Tesla Mobile Connector Gets Updated, Now $100 Cheaper

Tesla Corded Mobile Connector


Tesla Corded Mobile Connector With Adaptors (Image Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle With Adaptors (Image Credit: Tesla)

About a month ago, we reported that Tesla had updated its Wall connector and reduced the price. This was just after the new Tesla Model S refresh debuted.  Now, we are seeing the same idea with Tesla’s Mobile Connector. It is $100 less for the updated version.

Tesla Corded Mobile Connector

Tesla Corded Mobile Connector (Image Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s Mobile Connector bundle was listed on the Tesla website for $650 in the past. It includes the connector as well as the storage bag and two different adapters. The newly updated product is $550 for the same bundle, but there is also a $520 version without the adapters.

The update appears virtually the same as the original except it has no indicator light and has an added push button.

A Mobile Connector is included with every Tesla purchase. A user may want additional connectors for different locations, however, a single one left in the vehicle will likely suffice. It is not a necessity.

Product description:

The Corded Mobile Connector has an integrated 240 volt 50 amp rated plug for high power output. A seamless design provides a low profile connection, allowing for use with covered outdoor outlets.

  • 1 NEMA-14-50 Corded Mobile Connector (with 20 ft cable)
  • 1 Storage Bag


  • 1 Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20 ft cable)
  • 1 NEMA 14-50 Adapter
  • 1 NEMA 5-15 Adapter
  • 1 Storage Bag

Sources: Tesla, Electrek

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Is there anybody who can tell me, why you cant get a T3 adapter (used in France) to the Tesla Mobile Connector, you need to buy a complete cable for 350€

Thanks for the answers, but none of the videos menschen the T3
There must be some Technical explanation why Tesla they don’t make this connector

Because every single country in europe except France standardized on the Type 2 not the Type 3? Because France has already started to see more Type 2 installs than Type 3?

Type 3 is a pain for EV drivers crossing France. I’m Irish. The last time I drove through France I had to go to the Belgian border as quick as possible to find charging instead of taking the more direct route down the A26.

You can just buy a Type 3 to Type 2 cable from china on aliexpress. But they cost more than €300 and are hard to find.

If you add the J1772 adapter this should work with the Nissan LEAF (and any hopefilly any other J1772)as well correct?

Will keep the Nissan LEAF but as a Model 3 Reservation holder might be nice to have a backup. Thinking of picking up a 240V compatible charger and I like how sleek and functional the mobile connector is while also supporting 120V!

Also probably a silly question but a Tesla order comes with 1x mobile connector, correct?

To your second question, yes it does come with one UMC (this is mentioned in the story actually).

To your first question, no, the J1772 adapter works in the other direction, it lets you connect a standard J1772 cable to the proprietary Tesla charging port, so you can charge your Tesla at a conventional public charging station. I don’t believe there are adapters available for purchase to go in the other direction, although there is at least one company that will refit a Tesla EVSE with J1772 cable. (And then you can still use it to charge your Tesla courtesy of the J1772 adapter.)

Nevermind had a brain fart, the J1772 adapter is J1772 female to Tesla male adapter right, there probably is no such thing as Tesla female to J1772 male adapter that would allow the Mobile connector to charge other J1772 vehicles?

Sorry for the mixup!

Last post: someone has made Tesla connector to J1772 connector but not available for sale and didn’t think about it but this would cause some issues at Destination chargers as any EV could use the chargers Tesla put in for Tesla customers.


Everything you ever wanted to know about charging a Tesla (almost)

Charging your Tesla Model S or Model X

Why is it so expensive? You can get a good laptop computer for $550, this is a couple of strands of copper in a plastic tube!

not sure why but all the ev makers are charging insane prices for what amounts to a smart extension cord.


Most DIY cost ~$400 and up. For 10,000 watts you need beefier relays, heavier copper. I regret going OpenEVSE (burn outs, miss matched gromets, and flakey adafruit screens). However, having J1772 into Tesla adapter gives you flexibility, like as I type Volt using it as garage door broken.

Tesla’s adapter may be too expensive, @$95.

I sell used charge cords and usually charge 350 for converted level 2 cords.

There’s TONS of support for OpenEVSE. Did you ask any of the ?dozen? or so regulars for help?

Economy of scale!
A few thousend cables vs several million laptops which use components of billion laptops. That’s a huge difference.

In the little box, integrated in the cable, is some processor stuff, as I understand it needs to do some talking and verifying. Look at it as a little computer. That’s why it is more expensive as just a cable.

If the 14-50 adapter has the built in fuse in it, then $550 for the package is a great deal.

Certainly a better value than $1500 for the UMC for the roadster which had to be constantly replaced.

What I’ve always wondered is why Nissan’s EVSE that comes with the car is only 110 volts (I know it can be upgraded, that’s what I did). Something like Tesla’s EVSE with a NEMA 14-50 plug and other plug options really seems to make sense to me.
Hopefully the next gen LEAF EVSE will be 220 volt capable.

Amen to that. All PEVs in North America should come with a dual voltage 120/240 V charge cord (portable EVSE).

This would lower the cost to install home charging. Just install a 240 V outlet. It will be a big enabler for EVs.


550$ doesn’t seem too bad. It is almost 10Kw. Heck when I bot my 3.3 kw Voltec wall unit 4 years ago it was around 500$ but it’s only 3.3 Kw.

I wish I had used bigger wire now. I will have to redo my wire run and go to a bigger breaker.

“Updated” is misleading. It’s another option that is less useful than the UMC (Universal Mobile Connector) as this one has a hard-wired 14-50 plug. The UMC can take the 14-50 adapter and also 5-15 and 5-20 adapters for 120V charging, as well as the discontinued 10-30 and 14-30 adapters. Tesla should have put it’s effort into bringing back those discontinued UMC adapters rather than developing this dumbed down non-universal mobile connector.

The bean counters has entered Tesla! Probably in order to reach the price target for the model 3.

There were technical problems with the original UMC design; it wasn’t really beefy enough to handle 50 amps.

I suspect Tesla is planning to entirely replace the old UMC with a set of new designs, but wants to use up the old UMC stock first.

Hopefully we’ll eventually see the return of the 10-30 / 6-30 / 14-30 / TT-30 adapters, but I bet it’ll be a completely new cable.

I agree that Tesla’s Universal Mobile Connector, or UMC, is more versatile, with several plug adapters. I do hope they keep it and bring back at least one 30 Amp outlet adapter.

However this new “corded mobile connector” does include a temperature sensor in the hard wired 14-50 plug, a welcome added safety feature.


With the 30% tax credit in the US, this becomes a real bargain compared to other EVSE’s out there that are capable of 40Amps.

You’re out on thin ice with the IRS trying to claim a 30% credit on a connector plug assembly. .I wouldn’t do it.. Good Luck!!

How many KW is the 240 mobile charger that comes with the model s? I was thinking I could just use it when I get the model 3 later. I have been looking at the juicebox, but maybe the included Tesla travel charger would be just as good?

10 kW. (Well, 9.6 I think.) I don’t know of any Tesla owners that feel the need to get anything beyond what came with the car, unless they’re getting the Tesla HPWC that does 20 kW.