that is the price for a “First Production” edition of the Model 3 (as shown in the video). The lower priced version is “early 2018”.

Are you a Tesla employee? Do you currently own a Tesla Model S or X? Did you wait at the front of the line for an in person reservation at a store and get a very early reservation?

If you answered no to these questions, the price of the “First Production” edition really doesn’t matter to you or to everyone else that answers no to these questions. Because they will never have a chance to even buy a “First Production” edition of the Model 3.

It is a limited edition, somewhat like the Model S Signature Edition which was also sold with mandatory option packages, and it certainly won’t be available to “mainstream” customers due to the very nature of the selection process required to be chosen to be allowed to purchase a “First Production” edition car.

Buyers have to get an exclusive invitation to even buy one, so by definition it is not the “mainstream” version of the Model 3.

Another Euro point of view

Nix, I see you need more and more words to explain current situation.

Actually, that is a fairly short post for me. Traditionally I tend to write much longer ones. I can bump up the word count if you like. I type ridiculously fast, at a rate that has been described as “cacophonous blur”.

One paragraph, 10 paragraphs, doesn’t matter.

How many does it take for you to get a clue? Because you seem impervious to facts and reality regardless of post length.

Now, do you actually have anything to say? Or are you just going to post mindless whining about how fast I blow out prose?

“Nix, I see you need more and more words to explain current situation.”

Hmmm, no, it’s just you, and perhaps some of your fellow Tesla hating kl?wns.

Let me dumb that down to words of one syllable for you: Buy now and pay more, or wait and pay less.


Even worse. He can’t buy any version of the Model 3 now anyway since he would be too far down the reservation list. When he can buy he can buy whatever version he likes.

Another Euro point of view

…I won’t shave before I get my $35K Model 3 !
🙂 🙂

Careful; Don’t trip over your beard!

You know you don’t have to get every option, right? Just the premium and big battery at first.

Won’t be long before people will have < $30k Model 3's after incentives.

In a few months there will be $35k Teslas that costs $27,5k after incentives (and even less if there are state incentives to get)

Is that mainstream enough for you?

Correct, if you round up and add every additional feature it is not an entry-level car.

Steven Loveday: Did I miss where the Supercharging is explained? Your article states those questions will be answered in the video.

The big news here is that deliveries to non-employees are about to start.

With the LEAF or Bolt, I can get heated seats, heated steering wheel, and Bose sound for around $1000-$1500. What’s the cost of the package that Tesla will roll these into? $5000? That’s absurd!