Tesla Model 3 To Boost South Korea’s Electric Car Market



Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The eventual availability of the Tesla Model 3 in South Korea is expected to provide a big boost to the nation’s electric car market.

As Korea Times reports:

“The entry of Tesla Motors’ more affordable electric vehicle into South Korea next year is expected to boost domestic demand for EVs considerably in light of sharp consumer interest in the envisioned model, an expert said Monday.”

We’re not so sure the Model 3 will be available in South Korea next year (maybe they meant next, next year), but Tesla has promised to show-off the more affordable electric car there at some point in the future, and for sure it’ll boost the electric car market there and anywhere else it eventually gets sold.

Korea Times adds:

“In a report on the domestic EV market, Lee Hang-ku, a researcher at the state-run Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, said the Model 3 will likely spark domestic competition for electric cars and consumer interest.”

“The launch of the Model 3 in South Korea is expected to contribute significantly to a boost of domestic demand for EVs,” Lee said. “It will also intensify competition among EV makers and pique consumer interest.”

Yes, of course the Model 3 will be impactful. That’s a given, but will it be affordable enough outside of the U.S. (where a starting price has been promised (at some point) from $35,000) to sell in high volumes?

Source: Korea Times

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Korean culture typically follow the latest hip trend, so Tesla will make an impact, probably a large (or HUGE) one. I wonder how they’ll charge the car since most people live in high-rise condos. Whatever solution they come up with could be the model for other places where people live in high-rises.

You’re an expert on Korean culture as well? Wow.

There seems to be nothing you don’t know.

The model 3 will boost whole world’s EV market.

its easy to charge an EV if you live in a condo. Just need an RFID tag stuck next to a domestic level powerpoint.

Its very cheap, and effective.

it also helps to have a communal sense of the individuals duty.