New Tesla Model 3 Accessories Become Available

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Cargo Mats (Image Credit: Tesla)

As Tesla delivers more Model 3 vehicles, more accessories for the car are becoming available.

It seems that Tesla All-Weather Cargo Mats are a popular item for the Model S and X. It’s a good way to keep the car’s interior storage areas free of dirt and moisture. It’s surely much easier to remove the dirt and water-resistant mats and clean them off than it is to try to clean up the car’s stock fabric.

Remember, Tesla vehicles have two trunks; or more precisely, a trunk and a frunk. The frunk is up front and smaller, but still large enough for a suitcase. The trunk area can be extended by folding down the rear seats. Below are some pictures of the trunk and frunk from Twitter user @TheRealPTFI, via Teslarati.

You can purchase the cargo mats from Tesla for $200 a pair. This includes a mat for the trunk and one for the frunk. If you choose to purchase them separately, or only choose one or the other, the frunk mat retails for $70, while the trunk mat costs $130. Obviously, other companies will soon make aftermarket mats to fit the Model 3. They will likely be cheaper, but Tesla tends to go above and beyond with its material quality, and the Tesla mats are, of course, 100 percent recyclable. According to Tesla’s website:

Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Cargo Mats are precisely made using the latest in digital laser measurements for your Model 3. This extreme-duty floor protection covers and protects your Model 3 by keeping it free from dirt and spills. The cargo mats are made from thermoplastic elastomer material which has a rigid core for unbeatable strength and easy cleanups. They are 100% recyclable and free of any Cadmium, Lead, Latex or PVC’s.

Source: Teslarati

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Why hasn’t there been a story on Bolt EV accessories – roof racks, mats, bike hitch etc…? Weird to have a story on accessories for a car basically no one can purchase. This is why people talk about a Tesla bias.

Because hardly anyone cares, there is a reason why half a million people put down a deposit for something they never sat in.

It’s not a deposit, it’s a reservation to the confirgurator where then you build you car then order

Certainly it’s a deposit. The fact that it’s refundable doesn’t change that.

It’s the fact that a Model 3 reservation requires a $1000 deposit which makes those 455,000+ reservations so significant. A reservation without requiring a deposit wouldn’t mean much, as the reservation holder wouldn’t have any “skin in the game”.

Pushy’s Grammar Nazi head says:


1. a sum of money placed or kept in a bank account, usually to gain interest.

2. a sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.

Do you mean Chevy, the company that is involved with trying to reduce mileage standards in the United States, that one? There’s a reason why people are not interested in their vehicles, and that is just one among many.

Theflew. Valid point on the Tesla hype

“This is why people talk about a Tesla bias.”

Is it “bias” to note that Tesla has single-handedly kicked off the modern EV revolution? Is it “bias” to note that Tesla putting the Roadster into production is what inspired GM to make the Chevy Volt, and inspired Nissan to make the Leaf?

Is it “bias” to note that Tesla is single-handedly building out continent-wide networks of fast-charging stations to enable long-distance travel in North America, Europe, and elsewhere? …and that nobody else is doing so?

Is it “bias” to note that Tesla is far out ahead of the pack in designing compelling, cutting-edge new PEVs and putting them into production?

Is it a “bias” to note that the Tesla Model S received more “Best car of the Year” awards that any other in history, or note the surprising number of reviews calling it the “Best car ever made”?

Is it “bias” to note that Tesla scores higher than any other auto maker on customer satisfaction, according to Consumer Reports?

Theflew, if and when other auto makers start performing like Tesla is, in advancing the EV revolution and in making and selling compelling PEVs, then we’ll start showing “bias” for them too!

The Chevy Volt was out years before the roadster.

Better check your facts. The first Roadsters were 2008 model year and the first Volts were 2011 model year sold in very late (december) 2010.

The site is called Inside EV’s – not inside Tesla. Tesla has done a lot of good. But, it’s going to take more than Tesla to start the revolution. In the end Tesla might just be a footnote to the larger story of electrification of the automobile industry.

No, Tesla is driving the EV revolution, and since they have no legacy ICE business to protect this is unlikely to change.

Good idea to run a story about Bolt accessories. I would include third-party mobile 240 V EVSE options also. Such a story would be helpful to Bolt EV owners and prospective owners.

As for the Tesla mats, I have the Tesla trunk, frunk, driver, passenger, and second row “rubber” floor mats for my Model S. I think WeatherTech makes them for Tesla. They have been great and I recommend them.


WeatherTech: sounds about right – “precisely made using the latest in digital laser measurements for your Model 3.”

I suppose if I order these accessories, they’ll arrive long before the car.

Depends on when you order the car.

Instructions on using the internet for amateurs:

1) The internet is HUUUUGE. You control what you read, and the entire internet isn’t all written just for you. If you aren’t interested in hamsters at tea parties, don’t read content about hamsters at tea parties. If you aren’t interested in Tesla accessories, don’t click on content clearly labeled Tesla accessories.

2) The internet isn’t fair. There is no equal coverage rule. This news about Tesla Model 3 accessories shows up on Insideevs, Teslarati, Teslamotorclub, evanex, youtube, etc. because it is something new and therefore news. Sites like these work as news aggregators, aggregating news from around the internet so that you can read it in one place. There is no news on Bolt accessories today on the internet. If there is nothing new for your pet product, it just isn’t going to get equal time. That’s just how the internet (and especially news aggregators) works. When there is news about something for a GM product, it gets covered when IT was news, not every time there is news for some other product. Like here:

I accidentally posted the wrong link, here is where insideev’s talked about cargo mat accessories for the Bolt:

But that actually just proves my point. When the Bolt was news, Insideevs didn’t go back and talk about floor mats for the Volt. Nor did anybody complain about it.

Tesla car is the very beautiful car for environment. Tesla driving EV revelation.Tesla is my favorite car.