Tesla Model 3 Officially Approved For Sale In Europe

JAN 19 2019 BY MARK KANE 123

Paperwork has been completed. Let’s begin the show now.

According to the latest news, Tesla Model 3 received approval for sale in Europe, which was expected in January.

The car is already listed by RDW in the Netherlands, which means a green light for the entire European Union and Norway/Switzerland.

“Model 3 has been approved in Europe! Homologation secured.”

The first deliveries should start in February.

The voluntary dataset of orders placed in Europe indicates currently over 15,700 Model 3 (up from nearly 14,000 in early January), including over 4,900 in Norway and almost 3,000 in Germany.

Source: Tesla Model 3: Europe Orders

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Another Euro point of view

Right on time, Germany’s December 2018 pluggin sales statistics just came on line (Jose Pontes blog): new Audit eTron SUV December sales: 528, Tesla Model S: 63.

To be honest, December has never been a strong Tesla month in Germany. Usually the December focus has always been USA and wherever incentives run out. But a 2018 sales of 1200 isn’t great either.

Another Euro point of view

That and it could well be that Tesla customer base there was waiting for Model 3. Nevertheless it is likely that Model S & X time has passed in that specific market.

They never sold large numbers in Germany anyway.

Well, in 2017 they still sold almost twice as many Model S as they did 2018. In 2015 and 2016 they also sold a good bunch more.

Or, has not yet really started! As Model 3 Sales and Deliveries Rise, so does awareness, discovery, interest, and comfortability, with the brand! A few more Stores and Service Centers, will help, too!

Quite likely Germany Model 3 Sales will kick it up a few notches, in sales, awareness, and excitement!

For someone who acknowledges having never driven a Tesla, the company sure eats at you.

Why don’t you do yourself a favor and just drive one?

Another Euro point of view

I do not need to. I am here to save your souls. This since the day someone here used the word “Kool-aid” about Tesla followers. I looked into this and found out about this horrific story. One is never too cautious, history could repeat itself 🙂 🙂

“I choose to be ignorant in my life, all I need is feeeeelings”

Thanks for helping “save” my soul, especially with your acknowledged ZERO experience with the product. Think about that for a second- you espouse to “save” everyone from your perceived ignorance by actually using your own ignorance.

That makes a lot of sense. How about this: I’ll keep driving my Model S and simply avoid drinking Kool-Aid and anyone named Jim Jones?

“I am here to save your souls.”

You should try acquiring one of your own, first. You destroyed the one you had by forcing yourself to become a pravduh-spouting serial Tesla basher.

what a tool!

528 E-Tron Sales in December and not one single private Customer got his E-Tron, weird.

Besides that, the E-Tron is a very nice car and of course it will sell well during 2019.

Horribly inefficient compared to a Tesla

Probably cars dealers can show customers and so on. I know dealers in Norway are dying to start the e-tron sales.
One local dealer started to make space for the e-tron in the late summer og 2018 😊
No lack of optemistic view of the EV future there 😊

I wonder how many they will sell. I think sales will be pretty high.

And for the Model 3, I’m.glad I don’t work for a Tesla shop now – because they will have no rest from Feb – July.
We’re talking new national sales record for a Tesla, new sales record for an EV in Norway (most cars in a short period of time). . But I think Audi will try to sell and deliver as many e-trons as possible in a short while- just because they can deliver cars through all their dealers. Just my thought though.

I just hope they keep seiling EVs without tax and VAT until 2025 or longer.
By then, we’ll have a clean and silent vehicle fleet in the country.
There are a lot of old ICE cars we have to scrap over the next 10 years. The quickerst way is to get cheap OK EVs they can buy.

How many eTron are Audi planning? 50,000? At Tesla 5,000 per week rate that’s means 10 weeks of sales and it’s all over for 2019. But we know Audi will drip feed them out because their production will be pretty low.
2020 or 2021 will be when VW companies will really be able to get EV’s into customer hands, by then their battery supplies should be online and they can really crank out the units, if their marketing hype can be believed.
Love that eTron is coming, just can’t get too excited by these companies and their constrained production planning, unlike Tesla that just does everything it can to ramp up their production.

Another mindless point of view —

Tesla unevenly distributes their sales in 3 month cycles, where they continually swap between delivering large numbers in the US, to delivering large numbers overseas. Dec. is one of the 4 months of the year were Tesla focuses heavily on US sales.

This is explained ad-nausea EVERY SINGLE MONTH when the US Sales Scorecard number is released.

Are you seriously so intentionally ignorant that you won’t let this simple fact penetrate your skull, despite it being drilled into your head on a monthly basis?

They sold 1248 model S for the entire year. That’s around 104/month on average. That’s not much better.

Actually, the last month of the quarter Tesla sales tend to spike everywhere. Production for overseas markets happens at the beginning of the quarter, and for domestic markets towards the end, so both end up arriving mostly towards the end of the quarter.

The poor December (and generally Q4) result in most European markets this year can be attributed to deliveries focusing on US and Netherlands before incentive changes. Q1 the trend should reverse.

“Are you seriously so intentionally ignorant that you won’t let this simple fact penetrate your skull…”

I’m sure he’s not really that ignorant. It’s just that the difference between truth and lies has ceased to matter to him.

Brussels, September 3, 2018 – Audi is heading for the future: Since the beginning of September, the Audi Brussels plants have been mass producing the Audi …
and 528 sold in december nice job….

Just dealer cars, since sale to customers have not started yet.

yes some idiot from my continent constantly complains about some cars with T

Model 3 will have a big surge of sales in Europe, but the sustained level of sales will be much smaller than in the US.
Obviously insideEVs will be reporting the week model 3 overtake Jaguar, the week it will overtake Ferrari, the week it will overtake … Until the backlog and tax changes stop working any longer.
And insideEVs will eventually delete my polite comment as they’ve being doing ;).

I expect strong sustained sales of the Model 3 in Europe. Why not?

The Model X and S are over-sized for the Euro market, but the Model 3 should hit a pretty sweet spot of price/performance/space/luxury.

For many people the size is not the problem with Model S and X, but the price.
For inner city use, a smaller nimbler car with a small turning radius works well.
I hope for a Model S refresh, but that they keep the design parts I like the best.

Model 3 is cheaper, and will sell more. Still kind of expensive, until they release the cheaper version.

Sales will initially be really good, and then it will level out at an unknown level.
I think Norwegian sales will stay pretty high, but they start to get some competition. Depends on how well the KIA/Hyundais sell. The Audi will sell well, but is too expensive to sell a lot.
The LEAF, Zöe, i3 and e-Golf and e-Up will still sell be on the top 7here.

From what I read of the shipping company, they are scheduled to ship 3k units to Europe and China weekly. That’s 12k units monthly divided between the two countries of the higher trim Model 3. Which leaves another 4k or so for NA base models if Tesla is up to 7k units weekly. Until the China factory is up and running, Europe and China demand will still be much more than Tesla can produce. With the new big suvs offered by the Germans, they are no competition for the Model 3 sedan. Model S just has to hang in there until it’s replacement in the next few years. But the new Porsche Taycan and Audi GT look to be treat options/competition that should keep Tesla on their feet.

I hate to point it out but the model3 production rate is still less than 5k per week on average. It is not known if the combined world demand plus the US demand without the large rebate will exceed 5k per week on average.
It would if they can produce a cheaper version of model3 but the profit on those models will be low.

I’m hoping we will see increasing demand levels for mode3 because if we don’t Tesla will struggle to fund its vehicle program. The way things stand at the moment the model3 ramp is failing.

Between which two countries? 😉

My, such big Crystal Ball(s) You have, to know so far into the future!

People have been predicting drop-offs in Tesla sales ever since the Model S was introduced in 2012. And yet instead we see Tesla sales just continue to grow and grow.

The reality is that the only thing to slow Model 3 sales will be Tesla opening up Model Y sales, and we’ll just see total Tesla sales continue to grow.

This is the historical reality. Sorry you can’t see the very clear pattern.

There is a very clear pattern:

Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
2012: 2650
2013: 22,300
2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)
2018: 245,240 (+142%)

“To put our growth into perspective, we delivered almost as many vehicles in 2018 as we did in all prior years combined.”

Great sales summary. Hopefully I can use it in my Seeking Alpha comments? Not that the shorts will be dissuaded, but it will give them something to think about.

Obviously, it’s all a conspiracy. But luckily, you haters and short sellers are on to it!

Poor shorts will feel shortchanged by this news

This is actually something I don’t quite understand on both sides. The tiniest news are interpreted as the final nail in the coffin of [other side]. Car hasn’t been homologated yet? Tesla will die. Car has been homologated (just as planned). No more obsticles, shorts will weep in agony.

I agree with you.
Homologation is easy, it’s obvious, there’s no issue around it, it’s a matter of time and some bureaucracy.
Both sides are completely irrational and unable to think ahead.

I’m not on any side, I’m just on the sideline waiting to jump in front 🤧

Nope, it’s not both sides. It’s clearly the $TSLAQ nut jobs that tried to create the impression it was a big issue. Nobody else would have ever talked about it otherwise.

You’re right of course. Homologation wouldn’t even warrant a paragraph of text normally.

It is a talking point because the Tesla bears made it into one. They raised it and have been gloating about it, and have built entire theories of doom around it, and have been very vocal about it.

Being the non-issue that it is, it was always obvious that it would work itself out, so it’s unsurprising that those who have been on the receiving end of incessant taunting about it for the last month or more would feel the need to give some of it back.

It’s also unsurprising that nobody in either camp trusts anything from the other side any more.

“any more”? The incessant drumbeat of pravduh coming from the anti-Tesla crowd has been full of calculated lies, half-truths, and B.S. from the very start; from the beginning of public awareness of Tesla Motors.

First it was just the Big Oil shills; later, after Tesla’s IPO, the professional stock manipulators, their sycophants, and their “useful idiots” joined in.

And now, with the rise of Russian troll farms trying to amp up divisiveness and hatred on social media regarding anything controversial in the U.S. and Western countries, I think there are some of those too.

If the anti-Tesla “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” pack honestly believed all the B.S. and lies they tell, then they would weep in agony every time their latest attempt at predicting the imminent collapse of Tesla failed.

But of course, they don’t really believe their own lies.

And your attempt to paint a picture of false equivalence doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny at all. Generally speaking (and obviously with some exceptions), we Tesla fanboys actually do believe what we say.

Yep, another short narrative bites the dust. Well, at least they got fake Chinese construction equipment……..oh, wait…

It is so silly. They had some GM executive at Detroit saying, when asked about Tesla, the story on evs has not been written yet, while over his shoulder was the scowling face of Anton Wahlman, inveterate Tesla shorter.
Well maybe the whole story has not been written, but the early chapters have been, and Tesla is the hero.

Tesla is the Sharp Thorn in GM”s Side, causing it pain! They thought they killed EV’s, with the Crushing of the EV1’s, and the gutting of the ones they gave to Universities and Colleges!

But Toyota Brought out the Prius, folk tried to make them into Plugins, very quickly, and … Tesla Was Started!

So, thank you, GM: you created the Reason for Tesla!

As I understand it, the original founding of Tesla as a company was done in direct response to GM’s withdrawal of the EV1.

No, the original founding of Tesla as a company was a direct response to AC Propulsion refusing to build any more of their prototype BEV sports car “supercar” tZeros for two or three millionaires, who wanted one so much that they decided to form their own company to build them.

The tZero, not the EV1, served as the prototype for the 2008 Tesla Roadster.

For 2019 Western Europe (especially Germany) the start of volume customer deliveries of Tesla Model 3 will send massive shockwaves throughout the Western Europe automotive industry.

Yes the Model 3 deliveries were in advance anticipated by the market but the reality of those deliveries actualizing makes it a tangible indisputable fact that Model 3 will become Western Europe’s EV standard for minimally 2019 then past that depends on the response of Western Europe car makers ability to deliver something as good or better than Model 3.

Literally a Model 3 Western Europe invasion is in progress… thousands of Model 3 on ships headed that way with more ships being loaded up on a daily basis. A robust convenient and reliable Tesla fast charge network *already instslled* in advance to support the Model 3 invasion.

2019 will be the year both North America & Western Europe goes from early-adopter EV to mainstream EV.

Another Euro point of view

You seem to be way more confident than Elon Musk himself, you should be at his side doing the pep talk to avoid him sending gloomy letters around.

@Another Euro… said: “You seem to be way more confident than Elon Musk himself…”

Elon Misk pointing out the reality of the high difficulty and what is necessary to accomplish a task should not be confused with Musk’s confidence level the task will be completed.

Had Musk not been transparent in outlining the difficult nature of the task naysayers like @Another Euro… would be claiming Musk is oblivious to the difficulty level of the task and disconnected from reality.

Another Euro point of view

“Had Musk not been transparent in outlining the difficult nature of the task naysayers like @Another Euro… would be claiming Musk is oblivious to the difficulty level of the task and disconnected from reality”.

I was indeed very much impressed by him stopping with his usual BS talk and behaving like a CEO of a public company should. Now, information taken, explanation of this is likely that he now has a straitjacked under the form of two new directors (one of them a lawyer) and likely an Audit team that his being reluctant to sign off an unqualified report (2018 financial statements) given the present SEC scrutiny (because of his own big mouth). So likely he had to send the gloomy letter or else the auditors would have written such qualification in their report themselves in order to cover their a@@. So now, likely by sheer force of circumstances and his own failure of behaving as he should back in 2018, we have Elon Musk version 2.

@Another Euro… said: “…So likely he had to send the gloomy letter or else the auditors would have written such qualification in their report themselves…”

That is absolute nonsense.

Those public reports already (usually at the end of the report) give a long list of all the conceivable absolute & contingent obstacles that could materially impact Tesla’s financial performance… standard report CYA disclosures. That happens letter or no letter from Musk.

Musk’s letter is about clearly setting the next task marker to align his troops… and to let the market know why Tesla is doing what it’s doing.

Wow! Are all Euro points of view as full of shit as yours?

Yeah, God forbid he keeps his employees in The Know, vice shi-t canning an entire swath of workforce with nary a peep. Had he not said anything, I’m sure you had your pre-written response at the ready. Dude’s trying to keep a company afloat that is likely one of the main reasons that sites like this even exist.

And yet again, selling a product you’ve never even driven.

Another Euro point of view

Why would I need to test drive a car which would cost me here EUR 55K with an insurance premium which alone would cost me my yearly fuel expenses (I don’t know about the US but insurance premiums on Tesla are completely nuts here). Maybe they make their cars out of carbon fiber or something. I wait for the VW ID/Neo then will see if OK for my needs.

Just like waiting for the right size safety jacket to jump off a sinking ship!

@Another Euro… said: “…I wait for the VW ID/Neo then will see if OK for my needs.”

Amusing that the VW car @Another Euro is waitig for (if and when it arrives) will be a product forced onto VW by Tesla as a VW response to Tesla. So @Another Euro when throwing tomatoes at Tesla is throwing tomatoes at the company responsible for having created the market condition to get him that thing he wants: a low cost VW EV.

The beautiful irony.

VW said: “Here we come very strong now. We have invested 30 billion in electromobility, we have already rededicated a plant in Zwickau, and we are building an electric vehicle plant in Shanghai. We will come in 2020 with vehicles that can do anything like Tesla and are cheaper by half.” source:

“Volkswagen’s Answer To Tesla: A €20,000 Electric Car” -source:

I’ll cue AnotherEuro’s cricket response for you: chirp chirp…

Another Euro point of view

You do not do it well: triiit triiit triiit (the Mediterranean criquet sub specie)

You were commenting on a U.S. company, so I used good old chirp chirpin’ Stateside crickets.

Another Euro point of view

Forced by Tesla ?

Because of the 4% share of its global sales VW has in the US ?
Or maybe because first Tesla appearing in German scoreboard of best 2018 pluggin sales is nr 20 ?
Or because of Tesla pathetic 2018 sales in China, an important market for VW ?

Disclosure: Nowadays Tesla makes decent sales in 1/ California 2/ Norway 3/ Netherlands. Some people including you seems to think that those 3 places qualify as “the World”.

VW group does this electrification as not to get billions of fines from European commission as from 2021 regarding carbon dioxide emissions. And this is one of the reason Toyota does not care about EVs, their hybrid line up already complies.

I believe VW would be worried if Tesla could compete on production costs in mass market segment but as they visibly can’t it’s no problem.

You used to write better comments, you must be tired.

Better comments? Well here’s one of yours, which shows the insane level of antagonism you’ve developed toward Tesla investors:

“How will hubby explain to wifey that their hard won cash just blew up in smoke buying Tsla stock… That may lead to divorce, that to children with substance abuse issues etc.”


Sure, that makes sense. Except for the fact that most folks that are uninterested in a product don’t camp out at website comment forums to talk down about the product they are (allegedly) not interested in. For someone who doesn’t like Tesla you sure like to focus on ’em.

This quote may help you figure it out: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

(You’re welcome)

Another Euro point of view

I am just busy procrastinating on more important tasks and find it fascinating that somewhat cultish culture around Tesla in EV blogs + it is a never ending story with Musk tweets etc. Better than soap opera. Eventually I wll stop procrastinating and relieve you all of my comments for a while.

Doubtful you’ll move on, not in your nature. It’s funny how one who is obsessed uses the term cultish. There’s folks who support Tesla that also find obsessed folks like you just as fascinating in reverse.

“…that somewhat cultish culture around Tesla…”

There certainly is a “somewhat cultish culture” among those who regularly post comments on a website for no purpose other than trying to smear the good name of a company trying hard to make the world a better place.

If there’s someone here who is showing a “cultish” obsession, dude, it’s you!

VW cars sound appropriate for you, they like talking shi-t too

So… Mr Tesla insider with all the information, how many Model 3’s will be in this invasion?

Sammy — You might try checking this incredible place that actually publishes information about this exact sort of thing.

The wave has already started:

And has already begun to grow even more:

Here is just those buyers who chose to self-report their orders (not the total number of actual orders: This is just for the next few months, of those people who have been ALLOWED by Tesla to finalize their orders:


Some clarification: while the European orders spreadsheet is based on self-reported order numbers, the totals presented actually show the count of *all* orders that have been placed up to that point, not only those who reported order numbers.

What have you been smoking? In Europe the insane levels of financial incentives is being turned down a notch. I spoke to a Model S owner the other day and he is seriously considering switching back to ICE in 2020 when his lease contract stops. There will not be an invasion or any sort of EV boom, not by anyone. When people have to actually pay for these expensive toys themselves, enthousiasm wears thin quickly.

He is probably a paid anti-EV shill.

Turned down? Well, Germany for one just upped EV incentives…

Obviously, the Model S is an expensive car that not everyone can afford. That’s why we get the Model 3, and even cheaper models from VW etc.

Serious question Have vw actually shown a cheaper ev than Tesla that is not just a concept?? Have they shown a concept even?

Sure, the e-Up is considerably cheaper than the Model 3. Of course, it’s a tiny microcar with an EV range of only 80 miles…

“In Europe the insane levels of financial incentives is being turned down a notch.” You mean you are actually implementing a carbon tax to help pay for asthma and cancer sufferers caused by breathing the particulate matter derived from burning fossil fuels. Whew! What a relief.

I don’t see anything matching the Model 3 for years coming out of Europe..

Another Euro point of view

For years ? Centuries ! Thousand of years ! Archeologists will find people buried in their Model 3’s and wonder what it was.

Are you confusing your own era with what’s going on?

This kind of mockery might have worked if he actually used over-the-top hyperbole, as you are trying to suggest. But he didn’t. There is literally nothing announced or even hinted at by European car makers in the same class as Model 3 before at least 2021.

Another Euro point of view

OK for a couple of years then. Wow. Please note however that no Euro manufacturer would be nuts enough to prioritize the production of a electric sedan for the European market. So ffbj can indeed be somewhat safe with what he wrote.

@Another Euro said: “…Please note however that no Euro manufacturer would be nuts enough to prioritize the production of a electric sedan for the European market…”

Yup… and that there is why you will likely be waiting a *very* long time for that low cost VW ID Neo you said your holding out for. Good luck with that.

In the mean time Teslsa will with Model 3 be eating away at VW’s home base market share.

Any news of a towing hitch on the Model 3 in the approval sheets?

Oh, I wish so…

I would love to know the total number of orders for M3 in Europe as of now including standard range $35k version.

No orders for low cost versions yet. Reservations are mostly for SR and MR, but even Tesla doesn’t know the split.

Hold on there bud, reservations have nothing to do with trim levels, what are you smoking?

Another Euro point of view

That’s what he said, Tesla does not know the split. Now as many of those reservations are now being so old (since March 2016 ?) that we can imagine that quite some surveys have been made about them.

Tesla does have a very good idea of the split. Tesla reservation holders have a login account at Tesla.com where Tesla has repeatedly asked questions about their preferences throughout different points in the process, including if they were waiting for the SR. This has been well documented right here on this website.

Of course Doggy doen’t actually have any of Tesla’s data, yet he repeatedly pretends to know it.

Even when the largest surveys of reservation holders (nearly 20K people, the old model3.info site which is now defunct) don’t even match his claims. That largest group of reservation holders said that only around 15% wanted a stripped SR, with half of those surveyed wanting the LR plus multiple options. Also, this survey was the ONLY survey that asked buyers about SR, MR, and LR battery pack preferences.

Another Euro point of view

“Tesla does have a very good idea of the split”. So this is why they scramble for cost reductions and issue profit warnings for basically the entire year. That smells SR 80%.

Obviously neither logic nor critical thinking are your forte.

In fact, it looks like your only forte is losing money on shorting TSLA stock.

I suspect because actual production costs are still too high, so the promise of a $35K midsize car with (originally for 2017) was far too premature. Even if it’s only 15% SR, if they lose (random but possible number) $1K/car on sales of ~300K/year — and they plan on selling far more — that’s still a $350M loss on those cars. That’s a lot of money for a cash-poor company with a lot of debt. They don’t have deep pockets and can’t subsidize volume sales. That would be the reason for gouging customers on options, forcing them to buy the “premium” upgrade package etc.

Tesla knows, since reservation holders are emailed, and a questionnaire is included, if they want to wait, to ask what are they waiting for! (SR, Base, etc. Hopefully, it will also ask if Towing, is a waiting reason!)

With all of those reservations — I would have expected orders to be much higher. A bit disappointing overall.

Remember that even for the very few people who ordered and had a model 3 available in a showroom not too far… it was not possible to test drive the car (since it was not homologed). Paying 60 000 euros for a car you cannot test drive, or for many even see, is a quite ack of faith in Tesla. So 15 000 orders is for me quite an impressive number.

Over 15K people responded to a voluntary poll about their orders, these numbers are far from official.

Anyway, it’s a huge number. Now let’s hope they won’t be desapointed since they will have 3 days to bring it back. So I hope Tesla has been checking for any defects before shipping, and I hope each supercharger will have at least one stall compatible with the model 3 at lauch, etc.

Actually, 948 people (as of this writing) have submitted order data. The 15780 total orders figure is derived from the sequential order numbers.

Considering that only the most expensive variants are available for now, the “conversion” percentage doesn’t look bad. I think we can expect a similar ratio of actual orders vs. reservations as in the US — which would mean that a six-figure European sales count in 2019 should be totally attainable.

Date on the screenshot of the Dutch database appears to imply that it was actually granted on the 4th January?

There’s another date in there if you scroll a bit.

Does this include the UK? We are in Europe.

For now…. 😉

He didn’t say EU…

You have until March 29, then…..???

UK in Europe? No Brexit? Hmmmm….

Europe and EU are two totally different things. UK will always be in Europe, but they don’t have to be in the EU if the don’t want to.

Just like the US will always be a part of North America but can lead NAFTA if they want to.

I can’t understand why people have such a hard time distinguishing between a continent and a political union.

UK was in Europe long before any EU existed…
lol 🙂

Well, the island has. The (shorthand) name “United Kingdom” has only been the official name since 1801. 🙂

There will be another referendum if the British isles will:
(1) stay as part of the European continent, or
(2) join North-America or
(3) declare themselves as an own continent.

No the UK is not part of the list, it’s not for political reasons — but because you guys are driving on the wrong site of the road and there are no orders for RHD-steering possible at the moment.

I am sincerely intrigued by the order numbers for Europe – even if they are +/- 5k cars. It seems VERY low for a car that we have all been waiting for for years?
If 15k orders by now are correct, I am pretty sure panic is spreading on the Tesla board. They are financially dependant on delivering the expensive variants, and if Europe is waiting for cheaper models to arrive, Tesla only has the Asian market to go to.
Personally I think that $70k for the cheaper model 3 is way to expensive. Anyone knows how base price is in other European countries?

Agree, if indeed only 15K are ordered by now in Europe, time starts to run out for more shipments to Europe in Q1. Making, shipping, distributing and getting them registered for customers may easily take more than two months. Tesla is aiming for 7000 cars a week which would mean about 90K per quarter. So at least 70K would have to be sold somewhere else…

Could it be, that this situation is the reason for the lay-offs and the profit warning in Musks Letter?

And again, as I pointed out last year, especially in Germany, the market might be much more difficult for Tesla than many expected. The majority in this price range are corporate sales, and Tesla is far away from being able to address this market in Germany at the time being, neither from their organization nor financially.

As a European reservation holder I can tell you that it is way to expensive and not practical enough. They need to unleash the mid and standard range, build a model suited to European wants and needs and build a factory here.

But first I’ll wait to test drive it in a couple of months, that might ease some of the doubts.

Some parts of EU still can’t order. I can’t order my Model 3 🙁

Where’s that Jolinar?

Indeed after waiting nearly 3 years (since Apr-2016) European reservation holders are not really coming out in droves to order the “most anticipated car of the century”. Even staunch Tesla fans like German You-tuber ‘Teslamarcus’ are very concerned about Tesla’s future profitability now.

Rumors were at least 40k reservations in Germany alone, and only 2500 were converted to orders from reservation holders. Expectation when first ordering invitations were sent out on Dec-21 was a long waiting lists of “mere mortals” as commercial fleet operators and long time customers to be served first. Then fresh reservations made on Friday Dec-28 were already invited to order on Monday Dec-31, and on Jan-04 all non-reservation holders could already order, bringing up the German order number to nearly 3000 now.

As the EU-homologation was passed and the German BaFa can include the Model-3 now in the discount list (of 2,000 Euro tax subsidy) , maybe a few more customers will come out now.


Figured this must be true yesterday in Bay Area I saw at least 6 car carriers with european cars on them. ( could tell by licence brackets). Get ready Europe they are on their way! Great news for folks who waited even longer than North America.

After a surge in December, orders slowed down dramatically in January, and are now at a level of well below 1.000 per week.
The last 7 days it grew from 15,269 t o15,786 – 500 cars / week.
Meanwhile US orders likely fell off a cliff after the tax credit cut off-
So Europe backlog will absorb the production of about 4 weeks – and then ?
Next steps must be the introduction of the MR models in Europa (lower margins), which will bring the next wave of maybe 20.000 –> another 5 weeks of production.
After that, Tesla will have the choice to either cut back production, or entering price regions, where they cant generate profits.

Very difficult situation, Musk explained it quite clearly. No sustainable profits in sight, debt coming due, no cash for financing investments in Model Y etc.