Tesla Looking To Save Bucks, Cut Landscaping on Dedham Supercharger/Store

APR 27 2015 BY TDILLARD 23

Well, we just got our latest issue of the Dedham Times with the report from the Planning Board’s latest meeting with Tesla (along with how they talked about a 4-story mixed-use commercial building on the site of the Kikuyama Japanese Steak House.  I know, right? Where are we going to get our sushi?).

It seems they’re describing the proposed facility as having only a small number of cars on the lot, so they don’t need a lot of parking.  The article states they’re planning on “only the showroom, repair facility in the rear, and parking for employee’s cars”.  No mention of the charging stations’ locations or space required was reported by the Times at this meeting.

Boston Metro and "Metro West" area

Boston Metro and “Metro West” area

The Tesla representative also said the location was very important to Tesla, with some interesting numbers.

“They have sold 340 cars in this area already, and have reservations for 782 more.  This is a growing area for the young company.  She said they expected to sell cars in the $40,000 in the future as the business grew and they developed other models.” 

“This area” presumably means the Boston “MetroWest” area, generally limited to within the Route 95/128 belt, but in this case, probably extending out to the Rt 495 belt as well.

Yet, they were “resistant to agreeing to all the landscaping the Planning Board wanted, citing the expense.  The design manager cited that while the company manufactured high-end luxury cars, it was a small and growing business, and had to watch expenses carefully.”  Oh really?  The old “…small and growing business” excuse?

Kidding aside, we don’t have any report on the landscaping the town asked for, but at present, the area is completely devoid of anything remotely resembling land, nevermind scaping.  It seems like a strange stance to take for an environmentally-aligned company like Tesla.  Here’s the site, shown from the street:

Tesla Supercharger site, looking NE from Providence Highway

Tesla Supercharger site, looking NE from Providence Highway

Here’s some of the existing landscaping motif:

Providence Highway landscaping

Providence Highway landscaping

…and here’s what the neighbors had to do adorned their sites with:

Bed, Bath and Beyond, Verizon's motif

Bed, Bath and Beyond, Verizon’s inspired landscaping motif

Apparently, the Tesla reps will return to the Planning Board at some point in the future, after they’ve mulled over the request.  As far as the site goes, the snow is gone, and since we were there, we figured we’d peek in the windows.  It looks like demolition has begun.

The wall between the showroom and the service bays

The wall between the showroom and the service bays

Looking out the front window.  At no green grass or trees or flowers or anything.

Looking out the front window. At no green grass or trees or flowers or anything land-scapey.

Demo has begun...

Demo has begun…  and no, we did not go diving.

Word on the street is that they’re keeping the existing (fairly awesome, mid-century modern if you’re into that kind of stuff) building, not adding on, and partitioning off the front showroom for a two-bay vehicle “delivery” area.

The one thing that will be different from a typical service area will be a “Contactor Repair” area, presumably somehow shielded or beefed up for work on the high-voltage components.  There are 8 bays, 7 of which have the standard side-vehicle lifts, and one with a full ramp-lift.  It looks like the service area is around 8,500 square feet, give or take.

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As someone studying Urban Planning the local planning commission most likely will want them to add a five to ten foot green buffer between the street and sidewalk. This buffer is good in that it will protect pedestrians on the sidewalk. Also I can tell that existing property Tesla is moving into is not up to modern zoning codes due to it being built before modern zoning codes.

There’s nothing wrong it this above but it’s a common thing that happens.

Probably will end up putting in a 3-5 foot strip of low growth to seperate any theoretical pedestrian that wanders through.

“Tesla is moving into is not up to modern zoning codes due to it being built before modern zoning codes. ”
This doesn’t matter as it would need updating of the Electrical no matter WHERE this building was locate.
But I am pretty sure it was updated since the original build at some point.

I also think keeping it without landscape is a more environmental thing. NO waste of Water or other resources, less upkeep in general after our Lovely Winters 😉

Hmm! First China layoffs, then laying off VP of sales. Then cutting on ranger service over 10 miles, charging $100 for road assistance, cutting Musk’s salary. Where will this end up?

Is Tesla giving up on car sales and moving into selling battery packs? It is the liquidation sale investors were looking for?
Looking forward to some answers from the Tesla trolls.

Telsa still has 1.9 billion cash on hand as of last quarter. They might not ultimately be successful in their goal of producing a mass market ev, but that is going to be due to the failure of the Model 3 not anything in between.

I think you should reread your own comment and ask who’s trolling.

You forgot to mention the cash crunch at Tesla from all the working capital Tesla has/had tied up in the 2,300 unsold Model S inventory in China. If Tesla has a 25% gross profit margin before EBITDA, then these cars cost Tesla about $172,500,000 to build (2,300 x $100,000 x 75%). Tesla also foolishly waived the large $30,000 second deposit, required from Chinese customers before putting the cars onto the boat for shipping, when the buyers balked at paying it. Once the cars arrived in China, Tesla had to pay about $30,000 for each car to the Chinese government for import duties and other taxes/fees. So that’s $69,000,000 in import duties and other taxes/fees (2,300 x $30,000) in addition to the $172,500,000 cost of build and shipping the 2,300 cars for a grand total of $242,500,000 in working capital tied up in unsold Model S inventory in China.

Is there any update on the number of unsold Model S inventory in China?

good points about the tesla unsold inventory, it took musk a while to own up to missteps in china. The hallmark of all great businesses and leaders is their ability to adapt to change. If the analogy is apple, then perhaps bendgate is the closest thing, but i don’t think that works linearly. One other way to look at it is all tesla has done in china has taken out future earnings on strategic mistake that will be easily absorbed should the business continue to grow at the rate musk has suggested. Ironically the hallmark of most humans is to be risk averse and to underestimate long term exponential growth rates. I wouldn’t take the opposite side of you’re bet that musk will fail simply because the payoff is too gr8 should he succeed.

Oops. Tesla actually had to pay around $43,000 for each Model S imported to China, which consists of a 25% import duty and 17% value added tax. On a $100,000 car that works out to $25,000 import duty and $17,000 value-added tax for a total of $43,000. For 2,300 cars that is $98,900,000. Adding the $98,900,000 in taxes to the $172,500,000 cost to build the 2,300 car, Tesla had/had $271,400,000 in working capital tied up in unsold Model S inventory in China.

Please provide a verifiable source for the 2,300 number. I’ve only seen speculation that is not credible.

Further, a number that large isn’t consistent with the finished goods inventory reported – normal is 2-3 weeks production weeks of inventory at the end of any quarter + the 1,400 undelivered P85D’s from Q4 2014 to North America. It’s hard to then come up with another 2,300 vehicles in China.

Woah! That map of Boston, I’ve just automatically took it as a google map od Dublin. Ring roads and a (kinda) similar coast line.

I use to live just outside of Boston, I can tell you, the streets in Boston Proper are confusing as any other who’s roots go back to the 1600’s

Actually, the structure already has a sort of Mad Men 60’s vibe. Tesla ought to totally do it in a mixture of 60’s retro/atomic and their existing look. Make lemons out of lemonade.

Landscaping wastes resources. They should keep it barren…

Instead of the ground absorbing rainwater as nature intended, paved-over soil diverts all the rainwater into the storm drains overwhelming the sewage treatment plants, which then release untreated sewage into oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterways. That’s why bacteria counts are high at area beaches after big rain storms, sometimes forcing their closure.

At a minimum they could remove some of the pavement and create a landscaped retention basin, ie rain garden. A rip rap covered basin would be minimal, but a landscaped rain garden zone would be even better in looking nice and serving to pretreat runoff.

Tesla representative, celebrating his landscaping and architectural coupe’:

Landscaping is not necessarily environment friendly. Infact most land scaling with reliance on non native plants, use of pesticides is anti-environmental. I’ve regular battles with my hoa on this.

Their stock is on a tear. I mean just tearing it up! I was thinking, and said $180 was a time to get in, seems at $231.55 or so. up 13% today, a mini short squeeze, that was not a bad idea. In other words investors don’t seem to be thinking too much of the downside, or missteps Tesla has made, only the positives.
In conclusion don’t short Tesla.

Actually that was up $13.31 not percent.