Tesla Model 3 Potential Buyers Might Be Interested In Kia Niro EV


The battery-powered Kia Niro EV comes with more than a few advantages.

Whatever you may think about Kia, the South Korean carmaker has made strides in both improving quality and the appeal of vehicles. The carmaker is also embracing the electric revolution with open arms, signified by several rather appealing models entering their range in the recent months.

However, it’s the battery-powered Kia Niro EV that makes the most fuss in the car world today. Sure, it didn’t have anywhere near the same level of anticipation surrounding it before launch as did the Tesla Model 3. However, the Niro EV is a great alternative to the entry-level EV from the California-based carmaker.

This is backed up by several things. Car and Driver made a nice article describing all of the advantages that might push more potential Tesla Model 3 and even Jaguar I-Pace buyers towards the 2019 Kia Niro EV. While we understand the pioneering and early adoption factor that comes along with Tesla, the Niro does have a thing or two to say on its behalf.

First, the vehicle isn’t tech-filled like the Model 3. And for some, that might actually be a good thing. Furthermore, the Niro EV comes with good build quality, and thanks to a substantial 239-mile EPA-range rating—one mile more than the Bolt EV—plus more back-seat room together with nearly 25 percent more cargo space than the Model 3, it’s definitely a dark horse in the entry-level EV race.

Price Advantage

Furthermore, the Niro is priced at a substantial discount of roughly $10,000 when compared to Tesla. And it also comes with a full federal tax credit still. However, Kia might not be helping the Kia Niro EV sales, as the South Korean company is only limiting it to only 12 states (California and seven of the other ZEV states—but neither Vermont nor Maine—plus Georgia, Texas, Washington, and Hawaii). And that could mean that some buyers might not be inclined to even consider it as a Model 3 alternative.

Whatever happens in the EV market, both Kia and Hyundai (another South Korean carmaker investing heavily in EV’s) will have a thing to say. With rich trim levels, impressive EPA range, packed with features and bringing a more price-optimized model range, both of these manufacturers might sway would-be buyers towards their offerings.

While Tesla will still remain the dominant force in the EV market for the foreseeable future, some legacy carmakers are starting to chip away at their lead. And for us, as the end customers, that’s not really a bad thing at all.

Source: Car And Driver

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Model Y waiters might be interested as well.

Come on Elon, bring it!

Indeed! Bring on competition! That is what will make EVs the car of the people.

Yeah, and the importance of more models is huge, so EVs can replace more ICE models.

It seems like it is a decent thing that might get potential Model Y buyers to buy EV’s now.
IMO the e-Niro is a perfect example of what we want in a base Model Y… It’s got the range going for it(239 miles). It is simple enough to not have some of the scaling issues Model X had. It also blends in well(that’s something people want, a lot of people don’t want a car that stands out too much).

My main issue is the charging networks, that’s not the car’s fault, that’s the charging provider’s fault. It seems like, on many routes that I would be interested in travelling with DCFC, in most cases, there are enough locations, but they are all 24kW unit’s, and to make matters worse there is only *one* stall. And on some routes, there are no DCFC’s at all(well, EA has some currently under construction).
Also, there are still some Webasto CHAdeMO-only unit’s in Oregon.

Uh, no. That Kia May be $10K cheaper now, but it’ll cost you $10K of depreciation the moment you dive it off the lot.

Better to go with a car that will hold its value and be way more fun to drive.

Also, Tesla reservation holders/buyers generally care more about Tesla badge than anything else. If they really wanted 240 miles range EV for about $30K post subsidy, Bolt would be completely sold out by now. Yet Bolts are still listing for $32K pre subsidy ($25K post tax credit, $22K for many in CA).

You are forgetting the huge advantage Tesla has that reservation holders/buyers would certainly choose Tesla over the rest for – the Supercharger Network.

Yes. Because, for the same reason people still choose ICE Vehicles over BEV’s: being able to go farther, easily, is still a “Thing”, even if such motivation is driven by only a fictitious “Road Trip” that a person never does!

As BEV’s Go, Tesla Still holds the winning Charging Advantage, for Flexibility (Included Convenience Charging Cord has more Plug in choices than any other); Convenience ((Supercharger’s are mapped in trip planner, require no fumbling with cards or wallet, to use); and Quantity (Most Charging points for Road Trips, plus Destination Chargers)!

As we move into 2019, however, this year may see some decent progress on private players infrastructure build out, with Electrify America, Petro Canada, Electrify Canada, and other existing players in EV Charging, getting a bit more serious about connecting longer distances with CHAdeMO and CCS fast charging!

Yet, if Tesla created a North American Solution for the Model 3 to use CHAdeMO / CCS Chargers, and rolls it out, they could further maintain Advantage over less connected BEV’s, like any and all others, that have, as of yet, chosen to not partner with Tesla for use and Expansion of the Supercharger Network!

Biggest reason for us Norwegians to choose ICE cars is
1: you cant really get BEVs, its not uncommon with a 2 year wait list
2: BEVs are more expensive
3; Lack of option. There are way to few models/ segments covered
4; No hitch. «Everyone» that buys a pricey car expect this option
5; FUD. There is a crazy number of people constantly making articles negative to BEVs, especially Teslas
6; Range. To short, espesially on cheaper cars

If we could «fix» e.g point 1 and 4 above ill bet BEVs sales in Norway will surpass 75% of all car sales

Obviously, Tesla is a major threat otherwise they wouldn’t see the need to produce the FUD.
I actually think people are pretty smart and the FUD actually drives them towards Tesla. Certainly, that is the experience of Tesla growth so far. The more the FUD the faster they grow.

“2: BEVs are more expensive”

More expensive in Norway, where ICEVs have an oppressive tax rate of up to 100% of the vehicle’s selling price, and buying an EV is more or less tax-free?

Go on, pull the other one. 🙄

Supercharger networks access isn’t worth $15K. You can literally buy a gas car AND Bolt for one Tesla 3 price. In fact, that money can be used to rent much more useful SUV/van/truck for distance travel.

That’s right! If each rental cost $60, it’s good for 250 days of rental . That’s 25 days per year for 10 years! How many are taking 25 days car rental each year? More likely you fly to another city renting a car. Travelling on cars in limited vacation time just don’t add up!

But here we are again comparing essentially a Chevy Equinox against a BMW 335i. Why?

My prediction is that Tesla Model 3 sales will only go up and Kia Niro EV sales will also go up. Will there be some number of people that want an electric CUV that decide to get a Niro over a Model 3? Sure. Will there be some number of people that decide to get a Model 3 over a Niro because they already have a CUV or don’t want a CUV? Sure.

Both of these cars will be stealing customers away from their ICE counterparts. I don’t know why we EV fans keep having these weird discussions where there is this limited pool of EV customers that the automakers must fight over and steal from each other.

Maybe someday when EV penetration has reached a majority of auto sales then they will be competing against each other.

You might want to read my comment before repeating my point. People buy Tesla for the badge, not for some value proposition (other than badge). That’s why I counter that Supercharging isn’t worth $15K that others seem to think matter.

“philip d” is absolutely correct. Writing articles as if one BEV was in a head-to-head competition with another for sales, is largely a product of journalists trying to sensationalize their stories to “add interest”.

So long as plug-in EVs are only ~2% — or even, in the coming years, 5-10% — of the new car market, then their competition with each other will be trivial. The competition with gasmobiles is what’s much more interesting, and much more worthy of discussion!

Agreed, these are really not competing but more choice for the growing marketplace. So many on these comments try to say – oh Tesla is better because of this and this…..We need more choice than just Tesla. I actually know more people who would not buy a Tesla than those who would? Why pay for a “BMW 335i when you want an Equinox”?? With only 2% global sales being EVs, there is 98% of the marketplace still available for all the EV manufacturers to compete in – that is enough for all and more so. So stop wining about how good Tesla is and why they are better then anything else, and start promoting all EVs for each unique value proposition they bring! Some who has true passion for looking at the big picture in why we need to spur EV adoption understands what I mean. Those who don’t are just in love with one brand and are not helping to really increase EV adoption to the masses. We don’t have the time to argue which brand is better than another as the Climate Change clock is ticking down and it’s ticking down faster, because we are too stupid to… Read more »

Why would you WANT to do this?

In the US. Not in Western Europe.

Yes, contrary to what BoltEV says (which by the way is negative towards anything that is not Tesla) the world is not just centred around the USA. Far from it!

With the quickly growing network of other DC Fast Charging Networks, SuperCharging Network is becoming less and less a competitive edge for Tesla. Another year or so and it will be a moot point.

Im one of the Tesla buyers. The main reason to go with Tesla is that they make BEVs because they want to..
Second reason is Teslas is way better and funnier to drive than all other cars ive ever tested

Personal choice is fine. However, it Tesla was not making any money, they could only do what they “want to” for so long, Eventually they would have to close their doors. So it’s a business and never forget that. Whatever Elon says, he’s a business man too and does things to make money. Yes I truly believe he is passionate about saving the planet too.

We’re finally getting a few Bolts (Opel Ampera) in Norway again. But only like 2-3000 (over a 2 year period) and they are starting be be sold out. Even though they are MUCH more expensive here

I anticipate more Bolts will be available in Norway and other countries soon, because the US market will probably absorb 15,000 this year, leaving 10,000 to 15,000 “surplus” units to be sold outside of the US.

No, that is the perpetual excuse of GM fans. It is the buyers fault. The Bolt is a $22k car with a $15k premium because it is electric. It has econobox suspension, econobox seats, econobox interior materials, and econbox unibody construction. The Bolt is an econobox with about $5k in standard equipment, its true value is $22k.

Tesla buyers want the best car, period. Or the best value. A base $42.9k Model 3 is the best sedan you can buy for $42.9k, without even considering any incentives.

Name a single car that does 0-60 MPH in 6.5 seconds for $22K. Tesla cultists can’t see past their own blindness.

You do realize it, that it’s very hard to buy a Bolt in an average stealership, do you?
As soon as you nention you need a Bolt, dealer tells you something like “Oh I see, you’re interested in a fuel economy. Then I have just the right car (ICE) for you…” and tries to sell a bloody useless ICE to you.
And, even if they have a Bolt in stock… It would be uncharged car, which cannot be taken for a test drive.
So I don’t really surprised to see Bolt’s sales declining, as no one would like such an experience.

How hard is it other than taking a day or two to sign papers? Unless you’ve never heard of the internet, there are literally dozens (or hundreds) of places you can buy Bolt. If you really want one for $32K, check this link. Yes, they have them in stock.


In fact, bro1999 bought his Bolt in CA over the phone and had it shipped to MD when they weren’t even selling in MD. I suppose you think bro1999 is a super genius, but anybody can do it.

Have you ever sat in a Bolt?

Bolts are tiny boring ugly cars and your money goes to gm.

There are four reasons the Bolt is kind of a failure. Most think it does not look great. The front seats are pure garbage, Superchargers and the dealerships dont want to sell them. While I think most SUVs are borning looking they do server a purpose. Lets hope Kia dealerships want to sell them. Still no supercharging.

Literally EVER EV that still gets a $7500 tax-credit which drives off the lot loses $10K in depreciation as it drives off the lot. $7500 for losing the the tax credit and $2500 for not being a new car. WTF is your point?

As usual the troll squad fanatically down votes any suggestion that a non premium compliance car isn’t quite the Tesla fighter it’s made out to be. Notice the pattern throughout this thread.

If you want to see a troll, try looking in the mirror.

Nobody buys car to sell it immediately after buying. And nobody knows how much Tesla Model 3 will cost in a year or two.

Actually $17,000 cheaper after tax credit not including extra incentives

“Actually $17,000 cheaper after tax credi”

BS. If that were true it would be $20,000 in CA because the state gives us an extra $2,500. Following your logic I should be able to buy a recent model used Bolt for $12k. That is pure fantasy.

I just did a search on cargurus and the cheapest used Bolt found within 200 miles was a 2017 for $26,288 with a lemon history. The cheapest new Bolt was $30,495 and The new car includes a fast charger.

Honest question: where can I find these fabled depreciated Chevy Bolts? Craigslist’s cheapest listed was $31,000.

Kia Niro EV is a great vehicle that offers a lot more practicality than the Tesla Model 3. Remember, Tesla is a premium brand so costs more to insure and fix than the Kia. Depreciation means nothing to most who will buy this, not lease it.

It’s a nice car, but built on a fossil platform, which means it’s compromised. And it’s two-wheel drive only, so magnetic/regenerative braking only on two of the four wheels.

With the weight transfer to the front wheels on braking, this would only come into play under the most aggressive of braking. Unless you are a jack-rabbit driver, this would have very little impact on range. The jack-rabbit driving would have much more impact.

Yes, the ICE platform gives it a disadvantage. But it is still a nice EV despite having to overcome that disadvantage.

What’s the regen power from AWD Tesla? FWD Bolt is over 70 kW, much lighter SparkEV was about 60 kW.

As I recall, I’ve read that the regen for the AWD Model 3 isn’t much if any better than the regen for the rear-wheel-drive Model 3.

Dunno why that would be — it seems to be a rare failure of EV engineering on the part of Tesla. But that’s what I’ve read.

You are not an engineer, aren’t you? It also takes more juice to drive two motors! The regenerative power is proportional to the inertia/ weight of the vehicle and the current switching capability of the regenerative power electronics of the vehicle. I am an expert. Sorry that I have to correct your misconception! I know these circuits by heart! It existed for 30 years already.

Funny! So why Dual motors Tesla have the same or better range than their single motor sibling?
You have better regen because the standard TM3 is RWD and it’s the front wheels that have the best regen set up.
Electric motor don’t need much power to freewheeling and there’s always an optimal loading efficiency that can be choose from one motor to best suited pattern.
You have a more uniform wear of brake, tires and the advantage of traction and the redency of two power train.
What are the expert thought?

Officially they have the same range. But actually the RWD has more range than the AWD. There are articles covering that.

In theory the AWD Model 3 should perform regen more efficiently than the RWD Model 3, using two motors instead of just one. But from what I’ve read, it doesn’t.

Point taken. But it is still a decent EV.

What compromise are you talking about?

The Kia Niro EV is $10k cheaper than the Model 3 in the same way the gas Niro is $10K cheaper than the BMW X1. I’m not sure how many BMW X1 buyers there are out there who would be convinced to buy a gas Niro just because someone told them it was cheaper….

I sort of consider this type of article a half-step towards the “Tesla Killer” type of articles. Car and Driver should just say the Niro EV is a great car, and a great alternative to the ICE version of the Niro, and other ICE cars in the class, and leave Tesla out of it. Car and Driver only puts Tesla into the story because Tesla is such a strong pull for attention on the web.

There is no mention of how much this car will be in this article or anywhere. Why is everyone assuming this will be $10K less than Model 3? Kona EV base is $36,500 and Tesla Model 3 MR is $42,900. That is $6,400 difference and about $10K accounting for the Fed Tax credit. Niro EV will be more than the Kona and difference will be less than $10K.

It is Car and Driver that came up with the $10K number. I neither condone nor confirm their math, I’m only pointing out the flaw in their logic.


Given that Niro will be severely limited in availability, and $36K (probably higher) does not include destination nor dealer markups, the actual price difference will be far less, maybe even less than $5K, or even just few hundred.

“Tesla killer” is silly argument. As you correctly point out, people shopping for Tesla (BMW) are not going to buy cheaper brand (Kia). in fact, people for Tesla probably won’t go for any other EV as they are all seen as tainted. Only “Tesla Killers” are those who crash Tesla.

“The Kia Niro EV is $10k cheaper than the Model 3”

Stop there. That is good enough. More people buying EVs? GOOD!

Still I know people who cross shopped the Niro and Model 3. Kia is known for good warranties and the style of the car will attract other buyers than those attracted by Tesla.

Shocking that Nix got (at the moment) -14 downvotes for his entirely on-point and well stated comment.

We EV enthusiasts need to stop buying into this zero-sum game that journalist keep trying to feed us; the false narrative that well-designed PEVs (Plug-in EVs) compete mainly with the 2% of the market which is other PEVs, rather than the 98% of the market which is gasmobiles.

There is more than enough room in the growing market for PEVs for both the Model 3 and the Niro EV, as well as many more PEV models.

Thanks PP, that is what I keep saying – 2% EV market share – 98% more to go! Lots of room for many players and we need as many as possible to make any impact in positive Climate Change!

1) range – the niro range should be measured at speeds from 55 mph and up. That’s when you need the range because that’s how you drive on a long distance trip. The niro had as low as 170 miles of range when Björn Nyland tested it fast on the highway

2) charging – the niro supports 70 kW if charging but most of done at 50 kW chargers today. That means 1h charging for 2h driving and there are no way near as wide spread as the super charging network.

3) easyness – in the Tesla you enter the address and it tells you exactly how far to drive, how long to charge, extract percentage and the charging is just plug and play and it Always works! You don’t have any of that with the niro

Conclusion: if you don’t plan to drive farther than 170 miles more than maybe once or twice a year but the niro otherwise suck it up and buy the model 3.

That’s 170 KM in cold winter driving. Most of the world doesn’t have that.

I wrote 170 miles, about 290 km of range.

That’s cold weather driving—- the Tesla M3 also loses range under similar conditions. The Niro will charge at 100kW at capable charging stations.

Of course it loses range, but it wasn’t that cold. The model 3 long range would have had about 260-275 miles of range in those conditions. I know that, since the Hyundai Ioniq has about the same energy consumption as the model 3 and I’ve driven the Ioniq under those conditions at about 17-18 kWh/100 km, 28,8kwh/100 miles.

And no, it’s not charging at 100 kW. It’s charging at max 70 kW even at a 100 kW+ CCS 2.0 charger with water cooled cable

I know a few people that are interested, but they aren’t in the 12 states it is available. Sure, they could travel out-of-state to get one, but they worry about support from their local Kia dealer if it needs service.

I don’t think they have to worry. KIA EVs have proven to be very reliable. Another KIA dealer can for sure change some brakes or suspension parts .



– It’s a KIA
– It’s a CUV
– It’s a KIA.

Are the lower trim levels of the Niro (or Kona) really comparable to the Model 3? I would have expected only the top trim of the Kia would compare to the Tesla. The Model 3 is really nice inside.

I’m looking to buy a quiet and efficient vehicle this year. Both the Niro and Model 3 are on the list, and both have pros and cons.

amt Many Ways And Miles Ahead Of All The Other Mak

Unless It Can be Proved Otherwise ., My Money’s Is On the Model 3 Or the Model Y If I Can Wait A Little longer..Because ,Tesla Has Thus Far Proven Beyond Any Doubt To Be Technologically Superior In Numerous Ways, And Miles Ahead Of All The Other Makers …

I Don’t Know What Happened on my previous post that got lost . My Heading (handle) Should Be “amt” my PC Must of Skipped down .. I wonder if you can fix That & Re instate My Post ..Thx amt .

Hmmm, avoiding the cold weather states?

Indeed. Ship it in volume, KIA, and I think you’ll get sales.

I just hope you are serious and not just collecting CARB credits.

These are quite different cars so im not so sure. imo All BEVs main competitor is ICEs. E.g; here in Norway wait list are aprox 2 years so people that cant wait are forced Into an ICE
We need real competition, that means mass BEV production and not 20-40k a year. This will also bring down prizes and expand the market
So, big OEMs; do batteries at scale and bring cheaper BEVs by the millions
And Tesla; if you will double model 3 sales in Norway, just add the unbundeled hitch..

And the KIA’s safety rating?
I’m thinking Tesla has the edge there.

New KIA cars usually score well in crash tests. Tesla does really well too.

All new cars are *****. The differences are small and artificial e.g. you’ll lose a star for not warning about seat belt not secured etc.

It looks like the Koreans are well ahead of the Germans in the EV arena. If they produced a more luxurious solid vehicle they could easily compete with the Germans at the luxury end.
Korea has an opportunity here to claim a stake at the highly profitable end of the market but I’m not sure if they have the design smarts to take advantage of the lead they have in EV tech. In any case, they should be leveraging their control of a large chunk of the battery cell supply for their own national advantage.

Korea has a chance to establish itself at the top of the food chain in the new EV world if they play their cards right.

German are lost in the sea.

Niro starts at $37,495, Model 3 starts at $42,900 so that’s a $9155 post incentive price difference not $10K+full tax credit as the article suggests. And that’s before speccing out Niro to Model 3 equipment levels. Come trade in time one will get that extra money back I’m sure so I don’t think one would be saving any money.

It’s an odd proposition anyway, in the ICE world nobody would suggest that people would prefer a Niro over a BMW 3-Series, despite a much bigger price difference, the cars just don’t operate in the same market segment. Never was the price difference between premium and non premium so small as in the EV market at this stage.

Where did you find the Niro price?

“Whatever happens in the EV market, both Kia and Hyundai (another South Korean carmaker investing heavily in EV’s)”
Both are part of the Hyundai Motor Group and IIRC even share the BEV drive-train…

And I’m missing much information here, especially because that link only says: “Sorry, this content is not available in your region.”


Your comment is damaging and misleding to tesla a company that we all need to respect they are humanity’s becon of light they make better cars invest on their and our future let’s embrace their effort to make life better for all and for one not to critisice

Hopefully some ICE potential buyers will be interested in the Niro EV.

That’s the point, right?

Well, as long there’s no tow-bar (explicitely written in pricelist that it’s not made for pulling a trailor and no trailer weights are mentioned) and the authorized workshops are that bad (there’re several tests and also my brother made bad experiences with his Mazda in an authorized workshop that’s also authorized for Kia), I’m sure I won’t buy one.


I like the price, normal door handles, normal windows with frames etc etc. I don’t like the sea of buttons.

top spec kia niro is more expensive than model 3 MR even after rebate.

Comparing the Kia to the Tesla is like comparing a Ford Focus to an BMW 3series.
Realistically, the Kia can appeal to potential model 3 buyers because many people don’t actually have the money to buy a model 3 (or Y). And to be honest, not even a Niro EV.

“Tesla Model 3 Potential Buyers Might Be Interested In Kia Niro EV”

Sad to see yet another article written with with the presumption that selling plug-in EVs is a zero-sum game. Every new BEV model is going to steal a lot more market share from gasmobiles than from other BEVs.

But if we pretend Niro EV sales and Model 3 sales are actually in competition, then this article ignores the elephant in the room: Availability. If Kia doesn’t make this car available in more than compliance car volumes, then it doesn’t matter much now many potential Model 3 buyers might be interested in the Niro.

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 puts it in the cat’s seat regarding the ability to ramp up volume production. That’s an advantage shared by no other EV maker except BYD.

Those auto makers which are actually interested in making BEVs in volume are going to do what Tesla has done: Partner with a battery maker to build high-capacity factories whose output is controlled by the auto maker, not by the battery cell maker.

Another Euro point of view

Seems like Kia and sister company Hyundai is currently ramping up production. Now while doing this they may still decide not to provide sufficient copies of those cars for the US market. Now this said according to my experience and recent feed back I got one should not expect a sophisticated drive train/suspension/precise road & wheels contact with this Kia, as opposed to Model 3 it seems not to be at all a driver’s car. There is a reason why it’s cheaper.

“Interested” but not able as only one of them is sold in Pennsylvania.

Advantages over similarly priced Model 3 RWD.

1. FWD and high ground clearance for winter driving.
2. Hatchback
3. Heads up display
4. Heated steering wheel
5. Heated/cooled seats
6. Apple/Google
7. Shipping now
8. $7,500 Federal Tax rebate.
9. Rear wiper

Park anywhere with less chances of your car being broken into. I would be too worried parking a Tesla to go hiking or at the beach.