Tesla Model 3 Deliveries In China To Begin In March 2019

Tesla Model 3 (Source: China AutoReview)

NOV 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 35

First Model 3 Long Range to enter the Chinese market in March of next year.

The first customers in China who ordered a Model 3 are reporting a delivery notice from Tesla. The expected time for delivery is March 2019.

The first units are to be Long Range versions (configuration should be available within weeks).

Of course, initial sales of the Tesla Model 3 in China has nothing to do with the upcoming Tesla Gigafactory 3, which at some point in the future will produce the Model 3 locally.

for now, the Model 3 imported to China from the U.S. will get a 40% import tax (it was only 25% before both countries started to escalate their import duties).

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China before Europe ! Unfair.

Elon said during the conference call that Tesla will start manufacturing M3 for Europe starting January 2019. That’s official company guidance versus a rumor on twitter.

Looks like it’s Europe before China.

Maybe it’s not either and they receive the first cars (almost) at the same time.

“Elon said”… wait and see…

Driver’s seat is on the left side of the car in China and US, EU is different.

Same side in most of europe, exceptions are UK and Ireland

Wut? In Europe, most countries are left-hand-drive, just like both the U.S. and China (sans Hong Kong).

Here is Wikipedia’s list of countries in Europe with right-hand-drive:

Guernsey (Crown dependency of the United Kingdom)
Isle of Man (Crown dependency of the United Kingdom)
Jersey (Crown dependency of the United Kingdom)
United Kingdom

Of those countries, I think only the UK and Ireland would be significant markets for Tesla.

Only four of them count as countries, and Ireland would hardly be significant for Tesla.

I guess you have never been to Europe? 😛

So does the start of MR 3 and international LR 3 production a sign that US market for LR 3 is approaching saturation?
Or is there still significant demand in the US for LR 3 and Tesla has decided to let them wait in line?

It’s say that it’s a sign of approaching (or having already reached) saturation for domestic (U.S./Canadian) demand for the currently available options for buying a Model 3.

No leases, no cars sold without the mandatory $5k Premium Upgrade Package (altho that’s now standard, no additional cost, for the Performance version), and no lower cost Standard Range version available. And no overseas sales until next year.

There are several demand levers there that Tesla has left un-pulled. Sooner or later, Tesla will pull them. So it is certainly not accurate to say that domestic demand for the Model 3 has plateaued. What is accurate is to say that Tesla is only supplying domestic demand for the more expensive versions of the Model 3, and that that segment of demand has plateaued.

The performance upgrade package is standard, not the premium upgrade package.

What makes you think US demand is saturated when Tesla hasn’t even started leases or SRs?

Why do you post the same meme every Tesla story? If Elon goes to the bathroom you wonder if it is because of low model 3 demand.

Do you think Ford has a demand problem for the F150 because they are always advertising sales and discounts all the time?

The question explicitly referred to LR 3.
Maybe if you actually read the question and thought about it a bit, you’d post a meaningful response.

And by the way, my F150 is an awesome truck. It impresses me every time I throw a new challenge at it.
But I’m not a Ford fan so your slings in their direction are a complete waste of time.

I have a challenge for your F150: Try to get 10 miles on battery alone without using the engine.

It already done that….when it was towed to the shop.

The market appears to be approaching saturation for the $50-60k versions, aka the “profitable” ones according to Elon. Makes sense to now serve pentup demand for $60k versions in other countries until enough cost reduction is in place to make $35k versions viable here. Basic marketing, really.

Doesn’t really matter where they go, just keep cranking those puppies out at 5,000 a week or better.

Go Tesla !

Wow they must really want the TM3 in China that there willing to pay the 40% tariff on the vehicle. Or maybe the Chinese government is giving Tesla an exemption which would be great news for Tesla.

Avoiding the gas plate premium in the big cities is an incentive ,it’s quite a lottery there.

I wonder if many will buy a car that has 40% taxes added to the price. It would be ok if competition was on pair, but it’s not.
It’s an insane price increase, 25% would already be too much, 40% is just bullocks – it turns any great deal into a huge mistake.
Chinese cars suck (I’m sorry but that’s the reality) if Tesla can beat them with 40% taxes they’re just getting an incompetence badge :).

Actual the article got the tariffs slightly wrong. The tariffs were 25% then after discussion’s about tariffs. China lowered the tariffs on light vehicles to 15%. Shortly after they were lowered Trump imposed tariffs on 200 billion of Chinese goods. China then added 25% to the 15% tariff. That’s how we got to 40%

Was it not in Norway, that ICE CARS SELL With 100% Taxes, Duties, or Tariffs on them, but EV’s have no such thing? Hence a $100,000 Tesla is like a $50,000 ICE Car!

Only Long Range?
Not all versions as elon said in the past?

In Europe no Mid Range then?
I will not buy Long Range AWD. Too expensive

I would be surprised if the Mid range will be offered anywhere outside N America.

The Mid Range may Follow, similar to in the USA/Canada Markets, from later, to Much Later, depending on sales Volumes, how much Europe / China Volumes ADD to USA Volumes!

If they are high enough, the drop to Mid Range Model being Offered, may be later, or not, depending on Battery Supply with the New Panasonic Machines, and Tesla’s Module & Pack Assembly, &/or: Motor Production rate! Also depending on Fremont capabilities, domestic demand, and new Orders (bypassing Reservations)!

Lots of Variables: I bet Tesla has a Spreadsheet just for this very Question! (Internally!)

They start exactly as they did in US.
LR offered first.
Tesla owners with early reservations first in line.
Once all previous Tesla owners are satisfied, general reservation holders get invited.
Then possibly everyone else.
Repeat with mid range.
Repeat with standard range.

Only difference to the US rollout: Likely performance option wil be available from the start, and of course no “West coast first” preference, as China has no west coast (yet).

Are you sure?
Elon said if a model variant is available in one market, then it is in all where the car is on sale!

So i still think they will offer LR AWD, LR P, MR RWD

Since there is no LR RWD anymore and there is huge demand for high pieces….

For China: it would be “East Coast Cities”, first, then “East Coast Towns”, later moving Inland, IF they approach things similarly! The reasons may be simple: Faster delivery from Ship to Delivery; equals less time carrying a finished, unpaid for car, on the books. Also, Until they also fill in a few Dozen more Supercharger Spots, or upgrade some Smaller Stall Count Sites, with more stalls!

Long range is ok, but AWD for south of Europe it’s probably a waste of money, even in countries like Germany, number of AWD cars is far from a big chunk.

Living in the Netherlands, AWD is very useful on the 3-4 days a year we see heavy snowfall. Otherwise it’s just that we want a faster car 😀

Alex, So, when Model S stopped selling Single Motor versions, you say their sales Dropped there?

I’m surprised Europe and APAC will get anything besides AWD and P in Q1.

One should not forget that buying an ICE car in citied like Shanghai comes with a heavy price tag on the drive permit of the car. So EVs have a natural advantage in that respect.

It will be interesting to see how many units of the Tesla Model 3 will be delivered to customers in the US, in Europe, and in China in 2019. At least 100,000 units for each of the three?

There is a lot of demand for the Long Range Tesla Model 3. That will not be a problem in 2019.