Tesla Model 3s Arrive In Chinese Port Ready For Deliveries

Tesla Model 3

FEB 13 2019 BY GASGOO 55

Time for the Chinese invasion to begin.

The first batch of Tesla Model 3 vehicles is soon to be delivered to customers in China with the recent arrival of the cargo ship “Glovis Symphony” at Tianjin Port.

The carrier departed from San Francisco on January 23 and entered the Tianjin Port on February 12 after an 18-day journey. It is reported that another two cargo ships carrying the Tesla Model 3 cars, namely, Morning Cindy and Emerald Ace, are going to arrive at Shanghai Port and Tianjin Port respectively next week. Both two carriers came from San Francisco where Tesla vehicles make their way from its factory in Fremont to the loading dock.

Clients who ordered the first batch of Tesla Model 3 vehicles available for China received confirmation emails from the U.S.-based EV maker on November 16, 2018. Nevertheless, the delivery was deferred many times restricted by the bottleneck in production capacity.

To ramp up the production capacity and shorten the delivery period, the Tesla is accelerating the localization of vehicle manufacture in China by setting up a plant in Shanghai’s Lingang Industrial zone, which is expected to achieve an annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles by 2020.

Tesla announced on January 4 that Chinese consumers are allowed to place an order for optional configuration sets of the Tesla Model 3’s High Performance All-wheel Drive (AWD) version and Long Range AWD version on Tesla China’s official website and at Tesla’s experience centers in China from then on.

Before the latest shipment to China, cargo ship Glovis Captain transported around 3,000 Model 3 vehicles to the Zeebruggee port in Belgium in the first week of February. All cars will be handed over across Europe. The Tesla Model 3’s inroads in China and Europe are significant for the company to execute its long-term profitability strategy.

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Another Euro point of view

I wonder how many of those Model 3 they will manage to sell in China during 2019. I will do a WAG of between 20k and 30k for the entire year.

Of course you will as a serial Tesla basher.

I wonder how many “Clean Diesel” cars like your personal Audi A6 “Clean Diesel” will sell in your Europe this year?:


Another Euro point of view

FYI I am currently changing my A6 for a lowly VW Passat station wagon. Still diesel of course. On this one I have an average range of 650 miles per tank. I will gladly swap to an EV when similarly priced and practical EV will be available with at least half the range of my current diesel (50% of 650 thus approx. 320 miles). I guess that will be around 2025 with some luck. Also it would need to be fitted with an ethanol cab8n heater for winter. Not taking that winter low range or freezing cabin cr@p. No hurry those diesels are good till at least 200k miles which could get me to 2030 probably.

Be careful. There is danger of carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion when using alcohol heaters in well enclosed spaces.

Any alcohol (or other fuel) heater will want to have a heat exchanger so that the combustion products are vented outdoors. This is IMHO a great idea for making an EV more viable in cold weather. Another is a directly heated windshield (tiny wires in the windshield) which is offered by Jaguar and, I think, VWon the eGolf.

I don’t think most climates need those, but it would be great for delivery trucks and such where heater demands in Minnesota could quickly drive unreasonable battery sizes for an 8 hour shift. A heater for a small car might be 7 kW, so a car would need maybe an extra 56 kWh for 8 hours, a truck might need 100 kWh to run a heater for 8 hours. Having an alcohol heater could save a lot of battery size that is only need a portion of the year.

My 2009 Audi A3 (rest in peace) had about the bottom 4 inches of the windshield heated. I miss that feature. It kept the wipers clear of ice buildup and when you started your car where it had been sitting outside and the wipers froze down, it would melt the ice thus saving you work as well as saving wiper blades. Very nice little feature. I’d rather have that than heated seats. But certainly it wasn’t the whole windshield which is a feature on at least a few high end cars.

eGolf has the heated windshield…and i can tell you it’s definitely not high end.

Judging by his posts your poisoning warning is too late…

This may be your standard for buying an EV, but sales across many automakers would demonstrate its a minority opinion. Enjoy the toxic fumes and holding your pee for 300 miles (cause apparently you don’t make stops?) while you bathe in 5% of your engine’s 80% wasted heat energy for the next decade. I’ll be enjoying my EV from now until 300,000 miles with fresh, warm (or cool) air, a little wind and tire noise, and an empty bladder every 100-200 miles on trips.

Another Euro is just an anti-EV troll.

Another Euro point of view
The fastest the EV adoption takes place the better, however I do believe that EV enthusiast for a large part of them are rather disconnected from reality. Of course I stop when I travel but it is me who decides where and when and not my car. Also I see no point to pay much more to get much less in practicality. I will just take one example…..Tesla Model 3. My VW Passat is a station wagon, Way more practical then a Tesla Model 3 despite same lenght. Also it is a quieter ride (see fully charged test of Passat GTE where it is said that it is quieter than a Model S). It cost about 60% of the price of a Model 3 as currently offered in Europe (EUR 55K) and has twice the range. So get us EVs that do at least 2/3 of the job of this Passat for same price and 96% of current owners (people like me) who do see cars as virtue signaling devices and have no interest in sub 5 sec, in 0-60 times will definitively consider and start buying EVs en masse. Echo chamber Insideevs needs to be fixed because people from… Read more »

“I do believe that EV enthusiast for a large part of them are rather disconnected from reality.”

Speaking of disconnected from reality… which serial Tesla basher was it who suggested that parents investing in Tesla stock would lead to financial disaster, divorce, and their children becoming drug addicts?

Oh, yeah… that was you.

Another Euro point of view

Jury is still out on that one. Besides the fiction I wrote at that time did happen actually. Go and see Tesla Motors Club investors thread at the time Elon blurped out the “funding secured – going private at 420” . A guy lost about everything as he actually borrowed to increase his Tsla position trusting Elon on that one (believing him, that’s funny isn’t it ?). A few days later when crash took place he got a margin call and lost more or less everything. To me the “Chinese factory producing cars by the end of 2019” has about the same value as “funding secured”.

Honestly, reading your blabs .. you seem to be disconnected from reality. From reality where we all have different needs and wants. Yours seem to favor diesel cars for your needs. Good for you, not so good for your neighbors, but I am sure that’s the lats thing you’d care about or have on your mind, judging by your frequent posts … “But my VW diesel wagon can do this and that …” … we get it. Just don’t try to convince us that it’s us detached from reality … we think it’s you. I hope this make sense to your diesel justifying equations …

Another Euro point of view

I would gladly be rid of the diesel car, I do not care if my car is powered by diesel, Chateau Margaux wine or unicorn fart. I just ask it to do the job for a reasonable price. With super fast charging (175kW +) and battery price reduction the EVs will very soon become a very interesting proposition but current Model 3 at this price point (EUR 55K in Europe of USD 65k in China) will not trigger an invasion, it just won’t, too expensive, too feable service network. Except of Norway, where it will cost less than a VW Golf ICE, It will appeal to sort of people usually buying BMW M3’s, some geeks in places like London or Geneva, some older folks who are craving for a virtue signalling device but to whom the Model S was too big.

What he write is that you don’t care for your neighbors, relative, mate, or anyone else.
You just care for yourself, and you are so proud of it in all your posts.
You don’t teach anything new here, as we all know what a diesel can do for good and unfortunately for bad.
Except you never mention the bad and say that it’s your reality.
Look to me, you’re blind on purpose.

And enjoy not driving your diesel in increasingly more cities going forward while you come here to post your anti-EV FUD.

Not in a lot of places, which will ban, your polluting diesel,and rightfully so. The sooner the better.

the luxury feel of burning fossil fuel on a dying planet

I expect this shipment is of 3K and that we’ll see 3 more shipments of 3K this quarter (so a boat arriving every other week). I expect Tariffs will then cause sales to sink in Q2-Q4, so just 3K cars shipped in each of those quarters. All combined, I expect Tesla to send 7 shipfuls of 3K Model 3 each for 21K this year.

But I expect Gigafactory 3 will come online in Q4. I expect that’ll steadily ramp from 0/week to 3K/week by the end of the quarter, so about 18K vehicles total from that.

Combined, 21K shipped + 18K made in Gigafactory 3 = 39K total Model 3 sold in China this year.

I feel like my shipments are probably excessively pessimistic for the entire year, but I feel good about my Gigafactory 3 estimates, I think…

Another Euro point of view

The Chinese giga mud factory ?

Yes! Does VW have one?

I bet they have multiple renders of one!

@Another Euro… said: “The Chinese giga mud factory ?”


You know it’s a good news item for Tesla when @Another Euro… shows up and starts with his Tesla blah blah comments.

Yup. Apparently the Chinese haven’t learned how to install proper drainage at a construction site… according to serial Tesla bashers like him! 🙄

Another Euro point of view

Ah good old Cleantechnica ! if ever early copies of the Pravda get lost for some reason we will still have Cleantechnica.

I could almost bet that this timeline will not be kept: ” There has yet to be a car maker to go from “shovel in ground” to production in 11 months’ time. The industry record in China is Volkswagen’s (OTCPK:VWAGY) plant in Northern China, which was completed last year and required only 23 months from ground-breaking to production. Toyota’s (NYSE:TM) Alabama plant, which broke ground last November, won’t be manufacturing cars there for another 26 months. Geely’s (OTCPK:GELYY) plans of building an EV plant with annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles leaked in August last year (here) and, at the time, was said to be running “by 2020″.”

@esto_perpetua said: “…There has yet to be a car maker to go from “shovel in ground” to production in 11 months’ time…”

However long it takes for the China Tesla Gigafactory to go online rumor has it there happens to be a place in Fremont California where Tesla can get its hands on Model 3s to sell in China.

Yeah, Elon is showing his tendency for wholly unrealistic timelines again. *Sigh*

I hope to read about Tesla Model 3’s being assembled made at the Shanghai Gigafactory near the end of 2020. It’s possible we’ll see some Model 3 battery pack assembly in China by the end of this year, altho possibly hand-built. Bull-scale automobile builds on an assembly line ain’t happening at Gigafactory 3 this year. I drink Tesla Kool-Aid regularly, but you have to drink a lot of the extra-strength variety to believe that’s gonna happen!

Another Euro point of view

As usual, I yet again fully agree with your post, me an Echo chamber proclaimed “Tesla basher” or I do not know what.

There is a lot of variability in “Model 3 production at Shanghai” Elon described it as minimal, most parts like suspension/motor/controller etc. will be shipped from USA. Battery cells will be purchased from Chinese 2170 manufacturers. So my guess is the factory will assemble battery packs and manufacture the entire body in white, that is stamping presses for body panels, welding robots and paint shop. Wheels, tires, window glass, seats purchased locally in China and other commodity parts.

Suspension/motor/controller doesn’t really help. Few production lines make that stuff, anyway, and overseas logistics are hardly a walk in the park.

I said Shanghai would start out like GA4 in the tent – a manual final assembly line that received painted bodies or full gliders from Fremont and skateboards from GF1. They could put that together very quickly once the building was ready. But they now say stamping, welding, paint, and assembly by yearend. That’s a full plant. Plus battery module assembly. All of which have caused them major problems in the US, without the distance, cultural and language issues. And they can’t just ‘dupiicate what they have in the US’ because that’s a high-cost disaster they’re still trying to fix two years later.

Paint shop is a long lead item. Dies are long lead. It takes time to calibrate and test welding robots. Tesla very accelerated the GF3 schedule only recently, and it still seems to be in flux. The things they are now saying don’t really make sense,

even china cannot build a factory that fast…..

Another Euro point of view

It usually takes 3 years to build a car factory, of course not that long for the building but just to put in place calibrate and test the tooling takes at least one year.

That is German velocity. Like the velocity in which Germans can build a new airport. LOL. In China things move faster than in medieval central Europe.

Another Euro point of view

Please do your homework. Indeed industry record for building a car factory is Chinese. 23 months between breaking ground to first car out of the production line. And that was achieved by a car company with a very strong presence in China for the last 40 years. As PuPu wrote below if first Model 3 is produced in that factory by last quarter 2020 it will be an impressive achievement, by that time it will be way too late for a company with such low capex investments such as Tesla in such a well funded and cutthroat car market like in China.

Ford installed a F-150 production line (sans paint) and ramped to 1400/day in 2.5 months. Such things are possible. But that took years of advance planning, pre-staging, offsite testing, etc. Tesla seems to be making this up as they go.

At a 15% tariff Tesla doesn’t have to sell any this year from Gigafactory 3.
Remember the TMS and TMX were selling well in China even with a 25% tariff so a less expensive TM3 at 15% will do great unless the tariff goes back to 40%.

Elon says otherwise. I agree about S/X historically, but something seems to have changed. European demand looks ok, but in China they already had to introduce the LR and throw in free Autopilot.

Lol, they’ll be doing that in 1-2 quarters worth of deliveries. There’s about 9000 arriving in China, this month alone. Majority of cars ship when they are ordered, apart from some meant for stores, loaners, or a small amount of common inventory. This is not news.

Well a shipment of TM3 in China already and another ship on the way.
Was surprised that this article said 3,000 TM3’s were delivered to Belgium. Previous articles said 1,400 were on board.
Anyway I hope Tesla sends as many as they can to China by March 1 while the tariff is still 15%.
If it remains 15% for the rest of the year. I expect TM3 to sell 100,000 in China in 2019.
The Chinese people respect Musk just like they did Steve Jobs. Even the Chinese government does they believe in science and climate change.

Another Euro point of view

Yes, I also believe this is rather disconnected with Chinese reality, fashion comes and goes very quickly in China, also each year that passes they become more fiercely proud of their local production. Days when local made cars where despised are coming to an end. This is why I made this estimation of 20k-30k Model 3 delivered in China for the entire 2019 year. Chinese GF won’t come in production in 2019. It just won’t. As for the deliveries of imported Tesla, those will be outnumbered by a ratio of 2 to 1 by Nio deliveries (even more drastically when ES6 will be sold later this year).

Is China selling the Nio or will it sell the E56 in the US.
The hysteria about China reminds me of the hysteria about Japan in 1980.

Still amazing that a U.S. company is exporting cars to Europe and China (and UK and Japan when RHD enters production) and that said U.S. company is (and is seen as) the actual world leader in it’s product.

Another Euro point of view

You can look at it that way, another way would be that never in the past so much money was thrown into the production of so few cars (if you take the total capital raised by means of share capital increase, loans and bonds since the incorporation of the company). And if after those billions and billions of dollars invested into this venture it happens that your home market cannot absorb the electric sedans you are producing then indeed best is to try to stuff foreign markets with it.

You’re an idiot, Savant!

Keep shorting Another Euro!

You are just pissed off that Model 3s are now invading Europe.

Another Euro point of view

I am very curious of Tesla Model 3 success in Europe actually and as much as I have a rather strong conviction that it won’t be very successful in China mainly due to the price, form factor and absence of sufficient bells and whistle + presence of strong competition I have no clue how it could do in Europe. Maybe it will sell very well, we will see. Now it could be that selling very well in Europe could be not good a thing after all as it happened in Norway with as a result a customers uproar as service became so cr@ppy because of this. Brand image is durably damaged because of this.

Oh, don’t lie … you are not curious. You are hoping that they don’t succeed … very different.

Another historic milestone! Congratulations to all the Chinese buyers of the Tesla 3!

I’m a little bitter that the DualMotor emblems are “good to go” for China.
I’m still waiting since early September.

So 14,000 of the Chinese cars have to be recalled to replace airbags? Are you sure Tesla has enough working capital to accomplish this mission?