Tesla Model 3 Roadster Rendered


Have you ever wondered what a Tesla Model 3 might look like as an open-top roadster? No? Neither have we, but @ McHoffa has those who’ve wondered covered in this rendering.

It’s a simple render, meaning that not much is involved in the photo processing other than shortening the wheelbase, removing some doors and cutting out a portion of the top. Oh, a partial black-out job too. The rest of the Model 3 remains intact from the image first revealed (see below) by Tesla CEO Elon Musk sometime back.

Image description:

“If the Model 3 were made into a roadster.”

Here’s the starting image:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Eon Musk has long promised a next-generation Tesla Roadster is in the works and has confirmed it will be a convertible. We don’t know what chassis it will ride on, but the Model 3 might make for a good starting point. The actual next-gen Roadster isn’t expected to launch until 2020 or later.

Image via Mike Hoffman, Tesla Model 3 Group On Facebook

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Worst “render” ever to write something about ..
Here, write a piece on this :

Really great view of the trunk. I actually feel much better about the trunk from these images with having a person’s arm for scale. It looks pretty roomy and the opening is much larger looking than I thought it was going to be. Not to mention the bonus frunk.

Ugh. A wagon version could look very cool indeed though, and it would stop the whining about perceived lack of luggage space:


In fact as a modestly priced option it’s hard to imagine how this would not be the majority of sales. Why not go for it? It’s minimal development costs, better range for battery size than an SUV and it’s not like Tesla has to force people into SUVs for CAFE reasons like the traditional carmakers.

Can IEV’s please stop covering non-news like this. That is a horrible render, nothing like it will ever see production, and it’s just a waste of time to publish this crap.

There is plenty of legitimate news out there, cover THAT!

Mickey Mouse’s got a new car!