Tesla Model 3 Caught Snow Testing In New Zealand – Video


It’s summer time in the U.S., but over in New Zealand it’s winter and that’s why some Tesla Model 3s we’re shipped there a month back.

As we predicted, Tesla sent some Model 3s to New Zealand for winter testing. These Model 3s (there’s believed to be two of them) were spotted “in a not so secret location here in New Zealand,” according to Ecotricity.co.nz.

In the video you’ll notice that the two left-side doors of the Model 3 are rather banged up. Ecotricity thinks this is the result of some all out slides gone wrong. At least Tesla is pushing the 3 to and beyonds its limit in the snow.

July 28 – A Date We’ll All Remember

Meanwhile, back in the U.S. tonight’s the big reveal for the Model 3. Elon Musk recently posted video of the handover area being setup by team Tesla.

The event itself officially starts at 7 PM Pacific time (10 ET) for those lucky enough to be invited (details from the invite here), so there will be nearly a two-hour window between the start of the event and the actual handing over of Model 3s.

During that timeframe, we expect Tesla execs to take to the stage, leading up to the appearance of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and eventually to full reveal of the Model 3.  Officially, on the invite it states “remarks will beginning at 9pm.”

We’ll be on the scene for the event tonight from when the doors open at 7PM, as well as livestreaming the event here around 8:45PM, so check in with us as the action unfolds in real time.

Source: Ecotricity.co.nz

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All these articles are like cocaine. I hope I don’t overdose before midnight EST.

This is some adrenaline, on one hand I’m TSLA long and excited about today’s reveal, then I’m also like, is Tesla really snow-testing this thing now??? Isn’t it a bit late? But at the end, Elon will hopefully come out as winner again, fingers crossed…

Is not late at all, the car behavior is done by software… It could be possible to have different settings for different region of the globe!

Glad to hear that.

“…is Tesla really snow-testing this thing now??? Isn’t it a bit late?”

No kidding! Even as a big Tesla fan, it does seem that Tesla is really rushing the M3 into production.

Is it too optimistic to suggest they’ve previously done extensive winter testing elsewhere, and now they are just testing some last-minute tweaks? At least, I hope that’s the case!

You might need some to stay up until 2 am ET when the reveal actually happens.

Very addictive indeed ! A Good Drugs That will Save our health, our Lives, & our planet, This healing drug is long overdue , because our planet & people have been sickened over the past years. ..Let the healing begin.

I’m not worried about snow, I’m worried about very low temperatures..

Well, I have helped shovel our very long driveway to get a propane delivery, as a kid, as it was Minus 40! Degrees C or F, it’s the same at that temp!

“These Model 3s (there’s believed to be two of them) were spotted…”

Really? Because the earlier report said there was only one, and there were comments that it couldn’t have been sent for testing, because what auto maker would send only a single car for testing?

Only two still seems to me to be a rather low number, but Tesla usually (not always, but usually) seems to know what it’s doing.

The one spotted at the airport was silver the one I saw at the snow testing was white. Saw it twice yesterday. there also was a VW e-golf testing up there at SHPG on the snow farm. Talking to a couple who are local cross country skiers they said Tesla had been there for a month and they had seen more than just one Model 3 plus S and X.

Oooh, a first-hand report!

Miggy just earned himself a gazillion points in the “I’m a bigger Tesla fan than you” contest! 😀

Thunderbirds are Go!


Rats! 2nd try…