UPDATE: Tesla Model 3 Completes Coast-To-Coast Run In Record Time


Tesla Model 3

Its time, once (if) verified, was nearly a full hour quicker than the previous record, which believe it or not was set in a Tesla Model S.

Just a couple days ago, we came across an image of a orange Tesla Model 3. At the time, we were unaware of the fact that this exact car was attempting a coast-to-coast run in record time.

Now we know that not only was the orange Model 3 attempting to set a new cross-country record, but it appears as though it did complete the feat and in the process it shattered the old time set just a few months back by a 2015 Tesla Model S.

*UPDATE: Instagram user mymodel3 apparently pulled down all images posted of the coast-to-coast journey. In fact, the account has been deleted  from Instagram too.  The ‘unseen hand’ strikes the Model 3 again.

@myymodel3 shared some images of the journey on Instagram:

‪6:17 AM‬

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But it was this image that caught our attention and alerted us to the fact that indeed a coast-to-coast trip had been goal. It’s marked with a time of 51 hours and 17 minutes, which if verified to be true, beats the old record time for the “Cannonball Run” of 51 hours and 47 minutes. Beats it by a significant margin actually.

Manhattan – CA 51:17 Manhattan – NY #Tesla #Model3

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We’re not yet able to verify the achievement, but we expect more information to be forthcoming.

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We did this trip by train some years ago. Beats the heck out of driving! American trains are a bit like vacationing on a submarine (Riding the Shinkansen made us feel like hunter-gathers coming to civilization) but still way better than driving across this huge country.

Congrats for surviving an US coast to coast train ride! But This Tesla run was a 24/7 event to show off the Tesla quick charging system and the new Midel 3.

You can’t do that in a gas car!

I drove from Miami, FL to Anaheim, CA in 33 hours.

How much time did the train trip take and can you recommend a fully electric track?

And now, not only the twitts are removed, the Twitter account don’t seam to exist any more. Why?

Yep, all this Model3 censoring does not look good at all.

Sounds like someone is smelling money somewhere…

Elon promised New York to Los Angeles without driver interaction this year on TED talk.

Only 2 months left.

He never promised it! Saying that Tesla has this as a goal and promising it are two different things!

“In November or December of this year,” Musk said, “we should be able to go all the way from a parking lot in California to a parking lot in New York with no controls touched in the entire journey.” What’s more, Musk said that the Model S used for the demo will not necessarily follow a fixed route. On the contrary, the Model S will be able to react to traffic congestion in real time and adjust its route accordingly.

“Musk said in October that a Tesla will drive itself from Los Angeles to New York before the end of 2017. The demo, however, may occur early next year, Musk said during the company’s second-quarter earnings call Wednesday.

“It is certainly possible that I will have egg on my face on that front, but if it’s not at the end of the year it will be very close,” Musk said.”


So he gave himself an ‘out’, sort of. Smart of him. Two times previous he didn’t bother to add in the “close” part.

Can’t wait for the yearly reports from California. That’s when we will see how bad I suspect it is. Last year they were 200+ touches per thousand miles. 277 is what’s sticking in my mind And they only drove five different cars for a month. Trying to make that ten Mile video they released.

I also wonder what the different route thing is. Are they going to change routes to avoid rain? Or are they just trying to avoid the snow? Probably the latter, but curious nonetheless.

My guess is that they’re allowing for the possibility of road construction, and planning alternate routes to avoid that.

Even if they have to plan for alternative routes all across the continent, and plan for crossing over from the main route to the alternate one at any point and back again, I think we can still be confident the entire route will have been exhaustively and minutely scanned ahead of time by Tesla, as well as having all parts of the route pre-tested by one or more — probably more — of its more advanced semi-autonomous test vehicles.

We need to understand that this will be a demo for publicity purposes, and not a demonstration of what Tesla’s production cars can do every day on any public road anywhere.

Elon promised the same level of autonomy 2 years after the demo.

Elon promised 90% of your miles would be on autopilot by 2015.

I did just that last month. I think it was with Delta Airlines…

And I’ll bet flying Delta it took 52 hours and they lost your luggage. 🙂

Not that time…give them some credit, they are trying.

I was about to post that is actually pretty impressive.
Then Tesla stepped in and NDA-strong armed everything into oblivion. Lame.

Micro manager Elon at work.

Maybe he should spend less time on social media and more time figuring out how to not further delay the Model 3.
Less time on social media…..hmm, who does that remind you of?

And you have the facts that this was the work of Elon, Tesla, or someone in their control, how?

Can you post the email, Memo, or Letter that shows you postulation, Please?

We are waiting to see the proof of such claims! At least so we can make better informed decisions, not these half C@CKED ones that seem to be posted here!

Why are you replying to your own posts?

If you are a Elon supporter then you are Trump supporter. No wonder he was on the Business Council but not on it when Obama was in office. Let’s see his voting records while at it

Even if he was, so what? Almost half the country is. Besides, everyone knows why he was on that council…well, except you, obviously.

Why did you stop taking your medicine?

Yes, I was wondering about that myself. Isn’t that some sort of an indication of mental aberration? By itself not so bad, but other evidence is mounting that this not an isolated instance.

He is narcissistic and probably spends his time looking in the mirror and talking to himself. This is just an extension of that behavior.

There’s nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and talking to oneself.

SparkEV, you’re a good car… you’re a good car… you’re a good car…


There is no rule here saying you can’t reply to yourself. What with there being no edit function, it’s often the best place for an additional thought.

I think you mainly brought this up because you don’t like him.

Ding ding!!

On the article are they saying the fastest crossing of the US in general was done in a Model 3 or the fastest EV?? No way any EV can beat an ICE.

Actually just looked it up. ICE time is under 30 hours.

Oh no I replied to myself.

This is one aspect they don’t need to win as it’s pointless. 350 mil Americans living in US out of which maybe 1% get to do a cross country trip…but hey, any ev MUST comply with the requirements of that 1%.
This is the definition of bs!

Motorcycle is 38 Hours 49 minutes.

The difference between any ICE and EV, time not the major factor, is pollution. Add a Tesla using SuperChargers free of charge and the costs is zero! So, is time the major factor? Cost? Pollution?

All these TSLA propagandist trolls pretty much reply to anything I post with “TESLA HATER!! FUDSTER! GM SUCKS! IEVS SHOULD BAN YOU!!”

I could post “Hey, Elon is a smart guy”, and they’d attack me anyways. The TSLA fanatics are a bunch of whackos.

Yeah, you could post kind things or at least true things about Elon and Tesla and we could still bash you. But you won’t AND we don’t, so all is as it should be!

Because, having no EDIT function it’s the only way to add something to the original.

It is pretty lame. Who the hell would pay for an expensive brand new car that had restrictions on it from the factory?? When I bought my Bolt, there were no restrictions, or contracts to sign. I can do and show whatever I want, after all, it’s my car and I paid for it.

Clearly these “production” Model 3s aren’t really production cars at all and some consumers have been brainwashed into actually paying good money to be beta testers of factory pre-production prototypes. “Release candidates” indeed…

I bet they had some employees discounts in addition to the credits to sweeten the deal. I would gladly be their lab rat if they sold me a fully loaded for say $30k net.

They claim nothing like that happened.

I thought everybody pays the same price for a Tesla right?

Well minus the referral discount. Which is actually quite generous I have to say!

These days, you Tesla haters have to go rather far to find something to whine about regarding Tesla.

Oh, you can find rare instances where Tesla has offered discounts on a few of its cars, despite Elon’s official policy of no discounts to anybody, even himself? How shocking! Other auto makers never offer special discounts, do they! /snark

Oh, Tesla is refusing to allow social media posts about early production Tesla Model 3’s, pretty obviously as a reaction to all the negative publicity over early production Model X’s. How shocking! Since Tesla is keeping a lid on social media posts, they “obviously” must be hiding something! 🙄

But hey, if you repeat a Big Lie often enough, it becomes true, right? Right, Mr. Troll?

Hell no. A lie is a lie no matter how many times it’s repeated.

“Facts are stubborn things.” — John Adams

If only you had read the article you link:
“Another member, SucreTease, offered more context: “To be fair, it is not a $30k discount from today’s prices—that is the discount from its original selling price. First Tesla rolled the PUP and Premium interior into the base price, effectively discounting the car by $8300 for anyone who wanted those options (or $8800 for anyone who wanted carbon fiber, too). Then, more recently, they lowered the base price by $5k, netting an effective lowering of price by $13,300 (or $13,800). So that $30k discount really amounts to $16k-17k from today’s prices.”

He is a dumb ass. That article was posted here too and he commented on it at the time…lol…fail!

Sorry guys, but can’t let logic, common sense or comprehension stand in the way of a damned good bashing! Our friend bro1999, is simply too busy winning converts to be bothered with facts!

Right now, I can feel his great powers of persuasion moving me. Oh wait, that’s that bean burrito…..sorry!

Yup, these are definitely not production cars. At best they are Release Candidates deployed in a closed Beta test run.

If you replace “Model 3” with “Software”, then everything we’ve seen to date makes sense.

Tesla fanbois claim the public is too eager. Well, if it’s not ready, then don’t have a big release ceremony then.

In my line of work, these are equivalent to “Customer Validation Samples”. 100% identical to HVM production but in a closed trial environment. Done just before HVM release.

Oh and we only celebrate after HVM release.

I don’t know, when we leased our Honda FIT EV there is a clause in it that says we will not let anyone else drive it unless we are in the car at the time.

But you could post all the videos and photos you wanted. Unlike current Model 3 “owners” in their “real” cars.

Dav8or said: “Clearly these “production” Model 3s aren’t really production cars at all… Well, the Tesla bashers certainly have found their latest Big Lie to promote, and goodness aren’t they promoting it at every opportunity! * * * * * For those who either have not been following Tesla since the days of the Roadster, or who have short memories, here is a brief summary: 2008: After repeated delays, Tesla starts delivering its new Roadster to customers, despite the car having a non-working transmission. The cars are sold with a promise to install the new drivetrain later when it has been fully developed. Some, or perhaps many, analysts call Tesla brilliant for this innovative approach to avoiding yet another delay in selling the car. 2012: After repeated delays, Tesla starts delivering Model S’s as soon as they start rolling off the assembly line, without spending the months of test driving by its employees that more established auto makers use to eliminate early production problems. The inevitable and expected reports of early problems are mostly ignored due to the overwhelming number of staggeringly positive reviews of the car. 2015: After repeated delays, Tesla starts delivering Model X’s, again forgoing any extended… Read more »


‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ good description! +1

Funny you mentioned the bolt in an article that is talking about doing a cross country in record time yet the bolt can’t even get across the country. Try comparing cars once your bolt has a nationwide network capable of getting you most places in the country and even across it.

A Bolt has traveled across the country. And with that adapter, makes it a lot easier for others to in the future.

On the back of a truck?

Yes, this place really needs an edit function.
Oh noes, I replied to myself again!

It really needs an “Ignore” function. We’re reminded of that every time a troll like you posts.

You would top the “Top 10 Most Ignored” list on here if they implemented such a feature.

I doubt that….on the other hand, you would be talking to yourself all the time as no one would see your posts anymore.

Interesting. Tesla’s power to suppress Model 3 news appears impressive.

I wonder how long the media black-out will continue?

Working Sunday’s too…dedication!…lol

Its getting harder to keep up at the height of peak Tesla Trouncing Season, even with the 24/7 “Model 3 news” cycle, and the shade slinging dedication of the IEV’s FUDsters.

I would say so. Probably reinforced by recent firings.
When Thanksgiving rolls around I think you will probably see an avalanche of Model 3 stuff. For they can’t really muzzle the public, and they should start getting them, the M3, soon.

“I wonder how long the media black-out will continue?”

Probably only until Tesla starts selling Model 3’s to the general public, who can’t be forced to sign NDAs as Tesla and SpaceX employees can.

And until then, unfortunately we’ll have to continue to put up with the serial Tesla haters whining that early sales of the TM3 “aren’t real”. 😡

They aren’t real. Otherwise no need for an NDA.

Theeereess your sign!

Until they (actually) go into production. 😉

Ha….As long as those few Model 3 owners are employed by Tesla and or their nondisclosure agreement has expired?

I would never consider driving that far, but it does a great job of highlighting the most impressive thing Tesla has done for driving EVs. Their SuperCharger network makes the OEMs look pathetic.

I’d happily pay Elon a 100% markup for Tesla electricity. When can I get my Tesla charge card, for my Bolt?

That would be a reasonably good way to monetize the Supercharger Network. I like.

That would be an unreasonably bad way for Tesla to render the Supercharger network virtually worthless, by clogging it up trying to use it to generate profits by charging any off-brand PEV, almost all of which charge far slower than Tesla cars.

Thank goodness Tesla isn’t planning to do so! Tesla has made it clear the Supercharger network is intended to be revenue-neutral. It is intended to support sales of Tesla’s cars, not to be a profit-maker.

If other EV brands want their customers to be able to use the Supercharger network, then those auto makers need to contribute to building and maintaining Superchargers.

Why is it a “believe it or not” fact that the prior record was set by a Model S? Who would even attempt a fast coast-to-coast EV run in a non-Tesla?

The ICE record is about half this time, FWIW. That involves serious breaking of speed limits, though. Breaking speed limits in a Tesla is somewhat counter-productive, as it means spending a lot more time Supercharging.

“The ICE record is about half this time, FWIW. That involves serious breaking of speed limits, though.”

And wearing Depends, I imagine. 🙁

A few years ago I drove from Boston to my home in Dallas in my Dodge truck pulling a trailer in 25 hours. Then when my daughter got married in San Jose, CA I drove from Dallas to San Jose with my 3 dogs in 28 hours. Single driver straight through both times.

Thanks for risking the lives of everyone on the road.

While I would never suggest that someone drive when impaired, I think a lot of people who’ve never driven long distance don’t understand that it’s not an issue for a lot of us.

Also, you risk your life everytime you drive on public roads. If you don’t like it, don’t use the roads.

“It’s marked with a time of 51 hours and 17 minutes, which if verified to be true, beats the old record time for the “Cannonball Run” of 51 hours and 47 minutes. Beats it by a significant margin actually.”

I don’t know how a half hour is significant when talking 51+ hours. So many variables in play when driving… And charging.
A bad run of red lights when getting off exits. A construction zone or accident. Getting stuck behind tractor trailers. One rush hour city. Tons of things.

Trimming off a few hours is significant. With all of the extra superchargers put in since the cannonball run thing, I’d think that 30 minutes is actually pretty bad.
Happy for someone to tell me where. Am wrong.

I kind of agree, but at this stage of BEV development it is a good step forward.

I am actually surprised that with the improved efficiency and range that a LR Model 3 has that the improvement wasn’t better. But a win by 1 sec or 5 hours is still a win. 🙂

I wonder what route they took. It looks like San Diego to Jacksonville is the shortest major route (assuming you don’t count reaching the gulf coast as crossing the country), but I’m not sure that the charging network is developed enough for that to be the best that way.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Not sure what the big deal is about being the fastest across the country.
That pretty much says “hey, I continually violated the speed laws most of the drive”.

Even more stoooopid to post it.

You don’t have to violate speed limits to do 51 hours.