Tesla Model 3 Beats Just 6 Cars In Banana Box Test: Video

MAR 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 44

It’s not the proper banana box hauler, but it can take 17 if you need it to.

As deliveries in Norway are going up, Bjørn Nyland finally got a chance to conduct the banana box test of the Tesla Model 3.

The results are moderate, as the Model 3 was able to handle 6 boxes in the rear trunk and 17 total after folding seats and including one in the frunk. It’s enough to beat the Volkswagen e-Golf, but worse than the Opel Ampera-e, old and new Nissan LEAF, as well as the Hyundai IONIQ Electric.

Overall, the trunk capacity of the Tesla Model 3 is reasonable, but we would bet that a hatchback/liftback would be better froma practicality perspective.

Results (trunk / with folded seats):

VW e-Crafter: 156/156
Nissan e-NV200: 50/50
Model X 5 seater: 10+1/28
Model S pre-facelift: 8+2/24
Model X 6 seater: 9+1/23
Audi e-tron: 8/23
Kia e-Niro: 8/22
Model S facelift: 8/22
Nissan Leaf 2018: 7/21
Kia Soul EV: 6/21
Jaguar I-pace: 6/20
Hyundai Ioniq: 6/18
Nissan Leaf 2013: 5/18
Opel Ampera-e: 5/17
Tesla Model 3: 6/17
VW e-Golf: 5/16
Hyundai Kona: 5/16
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 3/16
VW e-up: 4/14
BMW i3: 4/14
Fiat 500e: 1/8

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I wonder how many banana boxes fit in a BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 sedans? I think comparing a sedan to hatchback for interior loading purposes is rather “fruitless.”

That’s true. However, at this time if you want an “affordable” EV with carrying capacity, Tesla doesn’t really offer one.

This is less a knock on Tesla than a symptom of a much-less-than mature market in EVs. In 5-10 years we ought to have a variety of affordable hatch EVs with plenty of range, access to a usable worldwide charging network, and availability everywhere (i.e. not just in carb states).

On the other hand, I hate things blocking the sight lines of my Rear View Mirror. Does the Leaf have the ability to run an Obstruction solving camera view equivalent in the Rear View Mirror?

That may be so, but then why is it that so many Tesla fans can see zero reason to buy a Chevy Bolt, or for that matter, any car other than a Tesla? There are comparisons of BEV to ICE cars and then there are comparisons of BEV to BEV. Some of us interested in buying a BMW 3 series, or an A4, or any other ICE powered car, so some of us might be more interested in the BEV to BEV comparisons.

I’m sorry about the news that the Model 3 isn’t the best at everything.

“I’m sorry about the news that the Model 3 isn’t the best at everything.”

Jealousy is very unbecoming of you.

No one car can possibly be the right car for everyone, no matter how good it is. That’s why there are hundreds of models of gasmobiles on the market, instead of just a handful.

It’s very strange how Tesla detractors and Tesla bashers keep trying to slam each Tesla model for not being all things to all people. Well, duh! of course no one model of car will appeal to everyone. If it could, then Tesla would make only one model!

The proper question isn’t whether or not the Model 3 will appeal to everyone; the proper question is just how much of the market Tesla can grab. And it looks like that’s quite a lot!
🙂 🙂 🙂

If the model 3 is targeting the BMW 3 Series Vehicles, MB C Class, and Audi S3/A4, that should be the first vehicles compared!

However, in this case, if you use a car to resupply your Grocery Store, this says, the Leaf is better than the Model 3! I guess, if you are not Moving too far, the Leaf is also the Winner as a moving van substitute, too!

What will these comparisons show, when Model Y is here?

The published number is wrong as to the Model 3. The count should be 7/16, not 6/17. The frunk holds a box even when the rear seats are up. This gives the Model 3 the same capacity with the seats up as the new Leaf, and more capacity than the Soul EV, Jaguar I-pace, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf 2013, Opel Ampera-e.

This miscount also discounts the article’s headline.

Here’s hoping that the Tesla Model Y Bjørn banana box test comes in around 8 / 24 next year.

I think it will easily fit 9 or possibly 10. Starting with the Model 3 as a baseline he actually fit 7 with the seats up but he didn’t count the frunk for some reason. Then if you simply removed the shelf over the back seats that separates the trunk from the back window essentially making it a hatch you could easily put another box or two there making it 8 or 9.

And the Model Y will certainly have a little more headroom in the back over the Model 3 so it’s possible you could stand 3 boxes on edge on top of the 3 boxes he stood on edge in the trunk making it 10.

The 5 seater X is 10+1, so it’s a bit optimistic to expect 10 from the Y, IMO. Matching the e-Tron’s 8 would be good enough.

I’m more interested in the folded seats total, as it’s a good indication of interior space.

That’s more than the current (facelifted) Model S. Although the Model Y will be a crossover, so it’s possible.

Model Y shipped to Norway next year? Not likely. I’d say 2021 at the earliest.

Love the banana box test!

Yes, it’s a very clever upgrade to the banana size-comparison that’s become an internet meme. 🙂

Well, at least banana box sizes are consistent.

I need to be able to carry at least 18 banana boxes. This is a no go for me.

If you want the Model 3, you can buy a huge skibox for the roof.. if that is possible. Will KILL range though.

Just add a 3rd party trailer hitch and a cargo box on the back. 🙂

Not gonna help the range, though.

(The photo linked below shows one mounted on a hinged tongue, swung out to allow access to the hatch/trunk.)


Aftermarket Accessories Hitch, and Hitch Mount Luggage Platform! Ta Da!

Or you could look at it that the Model 3 is superior over the Kona, e-Golf, Ampera-e, 13 Leaf and equal to the I-pace, Ioniq and Soul in the normal configuration with the seats up. That is saying a lot since the Model 3 is the only hatchless sedan on the list and the others in order to reach full capacity have to pile cargo up to the ceiling blocking the rear view. Plus although the banana box test is cute and all it really isn’t a practical test of cargo volume. To test that one uses what is normally hauled when one is making maximum use of the cargo volume with seats up and passengers which is luggage. There are full sized suitcases, medium and various carry on bags as well as backpacks, etc. Using a banana box dimension is stupid when carmakers design the trunk/hatch space making use of dimensions tied to luggage. You could have a trunk with wide and deep but shallow height that has more cargo volume than a hatch that is shallow in depth but tall in height but still have the hatch hold more banana boxes based on the arbitrary and unique dimensions… Read more »

Also the chart is wrong. He fit one banana box in the frunk and 6 in the trunk which makes it 7 not 6. That puts it equal with the new Leaf, I-pace, Ioniq and Soul. Why isn’t he counting the frunk when it actually carries something unlike the others? So with seats up it “beats just” only 11 other EVs.

Interesting I’m getting down voted for pointing out facts. I would be interested to know what is incorrect about what I posted about cargo volume and how it is designed and trunk vs. hatch volume and visibility.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with what you pointed out. Its just that some folks just don’t want to hear positive things about the Tesla.

Accidental clicking with smartphone or tablets maybe 🙂

I think it’s roomier than our Mercedes B250 when you consider not wanting to obstruct the window. It must have better ground clearance too at 5.5 inches. Still humming and hawing over 3 vs Y and living arrangements to either move where we can plug in or get condo board approval for EV Level 2 charger at our spot. We want to move anyway, so probably move… I can’t wait!

It’s not that your facts are wrong, it’s that you’re trying to turn something fun into an exercise in math.

Chill out and relax, dude.

“Using a banana box dimension is stupid…”

Humor… a difficult concept.


I have my bananas delivered by Amazon prime anyways…… 🙂

Does Amazon deliver in banana boxes?

Because EVERYDAY you’re apt to put banana boxes in the boot – I did 3x in a fortnite! (what silliness)

There was a shortage of dead bodies so he went for boxes…seriously dude, the test is fine.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Meh, don’t care about banana boxes.
I care about how many 10inch subwoofers I can cram inn the car………..LMAO

Real man care of number of sixpacks.

Disclaimer: I’m not a real man.

Can’t believe e-Tron does only marginally better than e-Nero. Guess looks are deceiving!

This ignores the space in the frunk and the well below the trunk.

Why is European best-seller Renault Zoé not included?

Maybe you can’t get any banana boxes it? LOL! Just kidding.

Good question.. will probably come soon.
It’s not a car you use if you have lots of luggage. I used one for a week, and for everyday things like to and from work, to and from activities for the kids it works fine. Can handle gym bags and groceries too. I even managed to fit 2 huge scuba diving sets with tanks, BCDs, drysuits and what not.
Don’t think it will fit that many bananaboxes though.
With a trailer hitch it would be even more useful.
I had one negative thing to say about it, and that was reflections from the dash in the windscreen. That is sorted with a dark dash.
The interior is cheap, but as expected for the price.
It is a car that does the job for many people. Range is more then enough too.

My thought is, Bjorn needs schtick to keep pumping out videos. I am a big fan of Bjorn, but I also am a realist. Making compelling videos have gotten Tesla online stalwarts much rewards including “free” Founders Edition Model Xs and new $200,000+ Roadster 2s.

Guys like Ben Sullens of Teslanomics or Bjorn have to keep the onine vlog content flowing. If that means squishing fruit and vegetables (Sullens & Co.) or pulling a Semi truck (Bjorn) using their Teslas, so be it. Unfortunately, no matter how ridiculous the subject matter, it does effect Tesla in some way. I feel most people will realize that a sedan with a trunk will have a different duty cycle than a hatchback or a crossover SUV. I think it’s clever for Bjorn to use banana boxes, even though most cargo needs are not 17 equally-sized rectangular boxes. If that were so, I’d think a delivery van or something more specifically designed for that duty would be in order

If you work for a banana company, and are regulary called to deliver 20 banana boxes, this is the test for you. In that case, perhaps the Kona or Niro EV are more suited for your needs.

Otherwise, the new kid on the block is the Standard or Standard Plus Model 3. Why wait around and hope you won’t get price gouged ( that is happening now in the USA ) for a Kona, Soul, Niro or Ioniq EV as they are meted out in tiny quantities where ZEV credits and CARB requirements abound? Niro and Kona EV are compliance plays and Tesla’s website now says there is only a 2 – 4 week wait to receive your base or Standard Plus Model 3. Being that the S. Korean compliance FWD subcompact/compacts are now more expensive, AND their performance windows are far less – It seems an easy decision to pull the trigger on that beautiful sleek Model 3.

That is, unless you have lots of banana boxes to haul around.

If Made In USA matters to you, and I do realize most consumers SAY it matters, but in reality when they pull out their checkbooks, they go for the best value, regardless of where their big budget item is made. So be it. Still, the Standard and Standard Plus Model 3, MADE IN USA and promised in 2-4 weeks from order- is almost a no-brainer. It’ll be interesting to see if and when Hyundai/KIA respond. GM? Now the rubber meets the road for all these guys. Think about it – Elon Musk has called their bluff. Will they rise to compete, or will they sit on their current compliance hands and eke out a few thousand EVs in certain states and just watch as Tesla grows? I laugh as I imagine boardrooms today – The Beancounters at ICE OEMs saying, “Tesla can’t pull this off – they’re doomed!” And the managers and dept. heads on the other side of the table saying, “Yeah, b-but what if they do?” Musk has really upped the pressure on ICE OEMs to put their EV money where their mouths are. If GM, Hyundai/KIA and others drop the prices of their EVs accordingly, they’ll have… Read more »

So after the Model Y perhaps we’ll see a Model 3 Estate/Shooting Break?

“one in the frunk” yet one day before, in the Polestar 2 comparison article, you claimed that the Tesla model 3 frunk had 425 l capacity – an absurd large size, in reality the frunk is only 85 l. Please correct it!