Tesla Model 3 Autopilot In The Snow: Video

JAN 29 2019 BY MARK KANE 5

Winter is one of the worst case scenarios for driving automation

One of the Tesla Model 3 owners tested and demonstrated Autopilot in snowy conditions and roads with no lines visible.

The results are foreseeable, as Tesla is able to maintain its position within the lane most of the time, but the number of fails is way higher than in normal driving conditions.

In other words, dealing with Autopilot reminds us more of babysitting. We, however, note the current stage of progress to have a reference for the upcoming Autopilot 3.0, which maybe will bring significant improvements towards autonomous driving.

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I hope that was kilometers on the screen and not miles!

Fairly impressive considering how poorly the road is marked. I’m still wondering how full autonomy will work in ALL conditions (like these)? Must be relying heavily on GPS for full autonomy?

I can not state how dangerous this was. All it would have taken is one small amount of ICE, tire hitting a little deeper snow to send this off in a direction the driver would have had to deal with very quickly. Also it looks like the vehicle was just following the semi-cleared lane where cars had kept the lanes cleaner. In a lot of the cases it was straddling the actual lane.

AP or not, this involved some idiotic* driving, regarding the speed.

* If you do this on public roads in traffic this is the correct word, sorry.

This person was an idiot. I can’t believe he was “beta testing” the feature on public road without the regard for safety. Seriously, the close call to the snow plow was clearly showing that AP wasn’t really in control. It basically reads the snow collected on the road as “lanes” and tried to stay in it. Occasionally it would mistake the snow from the opposite direct as lane markings.

This is completely dangerous and should never be done in public. This video is actually harmful to the progress of self driving by showing “other idiots” the false sense of capability so they would go out and abuse the system and cause accidents. That will actually in turn damage the reputation of the progress made in self driving technologies…