Tesla Minivan Missing From New Master Plan? 2019 Tesla Van Rendered

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2019 Tesla Minivan Rendered By Top Speed

2019 Tesla Minivan Rendered By Top Speed

When Tesla released its Master Plan – Part Deux last month, and stated that the company would be building a “a future compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck, the floodgates of public imagination opened as to what those future Tesla’s might look like.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (unfortunate naming aside) will be the first proper electrified minivan ever sold when it arrives this Fall in the US

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (unfortunate naming aside) will be the first proper electrified minivan ever sold when it arrives this Fall in the US

Now Top Speed thinks that the Master Plan should perhaps expand a bit further, to a segment we rarely see plans to add a plug – the passenger minivan segment.

“Tesla might be missing an important segment niche – the minivan. Sure, sales of minivans have dwindled with the exploding popularity of the crossover, but families continue to rely on the minivan’s unparalleled interior volume and downright handiness for hauling the kids and their stuff.”

And to prove a point, or at least show what a proper minivan with Tesla’s name on it (and riding on the Model X chassis) might look like, they have taken a pass at rendering such a vehicle.

We should note that Tesla did mention a “high passenger-density urban transportvehicle/van-bus thing was in the offing as part of the 2nd Master Plan, based on the California Custom Volkswagen Kombi.  And that the VW-inspired Tesla transport vehicle (and a heavy duty transport truck) would debut next year in concept form as long term projects for the company.   However, our impression is that the urban people hauler will be more of a public transportation solution, and possibly autonomous to some degree in function.

Currently, only the upcoming Chysler Pacifica Hybrid will be getting the electrified passenger van treatment.  That product arrives in a few months, and has a 30 mile/50km range before switching back to gas.

Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

Previously a 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck was rendered by Top Speed

“The Model X is, quite honestly, almost a minivan anyway. Swap those Falcon doors and sloping rear roof for something a bit more family friendly, and boom – a minivan. That’s the idea here. There are several major design changes our rendering shows between the Model X and the minivan. Up front, the position of the A-pillars are slid forward, maximizing the passenger compartment and creating that minivan look.

At the sides, a familiar handle operates the electronically actuating sliding doors. The main support track for the doors could be hidden within the interior door panel. With the door closed, the interior panel would look normal, but when opened, a narrow section of the panel would arch open, revealing a track mechanism that runs along a hinge hidden in the C-pillar. It’s far-fetched, sure, but so are the Falcon Wing doors.”

Top Speed sees the Tesla minivan being offered in all the familiar battery option as the Model X, but in this case feels the performance P90D is probably not warranted (just buy a Model S or X we suppose); soccer mom’s will have to put up with 0-60mph times of just under 5 seconds.

So good idea to make another use of the Model S/Model X platform?  It would be cost efficient for Tesla to produce for sure, but would it dilute the brand to produce a minivan?

The full speculative write-up on the Tesla Minivan, and why Tesla should (or should) not produce such a vehicle can be found at Top Speed here.

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Tesla does not need a minivan …an SUV will do just fine .. Minivans are going out of favor for better more sensible alternatives. Minivans will shortly be a thing of the past. . Most manufacturers have Dropped Minivans because they are a money looser. FCA will be next to drop Minivans..

“…Minivans are going out of favor for better more sensible alternatives…”

Nope, Minivans are the sensible alternative to SUV’s.

Agreed, minivans are more practical than SUVs. In general, minivans can carry more people and more cargo, and get better fuel economy (with the exception of the Model X). How SUVs ever got so popular is way beyond me – boxes on wheels are not attractive – which is what most SUVs are (again, Model X is the exception)

A Tesla minivan would be an easy sell to my wife… And I would certainly enjoy driving it too.

SUVs are an abonomation of automotive engineering in that if you went to an engineer and told him what you need he would never develop an SUV…
SUVs are minvans for yuppoes…
SUVs are for mothers who are too insucure to admit they are mothers…
SUVs are highly enificient station wagons…
SUVs are more dangerous for people who drive normal cars due to the height and weight difference and the fact that they make it harder to see the road and other trafic around it…
SUVs are a huge waste of natural resouces even in comparison to cars…
I know the market has spoken but just the same I hate SUVs…

YOGURT, you are right they are just station wagons by another name because station wagons were mom cars and looked down on.
In the article they say the first minivan EV but Chrysler built quite a few in 98-00 minivan EVs.
And powered by nicad or nife hatteries that have 50 yr plus life.
I have a bunch of flooded nicads 50 yrs old and still put out rated power.

A Model 3 van styled like a Venza could sell.

True but suvs are sooo boring

Dude, you’re nuts.

If FCA will be dropping minivans why bother with rolling out a plug in minivan?

While a SUV may be what more people want (because of less of a Mom factor) a minivan is a lot more useful for the general public.

To the picture I really wish they’d stop releasing images just with a pasted on front. It reminds me too much of a rat and I hope it doesn’t make it on to all of Tesla’s vehicles.

We opted for a minivan due to insufficient storage in an SUV. The closest SUV to the cargo space of a minivan is a Chevrolet Suburban or GMC Yukon XL. huge and inefficient.

When you need to transport seven adults, an SUV won’t do.

I thought the Mini-Bus Elon announced, was based on an old VW Micro-Bus / Van, just optimized for passengers. Why is that not considered a van?

That is considered a van, yes. It’s not considered a minivan, which is a different body style.

I predict a Tesla take on Ranchero. Think Model X with a small bed.

I predict Tesla will never make such a thing.

I predict a useful full size pickup that attacks the heart of the North American full size truck market.

Massive frunk with outboard outlets for power tools.

That is as “new kind of pickup” as the Ranchero/El Camino.

ElCamino and on a stretched 3 chassis like the van and CUV they will do first.
A S based pickup would be very pricey.

I expect it will be the 100 kWh announcement.

I was thinking a bumped in production roadster.

Maybe is’t a Model X with regular doors and fold flat 2nd row seats.

Rome wasn’t built in one day…These guys have Had huge accomplishments for a startup company that came out of Nowhere. They need time & money to design ,ramp up, & build all these different vehicles . Give them time as they put all the Profits “Back into The company”….((((((Unlike the Big Boys that GRAB it all In bonuses to themselves))))))….Keeping in mind that ,this guy Builds Rockets That “Come Back”!!! MUSK Will show the Big Boys a thing or two!

Although Tesla doesn’t want to be hailed as elitist only vehicles, I think it will be a while until they’re willing to start slinging minivans. I don’t think it would do much to help the brand’s cachet.

What the X should have been 2 years ago.

+1 agreed

We just bought a Toyota Sienna. Couldn’t wait for the Pacifica, plus its a Chrysler. We tend to keep our vehicles a long time, so reliability is a factor. Had the Model X been a van instead of an SUV, we would now be Tesla owners. As it is, we’ll be driving an ICE till the wheels fall off the Sienna. That could be a long time…

It looks like every other boring mini van to me. Luckily Tesla isn’t responsible.

It’s OK. Whenever you see the article name “rendered” you know it’s just a filler article. It’s even worse than “concept”.

georgeS and JIMIJON, are you really that shallow, or just 16 years old? There’s nothing sensible about the SUV. It is a compromise that does nothing as well as any mission-specific vehicle. Minivans are better at both people and cargo-hauling, with towing and off-roading limited mainly by a FWD drivetrain and low ground clearance. I’d take an AWD “Model M” over the silly X any day, and it’s the one vehicle that deserves a big premium over the 3. Until the Pacifica “hybrid” arrives, the only new action in the minivan scene over the past 20 years has involved video and vacuum cleaners!

While I agree that a minivan is a much more practical vehicle than an SUV, it’s clear that car buyers prefer SUVs and CUVs to minivans and station wagons, by an overwhelming majority. The minivan has shrunk down to nothing more than a niche market in North America.

Tesla will only be successful if it produces cars which will sell. Making a product because you think people “ought” to buy that sort of thing instead of what they actually prefer… is a swift path to business failure.

there is still a big market for minivans (352,991 YTD). True that it is much smaller now than it once was.


“The Model X is, quite honestly, almost a minivan anyway.”

Yes, and most minivan models have disappeared in favor of SUVs and CUVs.

So why would Tesla want to enter a dwindling market segment by making a minivan? Tesla is forward-looking, not backward looking!

SUVs are boxy minivans with worse doors meant to somehow stoke people’s egos into thinking they’re not shuttling kids around.

Tesla will never build a minivan. Because Minivan is too practical and not sexy enough for Tesla…

That is also why BMW/Audi/Mercedes/Lexus/Cadillac/Porsche/Jaguar only build CUV/SUVs but no minivans..

It would certainly have success in Europe where vans are liked, especially if it looks like that nice rendering.
After all the goal is to have all vehicles going electric.
Many services use and need vans so it certainly is worth it.

Minivan is nothing but a Crossover with a sliding doors. Already Tesla has Model-X which is a 7 seat crossover with the similar functionality as Van.

How is this news? A render from a third party not related to Tesla showing a car Tesla has no plans to build.

“The Model X is, quite honestly, almost a minivan anyway. Swap those Falcon doors and sloping rear roof…”
I agree with swapping the Falcon doors but the sloping rear roof is what makes it aerodynamic, swapping that with the traditional cut-off box shaped minivan will drastically lower the range.

Tesla Minivan under $40,000 would be a great deal for the average modern man, women, or family. … At $30,000 the average person would break even after 5 or 6 years, especially if they use some form of built-in solar wall that is used to also power their home dwelling as well as recharge the Tesla Minivan. … Investing in a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid plug in they would break even in about 9 years. … How many American made cars can provide a working family with a long term warranty for 5 or more years? A family on average that travel at least a 100 miles a day from the suburbs to their place of work. … Some traveling 250 miles as the family bread winners? … And how’s the show room paint going to look like in a few years? …. It going to take 2 parents to make sure things run smoothly these days and at least 2 vechicals, we all can’t be rebbels.