Tesla Model 3 Autopark In Action – Video


Autopark In Progress

After some calibration, this Tesla Model 3 performs perpendicular Autopark, a recently released feature on Tesla’s newest car.

The calibration, or recalibration process, requires that one drives the car for up to 50 miles on straight, or somewhat straight, well-marked roads so that the sensors can be retrained following an update sent out recently by Tesla.

Once this is complete, such features as Autopark should function as expected.

Though cool, the feature still seems somewhat useless as it takes quite a bit of time to perform the parking task. Additionally, it doesn’t quite seem to get it right on the first attempt either.

This video comes courtesy of stannous2 T. The same fella who presented us with other Model 3 videos, including:

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So that means they caught up to the option package on the VW Atlas then. Good for them.

And after another OTA update or two the Model 3 will be better then the VW Atlas.

Since the Atlas and basically every other car doesn’t do OTA updates this makes Tesla the clear winner as it will be improved while those other cars remain static.

What makes you think those cars couldn’t be Updated at one of thousands of dealership service locations?

How many vehicles have you had that did get such updates at their service? For me it has been zero, but I’m not driving anything exotic or expensive, so maybe BMW or Mercedes do this sort of thing.
My Leaf had one update and I couldn’t tell any difference except it feels like regen is less than what it was, so actually a negative update.

“What makes you think those cars couldn’t be Updated at one of thousands of dealership service locations?”

Ummm… might it be the fact that other than Tesla, auto makers almost never do OTA updates for their cars? In fact, the overwhelming majority of non-Tesla cars couldn’t be updated that way even if the auto maker wanted to.


I don’t understand why anyone would want to use this when it is so tediously slow – surely most drivers would do this themselves in less than half the time?!? If you could get out of the car and it then went to park itself nearby however it’d be a different matter. (But that takes level 5, basically, even if it’s just a short drive at low speed.) Then you would simply summon the car when ready to leave, and you’d be picked up either in the same spot or somewhere else as suits you best. I don’t recall exactly when I first saw a car park itself being demoed, but I’m sure it was well before 2010. The same goes for AEB (automatic emergency braking), by the way. Considering how Musk talks about the imminent future of fully autonomous cars I find it curious that whatever progress has been made in the last decade is so subtle as to be invisible! One thing’s for sure: I don’t want to shell out for autopilot tech without a firm deadline for when I’ll get level 5 autonomy, meaning both that the car has it and it’ll be legal to use in… Read more »

I think it’s more interesting in the VW application because that’s a big vehicle that’s hard to park and is targeted at soccer moms. Presumably the M3 is pretty easy to work with at the outset and it’s of less absolute benefit.

You are not old enough to need it but some people are.
Also you never had to wait for that lady (will not mention ethnicity) for 5 min in the shopping center parking lot until she is done with her maneuvers…

A story about real time statistics web sites:

I worked for a company that was a runaway success and was growing by leaps and bounds. To advertise this, somebody in HR had created a “real time” counter of the total employment in the company, in graph form. It was totally automated.

Apparently the web page got forgotten. Along comes a recession, and mass layoffs. People start to email around — “go look… at the page”. What it shows is a horror. The employment in the company is diving like a rock.

As the email propagated, at some point it must have hit HR like a hot poker into water. The page now said “page not found”. Game over.

Real time statistics can be a double edge sword.

No wonder car prices skyrocket, self drive, self park, what is nest self wash?
This is all getting a out of hands, it would be time to have a pragmatic car builder that makes a car again instead of a gizmo gadget thing. All these useless lazy things are just driving up cost and make ev unaffordable. In the end this start to become just what the oilies desire expensive ev so that ice can continue mass sales.

The base 2018 Kia Rio has crank windows and a manual transmission. Hard to beat for basic value.

I rather mean a great looking ev with room, electric windows and airco and even a 4KW 230v power outlet but not all those electronic gadgets. On the other hand basics like a tow hitch would be present as well as really usefull functions like instant high power resistor windscreen defrost. in short usefullness not gadgets. Even if that notion can be relative, self parking is for a driver not seen as usefull since you are supposed to be able to park to get your driving license.

Completely agree. I think Tesla should have spent all the autopilot money on something else. I personally would prefer an i-miev with a better battery and save all the useless tech. Kia for instance has taken the stance of not putting navigation in its new cars. They rightly assume you can just use android auto and your phone.

Like some other videos I have seen, it looks like the Model 3 has a poor turning circle. The reversing lines don’t turn much, that will be a factor in how much effort it takes to park.