Tesla Co-Founder Martin Eberhard On EV Growth: Video

FEB 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Every year electric cars get better and better

CNBC had the recent opportunity to speak with Tesla co-founder and former CEO Martin Eberhard. He spoke on topics like the future of electric car growth, Tesla and how much has changed in the EV field.

Martin Eberhard noted that global plug-in EV sales reached about 2% market share. Additionally, he says there is a big move in China as the country promotes EVs more aggressively than other countries.

Tesla remains one of several companies that offer only electric cars. Other manufacturers have a tough time because they need to figure out how to conduct the transition and finance the development of electric cars from shrinking sales of ICE.

The main conclusion is that every year electric cars are improving. Tesla initially started with a 2-seat sports car, then moved to a full-size sedan. Now, Tesla is trying to succeed in the mid-size premium segment with the Model 3. The market offer gradually expands and covers new segments, which will further increase sales.

Check out what Eberhard has to say in the video interview above.

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Good interview. I dislike how MSM keeps saying EVs are “only 2% of the market” as if that is somehow an indication EVs will not amount to much.

Just ignore it. This will go one for another 2-3 years. EVs are only 4% of the market. EVs are only 7% of the market. EVs are only 11% of the market.

Yeah. Once EVs are 20-25% of the market, with a market that’s rapidly growing every year, maybe the newsies will stop saying “only”.

There was no “only” in the video. Martin was the one who said “2% of the market”, volunteered this fact without being asked, and the interviewer agreed with only a simple “yeah”. (:45 secs) No conspiracies here folks just a good interview with questions asked with the typical (aka mainstream) viewer in mind.

BTW here’s a tip when doing on camera interviews: Unless you’re sight-impaired, don’t wear sunglasses (even outside). Humans develop an inherent (usually unconscious) mistrust when they can’t see the eyes during communicating.

Re “Tesla co-founder” – let’s emphasize that Martin Eberhard co-founded Tesla with Marc Tarpenning in Sept 2003. A certain Elon Musk came on board several weeks later. Eberhard came up with the name Tesla before Musk joined up. Musk did though use his clout, business savvy etc to complete the full incorporation of the company. Stating that Musk “co-founded Tesla” leaves people wrongly believing that he was there from the outset – and most people also still wrongly assume that Musk came up with the name “Tesla”. In fact by his own admission Musk had far more admiration for Nikola Tesla’s arch-rival Thomas Edison who infamously and publicly electrocuted/executed dogs, horses and an elephant in a vain campaign to discredit Nikola Tesla and his dedication to AC current.
See AC v DC “War of the Currents” at for example:

Paul G

While Edison (probably) did electrocute some cats and dogs at one time, he never electrocuted an Elephant. That event was much later, had nothing to do with the “war of currents”, and almost certainly didn’t involve Edison at all. (It did involve a company he founded, but had no hand in at that time.)

Also, the “war of currents” was in no way about discrediting Tesla. Tesla did work for Westinghouse at that time — and made some important breakthroughs regarding multi-phase AC there — Westinghouse was propagating AC before, and regardless of Tesla.

Don’t believe all the urban legends about Edison and Tesla being circulated on the internet. Almost all of it is demonstrably total BS.

Oh god, not a rehash of a decade old issue that was put to bed by all of the FIVE co-founders of Tesla. with all FIVE mutually and publicly agreeing on their status of co-founders (Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk, current chief technology JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright.)

But if you don’t want to listen to the actual facts established a decade ago and get over it already, then listen to Martin Eberhard:

“We can now focus on the most important issue: making electric vehicles successful, something we both are passionate about,” said Eberhard.

“As a CO-FOUNDER of the company, Elon’s contributions to Tesla have been extraordinary,” observed Eberhard.

Paul –

First off Edison was a pretty smart guy. His rivalry was with George Westinghouse (who never gets any credit here) – but it was more of a business decision. To prove that – he wanted the term ‘electrocution’ changed to ‘Westinghousing’ (!!!)

TO show you how smart Edison was, – you probably do not realize that all motors and generators are alternating current.

Just some of them run on direct current – as all ev’s are forced to also.

You didn’t know that? Edison did.

It’s actually debated whether Edison’s criticism of AC was a business issue. It seems quite possible that he was truly concerned about the dangers of AC grids. Not dangers of low-voltage AC, but rather the dangers of an AC distribution grid using higher voltage. (The possibility of building such being a major driver behind AC adoption…)

No Bill!
Edison didn’t know much it seems, except doing business.
And BTW alternating current was invented and perfected by Nikola Tesla responding to a challenging quest from M. Edison.
Also all, I mean all meaningfull, EV’S have AC motors control by an inverter converting DC juice from battery.
Funny one: