Tesla Makes Top Ten List Of Most Googled Cars For 2014


Tesla Comes IN At #10

Tesla Comes In At #10

“Given frontman Elon Musk’s proclivity for being in the news, I almost thought Tesla would be higher on this list… but even making the top ten is pretty massive for an outfit as small as the T.”

States Jalopnik.

Yes, making the Top Ten list of the Most Googled Cars of 2014 is quite an achievement for Tesla Motors.  Basically, this confirms that the general public is indeed interested in electric cars and, more specifically, in Tesla Motors.

Before jumping into the Tesla-related search details, we’d like to point out that the only other plug-in vehicle to make any of Most Googled Cars list this year was the BMW i8.

Tesla search details below:

Tesla-Related Searches On Google

Tesla-Related Searches On Google

Source: Jalopnik

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5 responses to "Tesla Makes Top Ten List Of Most Googled Cars For 2014"
  1. Anthony says:

    Elon is the top googled car CEO. Alan Mulally and Carlos Ghosn don’t stand a chance.

  2. Anon says:

    Everyone who does not have a S or X, wants a Model III.

    1. Fabian says:


  3. Miggy says:

    Is this only for the USA or the World?
    I would have guested Tesla higher along with Mazda and Mitsubishi with the Outlander PHEV.

  4. Mikael says:

    Most Googled cars “IN THE US”.

    One country’s googling (googeling?) is irrelevant. Especially when it’s the country of origin for the company where it should be most known.

    Where is the global list?