Tesla Model 3 – Best & Worst Video Review


Business Insider takes a Tesla Model 3 for a test drive and shares the good and the bad.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 frunk

Overall, Ben and Matt are happy with the whole package. They actually go so far as to call the Model 3 compelling. It’s not your typical four-door sedan with bland styling and lackluster performance.

Additionally, with a decent trunk and the extra “frunk” up front, there’s quite a bit of cargo capacity for a small, sporty car. BI says it gives you “SUV” functionality in a small sedan that’s fun to drive.

The guys from BI also speak to the Model 3‘s “very snappy acceleration, pretty good handling,” as well as the “beautiful, giant, panoramic roof, which doesn’t open.”

So, aside from the roof not opening, what are the “worst things about it”?

Honestly, they don’t really say anything negative. Of course, this is a loaded car, which they do point out, so it has features that a base vehicle won’t have. The fact that you can’t get the base vehicle is surely not a positive, and the minimalist interior and center-mounted touch screen will definitely take some getting used to, but that’s about it.

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Video Description via Tech Insider on YouTube:

We took the Tesla Model 3 out for a test drive. The Model 3 will be the least expensive of the Tesla models, with the most basic version starting at $35,000. The one we drove had a few upgrades, like a glass dome roof and some wooden interior details. It goes for $57,500. Following is a transcript of the video.

So, here we are, Ben and Matt from Business Insider in the Tesla Model 3. This is the only Tesla we really haven’t driven extensively at this point because it’s so new. We picked it up in Manhattan. We’ve shot over to New Jersey so we can play around with things like autopilot, which is on now. This is the car driving itself. Very snappy acceleration, pretty good handling.

Just from an enthusiast point of view, it’s not a boring four-door mass-market sedan. It’s exciting. It’s a good looking car. It is a Tesla so it has all that brand power, car of the future. Very minimalist interior, takes a little bit of getting used to. But it’s striking. I think a lot of people are gonna like it. The central touch screen here controls almost all vehicle functions. So, you do need to get used to that. But, it’s not gonna be unfamiliar to anyone who’s been in a Tesla.

This particular vehicle is $57,500. It’s not the $35,000 entry-level mass market Tesla that we’ve been talking about. We’re sitting in the upscale version of the car. They’re not even making the cheaper version of this vehicle yet. So, we’re getting the best possible impression of the car we can get. We’re getting nice seats. We’re getting a nice leather-wrapped steering wheel. You have the nice open-grain wood here in the front. You have the beautiful, giant, panoramic roof, which doesn’t open.

My immediate reaction is the complete package is very compelling. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a Model S that might be $100,000 or a Model X SUV that could get up to around $150,000. If you want an electric car that has a lot of range, this car has about 300 miles of range on a charge. If you’re just commuting, you’d be able to drive it around quite a bit during the week before you’d have to plug it in.

I think I kind of like the whole package. It has a trunk in the rear end of the car. Then, you’ve got a the or front trunk in the front. So, you actually get some SUV functionality. You can cram a lot of stuff into the car. So, you’re not really giving up the extra cargo holding ability you would have with a SUV by buying a sedan. This is a lot of fun to drive.

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I stopped reading when they said the frunk gave it SUV functionality.

That’s a shame. You missed a lot of details about how incredible is this car!

I know very well the capabilities of the car. It is a sedan for functionality, no SUV. When reviewers say silly things like that I tend to skip them.

I stopped reading when I saw “Viking79”

I stopped reading when 8 saw your u could not spell Brad’s name correctly.

“8 saw your u” ? lol!


The Doug review: pretty good.
I’d give it a higher score for looks: 9/10.

This was barely a “review”. I think he said, “People are going to like it” or “This is a lot of fun to drive” or “I kind of like the whole package” probably 2-3 times each. The only substantial things he said about the car were:

– Minimalist Interior / Screen controls everything
– 300 miles range
– $57.5k price tag
– Peppy acceleration / “pretty good” handling
– And, yeah, it has a frunk

Things I’d like to know are – Headroom, legroom, seat functions, actual storage space, handling or other performance (as compared to ….), visibility, height of driving position, noise level in car … etc.

Hey, Dan. So, having driven a Model S for five years and now a Model 3 for three months, here are a few thoughts:
— headroom is exceptional, both front and rear; as someone said in their review, “a perplexing amount of headroom”
— legroom and storage space are also surprisingly good for a car of this size; you can get the numbers here:
— forward visibility is the best I’ve ever seen (the seating position is moved forward and the windshield is huge), and rear visibility is… eh, okay
— height of driving position seems normal for a small sedan
— I personally can’t say with certainly whether the 3 is quieter or louder than the S, but it’s significantly quieter than a gas car
— handling and performance is, to me, preferable to the Model S. Admittedly, I had the base model 60, so no “ludicrous” acceleration, but this car feels extremely quick off the line and has much sportier, sharper, nimbler handling than the S. The S is a cushier ride for sure due to the air suspension, but I think the 3’s ride is exactly what you’d want in a sporty sedan.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Eric … I saw one review where a tall guy was impossibly bent in the back of the Model 3. I have some tall people in my family (I’m 6’4), so it could be a deal-breaker.