Tesla Mobile Design Studios Begin North American Tour


Via Facebook, Tesla Motors stated:

“Meet our new mobile Design Studio! We’re driving across the US to give you the full Tesla experience. Hop in and design your dream car.”

The mobile design studio goes by the name of “Tesla Explores” and the goal is to bring design studios to under served locations in the U.S. where finding a traditional Tesla store may not be easy or convenient.

Tesla is kicking off the tour this month with a stop in Chicago. It appears as though a Tesla Model X will tow (yes…it’s well suited for towing) the mobile design studio (a flashy Airstream trailer) to and from the various stops along the route.

Tesla’s site states:

“Tesla is hitting the road across North America with our first-ever Tesla mobile Design Studios. Get the complete Tesla experience and design the Model S or Model X of your dreams as our fleet of mobile galleries roams to destinations near and far.”

Tesla Explores Future Events

Tesla Explores Future Events

You’ll find more information on the actual “Tesla Explores” schedule by clicking here.

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Bjorn is doing that for free for them in Norway and Germany.

Clever, memorable, low cost advertising. 🙂

This company will get places ! they’re always thinking and coming up new ideas that are a 1st! Tesla is going places . Hopefully they will silence critics & naysayers in the very near future..BTW…Tesla builds more cars than Porsche & Porsche has been around for 100 yrs…give these guys a chance , they will succeed !

Congratulations on not using caps! But seriously, Tesla’s biggest problem is itself, not the competition.

Tesla’s existence, is not a problem…

Unless you work for Exxon, Legacy ICE Automakers, The Hydrogen Industry (Big Oil, again), Coal Miners, Nuclear Power, Grid Battery Storage Companies, PV Solar Installers, etc., etc…

Which group are you part of?

I’m a Volt owner and Model 3 reservation holder. I call it as I see it – not everyone is part of a vast conspiracy theory. While I respect Telsa’s accomplishments, they have a ways to go.

Your vague retorts don’t support your personal biases against Tesla very well…

Could you bother to be more specific in your criticisms of the company? Then I’ll have something I can tear into. 🙂

Making an RV, off the back of a Model X, seem like a viable way to join RV culture is a big reach. It’s trying to prove something, which here is a lot different from “would you recommend”.

Anon, maybe you don’t tow, but a typical 20mpg truck drops below 10mpg with these things. In what proportion would you expect the Model X to suffer a similar loss? What impact would that have on your 100+ mile supercharger stops? How flexible would your itineraries become, or would you be down right tethered to I-70?

I see this and agree with MTN Ranger. Tesla has a problem over-promising. Maybe for a “Cape” trip from Boston, or Coastal southern California, from LA or San Diego. Otherwise, long trips or being unable to predict where you’re going, would be tricky compromises.

It would be interesting to see an actual analysis of the practicality of (say) a 100 kWh Model X towing an Airstream, instead of the shooting-from-the-hip which is all I’ve seen so far. I mean, shooting from the hip is fine as far as it goes, I’m not willing to put the work in either!

It seems to me there are two potentially mitigating effects to offset the “you lose half your range” guesstimate you tossed out. First, presumably people drive slower when towing an Airstream. Second, the common case will be to end the day at a campsite with a NEMA 14-50 for an overnight charge. So as long as you can put your route together with Superchargers and end up at a campsite with a hookup, maybe it’s not so ugly. The question is how many routes that rules in (or out).

(Clearly with the slower driving speed and more frequent charging stops it’s not going to be as fast as traveling without a trailer in tow, but duh.)

I too, have reservations about Tesla. Not about the vision that it has, but about execution.

Mostly, their supply chain is really beating them up. When parts are missing, you can’t ship products. You’re stuck, and that’s what has happened.

They say they’ve changed their thinking on this, but time will tell. Tesla has a number of years lead way on the competition but those other guys know how to build cars, and lots of them.

Sitting in the Jaguar vs. a Tesla, the fit and finish of the Jaguar feels amazing. Sitting in a Tesla’s interior is kind of like sitting in a Toyota or Honda with leather seats with big digital monitors. It’s workable, but it still has a ways to go for luxury. This is a big part of where they have to catch up once other manufacturers get the range of their cars up to snuff.

I think Tesla could pull it off, but it’s got a lot of work to do.

Would Tesla get arrested for stopping their “design studio” in Texas or Michigan for the crime of not using a dealer? I notice they aren’t risking a stop in anti-small business states. Even Texas, who pretends free market capitalism but actually does whatever the car dealers want, can’t arrest Tesla owners for just showing off their cars. They are too busy pretending they care about us voters, before the Winter elections. 😉 Idea: If you live in one of these states, bring it up next time your politicians ask for votes. Watch them squirm and make excuses. Don’t accept these. Ask them if they are in the pockets of the dealers or the people. They will always say the people. Point out over 90% favor direct car sales in polls. I plan to ask them if they will help sponsor a bill allowing one or two Tesla locations. Tip: You CAN make a difference. YOU might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I did it myself as a student, got a politician to pass a bill, that elected the first student to the stuffy clueless Univ. of VA governing board. I also recently talked a local shopping center… Read more »
Any Politician in the ‘No Tesla Direct Sales’ States, should be asked – Do they have a page on the web listing their Contributions, and their Sources – and if not – why not? Then- they should ask them about the interest they have in the Future Air Quality of their Constituents, and if it matters to them? After that – they should be asked what their stance is on Clean Energy, and Clean Electric Vehicles in Transportation activities – either Full Battery Electric or even PHEV’s? Finally – after they have set the trend of their answers – post the Tesla Direct Sales Question: “Do you support antiquated Laws of Protectionism, or the right of the people to have choice?” Followed with – “What are your thoughts on the state of Auto sales and Auto Dealer Organizations stopping Tesla from opening their businesses in this state to Sell their Wares?” In this fashion – you can ‘Lead the Witness’ into a better position to fire off the final questions! It might be more useful than just going to punch line too fast. Sorry – I am in Canada – not sure me doing this for American Politicians would be… Read more »

Diarmuid O’Connell is not going to pick that fight. After the Iowa State Patrol escorted the Tesla Eden Prairie team to the Minnesota border for giving test drives to reservation holders two years ago, I think the lesson is clear: state and national auto dealers are intolerant of disruption to their cronyism.
Still, they could make a very quick getaway.
If, as a private owner, I pulled this as a stunt, it would not be illegal. It would be awesome!

> it’s suitable for towing

Good joke. It has limited towing capability is nearer the mark. But any old piece of junk will work better for long distance towing.

For short tows within the limited capability I’m sure it’s awesome. Torque isn’t lacking. 🙂

You actually believe the lame stuff you type?

They may be surprising to you– but hard data does not support your personal opinion on this particular subject.

Anon asked:

“You actually believe the lame stuff you type?”

No, he’s just trolling. I was surprised when Terawatt made a post the other day that indicates he’s old enough to have a driver’s license. Most of his posts certainly don’t show any such maturity.

An unladen pickup truck gets maybe 20mpg. 15-gallon tank gets you 300 miles of range. What’s the range of a pickup truck carrying a crate of 2500# of coconuts?
For the sake of argument, we will say this is a European pickup truck.
In order to meet the performance of a Model X, though, I think two pickup trucks would have to carry the crate together.

What is the ground-speed velocity of an unladen European pickup, and how does that compare to an African pickup?

What? . . .Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh

Well played, sir.