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Tesla Model 3


This is the first time we’ve seen Tesla Model 3 delivery paperwork. Hopefully, the video doesn’t get removed, however, thankfully we’ve taken a bunch of screenshots to share.

SuperGadgetGuy reminds us that there is no leasing option available and no employee pricing or special offers. He also reiterates that you can only get the Long Range Battery model for now and there a limited number of colors choices, along with two-wheel options (18-inch Aero wheels are included, or you can upgrade to 19-inch Sport wheels for $1,500). This is all information that we’re already aware of and have shared many times, though it’s important to recap.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Keycard and Case

He also noted that, due to where he lives, there were only two delivery center options; the Fremont Factory or the San Francisco Tesla store. One interesting note is that the 3- and 4-year maintenance plans specific to the Model S and X are included in the packet. However, Tesla is not offering those for the Model 3. The 3 gets a different set of service agreements, which are shown on the next page (photos below). He also says that this is why Tesla is not yet opening up deliveries to the general public because the information in the paperwork is still a work in progress.

This particular Model 3 was manufactured on November 20, 2017, and he picked it up on November 24. He pointed out that it took about four days for Tesla to activate his keycards. Since he took delivery over the holiday weekend, he didn’t realize that he was supposed to fill out the area in the packet that applies to any issues or damages with the car upon delivery. As you can see in the video and from the attached photos, he did have some issues, which he’ll report to Tesla soon.

Video Description via SuperGadgetGuy on YouTube:

This video is about Model 3 Delivery Paperwork
Purchase Agreement
Key Card
Window Sticker

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“SuperGadgetGuy reminds us that there is no leasing option available…”

Well, a lot of people (and one two-headed llama named Pushmi-Pullyu 🙂 ) would like to remind everyone that you may be able to arrange a lease through your local bank or credit union. Lots of people lease cars without arranging the lease thru the auto maker’s own credit service.

Smart guy, you are also bully pulpitting that people should also become QA defect catchers, car Rework assembly grunts, and mechanics with your Tesla Reality Distortion Field psychodelic crazy glasses and pompoms.


I think the Mystery troll has had a nervous breakdown knowing that the Model 3 is starting to land in a big way and has been heavily self-medicating and posting here

I think it’s safe to say you need professional help…even though I’m afraid it’s too late for you. Many manufacturers don’t have their own financial service, is that news to you? Is it dark under your rock?

“you may be able to arrange a lease through your local bank or credit union.”

IMHO this will be virtually impossible for some time. Lease rates are based on depreciation tables, which don’t exist for the Model 3 and probably won’t for some time.

Tesla got 3rd parties to offer Models S and X leases by guaranteeing the resale value at the end of the lease term. They may eventually do the same for the 3, but they’ve said nothing about it and with almost half a million reservations there’s no need yet.

That isn’t actually how it works.

Car makers come out with entirely new cars and new models of cars all the time. The tables are projected forward based upon the available information. They don’t wait until they have 3+ years of historical data, and then just apply the historical data verbatim to the future.

Nix – a “new” ICE model is generally just an existing ICE model with a few tweaks. It’s not unusual for leases of truly new models to be supported by the manufacturer for the first year or so. Once independent lessors see 12 month auction data they can draw the rest of the depreciation curve with high confidence.

Tesla’s Model 3 is a different story. There is no comparable car out there. Model S/X are in a completely different class, and rarely go auction (most are traded in to Tesla who retails them as CPOs themselves). Leaf and other low end EVs have awful depreciation, you’d be better off buying a Model 3 than getting a 3rd party lease based on those curves. Bolt isn’t really comparable, either, nor is there enough auction data on them.

Come to think of it, I’d bet Bolt EV leases are all underwritten by GM at this point.

“IMHO this will be virtually impossible for some time. Lease rates are based on depreciation tables, which don’t exist for the Model 3 and probably won’t for some time.”

Okay, I guess I showed once again that I’m not a “financial guy”. Googling the subject, I find no evidence of anyone having arranged a lease of a Model 3, so it appears you’re correct.

Thanks for the input, Doggy!

This video could serve as a “good” example in a “How not to make a video” series. It shows why the narrator of a video should not try to use a hand-held video camera to film it. He should have used a fixed mount or, better, had someone else handle the camera so they could properly frame the picture.

You said it. It was practically unwatchable for most of the document viewing. You would think he noticed this will editing.

For someone who generally seems in better command of his native tongue than many of his countrymen, you should know better. I’m not sure anyone “is financial”, but if so, then anyone who has finances is.

What you mean is you’re not “a finance guy”.

Just like you’re not a biology bloke – but you ARE a biological bloke.

This is the first I’ve heard of the rear seat belt warning not engaged! Very nice feature to have with kids. Thanks Tesla.

Umm, I have the same feature on my 2013 Volt. Nothing groundbreaking here.

Does it? Now that I think about it, all cars should really! Strange I never heard it mentioned in all the Volt write ups, maybe it’s not new like you say, only to me. None of my cars have had that feature yet.

Yes, there is an icon displayed in the cluster of the rear seat. It is typically gray but when the seat belts are buckled it will illuminate green for whatever side is buckled. It is very helpful to ensure kids in the back are belted.

I have the same in Prius III from 2010…

Wow, I can’t wait to see the articles on the Ioniq, Leaf, Niro, Clarity, etc. delivery paperwork.

So cool!!!!

I’d like to see a vid on the ioniq ‘s battery. What are they doing with LG chem’s cells that allows them to charge so much faster than a Bolt?

It’s a LiPo battery, nothing more.

GM is probably the most conservative with battery protection of all manufacturers. It started with the Volt and continues with the Bolt EV. Hopefully, version 2 will support 150kW+ charging.


You can glean a lot of info from such documents. Looking forward to the LEAF’s in particular.

I kinda get unboxing videos. Some may want to see what is in the box and how to assemble the product.

Tesla is doing that crap again pushing for prepaid maintenance. Why does it cost so much if the car monitors itself and is designed for low maintenance?

They want your money thats why. Whats the 3600 for. A month, down payment, cause its not liking like mass market car

Guess what, the Tesla pre-paid maintenance packages are….OPTIONAL!

If you don’t want them, you don’t have to buy them.

Thanks real

Speaking of “disappearances,” what happened with the article yesterday on the Model 3 being auctioned on ebay?

As they say: “You have three guesses, and the first two don’t count.” 😉

Of course the listing was taken down by ebay; are you surprised? And are you surprised that InsideEVs removed the article after the ebay auction was taken down?

The guy was offering to sell something that did not yet exist, as well as listing the VIN for a Model S rather than a Model 3… so obviously not the actual VIN for the car offered for sale.

It’s been awhile since I read ebay’s terms and conditions for sale, but I’m pretty sure both of those actions violated those terms. I don’t know if Tesla made any objection to ebay, but frankly I think whether or not they did is irrelevant.

If you doubt it was taken down by ebay, see discussion here:


So do you still have to pay the $900 destination fee if you pick it up at the factory?

Well, no heated stearing is kinda deal breaker for me in Canada. Hope it will be added for our market.

Is just me or 8000$ for Autopilot that is not ready yet is not tempting at all? At 800$ maybe…but 8000$!


Wow – $63K. Did anybody else besides me check to see how many Ford Fusions or Chevy Impalas you could buy with $63k?

3 base fusion at that price

Looks like you may be able to buy a BMW 3 series + one base fusion for 63k