Tesla to Manufacture Model 3 Drive Systems At Gigafactory

OCT 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Tesla CEO And Chairman Elon Musk

Tesla CEO And Chairman Elon Musk

A recent Seeking Alpha report on Tesla manufacturing reveals that six new job offerings at the company’s Gigafactory include positions for drive systems manufacturing and control systems engineers.

Elon Musk Tweet About Upcoming "Unexpected" Tesla Reveal Next Week

Elon Musk Tweet About Upcoming “Unexpected” Tesla Reveal Next Week

One imagines this means that the Model 3 drivetrain (or at least some aspects of it) will be manufactured on the premises alongside batteries.

It does seem entirely in the realm of possibility, as ultimately Tesla hinted that all-in-one production sites from Gigafactory 2 (batteries and cars in one facility) could be up next.

The current Gigafactory project in Nevada likely could easily accommodate extra capacity for drive system manufacturing.

Perhaps given the scope of production plans for the Model 3, and Tesla’s more limited room at its current Fremont assembly facility (already making the Model S and Model X), it is a logical move.

Seeking Alpha/Rolling O Research states:

“Several weeks ago, a listing for a Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit – Rotors appeared on the Tesla website. It indicated a location on Electric Avenue in Sparks, NV, and described the position as follows:

Tesla is seeking a highly motivated Manufacturing Engineer for our Gigafactory in Reno Sparks Nevada to develop new processes and high volume automation equipment for Tesla Drive Unit assembly lines.

Our Drive Systems production lines include highly automated manufacturing systems for Rotors, Stators, Motor and Drive Unit assembly and tests.”

“That confirmation appears to have arrived, as in the past few weeks, five more Drive Systems manufacturing jobs have been listed, with the most recent appearing three days ago (as this article is being written). These positions are:

Associate Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit – Rotors

Associate Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit – Stators

Controls Engineer, Drive Unit

Manufacturing Engineer, Final Assembly (Two positions listed)

source: Seeking Alpha

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GO TESLA GO…can’t wait to order my model 3.

As long as it’s a utilitarian hatchback… 🙁

I can never understand why automakers dont make their sedans liftbacks. It is common place in europe and the problem is that in the states liftbacks are non-existent.

Because the manufacturers tell us that we don’t want hatchbacks.
They tell us that we’re going to be transporting full size adults in the back of our cars more often than we’ll be shopping for groceries.
They tell us that our cargo will be either a bag of golf clubs or two suit cases.

They don’t recognize that it’s often more prudent to put your bike in the back of the car, rather than on a rear mounted bike rack. It’s less likely to be vandalized inside.
The manufacturers sell us on an idea of how they expect us to use a car, rather than how we in reality use a car.

That’s why they don’t sell us hatchbacks.


Also, engineering and manufacturing costs are dramatically less in Nevada compared to California. Model 3 might cost less because assembly labor costs for components may contribute to the $35K starting price.

There would certainly be an economic advantage to Tesla moving manufacture of many or most of its parts and sub-assemblies for its cars to Nevada, where labor and environmental compliance costs are far lower. I can also see the advantage of placing such manufacturing in the same area as the Gigafactory (GF), to take advantage of the same rail transport that will connect the GF to Tesla’s Fremont plant. But I don’t see that putting such activities inside the GF makes any sense. The idea, as I understand it, is for the GF to save costs by specializing in making battery cells of only one type, and to make battery packs of various sizes using those cells. Elon has also been talking about how to maximize use of space inside the GF to produce as much as possible. It seems to me that trying to put other activities inside the same factory, activities not directly related to making battery cells or battery packs, would be contrary to the goal of reducing battery prices as much as possible. What makes more sense to me would be for Tesla to use some of the satellite buildings which it is planning on building… Read more »

To bad the wait is so long,hopefully it’s worth it.

It was a long wait for someone to make a premium electric car. Was it worth it?

The article says:

“A recent Seeking Alpha report on Tesla manufacturing reveals that six new job offerings at the company’s Gigafactory include positions for drive systems manufacturing and control systems engineers.

“One imagines this means that the Model 3 drivetrain (or at least some aspects of it) will be manufactured on the premises alongside batteries.”

Two problems I see here:

1. The source is Seeking Alpha, a website notorious for publishing highly biased or even fact-free blog posts about Tesla, both anti- and pro-Tesla.

2. It’s jumping to a conclusion. Tesla wanting a few drivetrain engineers working at the Gigafactory is not, in my opinion, sufficient evidence to conclude that they plan to make EV drivetrains, or parts for them, at the Gigafactory. Those engineers may be needed for working on R&D for new battery packs. After all, the packs have to be seamlessly integrated with the EV’s drivetrain.

True. Maybe they just want to give them a tour.

Maybe he should hire some Martians for his SpaceX design group.

If some one were to be born on Mars they would be a Martian.

That would be cool!

Believe it or not,l know l just saw a Testa Model 3,it was a white one,on top of a bed truck heading down Winthrop St.in Medford,Ma.on Friday late afternoon.I have a good memory and a picture of a model 3 on my smartphone while seeing this going down the street .This is not a joke,stupid me ,l should take the picture at the same time,but it it went down so quickly before l was going to take a picture!If you don’t believe me,can anyone who live near TUFTS University saw this,let me know!

Not too surprising. They ordered parts for around 300, a few months ago. Probably one of the early test fleet vehicles.
Pretty lucky to see one though.

Good system. There is plenty of space in gigafactory and make use of some space to make other components.

Cost is saved by not shipping the product from another place. But to keep the manufacturing, they have to open few such factories at least on a smaller scale.

European EV sales have crossed the 20,000 mark in 2016-09.

With US sales at nearly 17,000 the Worldwide EV sales this month may easily touch 70,000 if China also has a decent sales.

This will set this year on course to 800,000 mark. Much of this effort has come from Tesla & BYD.

Much of the news about Electric Vehicles comes from Tesla alone.

Of late, Nissan offered a based trim with 30 KWh battery, but it was priced higher. I don’t think it is going to give a much boost in sales.

And there is no news about eGolf, Soul-EV, Focus-EV either.

Good move. The redesign of the Gigafactory indicated that there would be more space up there. The wages are cheaper in Nevada. There will already be a nice cheap rail transport system from Sparks NV to Fremont CA.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more parts construction happens up there . . . things like AC system, gearbox, etc.