Tesla Model 3 #1 Selling Plug-In Electric Car In Canada For September

OCT 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla Model 3 once again leads the Canadian plug-in market.

Plug-in electric car sales for September in Canada are estimated by at approximately 4,396, which translates to year-over-year growth of 93% at a market share of over 2.5%.

Top 5 Selling Plug-In Electric Cars: U.S. September 2018 Edition

The pace of growth slowed down as the generous $14,000 CAD incentive to purchase EVs in Ontario comes to an end (for cars ordered on or before July 11, the delivery needs to be completed by September 10). It means that October will bring much lower numbers.

So far this year, sales amounted to roughly 33,879 (up 159%).

The best selling model is the Tesla Model 3, at least according to preliminary estimations, with some 1,300 deliveries (about 1,000 less than its peak of 2,329 in June). Tesla deliveries are usually highest in the last month of the quarter.

Strong results of the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV enabled those two models to remain #1 and #2 after the first nine months of 2018.

The best selling plug-ins in Canada in September:

  • Nissan LEAF – 605 (4,481 YTD)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 554 (4,402 YTD)
  • Tesla Model 3 – expected 1,300 (4,295 YTD)

Source: Green Car Reports

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What happens in Canada in July? Tax payment?

Ontario removed the 14000$ incentive?

numbers surged in June because deliveries were pushed to Canada to avoid hitting the US federal tax credit threshold, slumped in July because Ontario cancelled EV rebate effective pretty much immediately for Tesla (Go rest of Canada!)

You are spot on.

In may, the gas when uo to 1.53 and pushed a lot of people to buy electric car. That could also be a factor

I remember a decade or two ago when gas prices were so low, almost free. 😉

I remember in 1988, gas was .25 cents a gallon in Tijuana. Across the border in Chula Vista it was .79 cents a gallon. Only difference was you didn’t know if Mexican gas was leaded or unleaded. Probably leaded. Come to think of it it was probably not 100% gas.

Where are the GM Bolt numbers?

Bolt? What’s a Bolt? They are as rare as hens teeth in Canada. Anyway, EV sales will tank once you see October numbers.

Volt (and Bolt?) sales were leading the EV pack in Canada for quite some time. Are they not reported just because we don’t get monthly numbers anymore, or did the sales decrease substantially?

1944 YTD for 2018.

Ha! “Tesla Model 3 – 4,295 YTD”! “Year To Date” equals (Maybe) “May” to September; at least 4 months less than the others! What is the equivalent time frame sales of the others, for reference?

The author of these reports hates Tesla with a passion. Quite bizarre actually: https://twitter.com/ElectronComm

Not even then…middle of May…for me, May 30.

Will the new center-right government of Avenir Quebec kill the C$8k Quebec EV incentive?

No, they will actually make the incentive higher.
They aren’t right they are center-right. Which for the rest of canada equals center left 😉

Nice to see Canada racking up sales of 4,396 units with Model-3 selling 1,300 units. I think their plugin market share will soon resemble that of USA.
North America (USA + Canada) is close to 50,000 mark.

Next month, Model-3 will become #1 in YTD sales.

I cant believe how many Model 3’s i’ve saw in the last month out here on Vancouver Island. considering they just started deliveries

Vancouver island is a microcosm of EV adoption. I see dozens of Leafs most days if I’m out driving.

I see so many in North Saanich, it’s crazy. For sure there are a lot on Vancouver Island in particular.