Tesla Meet Mercedes

MAY 3 2012 BY JAY COLE 3

While we have a passion for EVs here as a group at InsideEVs, my own guilty pleasure is an enjoyment of destroyed electric vehicles.  So after hearing that a Mercedes decided to test out its electric offroading skills in New Jersey not so long ago…I had to share.

Now, I’m not one to stereotype people, but I will accept wagers that the driver in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class pictured above was a quite likely a more elderly driver among us.    Apparently, the gas and the brake pedal can become quite confusing in German automobiles.

What to take away from this accident?  ’09 Tesla Roadsters have really tough windshields

Source: Wreckedexotics

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I can’t see how this happened? Was the Mercedes backing up?

That Roadster is in amazing shape for having a car sit on the hood. I wonder if all the damage is on the driver side or if that specific car has panels of steel! That is just crazy!

l would wager the tesla has more power than brakes…..and the mercedes was probably going the speed limit and was rear ended……electric is too fast…lol