Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Continue – (w/video)


Sightings at the Fremont factory indicate that Tesla is indeed preparing more Model 3s for delivery.

Officially, Tesla Model 3 deliveries hit just 30 units last month, with all of those hand-offs occurring at the Model 3 reveal event, but now we’ve learned that additional deliveries are underway.

Thanks to The Tesla Show, we get a glimpse at 9 Model 3s ready for delivery outside of Tesla’s Fremont factory. Presumably, more than 9 were delivered this month, but we can’t provide a more firm figure until we report sales on Friday of this week.

What we do know is that most of the Model 3s being delivered are Tesla employee/investor cars. The general public likely won’t start taking delivery of their ordered 3s until sometime in October.

We expect August sales/deliveries of the Model 3 still be to very low volume. Look for our monthly sales report this Friday for more details.

Source: The Tesla Show via Electrek

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Queue the ‘these sales don’t count crowd’…….

Yeah. Doncha know that the money Tesla is paid by employees of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, for Tesla Model 3’s, is like Monopoly money; that it can’t be counted as real income?

I’m sure the Tesla bashers will be glad to explain how that is “true”. 🙄

“The general public likely won’t start taking delivery of their ordered 3s until sometime in October.”

Are there any reports of general-public Model 3 order reservation holders being asked to convert their refundable reservation queue deposits to an actual firm vehicle order deposit? If Tesla was going to deliver any to the general public in October, wouldn’t they be deep into actual vehicle order processing now?

“If Tesla was going to deliver any to the general public in October, wouldn’t they be deep into actual vehicle order processing now?”

I dunno, how long does it take from finalizing an order to the car rolling off the assembly line? For the Model S, a year or two ago that was reported to be down to an average of two weeks. It seems reasonable to expect these early production TM3’s might take longer, but on the other hand the car has been engineered for ease of manufacture…

All we can do is speculate. It might be a few more weeks until any non-employees can convert their reservation to an order, even if there is no delay… which could certainly happen.

Even then there should be some Tesla employees that are getting there reservations converted on the boards happy about their conversion from a reservation into a sale.

It is very quiet… hopefully the calm before the storm.

No doubt, Tesla and SpaceX employees are instructed not to discuss the cars on boards or to the media. I would also not doubt that there is a non-disclosure agreement on all Model 3’s sold to employees.

This may seem secretive, but I am sure Tesla wants to hear about problems with the car directly, not through social media. Also, any complaints would be highly exaggerated given the low number of people who own the cars.

I am sure that anything we read or view on YouTube about the Model 3 by current owners has been approved for release by Tesla.

Tesla and SpaceX employees are not merely being “instructed” not to discuss their car on social media; they have to sign NDAs promising that they won’t.

Presumably those NDAs have real teeth, in the form of penalty clauses. Not merely being fired for violation of the NDA, because any employee may be fired for other reasons, which would leave them free to post about the car if that was the only penalty. Tesla probably put in some sort of hefty fine into the NDA agreement.

I am monitoring the teslamotorsclub forum for Model 3. Everyday someone asks if anyone has received a request to order. I am sure once the first order request goes out, it will be all over the news.
I put a deposit down on the first day, live in California and own a Model S and want the loaded 310 mile version and show an October-December 2017 delivery. No request yet to order yet.

No and No.

Since all you can really choose as an early reservation holder is the color and wheels – time between order and delivery will be very short – maybe a week or two….

So I would not expect no one outside of a Tesla company employee will be asked to configure until late Sept / Early Oct.

+1 Tesla experimented with inventory, already. The “list” matters, but they will be blowing out specific configurations on a “take it, or the next guy will” basis.

Didn’t they cite something like “150” cars, for August?

Jeez… and people complained and Chevrolet’s slow roll out. This is pathetic. Can they build the car or not? Is it really ready, or not?

Big difference is Bolt had 100s of people waiting (read low volume low risk) while Tesla Model 3 has 10s of 1000s of people waiting. Plus Chevrolet /GM has 100s of gas cars the are selling in large quantities… No risk

We see the same whining from Tesla haters every time Tesla rolls out a new car.

I’ve been following Tesla since 2008, since before Roadster rollout. This whining gets pretty old after awhile.

Pushi, why does every comment from you have to be an insult? Especially when you won’t personally support EV’s by buying anything at all, even if it is not for you. Yesterday was the first time in a long time you said anything to me that wasn’t an insult – and seeing as I often make ‘authoritative’ comments I’m often the last one to comment on a given subject since I’m the only one here with familiarity with the subject matter – for instance PM efficiency reasons, Six phase description and characteristics have ONLY come from me. So when an ev owner or prospective one asks a legitimate question or has a comment – here you are with more drivel and insults. Personally, I feel you have violated the terms of service here since you constantly denigrade those of us who have: 1). Plunked down hard cash for ev’s – some of us multiple times (I’ve purchased 5 so far, as a for instance). 2). Interested in EV’s enough to take a chance on one. You do the EV community a dis-service since there has been the rare comment in the past where someone has an EV, but won’t speak… Read more »

I agree with Bill Howland. Pushi’s personal attacks are rude, often ill-informed and almost always without any factual basis. Pushi, if you have something to share, try doing it without the attacks. Rudeness only detracts form the points you are trying to make.

After posting the same facts over and over and over, I admit I do get tired of linking to the source.

I post links to sources for my assertions probably more often than any of the other Usual Suspects here, with the possible exception of Nix. So you criticizing me on that score seems rather hypocritical.

But if you want to challenge me on my facts, then please do so. If I see the challenge, I’ll be happy to respond either with a citation, or an admission that I’m wrong.

I’ll second (third) this. I try not to read Pushmi’s comments anymore because they are universally abrasive and unuseful.

Pushmi, can you please try to take this as constructive criticism and tone back your comments somewhat?

There are 2 real harms he is doing.
1. To the value of the operators of this website as his method of communication likely drives down traffic due to its inane qualities.
2. To EVs in general as his overall ‘uninformed purist’ mentality and others like de-legitimize the entire movement by creating caricatures that are easy targets for those that would dismiss EVs and seek to pass off the supporters of EVs as uninformed crusaders.

It’s also particularly weird to keep using this term FUD. I personally didn’t even know what it was and ignored it for awhile but finally broke down and googled it and that made it even dumber. Oh well perhaps this website will upgrade their comments technology to be able to better manage comments.

My point about the comments section is it’s hard to find old comments to point out to him that it’s all a one note response. I laid out several specific questions waiting for response with primary source evidence in the past week or two but unfortunately don’t seem to be able to find that thread right now. But I’m sure if evidence was given, it was clear and easy to post it again here so hopefully someone can tell me again since PP says I’ve been told many times apparently that I’m wrong and a TROLL or whatever.

Anti-Tesla trolls will post using “primary source” evidence when hell freezes over.

A troll like you claiming that a source using biased or cherry-picked data is a “primary” source, doesn’t make it a primary source.

I made no such claim of primary source. I merely asked anyone at all to provide such a source that any sale of any kind has taken place of a Model 3. No such evidence or claim has been made by Tesla the corporation or by Elon Musk. It is curious why you would insist this ‘troll’ word because in the words of Inigo Montoya ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’.

What evidence, dude? Do you need people to show you their bank accounts? Do you have any evidence these were not sales and just loans or you are just farting out loud?

Tom continued his trolling:

“It is curious why you would insist this ‘troll’ word because in the words of Inigo Montoya ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’.”

I do love both “The Princess Bride” and that quote… but you’re still a troll.

For example, you continue to claim you’re a Tesla supporter, yet when I challenged you to link to any post where you said something positive about Tesla — just one! — you couldn’t. Because you’re here only to bash Tesla and post FUD.

And I don’t believe you don’t know what “FUD” means, either. It’s very unlikely to be a coincidence that you post exactly the same sort of Tesla bashing B.S. seen every day on Seeking Alpha, which is probably the #1 gathering place for anti-Tesla short-sellers and bashers.

An anti-Tesla troll complaining about being trolled.

So that’s a double negative… which is a positive thing!

Thanks, “Tom”.

Bill Howland cast stones in my direction:

“Pushi, why does every comment from you have to be an insult?

When did you stop beating your wife?

Of the first three posts I made to this discussion, two contained absolutely no negative or pejorative remarks.

“Especially when you won’t personally support EV’s by buying anything at all, even if it is not for you.”

I see why Nix refuses to post anything at all about his personal life. You’re using the fact that I revealed that I am no longer able to drive, as a completely unfair, unjust, and intellectually dishonest way to attack me and to insinuate that I don’t really care about the EV revolution. And you do so repeatedly.

So if you want to see less negative posts on this forum, then start with your own.

Bill, I’ve been hoping to see electric vehicles make gasmobiles obsolete ever since I read about them in the pages of Popular Science, in the late sixties. Can you honestly say you’ve been a fan of EVs that long?

Bill, how the hell do you know these are the only cars made this month? Is there a rule that they need all to be parked in the same spot for public viewing? Maybe you are the one jumping to conclusions and missing facts…

People who have claimed Tesla would only make 2000 ‘3’s in 2017 are instantly bashed.

The goal supposedly is 20,000. I was merely supporting a commenter’s right to make a comment, since I’ve been so often on the receiving end of Pushi’s malarchy myself.

My statement is totally factual. Tesla WILL have to radically increase their manufacture rate should they want to make 20,000 by dec 31st.

Oh and for PUSHI, yes I was very interested in electrified CORVAIRS in the ’60’s. I realize you don’t drive, but I included that in my comment – I’m not criticizing you for that – I’m criticizing you for being the ‘Big Ev Expert’ when not so much as even buying a used GEM or I-miev really cheap for a relative who does drive, but of course you are NOT shy about telling everyone of us who DOES support ev’s with our own purchases exactly how we should think lest we be insulted.

Several here agree with me, including those who commented here, do not include those who agree but are silent for the moment. They simply don’t want to be needlessly attacked so they stay silent.

Wait, he doesn’t own a PHEV or EV? He doesn’t even drive? Someone has way too much free time if they’re commenting about cars without even driving.

While Pushy doesn’t own or drive an EV/PHEV, Pushy apparently owns Tesla stock and posts on InsideEVs primarily to pump up Tesla’s stock price.

I think he said he is on the reservation list for Model 3…

Nope. In his post above, Pushy said that he does not drive.

Yes, Bill…they need to dramatically increase their production, we all know that. Also known is their ramp up schedule… from Elon: “Handover party for first 30 customer Model 3’s on the 28th! Production grows exponentially, so Aug should be 100 cars and Sept above 1500.”

@Dav8or – Tesla early on announced that public sales would not occur until, at best, October. So, in essence, you can look at this as a roll out similar to what the Bolt did. The difference is that for the first 2 or 3 months, Tesla has been producing production cars for internal review and testing.

These early samples of production cars have been sold only to employees of Tesla and SpaceX, so we have both limited sales and limited access to the manufactured Model 3s.

I’m enjoying all the thorough Model 3 owner videos and blogs.

Yeah, me too. It really annoys me that Tesla is controlling the message about this car.

We all know the first cars will have bugs. Tesla is doing this so they can resolve these bugs with minimal publicity. Good planing, I just hope they catch most before general public orders are filled.

Tesla is doing what all other OEMs do, which is VALIDATION TESTING, but they doing it under the guise of “limited internal sales”. This is a PR stunt designed to trick investors into believing that they’re not as far behind GM/Nissan as they actually are. True start of production is going to be almost a full 12 months behind the Bolt and probably even behind the new Leaf.

I like the Model 3. I just think this launch is half-baked.

What they’re doing is certainly no worse than, “It’ll be here in 5 years”. On the one hand, they need the validation from folks who won’t “go public” if anything is wrong. On the other, they have to get to “hell” quickly. 500k sales will only bring back the first 2bn, or so, of all they’ve spent.

In other words, “limited beta”, not in production. But Elon’s vested stock option says sotherwise.

I’m pretty sure those Tesla employees working on the Model 3 production line would not agree with your assessment that the Model 3 is “not in production”. 😉

GM built validation Bolts on their production lines too, they just didn’t call them production vehicles. When Tesla sells cars to the public or people not under NDAs I’ll consider that production. Cars built while debugging the production line/process are validation cars. GM built 100s of such Bolts on their production lines but didn’t have the audacity to call them production vehicles.

Are these the ones with the bad batteries or these needed no “validation “?

Nice deflection.

Good point Paul – at least they’re not attacking you personally. I own a BOLT ev, and found I do have the latest 17-NA-071 software release for the radio, but I am a bit annoyed that there wasn’t a bit more care done in its design. So I’m 99% positive toward the car, but there are a few things that happened with the BOLT that didn’t with previous Volts: 1). THE AM radio picks up inverter hash when in “D”, and gets quiet when coasting in “N”. 2). There seems to be amazingly, less ‘support’ of the BOLT ev than the VOLT – but then apparently GM is suffering a bit from not having Micromanager Bob Lutz watching over details that the typical owner is concerned about. As far as Mark.ca’s deflection, Tesla has had issues with its drive units and batteries on all its cars to date. Pointing out a minor problem which is being quickly addressed is indeed a deflection, and Tesla is a poor candidate for comparison. The first model “S”‘s would lose battery compacity in very cold weather at a 1840 watt rate. GM cars have never had this issue – even my Roadster would only… Read more »
Thank your for providing all of the detail that I was considering when making my comment. I really wish Tesla the best I have nothing against them in general, but I do get a little anxious about some of the shortcuts they appear to be taking. Overtime they my prove those things they are short cutting aren’t necessary, but until they’ve proven that I think they deserve the criticism they are getting. The only real difference I see between how Tesla and GM handled their respective roll outs is that the vehicles GM built at the stage where Tesla is now were internal fleets that were not sold to anyone. In the end if Tesla properly addresses any issues encountered I’m sure all will be well, and I fully understand Tesla is selling these vehicles, but something doesn’t sit right with me calling them production vehicles when one is only willing to sell them to employees and investors in order to reduce the fallout that would come with the bugs they will be working through. If one admits there is good reason for Tesla to not release these vehicles to the general public then shouldn’t they warrant a different term… Read more »

Well said. My thoughts exactly.

Hopefully they’ll get things sorted out and start making come actual sales in a couple months. Then we’ll see some real reviews.

I don’t like that they’re playing games, but I understand that they need to do it if they’re going to survive. It’s a “fake it til you make it” situation.

One of my co-workers ordered his already. i think he may have family that works at tesla but he will be a general public person who has ordered his. i am not sure when he expects delivery.

Is your co worker in California?

“Deliveries”. None of these are true public sales. It’s all a PR stunt, and the fact that there are no owner reviews or videos by “owners” tells me they are being told to keep quiet. The “first delivery” event just stinks of propaganda. Why isn’t anyone calling Tesla out for this?

Does ANY other manufacturer that limits releases of vehicles to employees in an effort to discover bugs AND control the information about the car count as a “delivery”?

No. So why is everyone parroting this Tesla Newspeak? We all know it’s BS. These are not deliveries. They are pre-production cars that are being operated by Tesla employees for the purpose of testing.

When we see a review from an “owner” criticizing the car for ANYTHING AT ALL, I’ll count that as a true delivery. Until then, the narrative that Tesla is spinning is all propaganda and no deliveries have been made.

Every EV release in recent memory had media test drive impressions published months before the first actual deliveries.

But the Model 3? Crickets.

Tesla doesn’t need to drum up more interest. Hence not much in terms of media front running.

Telsa’s schedule is for late October for non-Tesla/SpaceX employee sales and a the big ramp starting in September. So they’re still on schedule.

It’s not about drumming up interest. It’s about controlling the message and covering up any early production niggles until they’re fixed for “true” start of production.

*as in in-depth reviews, not a 10 minute spin around the block.

And…2 days ago it wasn’t raining in Houston either, was it?

Nice stand-still video. How about getting some Vin #s so we can see if there is any rhyme to the vin # series.

Is there any reason to think that there were ANY sales to non-employee/investors?

If you’re going to sell them mostly to your captive audience you might as well sell all them to the captive audience.

We don’t know if there are real sales. There is no official EPA range, no monroney sticker yet. Employees could simple be alpha testing company paid vehicles. First cuistomers will do teh beta tests.
Next month will be interesting, if Tesla really produces 1500 in October. They should be starting off with 25 per day, not this 9 cars in a month.

Repeating this FUD over and over doesn’t make it any less of a lie than it was the first time.

If you really think that Tesla did not actually sell those first 30 cars which were delivered in its final Reveal ceremony, then inform the SEC that Tesla is making materially false statements to its investors… instead of wasting our time with your troll posts.

But of course, just as with all such accusations by Tesla haters, you don’t honestly believe what you’re saying, and you won’t waste time filing a complaint with the SEC based on your lies.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0 - TBD

No reports of the configurator being released to Non-Employee Tesla owners yet though and I would believe that would happen closer to 60 days out. We’re pushing that for end October deliveries.

Almost certainly there are most cars being built and delivered and driven. And no reason to doubt that it isn’t the 150 just as Elon Musk says. What’s in question is the veracity of the statements by all non-Tesla people that these are sales. No Tesla exec including Elon Musk has said they have ‘sold’ these vehicles. And now for the claim from the last thread. Someone claimed there were actual EPA stickers issued as ‘temporary’ and I asked for the source of that as I can’t find such a thing. Source? I think the positive existence of the EPA clearance would indicate proof sales have taken place in my opinion.

“No Tesla exec including Elon Musk has said they have ‘sold’ these vehicles.”

Doubling down on your lies, troll?

I wonder just how many times Elon has repeated that everyone, even his own friends and family, even he himself, gets no discount on a Tesla car?

I think, or at least I hope, that most people reading your posts are aware that you are making a bald-faced, outright lie.

Elon Musk tweeted:

“There can never — and I mean never — be a discount on a new [Tesla] car coming out of the factory in pristine condition”… “This is why I always pay full price when I buy a car and the same applies to my family friends, celebrities, no matter how famous or influential.”


You have a very special skill at changing the subject. No such claim was made by me that anyone received a discount on a vehicle which they purchased or took ownership for free, i.e. given a vehicle. What I have said and provided specific points of discussion which continue to go unanswered even in a rudimentary way, is that nobody at all has made any claim at all within the Tesla organization that cars have been sold and that more specifically such a sale is not legally possible yet as the EPA has not certified. You made an assertion the other day regarding a 30 day temp pass but when I asked for where this information came from, there wasn’t any forthcoming information. So vehicles are being produced, they are being tested, but an actual sale? No evidence exists or at least you have not provided any outside the usual sort of odd flailing which is unbecoming as it generally speaks to some other point that wasn’t being discussed and lacks veracity. But I will keep waiting and indeed promise to congratulate Tesla when that first sale happens or evidence that it has already happened is produced. Tesla is doing… Read more »
“No such claim was made by me that anyone received a discount on a vehicle which they purchased or took ownership for free, i.e. given a vehicle.” Wow, you get an A+ for hypocrisy. No, make that an A++. Anyway, I think we’ve pretty thoroughly discredited your ridiculous suggestion that Tesla is giving away its Model 3’s to its employees for free. And now that this has been disproven, you’re trying hard to change the subject, while accusing me of doing so! Yeah, an A++ troll rating is merited here. Not that this will keep you from repeating your FUD, because repeating thoroughly discredited FUD again and again and again is what trolls do. “You made an assertion the other day regarding a 30 day temp pass but when I asked for where this information came from, there wasn’t any forthcoming information.” That’s because you’ve been given that info before, repeatedly, and what you’re doing here appears to be just the standard troll tactic of demanding again and again and again to be shown the evidence disproving his FUD, even though that has already been done repeatedly. But just in case anyone reading this actually believes your FUD, here’s that… Read more »

Excellent and I look forward to lots of nice used long range RWD model 3s to choose from when it is time to replace my 2014 Volt in 2024 or so. I seriously hope the model 3 runs away with the BMW 3 series priced market. It would be great to EVs and prestigious for America.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0 - TBD

+1 – That’s is the great hope to take back that segment from the Europeans and Japanese.

I’d gladly give up the Infiniti for a nicely priced Tesla.

What are you doing with this car if you won it at the price is right but you use to park in the street or a common parking lot in a condo dweller.

You sell your existing car and enjoy your new one. You seem to be lost here…