Tesla Model 3 Concept Render


Tesla Model 3 Concept Render  (via Stumpf Studio)

Tesla Model 3 Concept Render (via Stumpf Studio)

Anticipation ahead of the arrival of the 200 mile, $35,000 to $40,000, Tesla Model 3 continues to grow ahead of its scheduled 2017 release.

InsideEVs reader James Stumpf, who also happens to be the founder and lead industrial designer at Stumpf Studio, has put his take on the upcoming Model 3, as well as a mock-advert program for Tesla around the car.

The official debut for the Model 3 is said to be March 2016 – as per Tesla CEO Elon Musk last quarter.


Our thanks to James for the effort!

Mock Tesla Model 3 Advert Sheet  (via Stumpf Studio)

Mock Tesla Model 3 Advert Sheet (via Stumpf Studio)

Tesla Model 3 Render ( (via Stumpf Studio)

Tesla Model 3 Render ( (via Stumpf Studio)

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90 responses to "Tesla Model 3 Concept Render"
  1. AP Andersen says:

    Ohhhh please don’t.. Model X is bad enough

    1. Mike777 says:

      I like it and a wagon would be great for hunting and camping.

      1. David Stone says:

        Not for the animals who have to die for your pleasure…

      2. MDEV says:

        What a primitive sports, in the Roman times you will be watching the games in the coliseum with Gladiators

    2. Ambulator says:

      This suits me, but I doubt Tesla will make anything so nice.

    3. Waiting says:

      Boy I hope that rendering doesn’t become reality because it looks like crap!!!!

    4. Anxious Customer says:

      Please…..noooo…..I was so excited until I saw this. Please don’t produce that ugly concept.

  2. Robb Stark says:

    Zero chance Model 3 is that ugly.

    Model X will be a Euro Germanic Luxury Crossover.

    There is only so much you can do with that form factor and not offend the majority of potential buyers. It is what it is.

  3. Boris says:

    Haha, good joke.

    1. EV_Drive says:

      Yuck. Looks like a sad mashup between the Tesla s, the Beemer i3 and the Chevy Volt. #fail

  4. mhpr262 says:

    Looks like a full-scale cabin was stuck on top of a 3/4 scale body …

  5. Alan says:

    That rendering fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, then it hit the ground hard, then the tree collapsed on top of it and hit it harder still !

    1. Anon says:


      I fully expect something more refined and balanced looking from Tesla’s designers…

    2. Speculawyer says:

      Yeah, it looks terrible to me. And not very aerodynamic.

  6. bro1999 says:

    It looks a little like an i-Miev…..which is definitely not a compliment. FAIL

    1. Mart says:

      Actually it takes more design cues from the BMW i3 and Mercedes Bionic concept than from the MiEV. As far as crossovers, I always liked the Th!nk Ox (x for crossover)except for the “Smart” cage.

      1. Anon says:

        The TH!NK Ox __IS__nice. You just don’t see any of them on the street. 🙁

        1. Speculawyer says:

          Because it doesn’t exist.

  7. CDAVIS says:

    I think these types of Concept Renders of future Tesla models add to the fun factor anticipation of Model 3 in a positive way and serves as validation that there is a public interest in what’s next for Tesla. Same as you see being done for Apple before each of their officially released device updates or new device releases.

    With regards to this render, I like it more than not like it. It’s not ugly to my eyes; I’d buy it.

    What will be interesting for Model 3 is to see if Tesla takes a clean sheet approach or highly leans on the Model S build platform and lowers cost through feature cuts such as sans retractable door handles. For sure there is a lot of cost benefit in being able to extend the underlying Model S platform rather than creating an enirely new build platform for Model 3.

    1. Lensman says:

      Thank you for disagreeing without being disagreeable. Would that more people could engage in debates that way.

      But I don’t think there’s any chance that Tesla is going to design the Model ≡ by taking the Model S and trimming away bits and pieces. It seems odd to me that this idea keeps being mentioned in InsideEVs comments. No auto maker tries to take an existing car model and redesign it as another model selling at half the price.

      The Model ≡ will be a clean sheet design; you can bet on that. It will be designed the way all auto makers design a completely new line of cars: They take the budget for the car, make a list of things they think they can include within that budget, then design a car based on what’s on that list.

  8. Lensman says:

    I appreciate that everyone is eager to see the least rumor or hint of what Tesla plans for the Model ≡, but showing us drawings or renderings which are based on nothing more than the imagination of someone not connected in any way with Tesla, is merely frustrating.

    I, for one, vote for a moratorium of such on InsideEVs.

    1. Surya says:

      Me to. Showing an ugly mix of a Model S, BMW i3 and a Volvo C30 with screwed up proportions doesn’t help anyone.

    2. danpatgal says:

      I agree. I love InsideEVs, but this kind of conjecture is tiring.

    3. wavelet says:


    4. Speculawyer says:

      Oh jeez, just don’t click on the story. As long as it is clear that they are just fakes from someone’s imagination, I don’t see the harm.

      1. Lensman says:

        And when the headline is “Tesla Model 3 Concept Render”, how are we suppose to know before clicking on the story that the “render” is from someone having no connection whatsoever to Tesla Motors?

        Are you, perhaps, Carnac the Magnificent?

    5. CDAVIS says:


      Lensmman said: “…showing us drawings or renderings which are based on nothing more than the imagination of someone not connected in any way with Tesla, is merely frustrating.”

      I respectfully disagree with Lensman on this one.

      To me what would be frustrating is if Tesla was not generating enough interest in the Model 3 for people to even care to speculate what the Model 3 will look like. Speculative renderings of Model 3 are a very positive thing…

    6. +100

      A crude cross copy of a B-Class and i3 does not equal model 3. Please don’t post renderings unless there is a confirmed connection to the Tesla design studio.

      /O___O\ … just another model 3 rendering (ASCII version) … just as close to the real thing as any other non-Tesla rendering!

    7. makingcents says:

      Well said.

  9. Big Solar says:


  10. John says:

    If they come out with yet another 5 door EV hatchback I’m gonna puke. And, on a related topic, we really need an F150 type EV pickup.

    1. Jelloslug says:

      It will be a hatchback just like all their other cars.

      1. Anon says:

        8 Ball says… “MOST LIKELY”.

      2. Speculawyer says:

        The Roadster was a hatchback?

    2. Mikael says:

      What we really need is a ban on pickups. Not that it’s ever going to happen, but it would help a lot.

      1. Anon says:

        Naw, Pickups ARE really Really REALLY Useful, but ICE ones suck. 😉

        First compelling BEV Pickup wins the “Dynamite Fishing” award for auto sales. 😀

        1. Greg says:

          Pickups may have been useful 50 years ago but now they are all form above substance. They are only “good” for going to the mall or school runs.

          Hint: if you need to haul stuff buy (or hire) a car and a van. Together they will be both much cheaper, comfortable and practical.

        2. Surya says:

          They sure are… for a minority of people. Most people driving them use them as a commuter car, not for what they are intended, and that’s the problem.

  11. Alex-VE says:


  12. przemo_li says:

    Another con…

    Glass roof for 35k $???

  13. kubel says:

    Do not want.

  14. Daniel says:

    Please, after you drive any EV you realise just how far ahead of the game these things are. Petrol heads… be warned, your time is up… Superb idea from a man who thinks out of the box…

  15. Anderlan says:

    I wouldn’t care. My attitude: “Doesn’t matter. Had Tesla.”

    1. Anderlan says:

      This would be a reasonable looking hatch except the wheels are way too big for the car. Clown car.

  16. Jeff says:

    This isn’t even the type of ugly that makes a vehicle cheaper to build. If it had tiny wheels, simply design, that would be understandable. I guess one advantage is this car would stand out in a crowd, as people would hiss and throw rocks at you as you drive by 🙁

  17. DonC says:

    It will look better and cost way more.

  18. CDAVIS says:

    Tesla’s has stated their primary aim for Model 3 is create a low cost high volume car that happens to be electric.

    Historically, the best selling cars were designed first to be highly utilitarian (a design priority towards useful/practical rather than luxury/aesthetics); like the Ford Fiesta.

    My guess for Tesla Model 3:
    Utilize the Model S underlying platform (same as being done for Model X) and design body towards the original Volkswagen Beetle. May seem far-fetched I know…but that’s where I’d place my bet.

    1. Lensman says:

      CDAVIS sai:

      “My guess for Tesla Model 3:
      Utilize the Model S underlying platform (same as being done for Model X)…”

      Tesla has made it quite clear that the Model X is being built on the Model S platform. In other words, it’s the CUV version of the Model S sedan.

      Tesla has also made it quite clear the Model ≡ won’t be. It will be smaller, the base range will be shorter, and the base model will be only about half the price. A completely different car designed around a smaller battery pack.

  19. Car Guy says:

    A Fiesta looks better than that. The front end and A-pillars look terrible.

  20. eco Logical says:

    Tesla will never produce an aerodynamically inefficient design like that! Unlike the other automakers, Tesla knows that a chopped-off rear window (hatchback or otherwise) creates a partial vacuum at the back that ‘pulls’ the car back. Think of an airplane wing … if it was designed like that it would stall and fall out of the sky!!!

  21. EVadopter says:

    In the first render where the “Model 3” is cruising down a scenic ocean highway, there is a reflection of a very large building in the windows of the car.

    That doesn’t even qualify as ‘laziness’ on the part of the photo-shopper…its outright incompetence.

    Also the car looks like a total joke…Tesla would never produce something that ugly.

    But still, I have to agree with some of the posters in here who enjoy the growing interest in the Model 3. Things like this are a result.

  22. Ford Prefect says:

    If you are trying to attract the Peugeot or Citroen customer, sure, this could be a Model 3… For the rest of us… A Bolt suddenly looks stylish.

    1. Anon says:

      *Laughs* Yes, it is kinda French looking… 🙂

      1. wavelet says:

        No, it doesn’t. Neither Citroen nor Peugeot would have a suddenly plunging door line like that rear door has, as if someone sat on the blueprints.

        Peugeot has lots of faults, but their cars look elegant like no other carmaker’s. They don’t have a single car design I’d call ugly.

  23. Jeff Songster says:

    Looks a little too stretched for me… probably get high centered over some driveways.

  24. Tim says:

    Totally. Awful.

  25. Jay says:

    Slap a Tesla badge on a refrigerator cardboard box and give it 200 miles AER with Supercharge capability and I’ll buy it! I don’t care as long as it’s got range. I stretch my FFE to the limit everyday. I can’t wait until I can drive anywhere I want with with no worries.

    1. fiddler says:

      +1. LOL. 200 miles with Supercharge for $35k. Telsa could not supply the demand. Thanks Jay, but will it kept my beer cold. Ha ha. I enjoy these articles and most of the comments. Thank you Jay Cole.

  26. Han says:

    I’ll take anything Tesla as long as it has 40/20/40 splitting rear seat.

    Need places to put my snowboard.

  27. Ocean Railroader says:

    I should use my vectoring skills to make a Tesla Truck.

  28. Alan says:

    Just need some good beer goggles and it’ll turn into a stunner !

  29. Stuart22 says:

    An embarrassing thing to look at. Nice graphic art capability though.

    1. ja says:

      TOO GRAPHIC ..I agree ….GROSSLY UGLY..GRUGLY..Etc:…….YUK!….

  30. John says:

    OK, I understand that in the absence of any real news or information people are going to make stuff up. But do you have to publish it?

    1. ja says:

      I Hope Ur Right & Pray It’s “BS” CUZ ….This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. bro1999 says:

    I’ve posted my own rendering of the Model 3. Notice the lightning bolts, which make it charge even faster. *end sarcasm*

  32. Ryan says:

    If Tesla actually delivers a 200mi range, $35k Model 3 with Supercharger capabilities it probably won’t matter much to me what it looks like.

  33. JakeY says:

    Sorry, but that looks too ugly. The proportions are all wrong. The window size is way too big (the proportion is even bigger than on the Model X).

  34. Priusmaniac says:

    With such a Model 3, i would consider a used Model S instead. It would not be able to compete with a BMW 3 series car even for an ev fan. I found the former Model 3 render proposal much more appealing.

  35. Speculawyer says:

    Please . . . NO! I’d much rather have that render that looks like a smaller Model S. This new render is ugly. It is the weirdmobile Musk wants to avoid.

  36. Steven says:

    Please no.

  37. Bret says:

    This rendering is way too Fugly to be a Tesla.

    Tesla has already stated the Model 3 will be a sedan with a SUV / Crossover variant to follow up, just like the Model S and X. So, why do these artists keep creating crossovers? Can’t they read?

  38. Murrysville EV says:

    That looks like a stretched Mazda 3 – yuk.

  39. CDAVIS says:

    lol…based on some of the spirited response this thread has generated I think it would be great for InsideEVs to host a “Render Model 3” contest.

    After the Model 3 design is officially released, have a online vote on InsideEVs on who came nearest to guessing it right. Give out a prize to the winner.

    …it’s all in fun…smile & be happy 🙂

    1. danpatgal says:

      Fine idea, then those of us crumudgeons (like me 😉 ) who find the exercise pointless, can avoid it a little more easily.

    2. bro1999 says:

      Here is my rendering. Notice the lightning bolts….then increase performance 10% across the board.


  40. Trace says:


  41. Samwise says:

    The bastard child of a BMW i3 and a Ford Focus.

  42. Uromd says:

    Butt ugly

  43. MDEV says:

    Ugly side like BMW i3 this car is really bad, Tesla has better design so I expect a nice clean Model 3 of course with the same fugly nosecone.

  44. Justmurr says:

    Love the renderings…keep me coming…a constant stream of them! The more the merrier. How about a weekly rendering?

    Guess I’m crazy to find it fun to judge these things that people spend time thinking about and creating. I liked the JJordry render

    That said….i agree with the majority on this attempt, this one would be a let down.

  45. Rex Wilson says:

    There is no need for Bonnet in Tesla’s Vehicle since the motors are placed in the axle. It can be cut to reduce weight and increase the range. What is more important is cost effective vehicle.

    So Tesla Model-3 can be more like 1 box type vehicle without bonnet. If someone can provide a good design, please publish it.

    1. Priusmaniac says:

      compression zone in case of crash?

  46. Matthias says:

    The comment’s section on this piece is shaping up very,very entertaining

  47. Rossco65 says:

    God I hope it looks nothing like this when it actually comes out. I thought it was mean’t to look like a BMW 3 series or like a Corolla sedan size?

    The whole point of Tesla’s design ethos is to make cars that people want to be seen in. This is the design equivalent of a bit of vomit in the mouth.

  48. Mark says:

    I like my e-Golf better for looks. We’ll just have to see what Tesla does for the final design release.

  49. Steve says:

    It is funny to see everyone and his dog trying to use the Model 3 to get web hits.

    This isn’t the first Model 3 renderings and it won’t be the last. Looks pretty awful to me.

    The one thing that is probably worth giving positive marks for is… short overhangs. The battery pack in the Model 3 will be as large as possible, while the car will be as small as possible. So expect it to have short overhangs front and back, and also it won’t be a narrow car, it’ll be on the wide end of the spectrum for its size.

    The wheels in these renders are way too big.

  50. MarkR says:

    OMG, Boring, ugly, disgusting . . . please NO.

  51. Jonas says:

    Ugly. Whoever provided this rendering has a bad taste and should be hired by GM or Toyota. Tesla and Elon have good taste and they should provide us with an exciting car, not this awful rendering presented here.