First-Ever Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Video Surfaces


The first-ever video showing a Tesla Model 3 being operated with Autopilot switched on has surfaced on the Internet.

Yes, it suffers from vertical-video syndrome, but it provides us with an exclusive first look at Autopilot in action on the Model 3.

As you’ll see in the video, Autopilot action is located on the left side of the car’s main (and only) interface screen. Autopilot is activated via the gear selector.

The all-too-brief video doesn’t provide us with a feel for Autopilot’s overall functionality in the 3, but at least we now have proof it’s there and that it works to some degree.

Video description:

Autopilot engaged on Model 3

Video credit: Bill Lee

Source: Back To Reality via Tesla Model 3 Owners On Facebook

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The Tesla Model3 interior looks like a rush job:

1) over-promise on future FSD = bad design for manual driving

2) no usability testing (especially annoying for upcoming RHD versions, everything has to be done with the left hand)

3) missing HUD (which would complement the big screen and allow for a lower/vertical placement as in the S or X).

PS: As usual, the Tesla fanboys will deny all of these issues and call me a troll.

1) is a direct Musk imperative:

“The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

This means Model3 drivers will suffer for years before FSD (maybe) becomes a thing around the world due to slow-moving regulation etc.

One could always re-design the Model3 interior then…but NO, let’s do it in 2017 because of FSD pipe dreams that are years off.

I see why you are posting so much recently.

“Tesla Inc.’s price target was lifted to $411 per share from $368 on Monday by Baird Equity Research, whose analysts advised against shorting shares of the company ahead of the Model 3 production ramp. Reiterating an outperform rating on the electric-car maker, senior research analyst Ben Kallo had this to say:

“In our our opinion, TSLA is not a good short headed into the Model 3 ramp as we continue to believe upcoming catalysts will drive shares higher, and TSLA remains a top pick for 2017.”

Nix, what a good quuote.

Do you know Ben Kallo?

The very same Ben Kallo worked for the biggest Ponzi scheme in history (Stanford Financial). Now he pumps $TSLA . He looks like a visionary spotter indeed 🙂

Google it you don’t believe me.

If you don’t like Ben, Morgan Stanley also put their bull target at over $500/share too. And Morgan Stanley infamously predicted no Model 3 until 2019. Boy have they been way too conservative with their calls!!

But here’s Ben’s actual record on calling Tesla shares. He’s slaughtered all you shorters, with a 74% success rate:

But most of all, thanks for confirming that you really don’t give a damn about Tesla as a company or about EV’s. Thanks for showing everybody yet again that your only concert is about shorting TSLA shares.

Keep it up, it only sinks your credibility, and shows that your intent is to derail legitimate conversation about the story.

Which is about…

Wait for it….


You brought up Ben Kallo.

The number of “correct” stock calls in a late-stage bull market is a joke.

Everybody was a genius back back in 1999-2000 and 2005-2007 – when a tide lifts all boats.

Wait for the next correction, then you will see who is swimming naked.

To back to Model3 interiors again. Wait for long-term, unbiased “real” reviews of the touch screen UI – not short demo rides in a controlled environment.

You may be a troll, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

While I don’t think I’d have any problem using my left or right hand, others may not feel the same. What I really don’t want to do is have to look at a screen for common operations. Buttons and knobs rule. Still, many people don’t seem to care.

Well, it’s not just my opinion.

See what this site wrote about a HUD a year ago:

Once again, Musk overpromised with a “spaceship like UI”, nothing happened.

A screen awkwardly floating in mid-air away from the driver would have only made sense IF an additional HUD was added for the driver.

I don’t know RHD cars much, but don’t they already use their left hands for everything? Like shifting gears, radio, A/C, etc.

I’ve always said I hate when the speedometer is in the middle of dashboards, so the Model 3 didn’t help that. The Mini, Quest, etc, hate it.

Yes, but the 3 makes it even worse because everything is on that stupid floating screen.

Other cars have basic info in front of the driver and knobs/buttons on the steering wheel.

Then buy another car.

He never had any intention of buying a Tesla anyways. It is all Concern trolling as part of a long-established pattern of posting that displays the intent to derail every discussion off-topic.

What is hilarious here Nix is how all the shorters, shills, and haters heads are already starting to explode AND the Model 3 hasn’t even started mass production.

Fast forward 6 months and there will be some very sad serial anti-Tesla trolls here like Bro, trolltftf, needa etc.

Yeah I don’t fit into any of those definitions. I fit in the realist category. The guy that buys a car to own for ten years, not six months. The guy that is capable of being a fan without being an ‘all-out fanboy’. The guy that just wants his car to work.
Tftf isn’t wrong in what he said on his first post. You guys just gang up to pounce, because nobody is allowed to have an opinion that isn’t the same as yours.

Use of voice commands to minimize the need to look at, or touch, the screen

Hey, you’re stealing my thunder! Lol

I would describe, more accurately, as an unpleasant rumble.

I think it should have a HUD too.
Some people will put after-market ones in. I know I would.

You are a troll, tftf. Why try to deny it? It’s why you’re posting here. When you’ve gone to so much time and effort to established yourself as an anti-Tesla FUDster and troll, both here and on Seeking Alpha and elsewhere, why try to deny the reputation you’ve worked so tirelessly to create? Aren’t you proud of your trollish accomplishments? (Altho I rather doubt you’re proud of all the money you’ve lost shorting Tesla stock!)

That’s not to say that everything you post is a lie intended to disrupt meaningful discussion; just most of it.

For example, your assertion that Tesla performed “no usability testing” on the TM3 is very obviously contrary to fact. You can’t possibly be clueless enough to believe that is true, and most likely you’re once again merely regurgitating B.B. created by other anti-Tesla trolls. You must like the taste.

Gee, who should we believe, that car magazine test drive reports where actual drivers actually drive the Model 3 and say it is amazing?

Or a self-admitted trolling investor who shorts TSLA stock to make money, WHO HAS NEVER DRIVEN ONE?

Go play on the highway with scissors. This is just yet another transparent attempt to divert the topic away from the actual topic of the story.

Come on now. First time in a Model 3 with all of the hype around it, not to mention they get the exclusives. Does anyone really think it would be anything but ‘glowing’?

yawn. Considering Tesla’s history of massively high customer satisfaction, far above the vast majority of car makers, and the high praise from the vast majority of reviews for the Model S long after it first came out, no.

It just burns you guys to the soul that people who actually drive Tesla cars tend to love them and end up disappointed when they have to go back to driving an ICE car. So predictable. So predictable.

Those same people are the ones willing to wait for months and months to get their Tesla fixed. Something that no other buyer would stand for. Something that they wouldn’t stand for if it weren’t a Tesla.

I’ve been watching used Model S’s.

The CPO site is simple to select AP as it’s right at the bottom of the main page add.

Cheapest MS w/ AP1 is 72K$. Loaded Model 3 is 56,500 minus the tax break…..and that’s with a 310 mile range!

I think this is best Model 3 video I have seen. Makes me want to get one.

Ever notice how little footage there is of black Model 3’s?

…it’s because black sells itself, (=

Yeah, cause it’s so cheap. -1k over colors. I suppose you would call it a value.
@Nix Yeah cause who wants a Black one?


Heck, I thought I’d set up Jay with a perfect “Black cars go too fast to be caught on camera” joke… *grin*

lol Nix,

To ffbj, it isn’t that colors cost $1,000 more than black. It’s a punitive fee – like a gas tax…but for people with bad taste, and who will be getting less miles/kwh in a non-black car


From a purely scientific perspective, this is a very well designed display.

Instead of having to move your eyes between two different screens to monitor speed, autopilot operation, and navigation, it is all on one screen with the information sorted in the correct order. When a driver turns their eyes from the road, they first see speed, then autopilot, then next navigation instruction, then map overview, then operations for cabin comfort.

This is a bit of a paradigm shift for some drivers who have never used NAV, and haven’t monitored autopilot. So certainly there will be growing pains for people who have done nothing but look at speed (and maybe RPM) for decades. They will have a learning curve. But for the purpose of building a more efficient visual scan for speed/autopilot/next nav instruction, this appears to be very well done with a tight visual grouping.

Yes, technology changes. And normal people change with the technology. Certainly there is always grumbling when switching technologies from 100% manual operation to driving with autopilot assist and NAV.

Is there anything Tesla has done that you DON’T agree with?

I’m pretty sure the answer is “NO”, but I figured I’d ask for entertainment value.

Same answer if you asked it to yourself and replaced agree with argue.

Your question was not particularly entertaining either, but that’s subjective.
Some people are easily amused.

Bro — Obvious trolling obviously ignored.

If you actually have any information about the optical scan path from speed –> autopilot –> NAV, feel free to contribute.