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Take a look at Tesla’s current map UI and the new (upcoming) UI with side-by-side, simultaneous video and audio feeds.

We recently reported that Tesla was updating its mapping and navigation software, as well as looking to MapBox and Valhalla for open source support. Tesla began updating its fleet in Taiwan, and some of the first Model 3s also have the new UI, but otherwise it’s not available yet.

As you can clearly see, at times the Tesla maps displays is quite different.

This YouTuber (greentheonly) does an impressive job showing the same trip with both UIs showing at the same time, and he even has the audio for each UI in opposite speakers. It paints a very clear picture as to the similarities and differences between the two engines.

One of the most obvious changes is shown on the picture to the right. On the current system, a “picture” is shown of the actual road and exit signs, whereas the new UI just sticks to the map of the area. The current system displays these virtual pictures prior to an upcoming action. According to Electrek, the new systems’ maps have also been updated from 2015 to 2017 versions. The updated maps show more street names, landmarks, and details than the previous set.

The YouTuber explains that the new system’s routes seem to mirror that of Google Maps. However, he writes that though the new UI follows Google Map’s routing, it’s not necessarily always the best choice. Keep in mind that this is based on a single route, and early on, so much could change as the new engine rolls out.

Video Description via greentheonly on YouTube:

This is side to side comparison between current Tesla UI for navigation vs the upcoming version (also currently present in Taiwan).

Left side has current UI, right side has new UI.

Additionally left audio channel is for current UI and right audio channel is for new UI.

The dashcam video is from new UI test so they match exactly, the current UI might not totally match the situation at times, but should not deviate more than 10 seconds either way.

At the end of video you can see new and old map engines disagree how to get to that Walmart. New engine selects the route that google maps would choose, but it is in fact a longer less suitable route than the one I am taking and that the old maps are suggesting.

via Electrek

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I think it’s 6 of one, Half dozen of the other ..either one is fine with me because they will all vary routes at times..the main thing is that it gets you there safely.

True, sometimes they vary the route due to the time of day. I don’t mind trying a new one but if not successful – ignore it and stock to the old tried and true. This is not something an out of town person could do.

I like more details and found the Nav shown on the left to be more informative. Some people like less info so they might like the one on the right. Makes no difference what our personal preferences might be because the one one on the right is what we are getting.

It’s smart for Tesla to migrate to an open-source maps platform which allows Tesla to not have to worry about the otherwise contingent liability of being constrained map wise by Google (possibly a future EV competitor) and also allows Tesla to more free-range to integrate its full-autonomy code base with the maps geo database & UI.

…and it will be a great thing for the MapBox and Valhalla open-source community because Tesla will likely (due to the open-source license terms) be contributing code base improvements back to MapBox and Valhalla.

…which in turn will be open-source available for other EV companies looking to include maps/autonomy in their EV offerings.

A true win win win…except not for Google.

why not integrate carplay or android auto?

This would make the most sense. It’s probably one of the reasons the Bolt doesn’t have built in navigation. Granted for self driving Tesla will need more control of navigation software.


“I think it’s 6 of one, Half dozen of the other .

Negative– google maps is better at finding the shorter route.

I must have the old version because yesterday the Nav system in my Model S had me going a route that was almost 20 miles longer than google maps. I know this because I had google maps running on my phone. So I went the way google maps said to go. It was a much better way. Instead of getting at my destination with 12% battery remaining I had 20%.

What makes everyone think that is the final product? I don’t think we are getting what is shown there, it is just what they are testing with right now. I hope its a lot better than shown in this video.