Tesla Model 3 Configurator (Unofficial) Now With Interior Options Too


Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

A few weeks ago, an unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator sprang to life on the Internet. At the time, the configurator had exterior color options and wheel choices, but the interior was still a work in progress.

Now, the configurator has been updated to include some interior options too.

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Tesla Model 3 Interior Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Interior Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Motors Club Forum member Bayol created the unofficial Model 3 configurator website. The site’s disclaimer clearly state that it’s not affiliated with Tesla Motors in any way and that the photos don’t depict the actual production Model 3.


This site was encouraged by fans and created by an eager Model 3 reservation holder.  It is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors.  All photos depict fan made mockups of prototype vehicles.

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To configure your own unofficial Model 3, follow the link below.

Source: Model3Config

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Wow I get the pole position for once. 🙂

This is one of the best fan-made sites ever. The Mock Configurator can closely approach reality, as info leaks out over time. With a big leak or two, we might even get mock option prices that people can see.

After many people post their Mock cars, Tesla may get a heads up on Model 3 options and in the rumored spaceship Heads Up Display.

the headline of this article should state that this is an unofficial configurator, because if you only disclose that fact after a person has read the article, it comes across as click bait. i would have never read this article if i had known that it was just about a tesla fan website.

boo fricking hoo

no comment,

Never our intention to come across that way…added in a “unofficial” to the title, (=

Was gonna complement ya on adding the disclaimer to prevent the subsequent Rage-FUDing, but I see I was too late…

Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. And you did think about it. So, kudos to ya. 🙂

it’s my fault on this one because i should have read the snippet under the title more closely. if i had, i would have been able to figure out that he was referring to an unofficial configurator.

Its no worries, we make every effort to just report news as it presents itself, and have people decide up front if they want to engage the article…I can see how this one might not have presented itself clearly enough.

Honestly, we really make absolutely no effort to “bait” anyone, or write stories with that in mind (hence, all the weird, niche stories about obscure plug-ins one often finds clogging up the front page)…I think anyone of the ~40 odd people who have written here over the past ~4 years would say that.

The criteria for publishing is: ‘if the topic (good or bad) interests us (as EV enthusiasts first), then was pass it along’…which is why the site has far too many pieces on the Renault Twizy, I personally have a soft spot for it, (=

You should have stayed true to your screen name and made no comment.

Yea, me too it’s a “click bait”…No fair man !………..lol

Pearl White paint
Grey turbine wheels
White headliner
Wood decor
Tan leather

oooh yeah…

I like silver wheels and Titanium paint. Tis a tad early to contemplate the interior, but I do prefer cloth seats over leather.

I’m glad the white seats and dash can be changed.
That’s a relief, at least in unofficial-land.

* Flat, olive burl dash panel with chrome trim
* All gauges analog, aircraft style with chrome bezels.
* Cabin controls – nickle plated toggle switches – chrome.
* No clutter, electronics free cabin.
* Shag carpet headliner
* Domestic, farm raised alligator seats
* Body color – burnt orange
* Solid black rally wheels

** Optional wrap around sunglasses holder

I think they wrote a song about it….

That is some old tuneage:

You win, you win, you win….

Eventually, you will never touch a steering wheel or press a button or throw a switch. The dashboard will completely disappear along with the steering wheel. You will simply step into your car and speak out a destination and you will be driven there automatically.

All the old driving thrills will be eliminated one by one as the physical control of vehicles will be handed over to computers.

I don’t even want to think how computers will screw up sex in the future…..

“I don’t even want to think how computers will screw up sex in the future…..”

If the car is doing the driving, you can have sex en route…


Cool site. He should add estimated prices and battery and dual motor options just to guess at packages based on the rumors. It would be fun to build and price.