Tesla Model 3 Arrives: 215 Miles Of Range, $35,000 – Full Details

APR 1 2016 BY JAY COLE 213

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Introduces The Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Introduces The Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Arrives - With "At Least" 215 Miles Of EPA Range

The Tesla Model 3 Arrives – With “At Least” 215 Miles Of EPA Range

Late Thursday night in Hawthorne, California at Tesla’s Design Studio, CEO Elon Musk introduced the much anticipated Tesla Model 3.

And most importantly, it did not disappoint.  Tesla delivered on all counts promised, and then some.

With a sleek and familiar style to everyone who is acquainted with the Model S, X (and even the Roadster platform), the Model 3 continues in that same style, and it does it with “at least an EPA 215 miles” of range.  (And no, there was not any battery capacity/kWh specs mentioned)

The Tesla CEO was also quick to point out that the long-promised price-point of $35,000 was also still in play, thanking those in attendance for their support in buying the Model S and Model X in the past – a deed which Mr. Musk says helped fund the company get to a point where it was able to deliver the lower costing Model 3 to the wider public.

First Look At The Tesla Model 3!

First Look At The Tesla Model 3!

Tesla Model 3 Hits The Stage!

Tesla Model 3 Hits The Stage!

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash

The window for first deliveries stay consistent, with the CEO stating the end of 2017 is still in play.

And as for other better options (petrol or electric) available from other car companies at that point?  Musk says there won’t be any.

“You will not be able to buy a better car for $35,000, even with no options,” Musk told an adoring crowd.

Foreshadowed earlier by the company, not everything was revealed in “part 1” of the launch, but we do know that the base car will do 0 to 60 mph in “less than” 6 seconds.  As for other, sportier versions, there will be some – and they will go “much faster”.

The reason for not revealing all the premium features is likely due to the fact that the Model 3 is some ~21 months away from first deliveries, and Tesla would like to sell as many Model S sedans as it can in the meantime…an announcement of a sub 4 second Model 3 today would only serve to damage the Model S sales in the interim.

Tesla Model 3 - In Glorious Black

Tesla Model 3 – In Glorious Black

Tesla Model 3 In Red

Tesla Model 3 In Red

Autopilot hardware comes equipped on all Model 3 purchases.

All cars will also have Supercharging as standard, of which Musk says the company will double the amount of Supercharger by the time the Model 3 launches – more than ~7,200 points, while “Destination” charge points will quadruple.

Perhaps in a little dig to the only (as yet) announced competition to the Tesla Model 3 – the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Elon Musk stated that the Model 3 seated 5 passengers comfortable, noting that “comfortably is the important part here”.

Taking Off In A Model 3!

Taking Off In A Model 3!

Right around midnight (eastern time), Tesla announced that they had taken 115,000 deposit reservations at company stores worldwide – a number higher than most total estimate for the Model 3 for the entire upcoming month.

Update: About 2 hours after start of the Model 3 debut, the reservation tally totalled more than ~150,000 thanks to company’s live reservation tracker.

Shortly after the event Tesla opened their “Model 3” portal on its webpage, which doesn’t offer much in the way of information, but does allow one a place to continue to put down a deposit reservation on Tesla’s hot new offering.

Video (below): Re-Broadcast Of Live Tesla Model 3 Debut in Hawthorne, California

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I am SOoo happy..

Get this .., Can’t buy a better car for $35,000.00…I say.FACT, But, You can spend more & buy/get much Less for More Money…ie: i3….Bolt…Leaf & others just to name a few…Spend More & get Less! …Doesn’t that make a lot of sense!

Really EV when was the last time Tesla came in on time and on budget? Answer: Never. First quarter 2016 they reported less than 15k cars built and delivered. Ok 300k devided by 15k = 20 quarters to empty the ques plus another 4-7 quarters to start production. That’s between 6.5 to 7 years wait.

You missed the part where the model 3 is designed to be much easier to build than the S or the X. History is not always such a great indicator of the future.

Bring it on!

No Big 3 thinking here, worrying about “making it too good” and undermining their luxury sales. It’s better looking than the X. My reservation is probably #112,000. Maybe shoulda camped out after all!

Tastes are really different for each person. For me a would rather like a front “a la” Tesla X. Maybe it will be refine until the time of production. Whatever, I will wait for the Y to have a baby X in the garage!

Better than the huge black grilles of new cars mimicking hydrogen’s mandatory air intakes. The exact opposite. Distinctive, smart, but a little unsusual.. Shall we say disruptive? 🙂

I agree. Those new front “cheese grater” front grills are ridiculous.



New look is great look like some girls new LIPS.
You just wish to give them a KISS 🙂

Well done Tesla team great design !

Have 2 Tesla model S and have ordered 2 Model3 !

I wonder if Spiegel, Niedermeyer, Wahlman, tftf, sven….have changed their shorts yet.

Do you mean stock options or laundry


Well, if they didn’t exit from the former, they’ll certainly need to change the latter tomorrow!

Talk about a short squeeze…

Go Tesla!



Good one.


LOL! Damn you Elon Musk!

Where is the most important detail: battery size?

sufficient to go 215 miles EPA

My estimation is 3.8miles/kWh combined EPA. And needing 60kWh for 212 miles EPA. So battery will be minimum something between 55-65kWh. My bet is for 60kWh.

Since Elon gave us the estimated range but not the kWh capacity, I’d guess they are allowing for some alterations to pack size to make sure the car has a nominal 215 mile range. Let’s hope that’s EPA rated range, but no EV maker, including Tesla, has a good track record of citing real-world range.

The rule of thumb is that as a plug-in EV approaches actual production, estimated driving range drops and price increases. (GM’s promise of range for the Bolt appears to be an exception, as they promised ~208 EPA rated miles. At least, we hope it’s so!)

Here’s hoping Tesla can avoid either of those things from being true of the Model ≡. In this more competitive price range, Tesla would best avoid any increase in base price, after having re-affirmed that price so many times… and Tesla knows it.

My 2013 Volt is rated for 38 miles. I get 42 miles with 50% being highway. Pure city driving I always get over 50.

I don’t know about other EVs, but my research on the Volt tells me that the stated EPA electric range is a floor, not a ceiling.

Some of us have not forgotten GM claiming “230 MPG” in the early days of Volt sales.

GM may have “gotten religion” lately — very lately — about honesty in EV advertising, but at best their track record is certainly no better than any other EV maker’s.


True, but I am getting 737 mpg, plus the electricity of course. The ad was realistic if you make a minimal effort to keep the car charged.


The Bolt now looks like a very expensive golf cart.

Very nicely put put put….L M A 0

…and some of us recognize that the 230MPG number was based on a draft proposal by EPA, since they didn’t finish their spec in time.

Also, many, many, many Volt owners travel more than 230 miles and use less than a tank of gas. Voltstats.net shows these people.

There’s no need to twist the story to make GM sound like the bad guy here before EPA released the MPGe format.

Let GM be the bad guy for shutting down Tesla stores and bribing politicians to install laws preventing Tesla’s spread. 😉

Ha…watching the model 3 reveal online last night I could just imagine all the other car company bosses and execs going silent as the 3 model 3s rolled out…haha, do you think Bob Lutz is going to do an interview on what he thinks of tesla?

Well, Musk said at least an EPA rating of 215.

And, yes, like the Model S, the production model ended up faster with longer range than the original reveal promised.

However, price cannot change. They’ve been saying $35k for years – now is not the time to renege.

265 miles is a longer range than what was touted in the original Model S “reveal”?

Citation, please?

So far as I recall, Tesla touted the Model S as a “300 mile” BEV right from the start.

I recall differently. Tesla never told the public 300 miles for the S.

They did tell CARB it would get 300 mi on their LA4 cycle, qualifying it for more ZEV credits. The S85 did achieve this from the first car sold.


Tesla billed it as a 300 mile EV, at a steady, level highway speed of 55mph. Then the EPA cycles knocked it down to a realistic 265 miles.

The fact is, however, that the Model S *does* go 300 miles at a steady highway speed of 55 mph.

The EPA cycles represent different behavior. I do mostly hilly city driving and I get the EPA rated 265 miles.

“Let’s hope that’s EPA rated range, but no EV maker, including Tesla, has a good track record of citing real-world range.”

Elon was very careful and very clear in saying “215 miles EPA-rated range” and not just “215 miles”. Ain’t over til it’s over, but there was no weasel room whatsoever in the announcement.

My assumption is that the 215 is a hard minimum they know that they can hit, and that the actual number will depend on progress on cost and density.

Yep, that’s how I interpreted it – Musk said that they expect to beat those numbers.

And, they did.

Where did you read this Bolt ‘208 mi’ range promise? Hasn’t GM stated, ad nauseam, that the Bolt will have an ‘estimated’ more than 200 miles of range. Did an exec slip and give that target 208 number?

Depends on how you drive, and some other factors. But it’s the same with ICE cars.
Nothing strange about that.

Hugh difference in driving technics.

Technically, Elon said that “Autopilot Safety Features” will be included on all Model 3 cars. So, just like the Model S, the hardware will all be there, but you have to pay to play for the “Autopilot Convenience Features”.

I can live with the nose of the car, which will likely be a controversial feature. However, I’m more concerned with the interior. I hate the lack of instruments directly in front of the driver and I have the same concern about the Model 3. One thing that could save it is a good full color HUD for critical information. I would pay extra for that if there was no instrument panel on the base model.

+1 agree about dash in front of the driver. I like something right in front of the driver.

Old fashion.
This is a new school product.
In 5 years all cars will look like this.
Tesla shows the way like Apple did.

Yes, base Model 3 will have automatic breaking,lane watch assist etc.

“Supercruise” self driving will be extra.

I am sure the interior is the part that will “evolve.”

That touchscreen in open space is not ergonomic.

I love the nose. Old Jaguar/Aston Martin without the faux grill.

Do not “love” C pillar but they made the right business decision in going with rear seat headroom over sexy profile.

Yup. The world has enough 4-door coupes.

I love the nose and I love the utilitarian interior even more! Its like from a japanese animation!

I also heard loud and clear that “autopilot hardware” and autopilot safety features would be standard for all Model 3’s, just like for the S. However “autopilot convenience features,” like auto steer and ACC, will be optional, just like for the S.

I think Jay is misinterpreting Elon’s autopilot statement, and needs to listen to it again, and hopefully update the article.

Elon did say that supercharger use would be standard on all Model 3’s, just like for the S.


I’m sure Tesla fans love it. I hope for their sake the display is redesigned.

Tesla probably wants to rethink that front.

The front is fine. They need to rethink that interior, especially the dashboard.

The front is toooo much copied from Porsche. Lack of own design line.

Too much lack of sense.

I see British design not Porsche.

Own unique design would be jarring to the mainstream buyer Tesla is looking for.

People would be screaming “weirdmobile” if Tesla did something groundbreaking.

Tesla needs to sell 300k plus units per year.

Let backseat designers yell “copy cat.”


The front is gorgeous! New bold look. Nice work Tesla

The clean design of the front looks great, but it’s difficult to imagine license plate on the front without ruining it. Maybe they need more details on the front to blend in the plate.

Chris O said:

“Tesla probably wants to rethink that front.”

I don’t care for all that blank, almost flat area on the nose either, but that’s the same thing Tesla did with the Model X, so I guess the like the look.

If Tesla wanted to ditch the nosecone, I would have preferred a more torpedo-shaped nose, like the Saleen Model S aftermarket mod.

I could live with that!

I agree. That flat nosecone is the one thing that bugs me about the Model 3 so far, and the Saleen nosecone is the one thing they got right about their car.

Something about that mod says “Saturn” to me. (The fugly car, not the planet.)

EV-1 snoot

Nah! Got to save the Saleen nose for the Model S update.

My sentiments exactly! This is what the Model 3 front end should look like.

Plus one here I understand that they want to minimize the grill opening on the front but still I think the best looking design they came up with was the model S this car just doesn’t look right with a big flat blank panel on the front. It needs to be styled better somehow. Model X Looks lame in the same way.

Put the front license plate on Model 3, it looks much better. Like the front plate BELONGS there.

So basically an 80% size version of Model S…Tesla clearly decided to play it safe after the Model X.

I’m very glad they did. No built in back massages or 3D projected TV on the hood of the car needed.
Simple elegance works.

Here’s a more condensed video of the reveal:

Let me guess – the (missing) dashboard-indicators will be projected in the windshield?

The idea isn’t to look out the windshield. That isn’t where Tesla seems to be going. The opportunity still exists for an electric “driver’s car”. Who’s it going to be?

Cavaron said:

“Let me guess – the (missing) dashboard-indicators will be projected in the windshield?”

It certainly is odd that the demo cars had no instrument panel at all. Is Tesla just hiding the look so they don’t get copied, or is that “still in development” and they didn’t even want to put a place-holder there… or is Tesla actually planning to replace the instrument panel with a heads-up display?

I’m guessing “no” on the HUD, but I’m sure there will be plenty of speculation on that subject!

Already started…that and the damn nose debates – Tesla made great designs every step of the way, but the nose has been everyone’s favorite punching bag, one way or the other.

I’m cool with this – not used to seeing cars without grilles, but that is necessary, so it’ll grow on me. The S nosecone kinda fills the visual gap that the lack of a grille would normally have, in my mind.

I’m betting on a fancy HUD, because *HUDs are cheap to manufacture*. The center screen acts as backup if the HUD fails.

0-60 under 6 sec! Now that’s competitive to cars at that price range, EV or not. Bolt is dead.

Now only if they can keep the battery size small enough and it can charge 80% in 15 minutes, it’d meet my expectation.

Bolt will outsell Model 3 by large margin. Bolt is a proven, well working design for every day life.

Without a network of high-speed chargers on the Interstate highway system, I doubt that. The supercharger network is what sells the Model 3.

^ This.

Dream on fact-free troll.

Only Tesla is going to be able to produce long-range EVS in the hundreds of thousands because only Tesla has had the foresight to ensure it controls its own very large scale battery production.

Tesla fanboy blabla.

Laughable nonsense.

GM will not have the battery packs for 15% of Model 3 sales.

So you must work at LG and GM to know all their battery production planning of the future.

LG has no gigafactory.

Wake up Nick, if a startup company like Tesla can build a gigafactory in two years what makes you think that LG, GM, Ford, or Nissan cannot? Tesla deliveries in quarter one of 2016 was less than 15k total. That alone equates to 6.5 to 7 years to empty the reservation que, without building any other models.

LG *can* build a Gigafactory, but *they have not started doing so yet*. As a result they can’t get one going in mass production until 2019 at the earliest. Tesla has a lead and an advantage.

@Counter-Strike Cat:

Dude, I realize you must be bitter and angry over your TSLA short investment tanking — yet again! — but venting your feelings here is about as welcome as a skunk at a yard party.

Instead of continuing to be a serial Tesla basher, you could actually… y’know… just stop shorting TSLA. I’d guess that never occurred to you, hmmm? 😉

“As welcome as a skunk at a yard party.”

Love that! I’m going to steal it, so thanks. And yeah, it will be very interesting to see what TSLA does today after such a successful reveal and 150k reservations. That number still blows me away, I thought it would be much lower. I happily stand corrected.

TSLA is gonna be $500 soon

A long trip in the Bolt will take hours more time than a Tesla, because its charging will be slower and you will have to hunt for it.

Tesla’s autopilot makes highway driving much easier. The Bolt which doesn’t have one. The Bolt ends up looking like a cheap lame duck imitation of Tesla. Who will buy it?

Counter-Strike Cat said:

“Bolt will outsell Model 3 by large margin.”

Typical ridiculous serial Tesla basher assertion.

GM has no intention of making Bolts in large numbers — say, 100k a year or more — let alone selling them.

It doesn’t matter if they did. It is kinda ugly and lacks access to a nation-wide DC fast charge system. The Bolt is nice but it loses.

Push I don’t believe the Bolt is going to outsell the M3 either. The point is they could if they decide to. They could even beat it to market. I like Tesla ( I own a MS) but will admit that it is a shoestring company that is years away from being able to ramp up production and actually build and deliver 200k cars a year. That 200k is a pittance of the 20 million plus vehicles sold world wide in 2015.

Right now the big dogs are sleeping this might wake them up.

Dude. Close your short before you lose everything.

If the Bolt does 25k / year in sales, that will be a miracle.

1. It’s a Chevy
2. It looks like itself
3. Most dealers will act like it doesn’t exist
4. It won’t get marketed
5. See 1-4

I totally disagree.

The Bolt will be the first affordable long-range BEV and it’ll be hitting the market at least 1 year before the first Model 3 _and_ probably at least 2 years before the first _base_ Model 3.

The 115k reservations, including me, someone planning to buy the base model, should tell you just how much latent demand there is for long-range and long-distance BEVs. In my opinion, for at least a couple of years after release the Bolt will _easily_ sell out. If/when the Model 3 base is released, and GM’s tax credits run out, and if GM can’t lower the price of the Bolt _then_ it might have more difficulty selling.

But whatever, more affordable, reasonably-sized long-distance and long-range BEVs are coming and it’s incredibly exciting.

What a troll you are CSCat.
First look at the Tesla and the Bolt and for the same price, which will people buy far more of?
Just the SC even if they were the same would tilt it to Tesla.
And how many Bolts will GM make? 30k they say now vs 100k/yr for the 3.
Fact is the Bolt has a yr at most before the T3 runs all over it.

No it’s not, if anything Tesla has more experience in EV tech. The bolt looks so stupid now and it costs more!

“Bolt will outsell the Model 3 by a large margin”



Did you strike the counter when you said that? I know I slapped my knee!?

Not a single customer has driven even a mile in a Bolt. That car has proven absolutely nothing so far.

WRONG. One word: Supercharger

The Bolt “proven design” is where?

How does that kill the Bolt? The Bolt does it in “less than 7 seconds” i.e. about one second more, big deal!

Really? REALLY?

Looks better.
Performs better.
Has access to a nationwide faster DC fast-charge network.

Look. I like the Bolt. And I hope it sells well. But the value proposition is crap even if I assumethe base Model 3 costs $40K.



Bolt will arrive sooner so it has some chance of success in the US. It is certainly better than the current Leaf!

It’s not just matter of Bolt 1 second slower than model 3. Bolt is slower than just about all cars in that price range and type. So on one hand, you have slowest Bolt with lousy charging network and slightly more expensive than model 3 that is quicker and has great charging network. If you picked Bolt, well, what can I say? But most people will wait for Model 3.

I don’t know where you get that. The Bolt EV is not slow at all.

However it does not have a fast charging network, and will only be tooled for medium volume production. It also looks more like a $20,000 car than a $30,000 car. I think it will sell well, but nowhere near Model 3 sales.


I’ve harped on Bolt’s lack of performance many times, and I wrote a whole blog post about it. If the link doesn’t show, search my blog for “mass market ev to bolt or not to bolt”


As a compact car of $30K, Bolt is lacking even from $22K Ford Fiesta ST. Then there are far stronger competitors like Subaru WRX and VW GTI. At $37.5K, Bolt will be competing against the likes of AWD STi, BMW, Audi, and so on.

Then there’s the Chevy brand. To overcome that “bad” image, Bolt had to be an exclamation mark among its price/size peers like SparkEV did. But it turned out to be worse than so-so.

The Bolt will come in this one performance level and this level only. The Model 3 will have options for higher performance, dual motors etc. The choice is “adequate” or above and beyond everything else.

Unfortunately Tesla does not have a reputation for reliability I have two friends with the model S and both of them have had their drivetrain replaced. I do not know one person with a vote that is had any problems

My son had his model ask for two days before he had a malfunction with the autopilot. With that being said I put my thousand dollars down and I’m looking forward to delivery

Dang auto correct

There were design errors in the drivetrain. Tesla is now up to revision “Q”. If you have revision “Q” there will probably be no further problems. Revisions A through P all had problems…

Anyway, the drivetrain is a relatively cheap component. All the drivetrain replacements are warranty replacements.

I am confident that this “dashboard” simply is a placeholder for the production version.
Only having a screen in the middle is a 100% nogo for me.
And it diminishes safety a lot. Especially in combination w activation/control of Autopilot.
So the interior will change.
Has to.


I can’t imagine that Tesla would actually expect a driver to keep looking over at the center-mounted screen for the info that should be on the instrument panel. I don’t think those posting that idea here are actually thinking things through.

It would be a safety hazard — distracted driving — not to mention giving the driver a crick in his neck!

It has been done before. Just google “Scion xA dashboard” if you haven’t seen it.

But it absolutely sucks, and I hope Tesla is not seriously thinking about doing it.

Well, okay… someone else mentioned the Prius center-mounted instrument panel, so I looked at pictures of that too.

Bone said:

“But it absolutely sucks, and I hope Tesla is not seriously thinking about doing it.”

That’s exactly my thinking. I just can’t imagine driving a car set up that way. But they say you can get used to almost anything, and we must admit a lot of people drive the Prius.

A test drive video was posted:


The rep says that the car is mostly steel. The glass roof is standard and there doesn’t appear to be a hatch in the photo above. No one is saying the size of the pack, just the range.

Great link – good details. Thanks

Wow. Great video. One central screen. That should save a ton in production costs – brilliant if they can pull it off.

Well after watching that, I guess I stand corrected! Central screen it is. Must be the production cost savings between LHD/RHD, and I guess one less screen… though really the screens themselves seem cheap these days.

Anyways, I just hope that functionality doesn’t get axed in favour of minor aesthetic improvements.

So, it basically looks like a scaled-down Model X.

I admit I’m a bit disappointed; not over the styling, but I was hoping for more of the length to be dedicated to the passenger cabin. What I was hoping for was basically a BMW i3 with better styling.

As it is, I suspect there are going to be complaints about a “cramped” or at least compact interior.

Seems fine to me. Yeah, it will be cramped with 5 people. But what do you expect for an affordable 215 mile range EV? It blows away the LEAF, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus electric, Code, Think CIty, BMW i3, etc.

Spec asked:

“But what do you expect for an affordable 215 mile range EV?”

At the risk of repeating myself… the same kind of overall body design as the BMW i3 and the Bolt, only with better styling.

As it is, Tesla wasted a lot of the car’s length on an unnecessarily long nose. Yeah, it looks nice, but it’s sacrificing practicality for style.

Obviously just my opinion, YMMV.

It’s not all sacrifice.

Long nose is much better for safety, and it has a frunk.

And mass appeal is critical – like others noted, Tesla cannot afford to put out an ugly, or otherwise polarizing, design. It has to be distinctive, yet familiar; sporty, yet elegant.

IMHO, Tesla Motors is 3 for 3 on that criteria alone (Roadster doesn’t count, which was limited to Lotus’s design language – so there wasn’t much of a choice).

Model X?

Tesla took ~8″ off the Model S length but only an inch of the height which makes 3 look less sexy and but keeps practicality. And gave it an Xish nose.

I would be horrified if they made a subcompact hatch for $35k and called it a 3 Series and A4 competitor.

That his what they have been saying for years.

Hate to break it to you, Robb, but both the Model S and the X have a hatch in the back. I’m pretty sure the Model ≡ will, too.

The only real difference between a “liftback” (or hatchback sedan) like the MS, and cars typically described as “hatchbacks”, is the angle of the rear hatch.

Anyway, the rear of the Model ≡ looks quite similar to the rear of the MX, seen here:

Do you not agree?

No hatch just a trunk lid. The glass is stationary there are 2 arms along side glass at rear. read about it on another site. Not a big deal to me. Back seats probably fold down to put something long inside.

I agree.

No doubt the front seats are comfortable, but it looks like the rear seats are almost touching the glass roof. I bet there will be some complaints about rear head room for tall passengers.

For luggage space the frunk and the trunk combined will surely be very good. Only for large or long objects there might be some problems.

I’s say that Model 3 design is more inclined towards style and performance while Bolt is more utility oriented. I’m sure both will be very succesfull.

Unless you have a 7′ surfboard – then you’re good to go!

I was betting on — or at least hoping for — for a more i3-like or Bolt-like rear roofline, because there are already complaints about the Model S having too little headroom in the back seat, and I just couldn’t imagine Tesla making that even lower.

But someone else posted that the rear seat headroom is 1″ less than that in the Model S. If so, then I lost my bet on that! 🙁

That “look” is more aerodynamic, and may be necessary to achieve the range. Since they haven’t disclosed battery size, I suspect it’ll be smaller than Bolt (40 kWh? 50kWh ?). That has several benefits: cheaper, lighter weight for more range, ligher weight for better acceleration, less capacity to allow quicker supercharging.

Front end reminded me a bit of a Ferrari – like a 488 or something. Anyways, rear glass looks cool. I agree that the interior is largely going to change (there will almost certainly be a driver instrument pod of some kind).

This thing is almost sexy enough to make me want it… but I’ll hold out for the (hopefully) more utilitarian Model Y.

I don’t think you will wait. It will be hard to resist drinking the Koolaid. The orders will be 250,000 by tomorrow.

Our next BEV has to replace our Subaru Forester… so I’ll be waiting for a while yet it seems.

My only regret after sleeping out in front of a Tesla store all night is not ordering more than one.

That says it all.

“Right around midnight (eastern time), Tesla announced that they had taken 115,000 deposit reservations…”

Well okay then! And as a Tesla fanboy, I’m very happy to be proven very wrong here!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I (along with a lot of others) was poo-pooing the idea of 100,000+ reservations in the first 24 hours, and was kicking myself for estimating, in an earlier post to this website, no more than 40,000 reservations in the first 24 hours.

Go Tesla!

115K is a very impressive number. Perhaps they’ll top 200K this week. It is heartening to see so much demand for a zero emission car.

I used to poke fun at fanboys who camped in front of Apple stores for the latest iphone.

Now I wish I had camped out at the Tesla store to get 2 early reservations: One to keep and one to flip for a profit on Ebay, to people who want to jump the huge line for their car. 🙂

Sorry, would-be scalpers, but reservations for Tesla cars are not transferable without written permission from Tesla Motors.

Reservations aren’t, but once the car is ordered and delivered then you can sell it just fine. Tesla doesn’t even really care. And there are plenty of laws that would prevent them from doing anything about it.

Well, sure. My point was that you can’t actually sell the reservation on ebay. (ebay prohibits sale of things with no tangible value.)

It would be interesting to find out what the legalities are of taking ownership of a brand new car and immediately transferring it to a new owner. Would the warranties transfer? Sometimes those are restricted to first owner. And would that be something that would vary from State to State, by State law?

Anyway, sounds like a can of worms to me.

The S warranty is fully transferable. Can’t see why they’d change that.

No, reservations are not transferable. But you can sell your car after tesla delivered it to you.

Sorry. Rules on reservation state that they are NON transferrable.

Last number I saw was over 130k at 00:30.

Same here. I’m one of the 150k that InsideEVs stated in the above post. I ordered online waiting for the live feed to start.

Yes, above 100.000 was far out of my expectations too. But nice to see 🙂

This is my final verdict… for now. Franz von Holzhausen does not know how to design a front for a car. The car looks excellent except for that front. Even the teddy bear nose of the model S looks better than this. They have to change that.

Stunning front. Watch the X & S get the upgraded front too.

I agree! The rest of the care looks great but the front end does not nicely compliment the sporty rear end. Tesla please change it!

Will there be video from test drives, etc tonight or was that all for now?

I think that’s everything you’re going to get officially from Tesla tonite.

I did find a link to a Periscope video, for those who have a smart phone and the Periscope app:


Overall, I’m happy!

Im not fussed on that interior, I still think a 2nd screen will make it to the production version. I was actually hoping for a couple of tactile hard buttons for climate control and the basics. It just looks like a concept car internally, especially with that dashboard. Want to see the interior in black!

Styling looks fine to me, but would have prefered a more model X front.

I mean, its RWD, sub 6sec 0-60, supercharging, practicality of a lift back design, front trunk, 215mile range What more could you want in the BASE model.

Its about time the model S got a refresh also, the little things that niggle people, lack of door pockets, dodgy washer filling location etc, and a new front end!

Ridiculous Speed: 5k 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

If Tesla reads this: just make the nose cone an option. There seem to be quiet a lot of people that can’t get used to a grill-less front. Why make it a deal breaker? Offer it as an option.

The nose just doesn’t belong there. I can do without the grill; its the design that I dislike.

Looks great to me… can’t wait to see how it evolves in the next intro… I like the touch hockey stick door handles. Not so sure how the hatch opens yet though.

Great design… can’t wait to test one.

Super happy I reserved on a blind date yesterday. The car looks great.

I just wonder how it opens in the rear?


I like the fact that Musk started by thanking people who ordered a Roadster, S, or X, which made the funds for the ‘3’ possible.

The dashboard is a bit unconventional, but if they can get away with it in a Prius, they can do so here.

Assuming the $35000 (after 7500 rebate no doubt) holds, it will interesting which car sells more, the Bolt at $30,000 or the ‘3’ for $5000 more.

The big attraction will probably be SC standard.

Everything from the appearance to the performance and the standard features are going to justify every last penny of the Model 3 premium over the Bolt.

But, yeah, the SC network is the winner. Nobody, not even a third party, is going to be ready for the Bolt as Tesla will be for the Model 3 when it comes to a practical, comprehensive high-speed charging network.

The US$35K is _before_ any rebates, as Tesla has stated many times, so the base version is supposed to be _cheaper_ than the Bolt by $2500.
Now, things could still change (both in GM and Tesla) until volume production starts, and Tesla may not make any base versions actually available for sale, but it’s still surprising — the Model 3 is a midsize vs. the Bolt’s compact, and is supposed to have better performance.

$35,000 is a hard price without rebates where the Bolt’s $30,000 includes the $7500 rebate. In other words, the Bolt will cost $2,500 more than the base 3.

I’ll coin a term now:

“shark snout”

It was inevitable. The proper front for a streamlined car that does not need to intake large amounts of cooling air resembles a sharks’ snout.

This is going to be the first car that embraces that. It was a bold and correct decision.

Not the first.
Several rear-engine ICE cars, particularly non-sport cars, had similar designs.
I don’t think they were common in the US, but very common here:

Met or exceeded my expectations so far. I’m surprised some are complaining about the dashboard. I like the clean minimalist look. It’s elegant and it’s a less is more approach. I recently was at the auto show and I hated how all the cars now have huge dashboards with all sorts of lines going on. It just looks cheap and gimicky. I have already put down my deposit so I hope they don’t change anything.

OK, I give up.
How does the rear hatch work with the huge rear glass window/roof?
Only two possible hingle lines I cna see are either very high up (where the rear and front roof parts meet), resulting in a huge and impractical hatch size, or very low (where the metal panel for the rear meets the window columns), giving a small trunk rather than a hatch.
Anybody seen a pic with the hatch open??

It’s a prototype. Better not to overthink the details.

Elon has repeatedly referred to it as a sedan. It’s seems apparent from the rear glass that it cannot be a hatchback in the usual sense of the word.

If it’s just a trunk, it’s a really inefficient use of space — I don’t believe they’d do that. We’ll need to wait for some pics with it open, I guess.

Jeff N said:

“Elon has repeatedly referred to it as a sedan.”

Yes, but Tesla also refers to the Model S as a “sedan”. More properly, it’s a “hatchback sedan” or “liftback”.

Hopefully the Model ≡ will be too, but we’ll have to wait and see. Having a trunk instead of a large hatch opening is probably cheaper, so that’s one place Tesla could save money.

He said it could fit a 7 foot surfboard you can’t do that in Sedan


I guess that’s one of the questions we’ll have to wait to get answered. 49 photos here, none showing the rear trunk/hatch open:


I’m with you, the prototype looks like it could have either an enormous hatch including that giant rear window, or else just a trunk rather than a hatch… with the latter appearing more likely.

Realistically, I suppose just having a trunk could be one way that Tesla might save money. But I was really expecting a rear hatch, just as with the Models S and X. Not having a hatch would really cut down on the usefulness of the car.

But this is certainly something that could change between prototype and actual production model.

How do you fit a 7′ surfboard without it being a hatch?

You cut it in half? 🙂

My ’66 Charger had a pass through from the trunk for skis. Current sedans have flip down rear seats giving you access from the trunk. They are not hatchbacks.

Having the rear glass open would mean the hinge mechanism would be in the seiling in the middle of the car. I don’t believe it’s got a hatch, though I hope I’m wrong.

Supercharger standard, did he say also free?? In my eyes it’s a Model S killer :-), looks better for half the price an better to park.

He said supercharger capable, so I would guess it’s most likely an option.

Thanks, that will be interesting what are the costs but my dad would only use it 2-3 times a year.
Really think Tesla must update the Model S and X to 80-90 kWh, otherwise sales will damage. Model 3 is just so great that the huge price difference will force most to Model 3.

Reading the comments here, I would suggest Tesla to offer two front end designs.

One similar to the model X and one just like that as shown yesterday.

I have to say that this car is far more beautiful to me than I anticipated. From the inside and out it is breathtaking! The value proposition is shockingly high for 35k$. Wheres my wallet?

You people are Just Killing me – the ‘minimalist’ interior? you mean like the cup holders that Aren’t? The interior is a set of X seats and a console, No shift lever? Nothing remotely like offered before? Guess they’re going for stalinist. Hatch? I saw lines that describe a trunk like the joke of a Grand National fastback to homologate the GM car for NASCAR. The lines are obvious to me. That said, do -I- think that they’ll offer a vestigial trunk, with an 18″ opening? I’ll risk Fanboi status here and state that the roof poses engineering issues that couldn’t be perfected yet, and further, that I’m good with the time remaining to work that out. The car is flat Gorgeous, ignoring my niggling issues (headlights) and they Should ignore my niggling issues – I’m a crabby OT and fully appreciated that I was gonna hafta’ ‘Get Over’ whatever they had to do to make it Cheaper. Nawp, it’s just plain gorgeous – look at the shoulder and hip lines, look at the overhead view of the headlights (that I don’t like in front, OT’s are face-happy when it comes to cars – who Cares what I think). The… Read more »

I think you need to take a deep breath, it’s just a car for crying out loud ….

Obviously, it’s not “just a car.”
Open your eyes and your mind.

The reveal just blew me away, totally. Honestly, I love the look of the car. Funny that a co-worker and I were discussing it this morning and she and her husband were disappointed in the look. Oh well, tastes are so subjective. Love that the base model will itself be an excellent car. Having the SC as a standard feature(I am not saying it will be free)is a no brainer. If they can get this car out in any time frame close to what they are saying, this will be the true game changer for EV’s. When GM revealed the Bolt EV, I was very impressed. It’s an attractive design(to me), looks to be nicely equipped and on its own will be a compelling BEV. But if I were Mary Barra I would not want to see a Bolt EV parked next to a Model 3. That picture alone could be a nightmare for GM. My guess is that years 2-3-4 of the Bolt EV will see a steadily decreasing price and/or upgraded options included at no charge. There really is no comparison between what Tesla showed us and what GM did. And, as I said, I like the Bolt… Read more »

TSLA stock up 7% in pre-market trading…not surprised at all.

BMW i3, e-Golf, Ioniq and all others, RIP. I’m worried if nobody buys them they will dissapear of the line up and than Tesla is the only EV maker.
Only cheap EVs like Zoe can survice, beter Renault get 40 kWh out next year. Even for Leaf second generation it will become difficult if Nissan can’t accomplish SL with 60 kWh for 35 $ and some features which are optional at Tesla (leather, heated seats).

Reserved mine at 7:35 PM eastern time.

I am curious what other auto makers think of all of this. I am sure it was just a coincidence but last night I saw an advertisement on TV for the electric Ford Focus. It ran twice in the few hours I was watching Food Network. First time I ever saw an EV advertisement on TV.

Wait, I can’t be the only one who thought about Avanti when they saw the nose, right? I say this in a positive way because the Avanti is a classic, beautiful shape.

trunk (from 3:24):

Thanks for posting. Ouch. Ouch ouch. Kinda reminded me of a Neon. I wonder if there is any chance for a change before production.

In every other way I love it (no binnacle, nose cone and all).

I take it they’ve tried that opening with all sorts of case luggage and boxy things before making it. I personally don’t mind the trunk. What I’d like to see is the frunk and what I’d like to know is if it’ll support a roof rack.

Considering what the competition is offering for this kind of money, in both value and looks .. I’m gonna refrain from complaining at this point ..

Design wise, if things evolve with the prototype 3 the same way they did with the prototype X, everything is going to be just fine.

Yeah, I’m not panicking or anything, they’ve got almost two years to refine it. But it’s true I don’t like it and hope they can come up with something more pleasing. The “ouch” was for me, and the “ouch ouch” was for my wife, whose car it’s intended to be and who is a big hatchback fan. (Or rather, a small hatchback fan, as it were — she currently drives a GTI.)

Tesla did a good job with the rack mount points on the S, and in fact you have to get the pano roof to get the mount points, so I think it’s likely they’ll do fine with the 3. It’d be nice if they had a hitch option too — not for towing of course, but for accessories.

I’m afraid this solution would ruin rear end visibility and also head space for the back row. ‘am not even considering the extra costs involved with it ..

I think that chances for a redesign in that respect are pretty low .. it is what it is .. and it ain’t bad if you ask me, but yeah, different people may need/expect different things from it.

“It’d be nice if they had a hitch option too — not for towing of course, but for accessories.”
It would be really nice, indeed. I hope someone at Tesla is reading this.

Possibly the Y will be what I’m hoping for (Elon’s “not revealing everything yet”). Although I do have a knee-jerk hatred of anything with even a whiff of SUV to it, I can probably repeat to myself “it’s just a funny station wagon, it’s just a funny station wagon…”

It does look a bit awkward but you do have to sacrifice some things to get other things. At least you still have the frunk which I assume works just as well as in the S and X

He did say you could fit a surfboard in there. Too bad I don’t surf. My trash cans aren’t going to fit in there. I’ve started doing the dumpster/recycling run on my cargo bike, so I’m really only nitpicking.

I don’t like big cars, but my only real criterion for the new crop of 200 mile, affordable EV’s is efficiency. So what is the Wh/mile?

I can just imagine the dumb chevy commercials now “we took the badges off both of these cars to remove biases – which would you prefer?”

OK, it is 20% smaller Model S. Hardly surprising. Still bigger than any car I have ever owned or want.

The one piece of information I wanted, the 215 mile pack size, is nowhere to be found.

My only question is will it have a better Wh/mile than the BMW i3, the current leader?.

I think the designers of the Bolt and the Model 3 did an excellent job of staying out of each others’ way. It’s not just that they look different, but they are intended for different functions, both of which are popular now.

The Bolt is so close to being a CUV that if it had 4-wheel drive that’s what people would call it. People are spending plenty of money on CUVs right now.

The Model 3 is a car that can inspire passion like all the BMW 3-Series of the past. It can take on the 320, the Mustang, and the WRX.

Both companies will win this way. I think neither will actually be able to meet demand for years. Car (as opposed to vehicle) sales in the US are only 7 million a year; I think if GM and Tesla ever expand to satisfy demand, EVs could account for 10% of the car market after 2020

So., Indeed I nailed it last Week ..When said .,that I was guessing it was The Brown Clay model where they showed the driver/side, side view in Clay form.., that photo was all over the net for @ least 2 months..&..Right under our noses….

Wow, I can’t believe they included Supercharging in the base price.

Absolutely lovely automobile. Better looking than I expected.

FYI Roof rack will kill range if you put anything in it.
And if you don’t put any thing in it why buy it and deface the car?

Prediction: Class action lawsuit against cars with touch screens that require driver attention/distraction cause accidents.

I don’t want to appear facetious or trite but there are some striking similarities to the Musk entrepreneurship and that of Jobs.

The format of the reveal
Two me with egos
Black shirts
Secrecy before launch (with deliberate and insider controlled leaks)
Cult-like following
Launch lines at stores
Happy campers >48hrs before launch
Debates around future specs
Battery limitations and advances
Performance comparisons
Charging stations vs iCloud
Leads with shock and awe and (then( everyone else follows (watch GM et al behave like Samsung, etc!)

Need I go on? The difference in market behaviour today to 20 years ago is astounding!

PS: I’m on Apple/Tesla Sheeple Bandwagon too