Tesla Model 3 Convertible Rendered


Though we’ve yet to even see the production version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the first render has surfaced of a Model 3 convertible (though to us it more resembles a toned-down approach to a net-generation tesla Roadster).

Renderer Theophilus Chin is responsible for this piece of computer graphics works, which to us resembles a Mazda Miata up front and a Honda S2000 out back.

There’s not a whole lot of Tesla here in this image, but the end result still looks rather decent if we ignore the lack of connection between the image of the electric automaker.

This image comes to us via rEVoluti0n on Facebook with this question attached:

“Photoshop of #Tesla Model 3. Good or Bad?”

Theophilus Chin has done lots of electric vehicle renderings (click here for some samples), but few have been all that accurate in capturing what the eventual finished product delivers.

In this case though, we don’t expect Tesla to ever do a 2-seat convertible Model 3, so we’ll never know if this render is a hit or a miss.

Below is a stock Tesla image of a prototype Model 3 for comparative purposes:

Tesla Model 3

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No cigar for that one.

Another Girly Car , No Wheel Base Way too small! No Dice!

The hood is way too long…looks like it could fit a huge v8 in there…

I was thinking the same thing… problem with roadsters is usually complete lack of storage space as the drop top takes up most of the trunk. I suppose with a Tesla one, you could have all the electronics packaged in the rear and have the only trunk be the frunk… if done like this photo you’d have a huge amount of space!

Me 3. Hood is too long.

Looks like he stretched the wheel base forward too much.

How did the hood grow? Weird.

He moved the doors and seats back.

I love the hood a super fronk which makes the car more practical, the problem with convertibles is that there is not storage space.

Nice. I like 🙂 Hopefully there will be plenty of models on the platform soon.

I am hoping to see the Model Y and/or the minibus soon.

It’s certainly a top-quality render, in that it looks like a real photograph.

However, altho the digital artist certainly deserves points for technique, I’ll ding him for realism. The Tesla Roadster was a convertible, and had a roll bar. This convertible doesn’t. It’s simply not believable that Tesla would produce a convertible that didn’t have at least that sop to safety.

You are ignoring those supports behind the head rest. Those provide “protection” from a roll-over. At least that’s the way that Honda did it.

I doubt Tesla would engineer a convertible in the first place, the Roadster was a Lotus Elise glider which was an open top, but not a convertible. Much closer to a T-top than like a Ford Mustang convertible or Chrysler Sebring convertible.
Tesla is focused on the 5-star safety ratings.
You know, the Model X is kind of a T-top for the second row.

Brian said:

“…hose supports behind the head rest… provide ‘protection’ from a roll-over.”

I suppose that’s better than nothing, but certainly not the same amount of safety that a substantial roll bar provides… a level of safety which is skimpy enough as it is. And I suppose you realize that, or you wouldn’t have put the word “protection” in scare quotes.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

That would really be a good looking car ! Hope Tesla takes notice.

“Renderer” is an occupation? I call it “daydreaming”.

If you had bothered to read any production credits from any major movie release in the last 20 years, you’d know.

The major issue that I see with convertibles is the aerodynamics with the top down are far worse than with the top up, and that’s assuming with the top up that you have retained the proper aerodynamic shape that the Model S and the 3 have designed in place. Of course on a cross country road trip, you’d likely be driving top up and EPA numbers are likely going to be with the top up too. It would be interesting to know the range numbers in both configurations with a design like this. ..on a personal note, I’d rather have a car with at least 4 seats but that’s a tall order because the top needs it’s storage nook so I’ll probably never drive a roadster/convertible. I do love the convertible idea though, if it could be done with rear seating and maintain the Tesla efficiency, I’d be all over it.

Wow, a lot of negativity here. I like it. It reminds me of my old S2000.

I like the look of a long, low hood. And there’s no reason that couldn’t be one huge frunk in a Tesla. The rear would basically be electronics and storage for the drop-top.

I would buy this car.

Agree. I like it too. Long Hood = Big Frunk.

I agree. I like and this would be a Tesla I would buy. It’s a dream though and will never happen. Now that Tesla is established, they have no use, or interest in a roadster.

It doesn’t fit the new vision of the future.

Looks like an S2000 reboot to me too. Mine was black/black/black though.

I would buy it for the nostalgia (and then be sleeping on the couch for years).

Yup, looks,like a S2000 from like 8 years ago.

8 years ago is when Honda discontinued the S2000. It was introduced more like 15 years ago, probably conceptualized/designed 20 years ago.

This render makes me sad as I miss my S2K even more. I love my Volt, but a Honda S2000 with an electric drive would be my perfect car.

It is a matter of when, not if, Tesla makes a new roadster. Musk has already made that clear. So I think the earlier arguments about inherent lack of safety or aerodynamics of convertibles is irrelevant — they’re going to build them. I think we can expect the updated roadster to take styling queues from the existing design language of the S,3,and X, since it won’t be bound to the Elise glider any more. That said, I doubt it would look like this. I expect there will eventually two convertibles: one luxury, one mass market (like the S->3 and X->Y plans). Given how Tesla has been so utility-focused with their ground-up designs, I think the convertibles would be in a 2+2 seating arrangement. I also agree with other posts here that the hood on this rendering is too long for a Tesla. It looks nice enough like that, but it looks like a Miata, sc200, or Z4. Tesla likes to take full advantage of not having a firewall, so they can mash the cockpit way far forward and make it roomy. So take this rendering, shorten the hood, expand the cockpit to add a backseat, and maybe we have a… Read more »

What’s wrong with the Tesla floor plan and gull wing doors? Retain both boots and seating for five. Fold the ‘roof’ of glass into the doors. Every playboy would buy one. Except me.. Tesla would give me mine! ??

Shorten the hood and fit 4 real seats in it.