Tesla Model 3 First Deliveries Event July 28th – Details, Invites Out

JUL 17 2017 BY JAY COLE 40

Tesla Model 3 Event Party Details

Tesla has just send out the invites for its Delivery Event for the Model 3.

As per an earlier statement from CEO Elon Musk, the event will see the first 30 electric vehicles get handed over on July 28th, as well as the first copy to the Tesla boss himself.

One can check out some live shots and video of the Model 3 #001 that will going to Musk here.  The first Model 3 officially rolled off the line on July 7th/8th.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Number 1 to CEO Elon Musk

Thankfully, as InsideEVs will be attending the event, which officially kick offs at 7PM (PT/10ET), with the first Model 3s being handed over (we assume) around 9 PM (PT/12AM ET), we can pass along all the details:

  • Invitations are non‑transferable
  • IDs will be checked upon arrival
  • Guests must arrive at the same time as the primary ticket holder
  • Doors open at 7PM
  • Food and drinks served beginning at 7PM
  • Remarks will begin at 9PM
  • Light outerwear is recommended in case of cool weather, as the event will be held outdoors

Below find the full invite and details from Tesla.

And of course we will be streaming/covering the event live and in person on the 28th!

See you on the 28th!

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event Details

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Are you getting a car then Jay?

Well, the Model 3 pictured is black. Surely Elon wouldn’t dare give it to anyone else? 😮

Why the mysterious partial silhouette? Haven’t we already seen the production version of the car?

Is this just more from Tesla’s hype factory? Or are they really going to surprise us?

Of course, that’s exactly what they want us to ask… So I fell for it! 🙂

It’s just a partially illuminated picture of the car that looks nice. Nothing mysterious about it.

That’s what I told the cop when he said I was concealed.
No, I said I’m only “partially illuminated.”

Maybe this is the Model Y silhouette!!! Maybe Tesla spring out a new reveal for Model Y to just drive up the hysteria. Why not ratchet up the excitement to eleven.

Remarks will begin at “9PM”


How is it that there is already one production Model 3, we are a little over a week away from more customers getting their Model 3s, and we STILL don’t have the EPA range, nor window sticker?

Could it be that those things will be revealed at the reveal?

Funny jello but actually a good question.

You’re probably right that the window sticker details will be revealed at the reveal. But I can’t recall another car that was actually in production where you couldn’t find that information. Actually, usually at least a month or more before production that information is available.

You couldn’t find information on the Bolt EV until the official reveal.

The range of the Chevy Bolt Ev was released on 9/13/16. The first Bolt was delivered on 12/13/16. If Tesla did the same, we would have known the Model 3 EPA range on 4/27/17. FWIW, I think the range will be over 250 miles for the 3.

I think they are holding their cards close, to:
A) Ratchet up Mystic,
B) To keep competition wondering,
And C) To surprise everyone with the Numbers!

However, there will soon be 30 people getting a Model 3, so one might think that, A) They know who they are already, and B) at some point before the delivery party / Reveal #3, they will have to finalize their orders, and so will get details we have not!

A leak could still happen, but it might be tough, as they might be under some NDA, as to saying anything before this event!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The 30 peeps are TSLA employees.
You can pretty much guarantee an NDA was signed.

Still, such info tends to leak. It’s what anonymous sources are for!

The sticker has to exist before you sell it, not before you produce it.

Tesla has shown a production model but it’s not for sale yet. It seems legal.

However the information on that sticker has to be approved by the govt first and such approval/information is public record. So the govt doesn’t withhold such info for ‘reveals’ and therefore one can assume the govt has not yet approved the range etc. Either Musk is playing games hoping it will get to final approval stage by July 28 OR these first 30 cars which were almost certainly hand assembled (or at least partially) and are being ‘sold’ to employees of Tesla just might in fact still officially test vehicles as far as the govt is classifying them and perhaps are not actually going to be ‘sold’ by or on the 28th but rather being put in the hands of employees as test vehicles.

I believe it is quite possible the 30 cars won’t be sold at all. That they will be essentially loaned to 30 employees.

But if that doesn’t happen there are still almost two weeks for Tesla to get that EPA sticker. I don’t have any trouble believing it can be done.

“Either Musk is playing games hoping it will get to final approval stage by July 28 OR… perhaps are not actually going to be ‘sold’ by or on the 28th but rather being put in the hands of employees as test vehicles.”

Maybe. Or maybe the EPA has told Tesla the date it will be issuing the stickers.

Or maybe the EPA already completed the tests and the EPA is withholding the information until Tesla says so.

The FCC does it upon request, can’t see why the EPA wouldn’t do it.

Take a gimbal.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Anyone wanna bet it will start late and/or the internet “Feed” will be suckie??

Everyone there will probably try and Periscope/Facebook Live from their phone compounding the issue. 😛


“Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“History repeats itself”

Which IEV’S reporter will be there jay?

I’ll ask the important question; what kind of food will be served?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


The most appropriate question!

The inappropriate question is will Alcohol be served?

Hopefully they will stream it live. I will get my wine and cheese ready.

Did the first 30 people get to choose anything about their cars?

Whether or not they want the pre-paid maintainance plan if nothing else…

Congratulations on your getting an invite!


I WANT MY I WANT MY TM3…expressed to the tune of MTV LOL

First you got to move these refrigerators…
… you get a M3 with a colour TV


Money for nothing, but the chicks for free…

Coming important dates.

2017-07-28: Sale of first batch of Model-3 to customers.

2017-08-01: Worldwide sales of all Plugins for 2017-06. Hopefully it overtakes the previous record of 103K in 2016-12.

2017-08: Chevy-Bolt sales expand to all 50 states.

2017-09-05: Nissan Leaf Gen-2 is offically displayed.

BTW, Tesla sold 1,600 Model-S and 500 Model-X in China in 2017-06.