Tesla Model 3 Makes Its Debut In Ukraine … But There’s A Twist

Blue Tesla Model 3 at delivery center


Blue Tesla Model 3 at delivery center

    Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

Now comes the time that we’ll begin to see the Tesla Model 3 makes its debut throughout the globe … perhaps. But this one is a bit special.

At least those in other countries were well aware that they’d have to wait an even longer time to see and eventually take delivery of their new Tesla small sedan. We can only hope that production issues will finally be worked out by the time the popular car makes its way to new shores, so perhaps the wait will not seem so bad.

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According to reports surrounding the Model 3’s Ukraine debut:

“This is a car in complete Premium upgrades with a battery of 85 kWh and a power reserve of 500 km It can accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.1 s and to develop 225 km/h.

The electric car features a panoramic roof, 18-inch wheels and autopilot. To buy a Tesla Model 3 in Ukraine in this version is available for $79 thousand.”

The car made its appearance on March 2nd and 3rd at the KyivExpoPlaza center in Ukraine during a plug-in vehicle exhibition. The car was provided by Alexander Kravtsov, CEO of a dealership named ElectroCars. He shared:

“What we brought here for the first time, Tesla Model 3, is an extraordinary event. It’s kind of a proof that Ukraine is a country of innovators, the country where electric cars in the first place – in the news, dreams and reality.

I did not expect. Chose the electric car with a known history and low mileage – a few thousand miles.”

Hmm … how did this dealership happen upon a used, low mileage Model 3 to show off?

Interestingly, it’s the same vehicle that InsideEVs contributor Daniel Zorrilla and The Drive editor Alex Roy used to set the recent U.S. coast-to-coast cannonball run. The press release states:

“Blue Tesla Model 3, which will present today, set a record. Her former owner Daniel Zorrilla and editor of the American edition of the Drive Alex Roy held a 4-day test drive. Overcame 4602 miles in 50 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds. This was 5 hours faster than the distance travelled Model S in 2016.”

As far as MiceTime’s coverage states, European countries can expect to begin seeing Model 3 sales in July. We shall see exactly how that plan rolls out and be able to compare it to the situation here in the States.

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Dan Zorrilla

Good sleuthing, Steve!

Mulon Esk

This car is a Tesla killer.

Micke Larsson

July is pretty optimistic. October/November maybe.

George Parrott

85 kW battery?????? Must be a new “European version?”


More likely the seller has confused specs for the 85 kWh Model S and the Model 3. Given the tortured English in the ad, it’s pretty clear something has been lost in translation!

Get Real

Does this mean that zzzzz can finally get a Tesla?


Maybe 3/4/5/6/7/8 Pretend Electrics can replace his imaginary Tesla Model 3 with a real one! 😉

(Then again, maybe hell can freeze over, too.)


This is nuts and goofy English. Think they also confused miles and km with the 4600 mile cross USA trip from CA to Florida.

Robert Weekley

This same car also drove up to Montreal, as I understand, and West to and through Toronto, and back to the states!! Miles, might just actually BE Miles!


I thought you were going to say it was a convertible!


There’s always some sort of twist with Tesla.
Signed: The guy who doesn’t know what shorting really means but takes your word for it. I’m a shorter (guy who makes shorts and shirts?)


P.S. I am a tesla Hater. Long story short (get it?) the other day, I was reading a story about the Ioniq. Sure enough, along came this guy who just had to write something. And so he went: Huh, I didn’t really understand the article but whatever it is, tesla does it best. From that moment on, I knew I just had to hate on tesla. Sorry guys, you asked for it


Presumably, then, you also hate every other auto maker which has at least one fan who disses everything other auto makers make? Presumably, then, you hate all auto makers?

What, no? Well then, I guess the reason you’re giving for being a Tesla hater is not the real reason, now is it. 🙄

Hmmmm. It’s almost like there’s a pattern here, with never being able to believe what Tesla haters write.


“As far as MiceTimes coverage states, European countries can expect to begin seeing Model 3 sales in July.”

I expect that this date is from a long ago projection before production hell showed up. But can anyone provide a fairly recent projected European delivery date for the Model 3?