Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot, Plus New Walkaround Video

Tesla Autopilot


Nothing like a good Tesla Model 3 Autopilot video.

Yea, yea … it’s Erik again. He obviously wasn’t joking when he said he was going to have the Tsportline Model 3 for one day and take advantage by making a whole bunch of videos for us. We can’t imagine there will be that many more of these since there’s not much remaining for Erik to cover.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot – Erik has a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Erik sets this one up as a “how to” video. He clears up the functions of the drive stalk and the fact that there are not three stalks (like the Model S and X), but only two. This means that the Autopilot controls are included on the same stalk as the Drive, Reverse, and Neutral controls.

This all takes a little getting used to since a different amount of “bumps” in different directions decides your fate, and you have to use the touch screen to change your speed when using traffic aware cruise control. “Two bumps down” in rapid succession activates Autopilot. And, of course, Eric must show us what “four bumps down” does (rainbow road complete with a little too much cowbell).

The video doesn’t give us a very good idea how the Model 3 fares on Autopilot because Erik is just driving in moderate traffic on the freeway. He’s also somewhat apprehensive to experiment too much since it’s not his car, and many features are still not fully updated. However, after watching the video, you should feel pretty confident about how to operate it.

Bonus: Check out this brand-new Tesla Model 3 walkaround video below, posted by our good friend and former InsideEVs contributor, Mike Anthony.

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The “First Impressions and Review” video is a random Model 3 the guy found in a parking lot and deciding to video. Really?

Say what you want, at least Eric’s video was new and useful.

Pretty. Want. Now.

Remember those loud, incessant complaints about the dashboard and lack of traditional instrument cluster?

Remember the constant refrain that the touchscreen was “weird” (apparently a serious offense) and “like an iPad stuck on” and needed “integration” into the dashboard?

Remember the hilarious make-believe scenarios about how the screen would be”ripped out” by random passing thieves who we’re assured “steal anything they can”? Or how owners’ kids would accidentally tear it out of the dashboard on the way to soccer?

Can you ? them now?

I’m glad Tesla chose to ignore these angry pleadings for more banality please. The interior looks awesome!

And who can remember the cries for a fake front grille because “there’s nothing there”?

The single display was/is a cost cutting measure. Say what you want, but it’s a compromise many drivers will not like. If you’re designing a car for the general population you don’t add polarizing features.

Unlike the model S/X that were sold in a market with no real competition the model 3 will not have that luxury and had to stand on its own merits. It’s already lost the MT Car of the Year award. That doesn’t mean a lot, but it shows it’s not going to get a free ride because it’s a Tesla.

Looks like crap.

good I’ll take yours.